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It is no longer news that Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka, the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu  Nigeria was on Wednesday 13th January 2016, transferred by the Catholic Bishop of Enugu, Rt. Rev. Dr Calistus Onaga from Christ the King Parish GRA Enugu where he had stayed as the parish priest since 1997 to Our Lady Parish Emene as a third and resident priest in the Parish. What is news about  this transfer by now is the reactions it  had elicited among the members of the public comprising of the Adorers, the laity, beneficiaries of Fr Mbaka’s charity, the religious and pastors, fellow priests of the diocese, and concerned Nigeria.

AMEN Super News monitored the developments both within and outside Enugu Diocese and has been inundated with  calls, text messages and letters from concerned Nigerians who have continued to express their thoughts over the transfer, the reason behind it, and their observations in the happenings in Enugu Diocese.

Although Fr Mbaka, AMEN Super News gathered, saw the transfer as the will of God which he had taken in good faith and enjoined worshipers of Adoration ministry to see in the same light, many of the worshipers and concerned Nigerians feel embittered with the development that they  wonder if Fr Mbaka really understands the situation. Some who were ready to face the Bishop on the situation felt disappointed with Fr Mbaka who had continued to pacify them not to do anything that will ridicule the church or bring shame to the diocese.  They felt that Fr Mbaka is over protecting the Church even when his actions are not reciprocated by the Church. While most of those who have reacted to the situation saw the transfer as a wicked exposure of Fr Mbaka’s life to danger and security risk, some believed that the transfer was calculated to mete punishment to Fr Mbaka for his prophesies especially that of the 31stNight of December 2014 indicating that President Buhari would defeat Jonathan at the polls last year. Others believe that the transfer was politically engineered by some group of people who, by their utterances and moves, are at daggers drawn with Fr Mbaka, notably a faction of Ohaneze ndi Igbo and PDP.

On Saturday, the 30th day of January 2016, Rev. Fr Ejike Mbaka in unreserved obedience to the Church, handed over the parish to the new priest posted to take over from him. Thousands of worshippers and concerned Nigerians trooped into the parish to witness the event. There were tears on the faces of many of the worshippers as they expressed their love for Fr Mbaka, and how the transfer had affected them.

Fr Mbaka handed over to the new priest, the Parish House, the Church and the new ultra-modern new School building which he built in a record time with little or no contribution of the Parishioners. His last Mass at the parish which he scheduled at 10 am that day, didn’t commence until about 3:30 that evening due to the handover processes and the loading of the Ministry’s assets in no fewer than twenty trucks and long buses that were packed at the Parish arena.


The Gospel reading of that day from Mark4:35-41 was instructive. When the priest read the passage that “when evening came, Jesus told his apostles, ‘let us cross over to the other side’” the worshipers echoed in affirmation that the reading was just a perfect description of what was about to take place as they will be migrating from GRA to the other Side of the Town, Emene.  During the sermon, Fr Mbaka described the mass as a mass of pass over and reaffirmed that the reading was not just a coincidence but an act of God because anything that is happening to the ministry is scriptural. He welcomed the new priest, and encouraged his parishioners to take good care of him as he leaves to face the challenges and suffering ahead of him in finding a place to keep the ministry assets.  AMEN Super news gathered that a tenth of the said assets cannot be accommodated in the rooms he was moving into as a resident priest. Lifting up the Holy Bible in his hand, Fr Mbaka declared that like Moses whole the Israelites with the rod in his hand, he will be leading God’s people with the Word of God in the Bible in his hand.

Fr Mbaka had in an exclusive interview with AMEN Super News reiterated his conviction that his transfer was the will of God. He said he is 100% ready to live by his oath of obedience to the Church and wasn’t going to leave the church or do anything that will shame the church. He said that the location of where he is going is not his problem but that it only places a challenge on him which he would surmount by the power of the Holy Spirit whom he is quite certain is with him. He was happy and joyful and this he expressed and manifested in the message he entitled magnetic joy which he delivered on the previous Sunday when he first broke the news of the transfer to  the worshippers at the parish for the first time. He said “I see everything with the eyes of love and will of the Holy Spirit.  I am not worried. GRA was a bush when I came here and I turned it to a city, now I am moving into another bush to turn it into ultra-modernity. I implore the whole Adorers not to worry and not to do anything that will bring shame to the Church.  I will remain loyal and obedient to the church and this transfer will not lower my faith in God in its veracity, tenacity and Magnetism.  I am grateful to my Bishop.  If flies that have no bone will live in a toilet and not die, what about I who have bones?  I love challenges, it is part of my life, it brings out my intuitions and raises my antenna for mega success and breakthrough. My vibe and enthusiasm are  high”

The Historic movement of Fr Mbaka and worshipers to Emene began after the mass. Those who took part in that journey by now have a better understanding of the movement of Israelites from Egypt to the Promised Land. Enugu metropolis stood still as long queues of vehicular and human traffic that accompanied Fr Mbaka paralyzed the city for hours. The Lorries heavily loaded with the ministry assets and people with different musical groups moved in slow procession with Fr Mbaka driving behind the vehicle carrying the group of Cherubic Trumpeters who sang songs of praise that rent the air from the horns of their trumpets.  Many security outfits ranging from the military down to police and civil defence were there to ensure the orderly movement of the crowd just as the members of the electronic and print media such as NTA, AIT, SUN, AMEN Super News, Adoration Radio etc were there to capture the events live.

The roads  leading to Emene were filled with a crowd of onlookers who came out to hail and welcome FrMbaka to their area, with many of them chanting “Papa alata o yoyo”

Fr Mbaka stopped over at Our Lady’s parish Emene where he packed in some of his luggage but the parish compound was not even specious to contain one-third of the vehicles carrying other assets of the ministry. While some people stayed behind to work out the space arrangement Fr Mbaka proceeded to the Adoration ground where he anointed the ground. The event ended at about 10pm with many of the worshipers still at the ground and not willing to go home.

Fr Mbaka celebrated his first official Sunday Mass at the Ministry the following day, being Sunday the 31stJanuary 2016. The crowd that attended the mass was so large that it leaves AMEN Super news in doubt if there was really any other Parish within the metropolis that had a mass on that day.  The rest of what happened at the Mass will be a story for another day.

