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Full Transcript of Fr Mbaka’s 2018 New Year Message

Full Transcript of Fr Mbaka’s 2018 New Year Message

I commend everybody here to the Holy presence of the most Holy presence. In him we move, live and hold our being, Act 17: 28. For without you Jesus, we can do nothing, In John 15:5. Yes lord, we are hidden in Christ and Christ is hidden in you, in Colossians 3:3. That is why this gathering is yours. In Hebrew 12; 22, it says, here is mount Zion, the city of the living God, where everybody is a first born and where there are angels in fistful garment, in uncountable numbers. Father, take the glory, as we bless your name. Even when we begin to deliver the message given to us, O lord, glorify your name. As these candles are burning, O lord, may the hands of your people and their destinies be enlightened. (Lift your candles higher).
This year, you shall rise above your enemies. I said, you shall rise above your enemies. In psalm 27;6, the lord will lift your head above all your enemies. I bless you as we begin the New Year. It shall be well with you. Unlike other years, this year shall be remarkable, for what God will do in your life. Many people here are going to become symbols of God’s blessings. Many blessings you could not experience in the previous years, you are going to experience in this year. The word of God said in the book of Ezekiel 37, by the valley of the dried bones in verse 7, Ezekiel said, “So I prophesy”. Prophecy is real. So, I claim prophetic anointing at this time. Fill me with your auction for prophecy, as in the days of Samuel, as in the days of Ezekiel, as in the days of Jeremiah, as in the days of Isaiah, as in the days of Elijah and Elisha, as in the days of Amos, Joel, Hosiah. O lord, use me at this hour to declare and decree the yet to be. The bible says,’ ’So I prophesied as I was commanded, and as I prophesied, there was a thundering noise , and behold, a shaking, a trembling, a rattling and the bones came together, bone to its bone. In verse 9, then said He to me,” prophesy to the breath and the spirit, son of man. Before that one, in verse 4, again He said to me, “prophesy, say to these bones,’ O you dried bones, hear the word of God’. The man of God said, “and I prophesied’”. Every priest is a prophet and a king. I pray the lord to use me to exercise my prophetic auction as He has been doing. The bible says again in verse 10 of Ezekiel 37,” so I prophesy as He commanded me”. In verse 12 of Ezekiel 37, the bible says,” therefore prophesy and said to them”. Nowadays, when we hear about a prophecy, it becomes strange in the catholic tradition. It is not a nomenclature that should be marveled at. It has been there. It is in spirituality with the church. Catholic church is a Pentecost church, and there are varieties of gift and one of them is prophecy. Revelation 19: 10 says,” the spirit of Jesus Christ is the spirit of prophecy’’.
So I bless the name of God as we are here. I call on the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to glorify His name in our lives. Father, the hour has come again. I prophesy to the dying kidneys here, healing! Somebody shout healing! healing! healing!. You with ailing kidneys, stone in the kidneys, I prophesy to you, begin to disappear in Jesus name, Amen. By the power of the Holy Ghost, let there be healing in the kidneys of the people of God in Jesus name. I prophesy to these kidneys, be renewed now. Let there be new kidneys in somebody’s organ in Jesus name, Amen. Liver infections! Let the diseases in the liver begin to disappear now. Under the prophetic anointing, people with sick livers, receive divine healing. I communicate healing in the livers of my people. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, you sick livers, be healed. By the wounds of Jesus in Mathew 8: 17, in Peter 2:24, be healed. People with dermatological and hematological infirmities-skin disease and blood diseases, be healed. I prophesy healing inside the blood systems, healing in the venous organs, healing in the neurological organs, healing in the eardrums- that the deaf will hear in Jesus name, Amen. Healing in the ophthalmic organs- that the blind shall see. I prophesy to the blind, receive your sight in Jesus name, Amen. Glaucoma, cataract, I speak to you; get away, that the eyes of my people shall be open. For in Luke 4:18-19, I join my master, Jesus to pray,” the spirit of the lord is upon me, He has anointed me to bring good news to the poor, to open the eyes of the blind, to set the captives free and to declare a year of favor”.
