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In every milieu, there are men who rise above their contemporaries; men whose every deed, thought and action transcends the mediocre of the commoners. They are rare to come by but have a common attribute of great virtues that distinguish them from the crowd and place them at the echelon of greatness.   William Shakespeare in tracing such caliber of men categorized them into three, those that were born great, those that achieved greatness and those that have greatness trust upon.

Rev Fr. Ejike Mbaka, the Spiritual Director of adoration ministry Enugu Nigeria is one such rare gem that stands tall in our generation.  His personality cuts across the three Shakespearean categorization of greatness. Born decades of years ago to the humble family of Ogbuefi Mbaka in Itukwu Ukpatu Oke in Awgu LGA of Enugu State, then as the only son of his late father after several years of endless wait for a male Child.  Fr Mbaka’s birth was indeed a great one as his arrival meant everything to his family.  As he continues to grow up, he began to achieve greatness as he decided to drop his earthly father’s palm wine tapping business to pursue his heavenly father’s word tapping business, a decision that landed him at Seminary School after his graduation from St Vincent Secondary School, Agbogugu. He began his priestly journey at Ikot Ekpene Seminary amidst his father’s struggle to retain him as his successor.  His journey to priesthood ended in 29th July,1995 when late Bishop Michael Eneja bequeathed the greatness of his heavenly father upon him with his ordination as a priest of God after the Order of Melchikizadek.

In less than a fortnight, precisely on 29th July, Rev Fr Ejike Camillus Mbaka  will be marking his 20th Priestly anniversary? It is an enviable feat worth celebrating. The joy of this feat doesn’t necessarily lie in the length of years of his priesthood but in what he is to the society, humanity and the church. No wonder it is said that the value of life is not assessed by its duration but on its donation.

This great feat means a lot to many people as Fr Mbaka is so many things to so many people. First and foremost, He is our beloved priest and Spiritual director. He is a Daddy to the adorers, a father to the fatherless, a voice to the voiceless, a bread winner for so many poor families, a sponsor to so many students both within and outside Nigeria, He is terror to the demons, a battle axe in the hand of God, a crusader of social justice, defender of the poor and down trodden. He is Spiritual Doctor to the innumerable people that continue to give testimonies to the miracles of healing they receive through him.

On the backdrop of the foregoing, it is obvious that a man of such parts would be celebrated in a time like this. Unfortunately, few days ago Fr Mbaka pleaded that his 20th priestly anniversary was not to be celebrated with any other activities except prayers  which he shall hold on that day and appealed to all those planning to come to eat and wine with him to hold on.

The question is will his appeal stop adorers from celebrating him? Not at all.  For all we know adorers love Fr Mbaka and will celebrate him not withstanding his appeal. They will do so not by way of obstinacy but out of overwhelming overflow of their joy for the meaningfulness and significance of his priestly vocation to them.  His plea cannot hold the likes of Umu Unes from doing what they know how to do best with their drums. His plea cannot hold the likes of Adoration Icon, Otigba, from celebrating him behind the band. What about the Madukas, the Igirii Ogus and so on?  Would the likes of MC Zion and MC Ujam be able to control their comedy?   What about the glorious voices of the St Thomas Aquino’s choir, and the adoration singing group. Will Patie and Co be able to control that dialectical philosophical and sagacious song that pours out her mellifluous voice when she clings to the Mic.   What about the various adoration family groups especially the Umu Onitshas? Those independent acrobatic dancers during the ministry programme, will they not grow uncontrollable? The list is endless.

“We at AMEN SuperNews are not left out in this moment of uncontrollable joy. We had a full well packed programmes to mark this historic feat of our Spiritual Director  as we designed the week of  the anniversary to be tagged the “ADORER’S WEEK”. Originally we planned to host the following Prize-winning events on different days of the week viz REV FR MBAKA SOCCER TOURNAMENT; SECONDARY SCHOOL QUIZ COMPETITION and MISS ADORATION PAGEANT. However, due to late commencement of preparation and other logistics and challenges, we shall put off these events for now and prepare for them next year.  Now we  shall be concentrating on the following land mark projects and activities that would mark this event on 29th day of July 2015.