Ever since the news of Fr Mbaka’s transfer filtered out till the time he moved into Emene, AMEN Supernews was busy garnering the reactions of concerned Nigerians who in the exercise of their freedom of expression bared their minds on the entire episode: Below are what they have to say:


A group of youths under Fr Mbaka’s Scholarship led a delegation to AMEN Super news in what appeared like a solidarity movement to secure their future.  They said that Late Bishop Michael Eneja ordained Fr Mbaka a Catholic priest and posted him at the Christ the King Parish where he met a thick forest with a mortuary. He deforested the area in less than no time and erected a magnificent church and parish building at the parish.  Bishop Eneja said that Christ the King is a parish with a difference and never touched him.  Bishop Gbuji continued to allow him stay in the parish. Of all the posting he deed as a Bishop he never touched him. Not because it was difficult to remove him. He celebrated Fr Mbaka and protected him to the last.

“Gbuji made it known to everyone that the evangelical role and the soul-saving mission of Fr Mbaka is why God has positioned him at the center for easier access to all. He saw adoration Ministry as a magnet of souls, a place where the Holy Spirit through Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament heals people , a solution center and a viable alternative to who would  have run back to idol, a consolation area for the less privileged and the poor masses. No wonder the Church is about to make Gbuji a saint”

chinazaOne of them Chinaza added “No wonder the Bishop said that Adoration Ministry is a blessing to the Diocese, a mortuary with bushes turned out to a manifest worshiping center. Christ the King, GRA is not just a parish but a worshiping Centre. What Bishop Eneje saw and allowed, Bishop Gbuji protected and watered but Bishop Onaga  uprooted  in a most barbaric and despondent manner.  How? He gave a impromptu directive that the Ministry should stop the All-night Adoration prayer at the ground. The directive would have blown out the fire of the ministry and brought it to an end if not for the intervention of the Holy Spirit.

A stake holder in the Ministry Mrs Chimezie Chidimma also told AMEN Super News that she started following Fr Mbaka and Adoration Ministry many years ago even before she got married. She  said “When Gbuji was the Bishop, he saw Fr Mbaka and saw the fire of the Holy Ghost in him, He saw that Fr Mbaka is a great gift to the Catholic church both here in Enugu and the world over. He guarded Fr Mbaka like an egg and courage d all to do same. When there was the clamour to transfer him during Gbuji’s time, Gbuji made it clear that never had it happened in the history of the diocese that a priest built both a church and a parish house in less than one year of his stay in a parish. He told them to allow Fr Mbaka to stay  until he decides to  leave honorably at his own time to  his ministry when he is ready for it. I was there the day the Bishop said this, we have been very happy that Bishop Gbuji said this. so we never expected he would be transferred suddenly now without any preparation.  I though Fr Mbaka is a child of Bishop Onaga, when someone take you like a father would you not treat him like son? He is child of Enugu Catholic Church who had brought fame and popularity to the church here in the whole world. He is meant to be protected like an egg. We are not happy. At this point in time the enemies of Buhari and the Pro Biafra groups want to robe him into what I don’t know, the Bishop just exposed him them. But I know nothing will happen to Fr Mbaka because God is with him.


This was the question that a group of Adoration Worshipers from Onisha, Anambra State asked AMEN Super news on Fr Mbaka’s transfer? Chidi a member of the group said “Mbaka has been sacrificing his life, he is inter religious, inter denominational catholic priest whose love for all knows no bounds. He stands for the integral well being of the poor, a great defender of the Catholic Church and her doctrines. It is very unfortunate that people only hear the political comments which are just a second’s sneeze he makes when the poor masses are being molested by the leaders.  His ministrations are 100% undiluted word of God and 99% salvific.

Is Onaga angry that Fr Mbaka is Prophesying? Was it not from the seat of the Bishop he occupies that Fr Mbaka was ordained a Priest, a king and Prophet?  How then can the Church become worried when he begins to prophesy? Does the Church contradict its self?

withnessMrs Okparaku one of them in interview with AMEN Super News said “I am not happy with the transfer but I am happy in a way. I am happy because the transfer will enable Fr Mbaka to channel his strength at this his young age to build the Ministry with undivided attention. However I am not happy with the manner the wind of the transfer blew and many feel bad about it.  Fr Mbaka is holding the break for some of us and I implore him to keep matching the break and hold the steering firmly because all eyes are on him. He should not be discouraged we are behind him. Even if they post him to the moon, there we shall be with him. Where are those behind this transfer, let them come out from their hidings  so that they  will compete with Fr Mbaka for us to see, in area of preaching the gospel, in prayers, in fasting, in Charity. My consolation is that wherever Fr Mbaka is posted to God’s blessings and miracles shall go with him.” In the parish where I come from at Onitsha, people don’t believe it that Fr Mbaka is transfers, it struck them like thunder. People have been calling me from outside the country, UK, Spain and USA to find out what is happening. I have been dumbfounded and they kept asking is that the fight of faith that we are enjoined to fight, is that how the diocese want to win souls?  While the true lovers of the Catholic Church are thinking of how to hide Fr Mbaka from those that may want to harm him, the church here just exposed him and left him outside under no shelter. Even some Bishops are suggesting that a meeting of the Bishops have to be called to look into this.  But I am sure God will protect him and my prayer for him is that the Holy Spirit will protect him.”

Posting Is Politically PDPnized And Ohanezenized. Is Onaga Really In Charge Of The Diocese?

okenna aniThe All Progressives Congress ‘APC’ had alleged that Fr. Mbaka’s transfer was manipulated.  In a statement published in Vanguard Newspaper of 1st February, 2016, the South East geopolitical zone of the party expressed displeasure over Fr. Mbaka’s transfer and alleged that unseen hands acted on Bishop Calistus Onaga’s discretion that culminated in the transfer. The spokesman of the party caucus, Osita Okechukwu, asserted:

“Whereas we accept that the transfer of priests is a routine exercise of the great Catholic Church; however, we do not wholly accept a situation where the church allows external forces to influence transfer as Mbaka’s case suggests. Otherwise, a future liberation clergy who speaks the truth, will be punished to the detriment of the society. Our major concern is the security implication and the fate of his flocks who are mostly the down-trodden who may find it difficult to go to Emene for salvation and healing. We frown at anything which will put Fr. Mbaka in harm in any way or deny his flocks healing. As a party, we have watched with concern and trepidation the criticism, the attack, assault and unpleasant comments hurled at Fr. Mbaka since he providentially prophesied that President Buhari would win the 2015 elections. Even the Church did not spare him; he was called unprintable names, yet his prophecy came true. We are happy that Fr. Mbaka was vindicated.