This year shall be for somebody here, a year of favour. Lift up your candle and shout favour! Favour! favour!. Keep on calling favour. Favour of Psalm 30:5; favour for a life time. favour of Job10:12; favour and life. Favour of Detronomy33:23; Naphtali satisfied with favour. It is a matter of favour. Favour strikes the difference. You may be laboring and laboring but somebody with favour will make a little attempt and his own will work out.

A footballer with favour, any careless opportunity, he scores. This year you shall carry the jar of favour from January to December in Jesus name, Amen. In Psalm 45:7, the bible says, ”and because of his righteousness, he was anointed with the oil of favour”. I key into 2Corinthians 5:21, because of the righteousness of Jesus Christ, you too became righteous. Therefore, favour becomes your portion. So that in Psalm 45:12, men and women with greatest wealth will pursue your favour with gift in Jesus name. This is a year of favour. I don’t care what the devil has been doing in your life in the previous years. I don’t care what the ancestral demons have been doing in your life the previous year. You might have been laboring in vain in the past years. This is a year God will turn your sweat into sweetness. Even though wicked people are gathering together, I can hear the message in Psalm 2 that God who sees on high is laughing. This year, God will laugh at your enemies. I said, God will laugh at your enemies. Whoever decides to be your enemies, God will do something torturous against the person and laugh against that person. He will laugh at witches, He will laugh at wizard. All the forces of darkness that has sworn to mess you up, God will turn their mess into message this year in Jesus name , Amen.
Father, glorify your name. I minister healing once more on my people. In 1Peter 2:24, and Isaiah 53:45, ‘’for He bore our disease and carried our infirmities. The chastisement that made us whole was upon him and by His wounds, we are healed’’. I decree and declare prophetically from head to toe, even as you are listening now, let there be healing in your body. Let there be healing in your whole anatomic organ. Healing in your cardiovascular organ! Healing in the womb! Even if you have urethra disfuntionality, receive divine healing. Even if you are impotent, you are infertile, receive divine healing. I prophesy healing! Healing in the lungs; healing in your nasal organs; healing in somebody’s bone; healing in somebody’s neurological organs. Receive divine healing now. I said from head to toe, be healed. Emotional healing; mental healing; spiritual healing; even financial healing. I prophesy healing upon you now in the name of Jesus, Amen. Are you hemorrhagic! Receive divine healing. As the prophecy is going on, let the healing be instant. I claim instant healing miracle for you in the name of Jesus. Are you diabetic or your sugar sickness is running in the vein of your family lineage, be healed now! Receive extra-ordinary divine healing. (Place our hands at any position the sickness was). Tumors begin to disappear. Within this prophetic time, let lumps begin to disappear. Both benign ones and malignant ones, disappear now in the name and authority of the only begotten son, Jesus Christ. Is there any infirmities in your cardio-thoracic organs, receive divine healing now. Be healed! Infirmities in the urinary organs, infections, be healed. May somebody here receive divine healing of HIV infirmities. Healing of AIDS, by the special touch of the wounds of Jesus in your body now. Is there any organs of your body that is not functioning well, begin now to function well, bone to bone, tissues to tissue, nerves to nerves, vein to vein. In the brain walls, let there be healing.
(Lift up your hands). May the lord heal your destinies. May your destinies be healed in thou name of Jesus. In the previous years, there was nothing you laid your hands that worked well. This time, I bless you in Deuteronomy 12:17, “whatever you lay your hands upon, you will prosper over it’’. I bless these hands in the presence of the lord.
