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O! Lord, fill this message free of Charge with your anointing. Fill it O Lord with your supernatural-what-it-takes to be actualized. As the voice come from the Supernatural universe “Free of Charge” may your people who will read this message be miraculously recharged with the power of faith to receive the prophetic blessings and promises inherent in the message. When I begin to echo this word ‘Free of Charge’ may the blessings that my people have not laboured for begin to come for them. As these blessings begin to come for them, may they come for them and when they come to them may they abide in them free of charge.
You have laboured and laboured in the past, in Psalm 128:2 the Holy book says “In Vain is your early rising and going later to rest. God bless His beloved while they are slumbering”. May you be counted among those to be blessed.
In the past, you have laboured and laboured possibly in vain, in Isaiah 65:23 the Bibles says “Henceforth your labours shall no more be in vain”. Supernatural endowment is going to visit you free of Charge. Don’t doubt this because it is going to happen in your own time.
Now Open your hands and connect your life to the prophetic utterances of Isaiah 55: 1 and 2 where the word of God says “Wait and listen, everyone who is thirsty.” In Isaiah 40:28-31 the Bible says that them that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. There are blessings for waiters. May your strength be renewed in Jesus name. May the strength of your life be renewed. May the strength of your prayers be renewed. May the strength of your Holiness be renewed. May the strength of your business be renewed. May your political strength be renewed. May your moral strength be renewed. May your fertility strength be renewed. May your visionary strength be renewed.
In Isaiah 30:15, the Holy Book says, it is in the waiting on the Lord that your salvation shall come. We are going to wait on him. God shall behold you as you are subjecting yourself unto this prophetic words and look unto you with His eyes of mercy of Psalm 86:5 and Psalm 86:15 where His Word says that God is gracious, slow in anger,full of compassions. He shall show you His mercy that you may be worthy to receive the blessings He promised us.
Continuing in Isaiah 55 the Bible calls on those who are thirsty. What are you thirsty for? The Bible says come, waa, zoo, dimi ,biabuy and eat. Those who are hungry come and eat, those who are thirsty come and drink. He who has no money , money is not the problem. Your Money is coming free of Charge. You will be surprised how it will happen. He who has no money, come and buy and eat. Amplified version says “Buy priceless spiritual wine and milk without money”. Wao! You are going to have such things free of charge.
There is a type of blessing coming to you and you will pay nothing for it. People will be asking you, do you mean that this car was given to you just like that? Do you mean that this job is given to you just like that? Do you mean you got the admission just like that? Do you mean that you married just like that? Do you mean you conceived and delivered successfully just like that? Do you mean that the sickness disappeared just like that? That is what the Church said you should be told that good things are going to come to you child of God, free of charge.
It will come without money and without price but simply for the self surrender to God. Continuing the Bible says in Isaiah 55, “Why do you spend your money for that which is not bread?And your earnings for that which does not satisfy? Hearken diligently to me and eat what is good and let your soul delight itself in fatness, the profuseness of spiritual joy”
I don’t know what you are looking for but the Prophetic word today tells you to come and have it without money. Heaven has declared it. It is a Divine declaration, are you looking for a child, come and have it without money. Are you looking for job? Come and have it without money. Are you looking for position somewhere? May be the amount of money they are quoting for you to have it is something you cannot afford; the power that is in this message is going to acquire it for you without money.
Surrender to God, those who have money do give bribe; your own is going to come to you free of charge. Unconditional blessings, unconditional opportunities, unconditional favours are coming to you; how it will happen only Heaven can define it, only heaven can describe it. Only heaven can tell the story. This is because it is going to be miraculous; it is going to be a miracle of surprised possession. For in Obadiah 17, upon Mountain Zion there shall be deliverance, there shall be holiness and the People of God shall possess their possessions. This is a time you are going to possess your possessions.
All those things that others are dragging and dying to have by going to native doctors and such likes, Heaven says you can have it without money. You will be on your own and that thing will come to you.