It must be pointed out that accusing fingers were pointed at the direction of some ant-Buhari elements like Ohanaeze Ndigbo, a group that didn’t want to hear the name of Buhari.  Even though Ohanaeze denied the allegation, doubts still persists. For we are still at loss as to why a senior priest will be degraded to an assistant parish priest. We repeat that we are in solidarity with Fr. Mbaka and our major concern is the security of Fr. Mbaka and the suffering of his flocks, mostly the poor who need his healing powers. We had thought that His Lordship, Calistus Onaga, could have retained him at the Adoration Ground as the Bishop Emeritus Gbuji did because of security of his life and easy access by his flock. ”

Chimaobi Nnadi, who told AMEN Super News that he is a free thinker and a non-Catholic,  toed the line of the above position. He said “Most Nigerian know that the uncommon silent of Bishop Onaga over Fr Mbaka’s prophesy of the defeat of the  GodluckJonathan’s PDP led government by Buhari was really for nothing. He was just waiting for the time to play out the script of the stalwarts of the overthrown party.  Barely few weeks before the posting,  the voice of a faction of the Ohaneze ndi Igbo socio cultural group that fall  out with the party was heard barking at Fr. Mbaka to keep his mouth shut over his prophesies. And now comes the posting done in such a manner as to really shut Fr. Mbaka’s mouth. We are certain that the posting is not Holy Ghost oriented but PDPnized and Ohanezenized.  How can the Bishop just wake up and tell Fr. Mbaka to pack into a parish that cannot comfortably contain two priests as a third priest? Is he meant to punish him?

Is that the way the Catholic Church in the diocese is meant to reward and encourage him for the glory and hounour he had brought to the Church in this part of the divide and for his unalloyed humility and total obedience to the Church?  Is that the way the Church is meant to reward him for taking care of the flock of the Church both within and outside the diocese? Comrade Iheme Cyril, an ardent Adorer and political analyst who is a member of a Lagos based NGO, Freedom Frontiers For All (FFFA) said:

“With due respect to the Bishop, we are afraid that politician now dictate for the Church in Enugu Diocese what to do to her priests. We recall the last time Fr Mbaka spoke against some evils during the Sullivan Chime’s first tenure. Adorer’s pledged their support for one of their members, Val Nnaedozie, then of ACN. The Bishop threw his overt support for Sullivan’s second bid. Fr. Mbaka, in a bid to stop us from going against the stand of the Church, told us to put down the ACN flag that some of us were already flying very high.  In the end, Sullivan came back and till date, we are still waiting to see what he did for the diocese. Is it not a shame that even the road that leads to the Diocese was left in worse terrible state than it was at the end of that administration?

“We also recall that during the administration of Chimaroke, fourteen worshippers in the Ministry were killed with poisonous gas on the Wednesday programme of 6th March of the year 2002. By early morning of 7th March, the consolation and concern we got from the Diocese was a radio announcement by the Bishop’s secretary announcing closure of Adoration Ministry.  Even when Fr. Mbaka was bent on demanding both human and divine justice for the blood of our members that was shed innocently instead of the Church coming to our rescue, Fr. Mbaka was rather hushed down and given a mandamus to celebrate a mass of forgiveness for Chimaroke.

Such Ecclesiastical record may not have been obliterated from what is handed down the successive Bishops of the dioceses. Today many still refer to Fr. Mbaka’s retributive prophesies on Chimaroke that didn’t happen.  Yet the diocese was silent in telling the world what she did to water down the prophetic potency of Fr. Mbaka’s prophetic anger at such situation?

“We have it on good record that the night Fr. Mbaka was waylaid and fired at severally with bullets by hired assassins at Park Avenue, Enugu, during the rage of the Chimaroke –Mbaka saga, Mbaka was actually returning from the Bishop’s House where he had gone to answer an impromptu call of the Bishop at such odd hours of the night, not withstanding that his life was on the razor’s edge at such time. Were it not for the Holy Spirit who saved him, Fr. Mbaka would have been history today.  That time, it was Chimaroke behind the scene.  Now, it is PDP and an unholy alliance of a faction of Ohaneze dictating what now happen in the Church.  Was this the type of Church Jesus left for us? A Church ruled by political stupidity devoid of any pastoral considerations.

“If Onaga cannot speak for the poor masses, he should not deprive  another  anointed whom God had imbibed with such courage and bravery from speaking out. If not that Fr. Mbaka is busy calming us down we know what we can do to rock the boat for the Bishop. As the Igbo adage goes “Obughi so udara mutara nwa a na apiwa onu.”

Shame to all the people that wanted to kill Fr Mbaka over his lastprophesy and those who wanted him derobeon that account. Has God not vindicated him and rather made his accusers the false real prophets?

Onaga is just a Bishop of Enugu Diocese; He is not the owner of the Diocese  – Araba Group

The Araba group is one large family that comprise of all the people who come from other parishes within and outside the Enugu Diocese to worship at Christ the King Parish GRA Enugu. They make up the 99% of number of the Sunday worshipers in the Parish. A group of them while expressing their thoughts on Mbaka’s transfer  had this to say; “We wonder if the Bishop was aware that Adoration Ministry had assets, when he carried out that posting.  The equipments that are used in producing Fr Mbaka’s messages after his ministrations in the Church cannot be accommodated in four rooms, not to talk of other assets of the ministry worth millions of Naira. Where do they expect us to keep those assets? Is it that Parish where Fr Mbaka is a third resident priest or should we carry them to the Bishop’s bedroom? Sure the Bishop wants us to keep them under the rain or under the shine to waste and rot otherwise he would have considered this when he carried out the posting. Onaga and his so called advisers are lucky that our Daddy Fr Mbaka hates anything that will desecrate the church or bring shame to the church.

The group asserted  “Onaga is just a Bishop of Enugu Diocese; he is not the owner of the dioceses. The Diocese was there before he became a Bishop and will continue to be there after he had left. We are ashamed of the jealousy and gang ups among some priests in this diocese against Fr Mbaka. They should be careful, let none of them think that we are blind to their actions and utterances.

Fr Mbaka after deforesting Christ the King Parish GRA Enugu, lifted the parish from oblivion of grade E, to Grade A of the financial level of the diocese.  We shall watch and see if the parish would maintain that level.

The number of the core Christ the King Parishioners is so small. It we the Araba people that constitute the crowd that you see at Christ the King. Now they have transferred Fr Mbaka, they have transferred us with him because wherever he goes, there we go.