(Take up your candle and claim prosperity this year).I could hear the voice in Zachariah1:17,”once more this city shall overflow with prosperity”. Incredible prosperity! For in the book of Haggai 2, God says, “once more, I will shake my heaven, I will shake my earth”. And what will happen? In Psalm35:27, He will take interest in your prosperity. This year, somebody that was living in penury, somebody that had no hope, is going to enjoy supernatural, extravagant prosperity. If you believe you are the one, call on Jesus 18 times, for we are in the year, 2018. Father, I bless your name. Father, I adore your holy name. Glory be your name in the lives of your people.
The bible says in Luke 2:34, there was a woman whose name was Hannah, daughter of Raguel, from the tribe of Asha. Since the husband died for seven years, she remained in the temple fasting and praying. This year, somebody is going to live a temple life. You must pray and pray, and miracles will happen and happen. This year, somebody will be holy and holy and extra-ordinary signs and wonders of God will visit that person more and more. It is declared as a year of holiness. It’s a year of prayer. It’s a year of encounter with the Divine. This year is Eucharistic. No matter how busy you think you are, make out time and be staying with the Blessed Sacrament.
In this year, the glory of the Most High God will over-shadow you. Over-shadowing of the glory of Isaiah 60:1, because you will arise and begin to shine. Whether enemies want it or not, whether Satan or demon want it or not, God had decreed it and so shall it be. You must arise and shine, for the glory of God will rise upon you, will rise upon your family, will rise in your destinies and will rise in your undertakings. God has mapped out this year to make you special. And of course you know the moment God makes you special, the Jealousy and envy of the devil will be attracted. I pity you because attacks will come. Any time you see a ripe mango or apple, attacks will be coming on them. This year, God will protect your ripened own blessings. In the past, your blessings got ripped and the devil plucked them. This time around, God is going to protect your supernatural apples. Is a year of extra ordinary harvest. When this daughter of Raguel from the tribe of Asha, and you go to Deuteronomy 33, the woman called Hannah is from that tribe called Asha. And the bible said, Asha , your feet will be in oil. You are going to be filled with blessings. If you are that one that God is leading to the oil area, I cover you with the blood of Jesus. God is planting your feet this year, somewhere that is profitable.
(Lift up your legs, both left and right). I bless the legs that you are going to be travelling with this year. You shall go out blessed and come back blessed. I bless all your locomotives exercises, your going out and your coming back. In the book of Deuteronomy 28:6, it says, ”I will bless your going out and bless coming back’’. And He said in the book of Psalm 121:8,’’ I will keep your going out and keep your coming back both now and forever more’’. Any journey you will make this year, I commend to the lord prophetically, that the angel of Exodus23:20 will lead you to your destinations. I pitied Jacob the day he wrestled with the angels, his hip was broken. Today, my voice wrestled and was broken. I wanted to be stubborn, that I will not say what God wanted me to say because I know many people will not like it. Then, my voice was wounded. Today, I am blessing your destinies; many people who were not profitable shall begin to be profitable. In this New Year, you shall be made profitable. The anointing for this year is upon you. Receive the auction for 2018. Auction to live in this year! Let every Monday in this year be anointed for you. Let every Tuesday in this year be anointed for you. Every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, in this year be anointed for you. Let every Sunday in this year be filled with the auction of the Holy Ghost. Meanwhile every January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December in this year 2018 be filled with the auction to function; with the anointing of the Holy Ghost; anointing for longevity; anointing for favour; anointing for breakthrough, anointing for tremendous success over the students and my people; and anointing for incredible victory. That in this year, no weapon that is fashion against you or against me or against us shall prosper. And if you believe it, back it up with seven Amen.
