Monday , 30 January 2023


As we celebrate our democracy and the feast of the Eucharist, we call upon the blood of Jesus that this Body and blood of Jesus will protect our president from the hands of hawks and vulture; from the dragon the messed up this country. Buhari is not a magician. He is the hero of our time. I can say Buhari is the best president in the whole world. This because the risk he is taking, no other president can take it.  He is a democratic president arresting Generals in the barrack. He is not afraid of coup. He is not afraid of impeachment.  His onlyworry is that the past administrators looted the economy of this country and messed us up, rendered our youths jobless and created more hooligans. They are giving us a satanic doctrine that Buhari is not doing well. How? Watch what will happen in the next few years. Buhari is a reformer, a selfless leader. God has given him to this country to purge the people of corruption.  Long live his dynasty.

“Some people are complaining that things are too hard and that naira cannot even buy one dollar. Is Buhari the cause?

“Even for the fact of removing subsidy, Buhari has achieved what many could not achieve in many years. You may not know what he is doing now.  Our impatient is analogous to hungry children crying to their to mother while she iis cooking for them to bring the food half done to fill their hunger.  Something is cooking in the pot for this country, let us be patient, in a no distant time, we would say waooo.


“Apart from attacking corruption from the root, look at what is happening in the case of insurgency.  When last did you hear about Boko Haram? Children of God, do know what is meant to have defeated Boko Haram? Despite the fact that Buhari is an Hausa, he dealt mercilessly with his fellow Hausas that were propagating the Boko Haram.  Few weeks ago, the military declared five days of aggressive bombing of the Sambisa forest. They are crushing Boko Haram. If that is the only thing that Buhari has achieved, he is a winner.   In the days of Boko haram, people were afraid to go to the market, people were afraid to go to the church. People were afraid to go to school; nobody was assured of the next thing that would happen during the reign of Boko Haram. If Boko Haram had bombed only one church in this East of Nigeria, the whole church would have closed. People would be afraid to go to church again. You will not see any Catechist in Church; you will not see any seminarian in the church, you will not see and chorister in the church. You will not see any pastor or father in the church. Even some Bishop will run. Boko Haram? Somebody that will kill himself and kill others.  This is what Buhari has achieved yet Nigerians cannot stand up and clap for him.


“Since Buhari came in, there is nothing like religious segregation.  He did not come for the Moslem nor did he come for the Christians, he came to lead.  The Muslims are enjoying their freedom, Christians are enjoying their freedom. He is a gift to Nigeria. Has he not put to shame those who sponsored a campaign against him that he is coming to impose sharia in the Country?


“All these years, we never knew that Nigerians could have a dollar equivalent. Now, Buhari is working to take away total reliance on dollar. He is working out a plan that will enable our people who trade in China to be using Chinese currency directly without buying dollar first. By the time he does this for few years, people may not even have need of buying dollar because 90% of what comes into Nigeria are from China.

“The issue of if you want to fly to China, you must land at Dubai first, and they could frustrate your trip, is over. Now Buhari has worked out a direct flight to China from an Airport in Igbo Land, using an Anambra man’s airline.  And we are saying that he hates the Igbos. How?  Have our Igbo brothers done this for us?  Tell me the Igbo man that has done for us all these things we want Buhari to do. Look at the Niger Bridge, Buhari has voted many billions for work to start there. This is the Niger Bridge thatprevious regimes have been using to deceive the Igbo people until each regime came and passed. Buhari has asked thatwork should commence the bridge and to be completed in a record time.  Long live his dynasty.

“All those who are planning to kill him should beware. They are targeting 2019 election, how are they sure they will be alive to see that election? Are they God? Politicians don’t even say “by the grace of God” or “if God gives us life”.  They don’t know what is either life or grace. All they know is that in 2019 they will overthrow Buhari. How are you sure you wouldn’t be in the prison by then?

“They have been insinuating crises here and there. For over 16 years of the past regime, there was no good hospital in Nigeria we could boast of. When our leaders become sick, they would fly abroad to treat themselves. They see us, the ordinary Nigeria, as just rags to them. We are like maggots to them, whether we die or live is not their concern. They don’teven travel by our roads but fly up and down with planes. All these unhealthy opulence and unhealthy expenditures are coming down drastically.