OkennaAni , one of the Youths interviewed at the Parish house  has this to say,  “The name parents gave me is,Okenna Ani, people call me Nwa a-naarioezenaumuaga . I understand that what happened has happened, I see it that God just want to lead us to the Promised Land. But truth is that we are not happy , it was only when Daddy us to calm down, the whole world knows that this transfer  is paining us, Fr Mbaka had said in one of his music that no one can please the world.  I tell that 90% of people in this state are not happy. Even if Fr Mbaka should leave GRA it should not have been in this manner

Chioma Diloha, said, “Story had it that all the priests were transferred, but I heard that the Diocese don’t always transfer any priest that have a project hand until he finishes the project. I used to live in this GRA but I relocated another place at Ugbene II where we have St. Francis Church although I still attend FR Mbaka’s Sunday Mass here. The priest there has projects at hand and none of them was transferred.   So I asked myself “Why is it that Fr Mbaka is a priest and has projects here at hand yet he was transferred? Is he being treated differently? Well whoever is persecuting Fr Mbaka is persecuting His God who chose him for the work He is doing. The person should know that it was not Fr Mbaka that called himself into his priestly vocation. It is not by his own power. It is said that many are called but few are chosen. God gave people different gifts; people should learn to establish their own gift and stop being jealous of another. They should have give Fr Mbaka time to finish up all the projects he has here in the Parish, they sacked him from this parish by force and it is hurts us.  Even if you want to give a tennt a quit notice you should give him sufficient notice. The church is doing this to him because they feel they are more than him but they are nit greater than He that called him into this work.

Mrs Nwaibe Florence, an aged woman from Ozalasaid, “Since last week I head Fr Mbaka announced the transfer, my heart was broken. Why it pains me is that I was a witness to how Fr Mbaka has been magnanimous to the Bishop and to this dioceses.  If they had given him time, I know what FR Mbaka is capable of doing.  Since yesterday I have being here helping out in packing of loads, the kind of loads I have never carried in my life. I will follow Fr Mbaka wherever he goes, whether he stays under the rain or under the shine I will be there with him.

Ndidiamaka Osoka from Udi who said she was not happy with the transfer has this to say“we came into this parish when it has nothing. Fr Mbaka labored to make it what it is today. When you go down there .you will see the projects that Fr Mbaka did here, they couldn’t allow him to stay and dedicate them. it is bad that in Enugu Dioceses handwork is not appreciated. It is painful.  We are humans and it hurts when ones labour is not appreciated.

Chioma Ogunaka from Imo state who used to work in within the Parish vineyard said that the worker there would be loading their work with this transfer, we are over 200 staff working in the vineyard and the Aqua Rapha Section both in the Parish , most of us are losing our job in this era of unemployment.  I can recall what I passed though before I got this job; it pains me that everything just ended this way”

Others that expressed their mind on the situation were Iyke Udefi from Awgu and Uroko Felicia from Enugu Ezike, Nsukka who said that what the Church in transferring Fr Mbaka out of the GRA parish was bad and depicts absolute lack of love in the Dioceses.

Princesses, Patience Michael EjikemeOkolonje (Nwaada Mbaka) from Akpugo but married at Akpakumenze in Udi Local Government. She recounted how Fr Mbaka saved her life when she about to die, how he trained her in Primary School, Secondary School and the University said; “Fr Mbaka has an angelic heart, while other priest are packing out, he is busy decorating where he is leaving, I thought that when someone is packing out, he goes with every pin he has but I saw Fr Mbaka preparing a comfortable place for the incoming priest where they will sleep. I am not happy with this transfer. This duplex Fr Mbaka is living is not enough to accommodate him yet he is now asked to go and live in a batcher.  Those who say that Bishop transferred him out of pressure are a lie. Bishop did what he wanted to do.  Those who say that Fr Mbaka is treated well by this transfer may they receive a share of it. ”

Barr Iloabanafo Robert from Inyi in Oji River LGA of Enugu State appreciated Fr Mbaka for his humility. He said, “Fr Mbaka is bent on obeying the directive of the Bishop. He is here trying to leave the Parish he built for over 19 years now  to our Lady’s Parish Enugu as a resident priest.  The church is not a democratic setting but it is like a para-military where you have to obey the last order. I don’t blame Nigerians who think this transfer is a political or punitive because there is what we call remote and immediate causes of one’s action.  Fr Mbaka has challenged the politicians on the way they are ruling the country, this may be the remote court of the transfer. The church may have felt that Fr Mbaka may not be obedient to the church forgetting that obedience has to be view from what is in tandem with the will of God in the way the politicians are ruling us. Transferring him now is ill-timed considering the facts that he had just said many things against Jonathan’s administration and enjoined Nigerians to vote for change.  Fr Mbaka is a special person; he started Adoration Ministry from Block Rosary. One thing with him is that whenever he is moving from one step to another, the grace with him will always push him to greater heights.  As a lawyer who respects sonority, I wouldn’t appreciate the fact that Fr Mbaka is posted to a parish where a junior priest may be the parish priest while he is resident priest in his 20 years standing.

victor francis okey ntoyeVictor Francis Okechukwu Njote, one of the elders of the Ministry said “looking at me you will know I am not a Nigerian. I am not a priest, neither am I the Bishop that did the transfer, I am just a Christian. The fact remains that Fr Mbaka was transferred but we are not happy with it. I stand with Fr Mbaka to say that his transfer was the will of God but want to add that most time we are not always happy with the will of God as humans that we are.