2 Samuel 17: 22 says that all crossed over. All of us cross over from 2017 into 2018. Those who succeeded in crossing over, make a joyful noise to the lord. Glory to God! Zechariah 40 says” it is not by power, it is not might, is by my spirit’’. It is the spirit of God who did it. Come on give glory to the Holy Ghost. Give honor to the Holy Ghost who made it possible that we shall see the New Year, 2018. We have been hearing about it, now we have seen the year. Thank you Jesus! May the lord give us the anointing to live this year, to His glory and to the shame of the devil, and to our own blessing in the name of Jesus, Amen. Somebody can claim this year as his or her best year. Even though the devil is coming with multiple attacks, 1 John3:8says, “the reason why the son of man came was to destroy the works of devil’’. Because in 1 Corinthians 15:57, we are giving thanks to God for giving us victory in Christ Jesus. Any attack that is coming should not worry you. In Deuteronomy 1:30, God will do your battles. As we have crossed over, the word of God says in the book of Exodus 14: 13, “O stand still for the Egyptians you see today, you shall see no more’’. 2017, you shall see no more. All the ‘wahalas’ following that year, you shall see no more.
Of course, everybody here knows that 2017 was a rough year; it was a tough year for Nigeria. That is where the problem came into my voice. I wanted to just pray for you, and do healing, bless you and go, because I don’t want anybody’s trouble. I don’t want the Bishop to invite me any where. I don’t want politicians to attack me. That is where God forced me- you must say it. And that is where my voice had a problem. Listen! 2017 became one of the horrible years in this country .This is the message!
The lord says in Isaiah 51:14, captive Nigerians, you will be speedily rescued. Nigeria is very difficult, hard and tough nowadays. The hardships are not from God, they are man-made. The wicked cabals and the satanic agents in this country have wickedly kidnapped the good will and the good intentions of Mr. President, Muhammadu Buhari. His good intentions have been kidnapped. President Buhari must wake up and sit up immediately or… Heavens demands him, Buhari our president to change all those who are holding and caging him in captivity. If he will not change them, he will be changed. Mr. President, wake up, sit up. God says you are toying with the privileged given to you. There is no time .Nigerians are dying in your hands. People are not happy with your system. Change or you will be changed. Then, He said, Buhari is in trouble. Buhari is hypnotized. Buhari is in a horrible bondage. Buhari’s mantra has been cabalized. Unless president Buhari quickly positions strategically the proper and right people, and change the formal ones inaugurated by him, the wind of change that he himself inaugurated will blow him away shamefully. The wind will be too strong that Mr. President and the cabals will be blown out of office shamefully. The wind will be irresistible, for it will come like hurricane. Buhari can handle this problem but, No 1. His office if he is not careful, another will take. No 2, if he does not want to move Nigeria forward, God says He Himself will plan a strategy of moving Nigeria forward. The pattern of em-battling corruption is not just archaic, barbaric but is witch-hunting, and terribly selective. Mr. Buhari, as a president, why should you be picking and choosing those that you and your so-called EFCC man will want to arrest? So anybody who does not want to be arrested will become an APC person. Is that not a corruption of itself? Change or you will be changed. After all, you are the one who introduced change as your mantra. Nigerian economy is in shambles, and Nigerians are in sorrow. Nigeria is not just passing through an economic depression but also it’s a time of economic repression and economic compression. Very soon, Nigerians will know that the country is in terrible mess. The cabals have messed up the president and confused him. So Mr. President, you are to be blamed, not your cabals. You have your brooms but the cabals have their bags. Either you sweep them away or they will throw you into the bags. Heaven cried that your methodologies are not just archaic but also too sluggish and slow. The situation in Nigeria needs speed. You are too dull. Your change mantra is questionable. You have to change your change or you will be disgraced out of office. Your agricultural scheme has anti-agenda that are cancerous. Why should you be talking about agriculture and leave the Fulani herdsmen? Farmers don’t have faith and hope. Don’t you hear what is happening in the country? Cant you use your presidential mandate and help the less privileged. The spirit of God says that, Mr., president is just a