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Fr Mbaka, Peter Obi; Why The Wailers Should Keep Their Mouths Shut

Fr Mbaka, Peter Obi; Why The Wailers Should Keep Their Mouths Shut

Our attention has been drawn to the disparaging remarks and reactions of certain wailers in the media over Fr Mbaka’s comments to some politicians who attended the 2018 annual Thanksgiving and Bazaar of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria.Nigerians should rather be grateful to God who imbued Fr Mbaka with the courageous gift to speak truth to power. Fr Mbaka remains a bridge between the poor citizens of this country and the Leaders that are meant to use the nations’ wealth to look after them. Fr Mbaka has no need for begging Buhari, Peter Obi or any one that came for the bazaar for money for any personal need. He is a selfless industrialist that has demonstrated his vow of poverty by using all his wealth for the poor. Donations made to his ministry is donation to the uncountable poor masses who depend on his charity for their survival, education and welfare. It is unfortunate some of the wailers today are the same poor masses for whose sake he is being persecuted.

When did it become an offence for a priest of God to ask people to make donations for the church? If Fr Mbaka makes same demands of the politicians that came to his Ministry’s Bazaar, what is wrong with that? Is Bazaar not a fundraising programme of the church or is it because Fr Mbaka or the politicians are the ones involved? Is it not a common thing that every catholic priest do at their stations?Even in the scriptures instances abound where Jesus himself was interested in offertory that was brought in the temple of God. Of course that was how come Jesus came to talk about the widow’s mite and also asked one of the ten that was healed of leprosy who came for Thanksgiving “where are the other nine?”.
Never at any time during the Thanksgiving event did Fr Mbaka tell Peter Obi or anyone that donation of money was a precondition for his prophesy. If Fr Mbaka’s prophetic anointing was merchandised, Nigerians should tell us what President Buhari did to Fr Mbaka or Adoration Ministry pre 2015 that made Fr Mbaka to prophesy Buhari’s Victory at such unpredictable stage of the nation’s political history and the Buhari-APC’s quagmire. Nigerian should tell us what President Buhari did for the ministry from 2015 to date to warrant Fr Mbaka’s consistent prayers and support for President Buhari from then till now. Did Fr Mbaka not say it at the event in the presence of Kano Governor, Ganduje that there is no single person around him (Fr Mbaka) that is sweeping for Buhari?. Did he not tell Buhari that Nigerians who voted for him are sufferings and that he will be changed if he doesn’t change? Is this not enough to tell Nigerians that Fr Mbaka is not a material-induced prophet?

If the problem of the wailers was that Fr Mbaka asked Peter Obi to make a public donation for the church, whatwrong has Fr Mbaka done? Did he ask Obi to give him anything for his private use? Many pastors and so called men of God would have gladly preferred the private donations arrangement to defraud their church but Fr Mbakahad instead insisted that Obi’s donation be made in public just like the donations of all who came to the event.Fr Mbaka’s insistence that Peter Obi’s donation be made in public is rather a virtuous mark of transparency that is highly commendable. Recall that in 2015,the same pro PDP media warriors that are attacking Fr Mbaka today for asking Peter Obi to make his donation public were the same people that falsely accused Fr Mbaka of receiving a secret inducement from Buhari in 2015 to prophesy in his favour. We rather thank God for giving Fr Mbaka the wisdom to refuse the lure of any private donation from Obi, the PDP vice Presidential Candidate, as such would have been used againt him this time by pro APC to attack him especially if his 31stDecember Prophesy goes in favour of PDP.
Nigerians should know that Fr Mbaka doesn’t belong to any political party. He speaks to leaders as the Spirit gives him utterances and support them based on their individual virtues and divine revelations rather than party affiliation. To buttress this point, Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu and Dave Umahi of Ebonyi state whom Fr Mbaka praised at the event belong to PDP. Senator Hope Uzodimmaof Imo state who represented President Buhari at the event and the Ganduje, the Governor of Kano belong to APC, Senator Victor Umeh of Anambra state who was also at the event belonged to APGA. If Fr Mbaka is partisan, the event of that day would not have been opened to all irrespective of their affiliations..

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  1. It shall all end in praise!

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