Mr Ugwuoke Ambrose another elders  of the ministry said “I see the transfer as blessing to Fr Mbaka because he has done his best for the parish. His leaving the parish unprepared, a parish he has taken care of all this while, he was just given a short notice. He has many projects at hand that he was about to complete for example the School there that he is building is not parish affair but a project he is personally building not fir himself but for the parish and the benefit of the poor masses. Whether he is transferred to be a parish priest, assistant or resident priest doesn’t make any meaning to me because I am sure, put Fr Mbaka in a hole, people will find him in that hole. Call him any name but God has already called him His Prophet.  This place was nothing from a bush, we started to GTC before we were asked to come here, that time you cannot see traces of any building around GRA here, but everything that you see here today is his making from the foundation.  The day the foundation of this Church was laid, Late Bishop Eneja said that this is a special parish, a parish with a difference and he made it known that Fr Mbaka would remain here until he decides to leave and eventually, the next Bishop Gbuji came and stood by that Order . He was so proud of Fr Mbaka because he made the catholic to be proud. Onaga came and decided to think otherwise but the truth is there”

Northern Group

A Northern based group in telephone conversation with AMEN Super News wondered if Fr. Mbaka really knows what he is doing by saying that his transfer was the will of God.  They said:

“To us, Fr. Mbaka is being unreasonably submissive to those who do not want him alive.  Come to think of it, they posted him to a parish in Emene as a third priest in the parish to stay as a resident priest. We understand that as a resident priest he is meant to live with other priests and have a common cook. Much as we know that Fr. Mbaka is not a glutton but lives practically on fasting, we can’t still help wondering if they are planning to use the cook and poison him there. Let Fr. Mbaka be careful because those who do not want him alive have tried him with guns on the road and bomb at his parish house and did not succeed.  Now, this masterminded posting may just be a ploy to get at him through food poisoning. Why should the Enugu Bishop allow himself to be used as tool in the hands of the enemies to destroy his own child?  It is only in Chinua Achebe’s ‘Things Fall Apart’ that we read where Okonkwo was asked not to kill the child that calls him father and he still went ahead and pulled the matchet over the child’s throat just because he wouldn’t want to be called a weakling. We are here faced with a real life stage of that fiction.

“We are warning Bishop Onaga that if anything happens to Fr. Mbaka, especially now that he has predisposed him to some hazards by this unholy posting, the Bishop and some of the priests in the diocese that may be behind this, will be ready to face us. We value him here in the North more than the Easterners.  The rats and the lizards in that diocese should be prepared to be on the run because much as we believe in faith, we also believe even more in faith with good works. This is the kind of faith we have that has sustained us over there in the North amidst the threats to our faith which we face every now and then. To us Rev Fr Mbaka is a living saint, we shall be doing God a great service to protect and defend him with the last drop of our blood.

“Security wise, the Bishop has not told us the security arrangement the diocese made to provide security for him now that they have sent him into the wilderness? Or are they expecting him to battle the lions and tigers in the forest with bare hands? Much as we know that Fr. Mbaka doesn’t believe in human security but divine security we cannot help asking what arrangement did the Diocese make for Fr. Mbaka at least to allay our fears knowing full well that out of the hundreds of thousands of people that come to adoration are some Judases.

“Fr. Mbaka as we have observed has been too loyal to a fault to the Bishop, we observed it the last time some of our member in a Northern Youth forum invited Fr Mbaka to Abuja for a programme, he declined on the ground of loyalty to his Bishop. We have it on good authority that even after all he went through for the sake of his prophesy of the victory of Buhari over Jonathan’s administration, he was earmarked and invited to Aso Rock to lead Inaugural Prayer of the Buhari’s new Administration at Eagle Square, Fr. Mbaka turned down the invitation because of what we later perceived was in obedience to his Bishop.  Let Onaga be Bishop that he is and let Fr Mbaka be.


Some members of the National Laity Council of Nigeria had expressed the view that it is only priests like Fr Mbaka that may swallow this type of wickedness and say it is the will of God. One of them said

“Any way we do not blame  FrMbakabecause he swore an oath of obedience to the Bishop. But we the faithful never swore any oath to obey and swallow every pill from the Leaders of the Church.Fr Mbaka’s public utterance that this posting is God’s will is the only thing putting us on hold otherwise we would have proved a point of what we can do in this kind of situation which we perceive as persecutory to us.  What binds us in the Church is our belief and conscience which gives us the edge to speak freely on this issue and we care not how anyone takes it.  The Church is made up of two components, the Ordained and we the laity. The Ordained cannot do without us. Every ordained was once a laity. So they should not be in a hurry to forget how their action and inactions affect us, the flock. If there is any priest from this country that cares for us it is Fr Mbaka.   We have our ears on the ground and we don’t find him wanting in discharging his priestly obligation in his Parish;

“There is no Church in Enugu that receives the kind of Sacrament that Fr Mbaka administers to the laity. He does infant baptism every Monday and Wednesday free of all Charges. Despite the great number of person that go for infant baptism there, he makes sure that every one of them goes home with their baptismal cards all signed by him that same day.  Two masses are celebrated every day in his parish in the morning and evening.  Confessions are heard in the Parish twice every week, Fridays and Wednesdays.  Two Masses are celebrated in the Parish every Sunday with a Benediction. He broke the jinx of low participation of worshippers that attended his second Mass that usually end in the evening to take part in the evening Benedictions before they leave the Church.

“Fr Mbaka does not place unnecessary condition is burying the dead in his Parish as we witness in most parishes, he conducts funerals for them without charges and even add his own money. Whenever he attended the burial of any of his  parishioners, he would request to see the family of the deceased in privacy to find out the areas they need help and would adopt the less privilege among them in his scholarship scheme  his Charity foundation, Multi- Life savers for the less privileged. He means Nehemiah which means God Comfort to us” he said.

Igbo Nation and Fr. Mbaka (Igbo Enwe Eze)

It has been observed by AMEN SuperNews that non of those who attack Fr Mbaka  under the guise of Ohaneze or Pro Biafa group love the Igbo nation more than Fr Mbaka and non of them  could be as vocal as him when it comes to matters of justice for the Igbo nation.

rev mbakaIt is true that  last year Fr Mbaka sent trailer loads of relief material to victims of Boko Haram insurgents in the Northern camps but most of those who benefitted from that gesture were the Igbos there.  Fr Mbaka didn’t end at that, he assembled the Igbo’s that returned to South-East in the Church and gave them a trailer load of rice and other food items and clothes and adopted some of them whose conditions were pathetic in his charity foundation.  How many of our so called Igbo Leaders could do this?

During the Goodluck regime, when corpses of Igbo young men believed to be Pro Biafra agitators was found at a River on AnambarState , Fr Mbaka was the only lone voice crying out  against such mayhem.  Where were the s o called pro Biafra Leaders and the Ohaneze then? What did they do to show that those who were slain were not fowls but our Igbo brother. Where were they when Fr Mbaka canv assed that one condition for voting Jonathan was that he must release the Igbo boys that were locked up in prisons by his administration? Is it now that a new a new administration that allocated vital portfolios to Igbo sons comes a borden that the suddenly realized that Igbo are marginalized and they go all the way castigating Fr Mbaka with carless  comments in the media? They have done their worst by engineering Fr Mbaka’s transfer but that is the best they can do?

We are sure that one sin these conspirators hold against FrMbaka  was his appeal to Igbo youths to end their protest that have claimed the lives of many poor Igbo youths and toe the path of dialogue in fighting their cause  was also part of why he is being persecuted and it unfortunate that the Church made herself a tool to be used in this mission.

We were there when Fr Mbaka delivered the acclaimed “controversial” message titled “There is Hope for Nigeria” that was doctored by the self-styled Igbo leaders for whatever end. Much as Fr Mbaka in the said message condemned those misusing the Igbo youths in the protest, he never condemned the Igbo youths or supported the killing or unjust incarceration of any Igbo youth by any agent of the government. Fr mbaka merely observed that those misusing the Igbo by endangering their lives in the street have their own children abroad studying. He encouraged the Igbo youths to spare their lives and employ dialogue in fighting their cause and resort to prayers.  He blamed largely the problems of the Igbos on greed and selfishness of Igbo leaders and asserted that he has not seen any marginalization of the Igbos so far by the Buhari administration in terms of allotment of ministerial positions and portfolios.

We wonder what those attacking Fr Mbakaon  thishad expected him to say. To encourage the wastage of more lives of poor Igbo Youths on the street by spurring them to intensify their protest?Or to avert that evil by advising them to toe the path of dialogue in addressing their grievances as he did? The millions of Igbo youths constitute over eighty percent of the multitude of Adoration Worshippers and many of them are endeared to the Ministry because of Fr Mbaka’s charitable concern for them in matters of their physical and spiritual succor. Does Fr Mbaka as a saver of souls and charitable spiritual father to many of the Igbo youths whom he feeds, pays theirs school fees and bills not have the right to caution them in matters affecting their lives?

We recall that even when Fr Mbaka was silent over the recent protest by Igbo youths, some mischief makers were using a doctored portion of the message he delivered five years ago titled “Prophetic Breakthrough” to deceive some gullible minds on social media to believe same a recent message of the cleric on the division of Nigeria to engineer the Igbo youth protest.

“But our young men, the Igbo boys will come out of the streets without guns, bullets, catapult in the name of MASOB and government will give order for their arrest. Many of them will be jailed and imprisoned, some were imprisoned for 25years. These are Igbo sons. What has the Igbos done? This is a wicked generation that kills the Igbo children, and where we don’t have a say. Go to prisons and see our children there. Unfortunately those who should speak for us are also wicked, because they have gotten their own portion from the government and eaten to their satisfaction. I know that very soon this message will become another problem but we must continue to say the truth. Where are the Igbo sons? Where are our MASSOB boys? Where are they? Sometimes ago at a river in Anambra, hundreds of unidentified dead bodies our young men were seen and a report came that they were the body of the MASSOB boys. This is a wicked generation, wicked generation will not endure and wicked persons will not continue to rule over you.”

Fr Mbaka and  the Eucharist

Mrs. Amadi Nkeiru, one of the Adoration worshipers said “Fr Mbaka’s adoration of the Holy Eucharist is incomparable. His exposition of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament as the secret of his miracles, has actually turned the faces of his numerous followers to the Blessed Sacrament and instilled a tremendous habit of visit to the Blessed Sacrament in the Chapels by Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

“Testimonies abound from both our Pentecostal and Catholic brethren who received the miracles of God through the power of the Eucharist which Fr Mbaka had exposed them to.  We, the laity, cannot afford to joke with such a man who had saved some of us from joining other churches for ignorance of the power in the Catholic Church through the Blessed Sacrament. We, the laity, cannot afford to joke with such a priest whose knowledge of the Scriptures and the demonstrations of the powers thereins have changed our lives. We, the lay people, know who is who among the Catholic Church Hierarchy, not only in Enugu diocese but in all the dioceses of this country because we are the sheep they lead. We know them more than they know themselves and Fr Mbaka is one who stands tall in matters of charity, hospitality, chastity, and salvation. Let the Church in Enugu and the church leaders in this country beware. Kill Fr Mbaka and get ready for what will happen. Let them try it and all the Bishops in this country will get ready to pack out.   We warn the church in this county that Fr Mbaka loves us. This is not a matter for Fr Mbaka alone. Much as he is free to take this pill as a will of God, we are free also to think otherwise. Fr Mbaka cannot think for himself and think for us on this issue. We are free to reach our judgement on the issue of his transfer and we condemned not the transfer, but the manner in which it was done, in very strong terms.


Fr.Mbaka and talent hunting

Still speaking on humanitarian oriented project of Fr Mbaka, the SuperNews boss said “Fr Mbaka is indeed, a lover of talents. He supports talents wherever he finds one.  For instance, the Adoration Talent Hunt unit is made of hundreds of people who come together to express their talents in various ways, We have the Actors and Actresses who develop their talent in movie making and acting. It was this group that successfully produced the movie, Nwa ikuku Part 1 to 4, we have the Traditional /Cultural Dance group, this group had also through Fr Mbaka’s support produced the 1st ever Christian cultural musical video titled NkwaUmuikuku. The AMEN skill acquisition group is also there and they train people in various skills on how to make things like soap, Detergents, Air fresher, candles, beads of all types etc.  We also have the AMEN Football Club which is Fr Mbaka’s football club set up to encourage people with football talent to attain the height of their carriers. He had sponsored many with football talents into some State Clubs in Nigeria and beyond.

We wonder who among those casting aspersions on Fr Mbaka had greater love for the Igbo nation than Fr Mbaka or who among them has been more vocal on issues of general interest to Ndigbo than Fr Mbaka.  For instance in February last year during the tenure of President Goodluck Jonathan, when Fr Mbaka was being persecuted on account of his 31st December 2014 Message that rocked the nation, he delivered a message entitled “This Wicked Generation II” (which also circulated in Video plate) wherein he   assessed how the past administration handled the protests in different parts of Nigeria and condemned the unprecedented incarceration of Igbo youths in prisons in the following words:

“But our young men, the Igbo boys will come out of the streets without guns, bullets, catapult in the name of MASSOB and government will give order for their arrest. Many of them will be jailed and imprisoned, some were imprisoned for 25years. These are Igbo sons. What has the Igbos done? This is a wicked generation that kills the Igbo children, and where we don’t have a say. Go to prisons and see our children there. Unfortunately those who should speak for us are also wicked, because they have gotten their own portion from the government and eaten to their satisfaction. I know that very soon this message will become another problem but we must continue to say the truth. Where are the Igbo sons? Where are our MASSOB boys? Where are they? Sometimes ago at a river in Anambra, hundreds of unidentified dead bodies our young men were seen and a report came that they were the body of the MASSOB boys. This is a wicked generation, wicked generation will not endure and wicked persons will not continue to rule over you.”

Where are these named acclaimed Igbo leaders casting aspersion on Fr Mbaka now when this lone voice of the cleric was demanding justice to the Igbo nation at such a critical period with his life and vocation on the razor’s edge?  None of their voices was heard. Would these widespread protests not have been more appropriate then than now that the Buhari-led Government which is less than one year in office  and has been  doing very well, taking concrete measure to protect the lives and property of the entire nation. We stand on Fr Mbaka’sdefence that this changed posture of the government renders any call for the division of the country unnecessary.

We are surprised to read the same voice of some of the named acclaimed Biafra veterans attacking Fr Mbaka for condemning the Igbo youth protest for the sake of their lives now saying that Biafra will be achieved without bloodbath. They should apologies for the blood of the poor Igbo youths shed by their deceit, double standard, probating and reprobating?  By that statement are they not in tune with Fr Mbaka that peace is the way forward?  Who then is the hypocrite?

It is for this reason that we believe that there is more to Fr Mbaka’s transfer as it must have been engineered by some agents acting under the garb of a faction of the Pro-Biafra group and Ohaneze.

Was it not in the press media that this group of people attacked Fr Mbaka after the visit of Aisha Buhari to him and the accused him of having been bribed and compromised? Did they not in the media overtly expressed their ill will against  Fr Mbaka’s company products being patronized by the Igbo, called on all Christians to boycott his ministry and call on the Catholic authority to bring him to order?  We are certain that this transfer is part of their prayer request which the Diocese had answered.

Is it not clear that some political agents and enemies of Fr Mbaka and his ministry are behind this transfer with singular intention of shutting his mouth?   Whatever be their intentions or agenda awe are sure that no one can shut Fr Mbaka’s mouth. They should know that the Igbos know whom their true leaders are and that Fr Mbaka is not a “Ghana-must-go” Prophet but a man of God who declares whatever the Holy Spirit prompts him to say no matter whose ox is gored. They should not forget too soon that he had faced greater challenges than this and he would always come out triumphant. Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria is a divine project beyond the destructive weapons of any mortal, human machinations and satanic agents in whatever guise.

Fr Mbaka is a man called among the Igbos to speak for us, but in all ramifications we have continued to prove the point that Igbo is indeed an acephalous society, Igbo enwe  eze, and any God lifts up for them, they will persecute.



A Source close to the Bishop revealed that he transferred Fr Mbaka out of pressure. It was gathered that immediately after the posting which was done on the Wednesday 13TH January 2016 the next day the Bishop was seen moving with security.  What was he afraid of, the source wondered?  It was gathered that a planned demonstration on issue of the posting was stage-managed while the Bishop travelled out of the Dioceses.   Fr Mbaka was planned to be assassinated while the Bishop was away. This plot was revealed to the nation’s security intelligence and some security officers from the Presidency were drafted to come and guard the GRA Parish house unknown to Fr Mbaka. In fact there was series of phone calls going on at that moment to confirm if they had killed Fr Mbaka.  The Source revealed that Fr Mbaka became aware of the situation when he saw the heavy security presence in the parish and questioned them on their mission. He was told by the officers that they were sent from Abuja to ensure that nothing happened to him.  The source said “Fr Mbaka is to us what Messi is to Barcelona. He is a Catholic pride why do they always want him dead? ”



From the group of Religious and priests that spoke to AMEN Super News under anonymity for fear of victimization by the Bishop, some of them were not happy with the Bishop. One of the priests who could not hide his love for Fr Mbaka told AMEN Super News that Fr Mbaka had helped him out of a problem that neither the Bishop nor his brother priest could offer any solution.  According to him “I agree that some of us priest may be jealous of him but the fact remains that he loves us and has a large heart and accommodating heart for us. Some us are not happy with the way he was treated and the manner of the transfer which showed apparently that there were elements of favoritism and hatred meted out to some priests. however the bottom line is that we all swore the oath of obedience however the situation may seem ”

Another religious told AMEN Super News that sometimes in the recent past, the Bishop relieved about six parish priests in the diocese of their parishes and replaced them with other priests. He had based the reason for his action on the premise that he would send the displaced priest abroad for studies. It was gathered that the relieved priests after all hopes that they were going abroad travelled to Lagos and lo and behold,  no traveling document  was  ready made available to them. This almost landed them into trouble if not for the image of the church. The priest returned back to the dioceses and became floating priests. The Source revealed that the Bishop never bordered about the welfare of these priests but Fr Mbaka adopted that responsibility of extending his help and support for some of these priests.

AMEN Super news sought to know the feeling of the worshipers in other parishes (like Holy Spirit Parish, Carmelites, St Mary’s Parish Trans Ekulu and etc) close to Christ the King Parish where Fr Mbaka was transferred from to ascertain  if there is any love lost between Fr Mbaka and the Parish priests that may have engendered Fr Mbaka’s transfer.  Our findings reveal that the parishioners in those parish and their pastors are so happy with Fr Mbaka. One of them told AMEN SuperNews “Fr Mbaka is a friend to us”

One the Priest that had worked closely with Fr Mbaka did not mince his word is stating that “ I was always perceived as a troublesome priest that could hardly stay with anyone without problems,  throughout my years of close working with Fr Mbaka I had watched to see if such phenomenon would happen between him and I but it never did. This reassures me that there was nothing wrong with me and the problem must be with those that have wrong perception of me”


Fr mbaka and his charity-Let bishop Onaga tell us how far the diocese had cared for the physical needs of the flock- Multi Life Beneficiaries


The Edior in Chief of AMEN Super News Barr Ike Maximus Ugwuoke revealed that Sometimes last year, following the request of Annunciation Hospital from Fr Mbaka to pay the Bills of about N15,million that accrued from the medical bills of the less privileged that were treated under his Charity foundation by the Hospital, he was sent to meet the Hospital management for the account reconciliation. According to him, “The visit was an eye opener for me as it afforded me the opportunity of seeing the long list of patients whose medical bills made up the figures.  I couldn’t help asking myself, if this bill of such magnitude of millions was what Fr Mbak is yet to pay the Hospital, how much of such millions could he spent over the years for these indigent patients.