president in the mouth .He is not the real president per se. people are running the government the way they like and given him articles to sign. Mr. President does not know what is happening in his government. What a pity! But no matter what is happening, God has assures us that Nigeria and Nigerians are not just in His hands but are in His heart and His eyes. Mr. President tried his best to war against insurgencies, he tried to stop excessive spending, living in opulent. He is n expert in stopping opulent lives, swindling of government property, but the way he is going a after it, is too slow. God loves him and gave him the mandate. He wanted to fight corruption, but corruption is fighting him back. So that anybody who wants to performs corruption in a very smart way will run into APC. So Mr. President, wake up. Save your destiny and save your integrity. God said that the sitting president is not the one Nigerians trusted. Wake up! There are areas the president started doing well before he became sick. Anybody can be sick. Don’t rejoice because Mr. President is sick. We prayed and God granted him healing. But you know that age is not on his side. Even if you are healthy and you are not strong, there will be problem. So Mr. President, as I was waiting in the lord, am asked to advise you, don’t come out for second tenure. After this, retire peacefully. Mr. President, you are the cause of your own problem. God gave you an adviser, a wonderful mentor, a visionist, a matriarch, in the person of your wife. , Aisha but you don’t want to listen to her. That woman is heartbroken because she understands that you are not yourself. Come back to yourself or you will cry by the time you will be sent out of office. So those who are encouraging you to come out and run again, they want to disgrace you shamefully and publicly. We kept on praying for your quick recovery but you know, when the president is sick and age is not on his side, the message came. That is why the government schools are sick; the government hospitals are sick; the government roads are sick; unemployment becomes the order of the day that our graduates and our youth are living in abject poverty and hopelessness; the country men are sick; Hunger is ravaging the people of God; Investors have no more confidence in Nigeria; the agronomic vision has become a mere illusion; Even to take loans for farm become the favour of the rich. As you keep on fighting corruption, many who are around you, are incubating and maturing corruption. Businessmen are confused, because they don’t know what to do as a result of the unstable economy. Some of us may begin to ask! Then why did God choose Buhari at all? God had his reasons. When He chose Saul, He had His reasons, and at a time, He rejected Saul. Yes! That is God for you. Jesus shoes Judas. In His divinity, He chose Judas as an apostle, Judas betrayed Him and Judas office, and another took.
There are many who were working hard. They will try and try but they will fail. Disappointment all over! The message came, that I should tell you,’ don’t give up, try again’! Try again! This time around, the hand of the lord will be with you. I stretch out my hands upon you. In Luke 5, when He told Peter in verse 4, “put down your net again for a catch’’. In verse 5, Peter Said, “I have Labored all night and I caught nothing, but at your word, I will do so”. Peter tried it and fishes of all sizes filled his net. Again in John 21, the apostles were already hopeless. There were discouraged. What more? They wanted to go home because they couldn’t catch any fish. Jesus came after resurrection and asked them,” Do you have any fish”? They said no. He asked them, “Put your net at the right side of the boat”, and they did it. All big fishes started entering. You are going to try again. this time around, no more disappointment. You are going to begin to do well beyond your imagination. And He spoke again in Ezekiel 36:11, He says, “ I will do for you better than I use to”. Whatever good you have been experiencing, God in this year wants to do better for you. If you a businessman, you had one shop like Jabez, He says He is going to expand your coast. You can have more shops; one in Abuja, one in Lagos, three in Onitsha, two in Enugu. It is possible. Coca-cola is a name, Brigade is a name, Mercedes is a name, and Caterpillar is somebody’s name. This year, God is giving you a name. God will give you a name and give you an address. That is why you have to lift up your hands so that you will receive the power. John 1:11 the bible says, “He came to His own but they rejected him”. Verse 12 says, “but unto them that accepted Him, He gave power to become children of God”. Somebody receive power now in Jesus name, Amen. Power to be rich! Deuteronomy 8:17-18says,”when you have eating