“How can people say that Buhari is too old? But look at an old man coming to confront challenges that lions cannot face.  He had vowed that all the people that looted our money must bring them back.  Buhari is holding the bull by the horn. All we owe him is our prayers and backup. The money he is recovering, he is not recovering them to buy jet for himself. No. He want to put to put them to work in Nigeria.


“For the first time in the Nigeria democracy, a president vetted the Budget that was padded.  That used to be their style in our budgeting. They would pad the money meant for some specific projects only to bring out the money and share it among themselves. But For the first time, a President in the person of Buhari said no this. He insisted on transparent budget


“They are trying to destroy his image with false information in the media but I am telling you the truth.  Look at the subsidy he removed; only few people were enjoying that subsidy benefit. When you import fuel, government will give you back the money in the name of subsidy; they would collect the government money and still sell the products and make their money.  What they used to is that they would claim they imported the product from abroad, while they would just carry the fuel, rotate at the sea and come back with it. Those in the oil are the wealthy people.

“Buhari has opened up the way for all who want to import do so and sell at price that suits them. The subsidy is no more. Government is not again going to pay anybody because he bought anything. They were using this to still our billions of naira in the past.  By the time A gets his own and B gets his own and C gets his own and so on, the product will be available and the price would fall down on its own.  The subsidy is over. They were using this in the past to still our billions upon billions of naira.  This country was  made a lame country but Buhari has come to make Nigeria to stand up, take her pallet and go.


“We have to support him. Look at this Port Harcourt- Enugu-Onitsha express road.  Some of the lanes are bushes, forests and football pitch for some people; they are decayed roads. And the roads have been in the budget after budgets in the past administration but people would eat the public fund and say nothing will happen. Buhari is telling everybody, if you eat the public fund, something will happen. Everybody is afraid.  Buhari is God-sent. Now ,that road has been re-awarded, it is in the present Budget.  His detractors here will not tell you this. They will only tell you that Buhari is not doing anything for us.

“There is a commission that has never being headed by an Igbo person. That commission is equal to a ministerial position. Last few weeks a woman from Egede here,Juliet Ibekaku , an Igbo woman, not a Northern woman, was appointed into it. The people in the North are grumbling, likewise the Yoruba yet the Igbo people are not happy.


“They are telling us that Buhari sent the Fulani to be killing people. How? If some Fulani have problems with a community, is it Buhari that caused it?  Buhari gave an order, “If you see any man carrying an illegal gun, crack him down”. Will Buhari come to Enugu here and stay?  Buhari is an achiever. Buhari is a blessing to Nigeria.  He has gone beyond political brouhaha to a reality of a savior. God must use somebody to save His people.  He is a president for the poor. This battle he is facing is for you and me. He wants to save religion in this country. The Moslem can go to the mosque and pray and come out with joy, Christians can go to their churches and pray and come out . He has pursued Boko Haram to the level of ‘don’t exist’.


“Some people are complaining that everything is costly in the market now. It is not Buhari who caused it. We don’t have money in our reserve.  So the dollar that comes into the country knock down our Naira. If you watched the yesterday’s match, the situation is akin to what happened in the will see the penalty shoot-out. The goal keeper of the Atlantic was not there; all the five goals scored against them went through one way into the goal post. He was bodily present but absent minded.  The situation of the Nigerian currency is that we don’t have goal keepers in our goal post. When  you don’t have defenders and the attackers are there. What are you expecting?

“They have not put enough money in our reserve before Buhari came. If the last administration is still on by now, the value of naira per dollar would not been nothing less than N3000 to N5000 per dollar. Buhari is a hero. So far so wonderful.

“I am not a politician. I am speaking from what the spirit put in me. It is a sin to castigate the image of someone who is doing well. Does he sleep? 24hours he is working for the welfare of Nigerians; travelling up and down to sign pacts so that our money looted will be recovered back. Are you people not hearing stories of one person stealing Billions? Don’t you hear what is in the news?  There was one they caught the other day and he said that what he took was only N700, 000,000.  Someone would build an overhead tank; you would thing that it is filled with water not knowing that it is stock with dollars. You would see some buses parked in their houses covered with tarpaulin but you wouldn’t know they are stock with pounds.  You would see them dig suck-away and think it is for toilet not knowing if is stock with money. These are monies meant to build industries so that our graduates would have jobs and our young men who didn’t go to school could have sources of income to begin their businesses. One man would loot all this in the name of politics and want us to clap for him and castigate a President who wants to restore and bring back what they have stolen. Is Buhari a sinner because he wants them to restore our wealth? Shall we not support him to bring them back?  We are giving him every spiritual backup and support. God is wonderful, excellent, and glorious. He has given us a president who can battle evil, who can hold the bull by the horns, who is a dragon killer. We wave our hands to God. Nowadays if you want to commit corruption in Nigeria, you have to be very careful.