“Again another thought that struck me while I Looked at the long list of names of the patients and their folders was that those lists were nothing but the roll call of lives that would have perhaps been lost if not for Fr Mbaka’s charity and life-saving mission.

Sunday Ukam JP. the Coordinator of the Multi-Life Savers  foundation for the less Privileged, Fr Mbaka’s official NGO for helping the poor rolled out the figure of the students whose files are before the foundation and who are leaning on Fr Mbaka for their educational Scholarship. The figure was outside those Fr Mbakai s sponsoring their education in abroad countries like Russia, London, France, USA and many other outside countries. He also spoke extensively on another category of people whose house rents and other family financial problems were being handled by Fr Mbaka through the foundation. He challenged the Enugu Dioceses to tell them how far the Church in the dioceses had cared for the physical needs of the flock like Jesus who fed the worshipers with the both the word and the bread and fishes.

How Wednesday morning Mass of Fr Mbaka turned into Miraculous Forum “E No Dey Again”

AMEN Super News gathered that Following the Bishop’s abrupt directive stopping the Wednesday all-night Adoration vigil mass of Fr Mbaka at the  Christ the King Parish GRA Enugu without any arrangement on where the prayer should be held, Rev Fr Mbaka in obedience to the Church had to comply with the directive. He channeled all his resources and secured a vast area of land at Unuchigbo Iji Nike a thick forest in the Emene Suburb of Enugu. He moved the worshipers to the site where he cleared an open space for the all-night programme. Due to the long distance of the site from the metropolis, he had to shift the all night vigil from Wednesday night to Friday night to suit the worshipers many of whom may not be able to attend the programme and still meet up with their offices and other engagements the following day.

Fr Mbaka then resorted to celebrating only morning mass at Christ the Parish.  It was observed by the close Worshipers that used to attend morning masses at the parish that while Fr Mbaka would sometimes join other priest assisting him in the parish to celebrate the morning mass on other days, he was consistently constant and constantly consistent in celebrating the morning mass every Wednesday.  This observation made some worshipers who were desirous of seeing him with their problems to always come on Wednesdays as they were sure they would see him at the morning mass. It didn’t take long before those who used to attend the morning mass began to give testimonies of miracles that happened to them during and after attending his mass.  Some who came with blindness received their sight, some who came with their deafness began to hear, some who had cancer and lumps found that the lump disappeared after the programme and so many other miracles too numerous to mention.  These testimonies began to spread and before long, people almost from every part of the country began to come to the Church every Wednesday morning to pray with Fr Mbaka. The worshippers on their own branded the programme “E no dey Again” meaning “that the Problems they come with have disappeared”. Many who were not disposed to come for the Friday All night vigil at the Umuchigbo saw the Wednesdays’ E no day Again prayers as a viable alternative. The number of the Wednesdays’ worshippers began to grow in leaps and bounds. As a result of this Fr Mbaka named the programme “Miracle Hour” and would always wait for few hours before commencing the mass so as not to shut out those that coming from far places. Despite all effort by Fr Mbaka to name that wednseday Progamme “Miracle Hour” may be because of the colloquialism in the name “E No Dey Again” Worshiper preferred to call the programme by the latter name as it captures the kind of miracles they witness at the programme  and so that was how the name was popularized.

Barr Ike Maximus Ugwuoke, the editor in Chief of AMEN Super News to has this to says“I am one of those that witnessed how that Wednesday Morning mass turned into something else. Those days I used to work with my former Principal Ikeazor Akaraiwe at his law office then located at No 8 River lane GRA very close to the Church. I  would always attend morning mass there before proceeding either  to the Chambers or to Court each day I was so opportune. I observed that Fr Mbakawas always there on Wednesdays. The programme used to be just like ordinary morning mass in other parishes with very few worshipers in attendance. But when people who came went home with testimonies the numbers began to swell.

“I have my own testimonies of what God did for me through that prayer, not just one or two testimonies but many testimonies, a compilation of which may not be contained in an encyclopedia. One of them which I may say is the most recent, besides the miracle of my life at this moment, happened just last year. My wife was pregnant after about the third month of the pregnancy, she had bleeding and miscarried.  At the Hospital, the consultants confirmed through medical test that the child was no more and told my wife that her womb would be flushed to clean it up for her next conception. It was unpleasant news to us as that was the second time she had that experienced after our first child.  We even had to go for confirmatory test at another Medical Lab few days later and the result showed negative sign of pregnancy.

“So this time, my wife said we should involve the God of Adoration.  We told Fr Mbaka about the situation and attended the Wednesday programme where he prayed for her. When we returned home we decided not to go back to the hospital to flush the womb. Few days later, my wife continued to observe something in her womb and we went back to the same Hospital. The same consultant who certified the fetus lost through bleeding certified that the child was there and kicking. He admitted that there was no medical term to qualify it but a medical miracle. That was it; the rest of that story is that it was that pregnancy that produced a vivacious bouncing baby boy whom we christened Chimeremeze, in my family today”.


A young priest of the Dioceses who spoke to AMEN Super News under anonymity expressed worry over the information management by the Bishop. He said “Some of us who are enlightened enough know that the Bishop and his advisers may not have been fair enough to Fr Mbaka.   Even before the posting came out, some of the priest already knew where they were posted. He cited an instance with Fr Ogbuene whom he said that even before the posting it was known that he was going to Holy Ghost cathedral.  He alleged that the Bishops Secretary masterminded who is to be posted to GRA to replace Fr Mbaka and that this has been a way of settling those whom they love. He disclosed that if not that  FrMbaka is calming down the young priests in the dioceses they would have revolted against it. He said thateven before the posting was announced formerly, it was already in the newspaper that there was going to be a posting and Fr Mbaka would be posted out. According to him “I think, the posting took place on Wednesday 13th January but by 11th January, we read in Cover pages of Sun newspaper that the Catholic Church plans to transfer Fr Mbaka.  In confirmation of that, the Director of Social Communication of the Dioceses, Rev Fr Joseph Offor was quoted as confirming that there would be posting of priests and it will be announced that week. My worry is, if the posting was indeed transparent, why should people get to hear it even before it was released. Such announcement to me and to some concerned priests raises a question if such may not have given room for some priest to negotiate their transfer. It means also that the fate of some priest may have been decided beforehand. I tell you, some priests I know are not happy with the manner of the posting as it affects not just Fr Mbaka but they themselves though they be afraid to speak out or better still they are under oath not to question such.

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