NWAIKUKU SEASON ONE and TWO:  Our AMEN Movie tracing the life story of Fr Mbaka from Childhood is now ready for presentation on that day. This is one epic movie you cannot miss to have. It features some popular Nolly wood actors like Dywait , Kyrie, Sunny Otti and others alongside the gifted actors and actresses who are members of the AMEN TALENT HUNTS.  In that movie, which is an interplay of biography and fiction, you will see the episodes that predated Fr Mbaka’s birth, you will see the Ogbuefi Mbaka , Fr Mbaka’s father in his palm wine tapping stock in trade. You will see the agony of his parent as they waited for the arrival of a son in the family; you will see some cultural heritage of the Itukwu Kingdom like their Onwaise celebration and their Child-naming Ceremony.  You will see Fr Mbaka’s early life spiritual exploits, his temptations and persecutions up to the time he joined the Seminary.

One interesting   thing about this movie is that so far we have achieved  up to season 4 of it. We will only release seasons 1 and 2 on the 29th July, then seasons 3 and 4 will be released three weeks after that.  Note that the Nwaikuku is movie trailer, subsequent season will continue to come out as we have so much yet to be screen played such as, Fr Mbaka’ s seminary exploits and  his apostolic work experience. Remember his story of the flying serpent, the witch doctor that withheld the rain, the native doctors that got drowned, what about his exploits as a priest? His prophesies and his ordeals,? The miracles of God through him in adoration ministry etc, we bet you we have just begun the trailer.

ORACLE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT: This is a Video Documentary tracing the Ordeals of  Fr Mbaka and the travails of Adoration Ministry over the 31st Dec 2014 New Year Prophetic message of Fr Mbaka titled “From Goodluck to Badluck” up to the time of the swearing in of General Muhammadu Buhari as the president of Nigeria. It also traces other prophesies of Fr Mbaka on our past  leaders like Abacha, Yardua and Goodluck Jonathan during the time of the Niger Delta militancy. It showcases how the battle over the 2014 Dec. 31st night message was fought and won, who did what and who said what at the rage of the controversies. It explores the era of the musical war of MBAKA WHY and all the music by Adorers replying to this question. It contains the major publications made in national newspapers and AMEN SuperNews paper, the accusations against Fr Mbaka and his defense. It is one documentary you shouldn’t miss to have. Like the movies, the Documentary has  4 volumes but only volumes 1 and 2 will be released on 29th July. Volumes 3 and 4 would come later.

NKWA UMU IKUKU: AMEN Cultural / Traditional Dance Troupes: for Sometimes, the ministry’s traditional / cultural dance troupe under the aegis of AMEN Talent Hunt has been waxing strong. Their first musical video is expected to be out on that 29th July as well. Besides,  they will be there  to perform live in the euphoria of the celebration. This would be their first formal outing and you can’t afford to miss watching these talented dancers.  Remember they are there for  all of us,  and you can hire them to perform for you at your ceremonies, weddings. Child dedications, anniversaries, funerals and so on.

ANNIVERSARY BROCHURE:  “TWO DECADE OF DIVINE SOUL MAGNET.” This is one Magazine you wouldn’t miss to have and feature in. It will contain a compendium of shocking Miracles, signs, wonders and Testimonies in Adoration ministry in our archive. It will contain some interesting articles about Fr Mbaka and the Ministry. It will also contain the Goodwill messages of those that wish to say Congratulations to our beloved priest.

We have slashed down the cost of the goodwill message to give room for all and sundry that would like to participate. The Price range is now N40, 000 for full page, N20, 000 half page, 10,000 Quarter page and N5, 000 for half of Quarter page. We also have the least size of N3, 000. We extended the final date for submission of this goodwill messages to 24th July 2015 to give room for those that would want to fill up the limited spaces we have now. Remember that your placement of your business adverts on the cover pages of the Brochure is welcome also at negotiable costs. You can also place your goodwill messages in AMEN Super News paper if you so prefer  Contact AMEN Super News office for more inquiries or call any of these numbers 08037793766 or 08060130222 for clarifications and inquiries on any item of the above packages.

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