to your satisfaction, forget you not that it is God who has given you power to be rich”. Take the power! I said, take the power. Take the power to be rich, power the be wealthy and power to be prosperous. Such was the power God gave to Boaz! Such was the power God gave to Salmon! Such was the power God gave to Jesus! Such was the power God gave to David. So I claim Davidic auction here. And the bible continued, unto Solomon in 1 King3, when God gave him wisdom, wealth followed. Somebody here is receiving Solomonic anointing. Anointing for incredible wealth, for the kingdom of God. There are people who are listening now, who never imagined that they are going to be so rich. The power of God is going to do it. Act1:8 says, “you shall receive power when the Holy Ghost comes upon you, then you shall be my disciples”. You may not even think it because Ephesians 3:30 says, “God will do for you more than you can imagine or pray for”. I bless your life. .Whosoever that thought that he/she has been forgotten, this year, God has remembered you. This is your year and I bless you in Jesus name, Amen. You are going to prosper exceedingly. If you are ready, God is ready. Because He said, you people should not ask me how I will do it, for I am the Adonai and Elohim. I am the Eljairee. He says, am I not the one who sent down manner from heaven in Exodus 16; Am I not the one who through prophet Elijah made sure that the Jar of oil never finished; Did I not provide for the widow of Zarephath in the days of Elijah in 1Kings 17; Did I not give Israel water from the rock; and He says,’ I am the Lord, I changeth not’’. So whatever little you had in the past, God is going to multiply.
(Lift up your hands). This is a year of multiplication for you and a year of restoration. The little five loads and two fishes, Jesus multiplied in Mathew 15. After the multiplication, thousands got well-fed. And in verse 30, He healed all of them. This is a year of miracles and testimonies for somebody here. The year may begin so rough and tough, but don’t mind it. God is in the wind. It will not take longer time, there will be stability. All the closed doors of the children of God, the Lord says, ‘’He is coming to open the doors the devil closed and to closed the doors the devil opens’’. So that in Isaiah 45:1 He will open double doors; In Isaiah 22:22, He will open doors for you; In the book of Act12:10, even iron gates, He will open for you; So that in the book of Malachi 13:10, He will open His windows in the heaven and pour blessings for you who are good in doing tithes. And Revelation 3:7-8 says, ‘’If I open nobody can close and If I close nobody can open and I have open a door for you which no one can close again’’. Whosoever will try to close the door against you, plan evil against you, attack you, look at what the bible says in the prophecy what He is going to do to anybody who will joke with your life. In Isaiah49:26, the bible says,’’ I will make those who oppress you to begin to consume themselves ‘’. He says, this year. I will give you special mandate that you will pray and your prayers will be answered. They will begin to eat their own flesh, they will drink their own blood and all flesh will know that I am the lord. And in verse 25 of the same Isaiah 49, He says,’’ yes! Even the captives of the mighty shall be delivered and even the pray of the terrible will be delivered. I will contend with him who contend against you, I will give safety to your children. I will ease them’’.
(Place your hands on your head). Anybody who tries to remove these hair, plan evil against you, whether you know the person or not, even the ones they have done without your knowledge, the message of the year says, I am coming to fight for you, quoting Exodus14:14. And it says in Zechariah 14:12,’’and this shall be the plague with which the Lord will smite the people who have ward against the Jerusalem’’.
Because of this message, I know people will begin another war against Mbaka. Just this morning, it will start. Listen! You better not try it. You don’t even need to challenge the message. It is not mine. Don’t you know that this my voice is now opening? Just because the lord has asked Mr. President to finish his first tenure and step out, you want to fight? It is God who prophesied he will go there and the same God said, after this first tenure, he should step aside. Nobody should begin to attack Fr. Mbaka. If you try it, look at what the bible says will happen to you. In Ezekiel 14:12, this shall be the plague whereby the lord will smite all the people who have ward against Jerusalem and the people of God. Their flesh shall rot away while they are still standing. God will make them to begin to decay while they are still standing, because Nigeria and Nigerians are greater than one Buhari. