Tuesday , 30 May 2023


These are great Niger Delta ex militants. They are generals. I am happy to celebrate with them. Today is your day. It has pleased God that today we shall bask you under the rays of the supernatural grace of God for God to bless you beyond measures.

These ebullient strong courageous warriors here are under training as  they were sent by President Mohammadu Buhari, and we are happy that you are coming out from the  training well leaned, well equipped, well fortified and ready to become richer than you were.

All these are warriors, no one is small among them. In the past when you decided  that nobody would sleep well  in this country, no body slept. And today they are here. The God of this ministry will shepherd you. They have dropped their guns to embrace peace and our prayer today in Isaiah 3:10 is that it shall be well with you.  I bless your hand, in Deuteronomy 12:7 the Bible says whatever you lay this your hands upon, you will rejoice over it.  I am connecting your hands to the Hand of God of Psalm 31:5, to the hand of God of Psalm 31:15, to the hand of God of Psalm 98:1, to the hand of God of Isaiah 11:11, to the hand of God of Isaiah 14:27, to the hand of God of favour of Neh 2:9. To the victorious hand of God of Psalm 118:16, to the hand of God of Psalm 110:1, that the hand of God will keep you.in Psalm 23:46, I say father into your hands I commend these Niger Delta ex- militants in the name of Jesus.

I bless you with Psalm23, the Psalm we just read now. The Psalm of today’s reading is the Psalm of the good shepherd. May the Lord be your shepherd to feed you, shield you and guide you and you will never lack.  In psalm 23:1 may the Lord be our shepherd to guide you and keep you .When he shepherds you the years of the locust will be restored.

In verse 2 He will lead you to the running waters. He will lead you to the green pastures. You will never lack anything that is good. You will never lack the blessing of my father .As you are going out, he will go out with you. As come to the land of Enugu to learn how to do some work, you will go home with the presence of my God. Those who laughed at you will see you laughing now. it shall be well with the Niger Delta soil. The sons and daughter of Niger Delta must be blessed whether the devil likes it or not. In Psalm 23:3, God shall restore you. Your family shall be restored and refreshed, even the people in the creeks. Blessing be upon the land of Niger Delta, the land of oil and gas.  Through you your people shall be blessed.

He will lead you on the path of righteousness; righteousness shall be our new path. Forces of darkness shall not walk on this path, witches and wizards shall not walk on this path, and the presence of God will lead you through this path both now and forever more. God will bless you for his name sake, it will not be for political reasons. He will bless and restore you all. Even as the cleansing of the Ogoni land is going on, your land shall be restored. I pray for the restoration of land of the Niger Delta, this is my psalm and my psalmody song, that Niger Delta soil shall be restored. As in Joel 2:25restorations shall be your portion.

God will bless you for the sake of his name. he will remain your shepherd now and after now. Blessings are upon your destinies.

Even upon President Buhari who considered you worthy of this training, Blessing  shall be upon him and his government. Through you peace shall return to the land of Niger Delta, through you the Avengers shall return from their creeks. Through you there shall be prosperity and peace in the land of Nigeria. Favor shall follow you for the Lord is with you.

Upon the land of Enugu where you are standing I decree blessing. As blessing shall be upon the land of oil and gas, blessing shall be upon the land of coal, blessing upon the land of Wawa , the land of Coal. Enugu People must be blessed.

In verse 4 He said, though I walk through the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil. My people, as you’re coming and going you shall fear no evil.  Even after your commission of Friday as you are embracing the presence of the president, you will go home never to be put to shame. For the good shepherd will be with you. he will conform you with his rod and staff and His presence will not depart from you. In the morning God shall be with you, in the evening He will be with you with his rod and his staff. You shall not be put to fear again, from Jan to Dec, He will be with you.

In Psalm 23:5 God will prepare a table for you in the presence of your enemies. I can envision a day the land of Niger Delta will become a tourist centre and you will be allowed to eat the fruit of your land.  Scavengers, so called your representatives shall not mess you up again; your turn of joy is coming. He will prepare a table of joy and peace, health, wealth and righteousness for you.

He will anoint your heads with oil, today God will anoint your head with oil. You will be anointed like David and you will go home with Davidic anointing. Goliaths cannot destroy your lives; you shall not labour in vain. It will be the oil of greatness, victory, prosperity, longer life and oil that will bring betterment in your land. Through you your land shall be anointed. After your anointing, your cup shall overflow; your cup of miracle shall overflow.This is a season of overflowing for the children of God, even if your purses and cups were empty, they shall begin to overflow, the finger of God will do it for you.

In Psalm 23:6 He says for sure goodness and mercy shall follow you. They will follow your lives to your family. Your future years shall be years of miracles and testimonies. The goodness and mercy that shall follow you shall be peace in your land. Your greedy brothers shall begin to remember you. Your horrible representatives shall no longer continue to represent you. Many of you are going to become good ambassadors, you can represent your people well and you shall not be put to shame. Miracles shall follow you, signs and wonders shall follow you and you shall remain in the house of the Lord forever and ever.exmilitant

These Niger Delta Ex militants were not taken good care of, that is why they started their action in the past. Some of the representatives that have their money cannot deliver it to them. They would catch the money from the Federal and they will embezzle it. I think the quantum of Money meted out to develop Niger-Delta were all used by now, that place will be another paradise.  You have criminals in your land; your problems are not even the Federal Government but your own brothers. Like those who are talking about the republic, even if the republic is given to Niger-Delta today, do you think the Ijaw people will allow the other people to lead? More crises.