Take for example a man like this, our brother Ignatius Anya Ihembosi (Nowas), before he was locked up in the prisons, I know all the efforts he made to have additional child to the only child he had. I am part of that story of his having another Child. He even had to travel to America with his wife. They used every contemporary medical ingenuity to achieve his wife’s conception, all to no avail. After staying in America they came back and he went into prison. Why? A case of kidnapping was trumped up against him. The Police left the real kidnappers and came and arrested him. When I used to visit him in the prisons he told me one day to tell God that if he is involved in what was alleged against him, let him die in it.
My annoyance with NOWAS ordeal was that the police knew the people to whom the ransom was paid to in the bank. The relatives of the kidnapped were interacting with the kidnappers on phone and they told them to pay into Zenith Bank Account this and that. Up till today, that family of the kidnapped has not touched these people, they went and arrested Nowas who was just on his own at his home. They accused him falsely and when I wanted to speak out as usual ,they said I should keep silent. If a priest of God should keep silent in the time of injustice what will heaven say about him.
Those who do kidnapping do not have offices. Nowas has an office and means of livelihood. Do you know the kind of multimillion projects and the filing station Nowas was building at that time? The Kidnappers were demanding N4million from the family of the kidnaped. When the kidnapped was released, he was asked what type of car did they use to kidnap you and he said, “a Mercedes Benz 190” but those who wanted to kill NOWAS insisted that the man was kidnapped with NOWAS’ jeep.
We continued the fight with prayers until the heaven answered us. He was released by heaven, they planned he would die in it but the type of prayer we make here is “back to sender”. He that came to kill you shall kill himself. He that came to bless you shall be blessed. It is not a bad prayer. When I say ‘the Lord be with you’, you would tell me, “And also with you”. That is back to sender. It is not a bad prayer, it is only the evil ones that are afraid of ‘Back to sender’ prayer. When I bless you and you say let the blessing follow me is it not a good thing? But when one does charm against you and you tell him let the charm follow him is it not a good prayer as well? The last time we went to destroy a native doctor’s charm at Amokwe,I gave him one of his charms and told him to tear it with his teeth as it doesn’t kill. He asked me, “Did you say it doesn’t kill?” I retorted him ‘Are you asking me , did I make the charm with you? ‘ that is back to sender and a story for another day.
As I was saying when Nowas came out of prison, I took him to the Chapel at the Adoration permanent site and told him and his wife to hold the altar rail and tell God what they wanted, that a blessing is coming to them free of charge. I told them that in Joel 2:25, the Bible says I will restore for you all the years that the Locust has spoilt. He didn’t know what to pray for but he and his wife asked that they wanted to have another baby. At that time, their only child was almost graduating from the university. My prayer for you that is being accused innocently today is that God will give you an evidence and sign that will prove that you are not involved in what you are accused of.
It didn’t take long after that and Nowas wife conceived. The children that could not come after their medical trip abroad started to come free of charge. His wife delivered the child and before you know it she conceived again and again; she delivered twins the other time and just few months ago she had another set of triplet. All these were coming free of charge. God is awesome. After a man is accused publicly and it was later found that he was accused falsely he has to be exonerated publicly. The truth must be told.
I know our brother Valentine Nnaedozie. He came out to contest Enugu state Governorship and it happened somehow. I didn’t want to have problem with the Church so I told him to step down and be patient but that God would reward him for all he spent. This is because even the Governor he was to step down for was not ready to reward anybody. But we asked Val to step down not because of the Governor but because of the Bishop. The Bishop said that the Church wanted Sullivan Chime, I wouldn’t fight my Bishop. He said he wanted Val to step down and I told him “Yes my Lord”. Let my obedience be always remembered.
I took Val and his wife into the Chapel and told them that God will reward them. For many years that Val married his wife, they have been barren. So in the Chapel I told them that God will reward their agonies with the fruit of the womb. I told them to hold the altar rail and that by this time next year I will baptize their child and the Child’s name will be Amen. I told them that after that delivery, her womb will not be closed again. It happened so, That Child ,Amen, was delivered by that time the following year. If you see her today she is an intelligent girl that came Free of Charge. The last competition held in the whole Abuja this child was the overall best. She is a guru in Mathematics and English language.
After Amen’s delivery her other siblings followed, they were named Miracle, Valentine and Akachukwu.
When you felt disappointed and when you felt to have laboured in vain, the time of divine reward will come. All I would want you to respond to the following things I am going to declare now is “Amen.”
-Free of Charge Blessing is on the way for you. Say “Amen”
-Before the end of this year you that heard this message will give testimony. Say “Amen”
-Heaven will remember you and your Conditions shall change. Say “Amen”
– Heaven will remember you and favour will follow you. Say “Amen”
In Psalm 30:5, in Luke 4:19once God remembers you the year will be for you a year of favour. In Eph 1:3 when God remembers you all the blessings from heavenly places will be pushed to you.
In 2ndCor 6:2 this is a time of favour for you, this is that time of your blessing. This is the time. I am not talking about tomorrow. I am talking about the Chyrotic moment. The time has come. In Psalm 119:26, the Bible says ‘it is now time for God to act.’ God is going to act for you. God wants to use His hands and take care of your situations. When he settles your situation you shall begin to do well. Prosperity will follow you. Akanchawa will follow you, Ukwuncahawa will follow you, Isi nchawa will follow you as well and whatever you put your hands in will prosper.
You are told to come and buy free of Charge. So after reading this you are going to package what you want to have. What is that you desire from heaven? Is it good husband, you will have it free of charge. Is it good house, go round that city and find the finest house.Once upon a time in the history of your existence you are going to have that house. Something happens for something to happen. In Haggai 2, God says I will shake my Heavens for you, I will shake the earth for you. I will even shake the sea for you. God is going to shake his Heaven and earth for you in Jesus name.
In Deuteronomy 33:13, the Bible says ‘upon youJoseph, you shall be blessed with the blessings from Heaven above and blessings from the earth beneath’. Your own blessing will come in like manner. You are going to be another Joseph. Your blessings shall be coming from earth and from heaven.
A sorrow-free gift from heaven is coming to you free of charge in case you don’t know. A gift is something you didn’t suffer to have. Proverb 10: 22 says that the Gift of God makes one rich and adds no sorrow. Some angels are packaging gifts for you. In a no distant time you will lift your hand and receive it in Jesus name. May God fill your left and right hands with Blessing. You shall not lack His blessings. A heavenly load of blessing from heaven is coming to you.
The last time we distributed rice to the widow; there was this elderly widow that came with her walking stick. When she collected her bag of rice, we thought she would not be able to carry it, the Stewards wanted to help her but she told them to help her lift it on her head. She dropped her walking stick, held the rice on her head and moved out. The Heaven will give you the strength and place a heavy load of blessing upon you.
Where God will place you, He will keep and protect you. Nothing can separate you from the love of God. Whatever you want, be it money or name what, they are in God’s house. You shall not go astray because you are looking for earthly things. In Psalm 24:1 the Bible says, the earth and thereof is of the Lord. In Psalm 115:16, the Word of God says that Heaven belongs to God and the earth and its fullness belong to the Children of God. That thing you think that it belongs to the devil is a lie. You are a co-owner of solid minerals and oil and gas on this earth. After reading this, decide that you will not be poor again. Tap your feet on the ground and decide that you will never be a borrower again.
The air you are breathing is free gift to you. This air and oil and gas, which one is more expensive? Will the One who gave you air not be able to give you oil and gas? Between this air and N1billon in the Central Bank which one is more expensive? That is why He says in Acts 17:25 that it is God who gives your life, who gives you air and who gives you everything.
When we are talking of free of charge, the critics will ask is father Mbaka telling people not to work again? Now tell me, what effort did you make to have the air you breathe? What effort did you make to be born? What effort did you make in other to have digestion of the food you eat? What labour of yours makes the hairs to grow on your head? What effort did you make to sleep and snore at night? That Person that gave you air, body, hairs, sleep and makes you to excrete effortlessly will give you other things Free of Charge. I stand on the power in the altar and pray for you Free of Charge grace and blessings in Jesus name, Amen.

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