“We need more Buhari. My only problem is that during the campaign, all the APC people had brooms in their hands. But now, many have dropped their brooms and are carrying bags. I think only Buhari and few still have their brooms in their hand.  Buhari has told them that there is no where they will carry the money. They are now at loggerheads with him. They don’t know the stuff he is made of, that he is frugal. His frugality is to save the money for you and I. may the Lord keep him for us. Fellow Nigerians, it shall be well with Nigeria.


“On this day of the body and blood of Jesus, we cover Nigeria with the body and blood of Jesus,. We cover the destiny of this country with the body and blood of Jesus. We cover Nigeria as a being and as a nation with the body and blood of Jesus.  We pray that all the satanic forces attacking this country be attacked spiritually.  Let Nigeria be. Let our youths be, let our children be. There is a future for this country, a future that is amazing, a future that is encouraging, a future that is wonderful, a future that will be miraculous. It will come from the body and blood of Jesus. So we offer this Mass for the integral wellness of this country, that it shall be well with Nigeria.

“We are not going now to lose hope because of the peripheral economic crises we are passing through. All these things will eventually turn to good. Romans 8:28 says, for them that love God all things work together for good. All these things are happening for us to see that the prophesy of God is always true.  Remember 31st night. The Holy Spirit warned everybody that we should get ready to suffer. The Holy spirit warned that people should invest the little they have,” don’t squander, crises of economic problem will be too much that people would even ask, ‘is this the government we voted for’, But at the end it shall be well”. So when these things are happening, know that it has been foretold.

“We commend this nation into the hand of God. Our young men and women are running out of Nigeria.  Few years ago when I went to Italy, for crusade, I was in Padua ministering and miracles were happening. When I witnessed and witnessed the innumerable miracles as I was raising the Blessed Sacrament up, tears filled my eye and I started crying. I dropped the Blessed Sacrament and knelt down. The camera men snapped me with the tears on my face. It is that picture that the press has been posting everywhere. When they want to say the Mbaka is crying, they will bring the picture. I am not crying for anybody in Nigeria. The Holy Spirit is equal to the task.  If God says Buhari will not die in office, no human can kill him.

“And some Nigerians who are misguided are supporting the people who are blackmailing Buhari that he has been there for one year, what has he achieved?  Remember the Budget was passed only few days ago. How can you carry someone’s bag of money and lock up his business and expect him to go to the market to buy something, with which money? It is now that the budget is passed that money will be at work. You will see that road constructions would start here and there.  Projects will begin to spring up here and there.  E jihi ututu ama njo ahia. It is too early to condemn Buhari. Those that had been there for sixteen years what did they achieve? Someone is a thief unto himself.


“How many quality institutions have they brought to Nigerians?  When a student graduates from Nigeria go abroad for study, they will begin to retest him.  Go to UNTH Ituku Ozalla and see corruption. The Corruption of the past administration frustrating every government parastatal and institution. And this president says enough is enough.  That this money they are stealing belongs to the Nigerian masses.  One person would carry trillions of naira. Do you know what trillion is? Everybody should support Buhari unless you are thief or a political corrupt idiot.  He said that he is for everybody and he is for no body. He should be allowed as a president to carry his executive functions.


“Look at what is happening in Niger Delta, breaking up of pipes. Many years ago, I was crying and weeping for the Niger Delta people. If you go to their place, you will pity them. People who have the oil cannot eat and cannot drink. But you cannot blame it on Buhari.  They are the only region that has a state minister in charge of their people. Their leaders would swindle their money meant for the development of their place and their boys would carry gun and be blowing up the pipe lines.  Buhari is hell bent on discovering those who are eating the money.  So we plead with them to stop the blowing of the pipe. These boys that are blowing the pipe are not the key people. They were sent by those corrupt big men. By the time the boys are gunned down, those big men would disappear. They are all living abroad and are sending the boys to cause confusion so that the government will be destabilized.  They are afraid that if it continues to be stable by 2019 they will lose election.

“I was angry with the past administration. Jonathan, you are from Niger Delta. Turn Nigera-Delta into a tourist center. Last time I went to Venetia in Itally for a prayer programme. Venetia is a city on water. If you claim you have money go to Venetia. To pay for one apartment in Venetia you must be a multi billionaire. Why couldn’t Jonathan, your own son, do it for you?  Buhari is not your problem. Buhari is doing well.


“Left for Buhari, there should be no importation of what can be produced in Nigeria. That is how to beat down dollar, pounds and Euro. Pound is the Messi, Euro is the Suarez, and Dollar is the Nema. Buhari made a startling revelation of how Nigerians swindle government money under the guise of importation of food items and even tooth pick, when we can produce those food locally. Imagine, even the toothpicks we use in Nigeria is imported for how many years? Buhari said by next year, the border will be closed. All the trees we have in Nigeria, can’t we use them to do toothpick, rulers, pencils, matches? Jesus Christ.

“Nigeria is an oil producing country yet we import the oil for our local consumption. The importation was regulated among the big eight, namely Oando, Total, Agip etc.  Only those privileged few that are wealthy are making more wealth from the importation. The sector is deregulated.  Now that the regulation is removed, if you can import the product, go and import and sell at your own price. Many Marketers are now happy. You will see that in no distant time, the oil price here will fall down by its self.

“Buhari’s hand is firm on the steering. We have to encourage him. Let the people he is fighting for not attack him. By the time that deregulation happens people will be free to build their own refineries.  If you can build your own refinery all the byproduct from the oil production can be used by you to build other industries. When there is multiplicity of refineries here and there, joblessness will go.   One Modula oil refinery can employ thousands of people.  Buhari has a good agenda.


“Go to Buhari; at least I have been with him.  He has never given me one kobo. Buhari doesn’t give people money. Which money? I go there to pray for him. Let him be focused and do his job. Many men of God who are fighting him are those who used to carry empty bags of Ghana-must-go to the Aso Rock and come back with the bags filled up with money in the name of tithes, this and that. Buhari said “Go to your church and collect money”. Some pastors are dying of hunger now because some of them became pastors to be feeding from Aso Rock. Now the situation has changed.  And people would continue to ask, what has Mbaka said?  Today, Mbaka has said that Buhari is doing well.

Remember Buhari is not God. Buhari is not our Eucharist, but he is an instrument that God is using to revamp our economy and bless the poor Nigerians. Amen.


“Many Nigerians are in prison abroad because they are chasing the money our brothers carried out. Many of our past leaders looted our money and sent them outside the country. What wickedness? Why couldn’t they use this money to build industries in Nigeria? Why dump our billions and trillions abroad? Why lock the money under the suck-away tanks? Why imprison the money is some empty houses? Someone would build a house that would extend from here to there and fill it with money. And the poor would continue to hope endlessly that it will be well until they die off. Our past brothers in the government are our problem.

“When they loot this money and send them abroad, our young men would  go abroad and look for this money and in the process of the police abroad will catch them ad imprison them. Our money sent outside has imprisoned most of our young men and women. And our young women have taken to prostitution in a bid to get this money. Their slang is that you use what you have to get what you want. What do you have? Are you the owner of your body?


“Buhari alone cannot do this job. You and I have to be involved. We have to support him.  Even if you cannot be part of the politicians, use your prayers and back him up.  The enemies want to destroy him so that they will continue to perpetrate the anachronism of corruption and machinations in the land; fraudulent maneuvering of our wealth. Somebody who has no business will be a billionaire in his village, building all sorts of houses here and there and would want to become traditional leader. And the poor would be mesmerized. He would come to the church and donate big money and would be celebrated. He would use his money and close everybody’s mouth. Some of us don’t care how these types of people made their money. All we want is their money. From which industry is the money coming from? Do they sell sachet water or bread?  Let them show us their offices.

“On this democracy day, we are praying down the power of favour of God in this Country, that our democracy shall enjoy divine theocracy. That God will be involved in our democracy. Long live Nigerians; long live the people of God.  Long live our good leaders.

Proverbs 6:30-31 says that when the thief is caught, he will bring back what he has stolen seven times.  I” pray that the anointing for restoration of stolen funds in the past would come to Nigeria. The Lord says, I will restore for you, all the wealth that the locust has stolen. May there be restoration time during this Buhari administration in Jesus name.  If all the money that was swindled could be gathered together and shared, there will be no poor Nigerian. If you know the amount of money that those people stole that Buhari is pursing, if you use all of them to build industries, there will be no jobless Nigerian. It is too much. Greed is in the heart of our politicians. Let them repent.

“When the poor man by your side is a beggar and cannot afford three square meals but you are in Abuja answering his representative, using the money meant for his up keep to build mansions here and there. And you think God is not answering the prayers of the poor people? Some will say if you cannot beat them, you join them. Don’t join them ooh. Buhari will arrest you.  That is why they are planning to kill him because they know that only few of them will go free. The money they stole is not small.

“Last time all the Igbo people were accusing him of arresting one man. Few days ago, the family of the same man said okay, we are ready to refund N400m. Not N1m, not N4m. There is another man they are pursing around now. The worth of what he stole is in trillion.  This is oil money meant to develop the nation and they were laundering it abroad. Buhari has given order to close all the man’s wealth abroad.  God gave us this type of President and yet you would join those that are cajoling him to talk nonsense.


“Buhari is working. See all the bushes in the land of Nigeria. What are we doing with them?  Buhari wants to restore the dignity of Agriculture. Do you know the amount of money he voted for agriculture in this budget?  Many hundreds of billions were allotted for Agriculture. The budget is just signed recently. By the time the money will go into work, you will know that God wants to save this country. So I lift my hand and call on the Angel of the Eucharist to visit Nigeria with their blessings. May the Eucharist that we celebrate every day take over this country that Nigeria would become a Eucharistic country. We pray that the members of the church, the Eucharistic people, shall not go mundane. But shall be like the Eucharist we celebrate and receive.

“As we pray for Nigerian democracy, we bless our children, our families and pray for life in your own family. That God will grant you democracy in your house. There would be freedom of speech in your house.  May those whose portion and rights have been taken over because they don’t have the right to talk be saved by God by granting them freedom as democratic dividends today..

“It shall be well with the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It shall be well with the entire tribes in this country in Jesus name.   I pray against every inhumanity of man to man. I pray against every racial discrimination.  I pray against every religious intolerance. I pray for the wellbeing of our people, those at home and those abroad.  Fellow Nigerians, it shall be well with you.  Fellow Nigerians, may your days be longer. May you enjoy freedom and total divine emancipation.  I lift my hands upon your sand pray that prosperity shall come to Nigerian. We cannot live in the midst of plenty and be hungry.  No. it is a curse. Nigerians, it shall be well with us. Our old men and women shall enjoy happy aging.  If things begin to work the way Buhari plans it, there is an age you will get to and you will be receiving money every month at your home for your upkeep.  It is part of Buhari’s agenda. That is why they want to frustrate him so that it shall not be so. They don’t value your lives.  Some of them will be using their old papa and mama for rituals and juju. All they value is the blowing of their sirens up and down. Do you still hear that much? Buhari is working.


Remember in all I have been saying, I am not talking about APC, I am not talking about party. I am not a politician, I am not partisan. I am praying for our president and the good people around him.  He has a good wife who is highly disciplined.  She tolerates no nonsense. The woman is firm, her moral probity is sound. I am talking about Buhari’s wife, Aisha Buhari.  She is very humble and very charitable. She is dedicated to her God. She is a no nonsense woman.  She spoke the last time and said that by the time they finish, they will turn all the nonentities of this country into entities. The family has a good vision with humble, disciplined and God-fearing children.


Buhari is not a looter and is not ready to permit anybody to loot.  If we stop looting, Nigeria will begin to be wealthy even without oil.  We can be richer than many countries. And those who are rushing abroad to die under high winter and racial discrimination in many counties would be taken care of here.  Last time I went for crusade in Atlanta, I saw many Nigerians under the bridge rooming about. To come back is a problem.

Go to the street of Johannesburg in South Africa, after the last crusade I went there, I could not bear it. I emptied all the money I got from my products and Cassettes and shared it among them. Many are beggars abroad. This is what our bothers put us into in the name of politics.

Politics is good. It should not be used for evil. Politics is like a machete. You can use it to cut grasses, you can use it to cut down trees or hew it, and you can use it to kill a cow. But somebody can use the same machete to kill his neighbour. So will you say that machete is evil? After all man is a political animal. So those of you, who have the mind of leadership, join politics and show them what it means to be a Eucharistic leader.

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