So I am blessing you. You can become the shepherds of our pipes. Be the good shepreds of the Nigerian pipe lines.

Anybody talking about living the whole oil for the Niger-Delta will always provoke me because I remember there was a time the Coal of Enugu was taking care of the whole Nigeria. And if your people are not careful, time will come when oil may not be sold again. The oil may be there but become accursed. God can give the ingenuity and the creativity to manufacture cars that will not use oil. What then would you do? Bio-gas is now coming out with grasses and wastes. In many industrial farms nobody uses oil; they use the bird droppings to produce gas. When you go home, plead with your brothers, you know them very well. It is not the job of the military, it is not even the battle of military and militants because whatever blood that is shed doesn’t deserve to be shed, whether the blood of the civilians or the blood of the militants or the blood of the military. That land has helped Nigeria to grow higher and that land must be blessed. It is a credit to President Buhari that it is in his time this cleansing is going on. Many of us do not understand what we mean when we talk about pollution in the land of Niger-Delta until you visit there. The land is warped, rapped, messed up, neglected and abandoned. My worry is that any action to mess up the economy of the country becomes satanic because your own people will die in the process.

When you go home, plead with your brothers, let them be patient with everybody. Now the new government means well for everybody. Let the old criminals not prompt them to begin to break pipes, because nobody may know the aftermath of it. I didn’t say that the militants cannot fight the federal government but I only say that nobody can tell the outcome of it. Any bombing from your land becomes illegal, but the federal government can do legal bombing from the sky. You know that.  God forbid.  Having used your oil very well, you don’t deserve to shed your blood upon the oil. Nigeria soil doesn’t deserve to leak any blood from the land of Niger Delta, that land has become a blessing to all of us. We are what we are now because of that oil there. But if that oil will destroy Nigeria, God may curse that oil and there will be alternatives.

We have wind energies here and there. There are many countries that don’t have oil but that use wind energy. So let that oil be profitable to you people and be profitable to the whole country. there was a time it was cocoa , there was a time it was tin from the North, let it not be a case of ‘now it is our own’. If you enter under the ground of Ugwu onyeama and go down, you will cry for Enugu land. The land is hollow. The then Nigerian government did exploitation on our land. No reparation even as of today. And we are calm. This country depended once upon a time on our coal. We didn’t avenge. It doesn’t mean that Enugu people do not have strong boys. We have great warriors who can make things happen and keep Nigeria to a standstill when they decide to roll out what they have. Our silence doesn’t mean stupidity or timidity.

Now our coal was used even to develop that oil to the level it is now, so before you people would begin to say that oil is your own, Enugu people should be settled, Anambra people should be settled . The whole country has been working together. So when you go home, tell your brothers to cool down. Since this government means well, let us watch the government. It is only a year plus and we are fighting it. What of your brother who has been there for not less than six years? Has Buhari stopped any project that Jonathan started in Niger Delta? So Buhari is not our problem. And you see how the price of oil is going down. You see how miraculous God is, if Nigerians will die because of the oil in Niger Delta, God can open oil in the desert and yours would be abandoned.

Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time in a mystical land, every morning the cock would crow. People will wake up and see it is morning and that will thank God that the day has broken. One of these days, the cock said “I will not crow”. Everybody started crying begging the cock to crow so that morning would come. All the animals begged the cock and he refused to crow and ordered all the animals out his house. At midnight men and women wept for the cock to crow, he refused, even the oldest man in the village that the even the spirits respects pleaded with the cock to crow but he refused. They thought that if the cock doesn’t crow, morning will not come.  And the cock believes that it is through his crowing that morning comes.  Everybody cried from 12midnit to 1am to 4am and it started getting darker. They went and pleaded with the cock again and he blatantly refused to crow. Then it got to 5am and its about getting to 6am to7am, day started brightening and morning came by itself. A word for the wise. I don’t think this needs explanation. Afterwards the cock came and told them ‘I want to crow in the morning, come and celebrate me’, they told him to go, and ‘we don’t need you, whether you crow or not, morning will come.’ Are you learning anything from this? So please my bothers, we are together. The time some of you ran away from your towns during the Yaradua time, some of you were taken care of in Enugu here. And they never knew I was the one who was sponsoring the food and whatever those that came to Enugu were eating that time. But I hid myself. So we are brothers. It shall be well with Nigeria. This man President Buhari wants to open the mouth of this crocodile that swallowed your wealth.  How can one person take many billions of dollars?  How many years will somebody stay on earth that will make you embezzle billions meant for the youths, graduates old men and women? No good hospital worthy of visitation can be found in the land where the oil is coming from. Any many of them have these dollars stock outside.

So when you go, mean your job, beg the people at the creaks to come out. Let the avengers cool down. We depend on each other to survive. It will not be so long if the gas from your place refuses to give us enough power, the coal of Enugu will start again. I am blessing this Enugu land again. Because a time is coming when whether the cock crows or not, morning must come.

Kneeling down on the ground, and with his stole , Fr Mbaka blessed that land of Enugu. With his feets on the ground. He said “It will not take time and this land will begin to take care of Nigeria Again. The good shepherd will shepherd you people for me that you will not die before your blessings come.  In the years past, many of us were still kids when the coal was exploited but not fully explored. In our own time I pray for authentic explorative process of our coal. Thousands and thousands are going to be employed. I can see a future when my people are employed because of what God has given us under this soil. Enugu people, Igbo people rejoice. How and when I don’t know but it will happen in our own time. The good shepred will lead us to the green pastures.  And in the history of the world, Enugu coal is one of the best. So I pray for the anointing upon this land, we cannot have food and we are dying of hunger.

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