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The euphoria of 9th February2017 legal victory of Rev.Ejike C. Mbaka over Union Bank in the case filed against him and two others by the bank in 2010 still fills the air.

Recall that a lot of water had passed over the bridge between the bank and members of the ministry prior to the filing of the case in 2010 by the bank. AMEN Super News gathered that at the height of the friction, the bank had published the name of Rev Fr. Mbaka and pasted it at different strategic places in the state alleging that Fr Mbaka is owing them and refused to pay them, all in a bid to bring his name to ridicule. The bank had also made petitions against Fr Mbaka over the case to various quarters accusing him of all sorts of things.  While this was going on, Fr Mbaka had maintained a docile stand, asking the Bank to come so that they would resolve issues.

When it appeared that Fr Mbaka’s patience had reached the breaking limit, he had to open up to tell his own side of the story and in his prophetic anger, he predicted the collapse of the bank if they do not stop the false accusations they were peddling against him. He handed his vindication to God and resorted to prayers. Few hours after his resignation to divine vindication, Union Bank began to lose many of its customers in Enugu as many people queued up at the Bank to either close the accounts they opened with the bank or withdraw their money. Almost all the branches of the bank stood like a ghost city as they experienced low turnout of customers. As if that was not enough, some mysterious retribution followed the development as some of the top officers in the bank who were the chief architects of the case against Fr Mbaka allegedly began to have one kind of misfortune after another ranging from strange ailments to mysterious deaths. The bank went on to sue Fr Mbaka and two others over the case.

Fr Mbaka had continued to state his innocence in the accusations of the Bank against him at every given opportunity inviting the Adoration worshipers to join him in prayers against the bank’s ill intention to the ministry. The members of the ministry began a fire work of prayers ranging from the first ever 40 days prayer and fasting they had when Fr Mbaka was still at  Christ the King Parish GRA Enugu till date.

The fixing of the case for Judgment after about seven years of the legal tussle marked the turning point of the prayer bombardment by the Adorers over the situation. The case was adjourned for Judgement twice before the judgment finally came on Feb 9th 2017. Almost every member of the ministry was anxious to know the outcome of their prayers. There were some prayer groups in the ministry that went on desert prayers with a vow not to come back until they hear the news of Fr Mbaka’s victory over the case. Fr Mbaka himself was not left out in the spiritual bombardment of heaven with a demand for justice in the case as he made it a prayer point virtually in many of his Eucharistic Mass Celebrations. He was seen as he drove into the chapel at the Adoration ground at the early hours of the day the judgement was delivered. He stayed there in lone prayers until later in the day when the news of his victory was communicated to him.


The hilarity that followed the news of the legal victory was better seen than imagined. This was followed by a press statement issued on the development. The Press statement which was titled “FR MBAKA’S LEGAL VICTORY OVER UNION BANK IS DIVINE MIRACLE; AS COURT ORDERS THE BANK TO PAY HIM N5.5BILLION NAIRA, was jointly signed by the media chief of Adoration Ministry, Barr Ike maximus Ugwuoke and  Barr F.C Okeke on 13th February 2017,. The statement reads thus:

“With boundless joy, we glorify the name of God for the miraculous legal victory He granted to Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria over the case filed against the Spiritual Director of the Ministry, Rev Fr EjikeCamilusMbaka and two others by Union Bank of Nigeria plc.

“The case filed in suit no E/56/10 has been pending before the Enugu State High Court for about seven years until judgment was delivered therein on Thursday the 9th of February 2017 by Hon Justice A.R. Ozoemena of the Enugu State High Court who presided over the case.

“The erudite judgment of the Honourable Court declined virtually all the contumacious claims of the Bank against our Spiritual Director declaring them as “fraudulent” but went ahead to order the Bank in his counter claim against the  Bank to pay him the sum of N5.5billion Naira for damages and inconveniences.

“It is noteworthy to observe the fact that the Honourable Court in the said judgment considered among other things the fact that Union Bank had defended our Spiritual Director in a separate earlier suit filed against the Bank by a Chinese Company at the Lagos State High Court in suit No LD/1313/10 wherein in the Bank’s counter affidavit, the Bank had deposed that Rev Fr Mbaka is not indebted to the Chinese Company. One can’t help wondering as pointed out by the Honourable Court that the same Bank who had defended the cause of our Spiritual Director should do 360 degrees summersault to make the same demand from our

“We join all the less privileged , the orphans, the widows and indeed all worshipers of the ministry under the flock of our Spiritual Director to urge the Bank not to hesitate in complying with  the Court Judgment especially now that the ministry has enormous charitable  works and projects that are financial- demanding.

“We assert that this judgment has once more reaffirmed and reassured our confidence in the Court as the last hope of a common man. The Court judgment is indeed another demonstration of the victorious hand of God upon the Ministry and our Spiritual Director much as it renews and rekindles our faith and trust in God that with Him indeed, all things are possible and one with Him is majority.

“We express our sincere gratitude to all the worshipers of the ministry all over the world who stood in solidarity, steadfastness, prayers and fasting for the Ministry and the Spiritual Director right from the days of the Bank’s cheap blackmail against the ministry to this movement of divine exoneration. Their good works were never in vain as it all culminated to this legal victory and divine vindication we celebrate today”.

The press statement was published in some national dailies and online news sites namely, Daily Post, Guardian, Vanguard, New Telegraph and so on. Other reactions followed as many posted their comments online. One of the comments read “Fr Mbaka is one of the spiritual fathers I so much respect here in Nigeria, like what Bench said… I hope and pray they pay him that money because it will still go to the less privileged if he gets the money.”

A commentator who used the alias ‘Mbaka way’ said, “No body born from woman, can be able to kill Mbaka or kidnap him. His Biological father stated that before dying and God Almighty always listens to his prayers. He is a real man of God, just forget most times people do contradict his preaching because of their low level in understanding the Bible… Chimaroke tried to kill him but God saved him many times, PDP wants to kill him many times but no way, then union bank want to tarnish his image but no way lol”

Kike Lomo says in his short comment says “it’s payback time, Father Mbaka Congratulations’

Ezeogu Emeka has this to say“Am happy that the judgment ended in his favour, thanks to God almighty.

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