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Fr Mbaka’s Charity Exposed

Fr Mbaka’s Charity Exposed

The Charity programme of  Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka, the Spiritual Director of Adoration has taken an unimaginable dimension following the recent exercise of payment of tuition fees for indigent students which he embarked upon under the auspices of the ministry’s official Charity organization, Multi Life Savers for the less privileged People. No fewer than 15, 000 people have applied to the NGO for some sort of financial assistant or the other. This calls for a sober reflection into the enormity of the government abandoned responsibility which,

Owing to the geometrical growth in the number of the applicant who usually crowded the Super News /Multi-Life Office at 99 Zik Avenue, Fr Mbaka directed the applicants to be coming to Adoration ground which guaranteed better space and safety for them.  While the Multi-Life Staff continues to document and scrutinize the application Fr Mbaka has continued to issue out cheque to the successfully screened applicants. AMEN Super News reporter who witnessed the last exercise at Adoration ground stated that the number of the Applicant on the ground were as numerous as those that usually come for Wednesday ‘E no dey Again’ Programme.

He stated that he also saw several studs of cheques booklets indicating the countless number of cheques that Fr Mbaka may have issued to the applicants.  Giving an insight into the programme, the media chief of AMEN Super News, Barr Ugwuoke stated that the exercise has been very transparent. He stated that the beneficiaries have been those who subjected themselves to the process of the application and screening to verify the authenticity of their demands. He stated that thousands of people have so far benefited and more as still benefiting from it.

The story of the on-going charity of the Spiritual Director is coming at a time when the ministry also initiated the formation of Adoration Cooperatives to assist members who have viable projects with funds. This development had led to a widespread rumour that Fr Mbaka was given huge sum of money by the Government to distribute to people.   Clearing the air during the meeting of Adoration Father’s Association held last Sunday, the Financial Programme Designer of the Association, Mr Rom K. Aligwe  said “The story is everywhere, Ebonyi, Enugu, etc that Fr mbaka was given money to share by the government and  people are coming to take their own share. Some said it is free money. There is no money given to Fr mbaka to share by any Local Government, state government or federal government.  Disabuse your mind from that”, he clarified.

In explaining the nature of the programme and the involvement of Adoration Ministry, he likened it to Jesus telling his Apostles “give the multitudes something to eat”  stressing that  it is in line with that Fr Mbaka wants to touch the lives members as they stay in the church. He said “We cannot fold our hands when there are some financial or economic packages going on in the country. Government has made provision that if there is an identifiable group that has genuine need of funds to support their business, they should be assisted. The funds are meant for those who can pay back and the interest rate is very low, one digit interest rate.

“The formation of the cooperatives makes us eligible to access some facilities. It is to mobilize and give assistance to people that have viable project. It is done through cooperatives because it is easier to reach the cooperative than the individuals. This is because cooperatives are registered and have guarantors.  Bank of industry and CBN are collaborating to give the funds and note that they are not free money but money that must be paid back to the government. Application for the funds must be for a genuine need and it will be most embarrassing to the church if their members takes a loan and they don’t meet their obligation’.

Describing what is involved in the programme he stated that it entailed Monitoring of project into which the Applicant is applying the loan, it involves low interest rate, Interest draw back as you service the loan, and payment of 40 percent of the interest rate back to the applicant for servicing the loan. “The essence of the cooperative is to create an avenue for Adorers to benefit the way others have been benefiting whether they are Christian or Muslims or traditionalist”. He said.

Currently the corporative forms are being issued out under the auspices of the Adoration Mother’s Association Cooperative to interested applicants. AMEN SuperNews promises to track down one of the pioneers of the project Mrs Ann Aligwe who is the President of Adoration Mather’s Association to speak more on the project, the mode of application, duration of the loan, maximum amount  one can apply for and other qualifying factors in the next edition of our publication.

You can as well donate towards the success of this programme through the following details bellow:

Account Name: Multi-Life

Account Number: 1771008144

Bank Name: Skye Bank

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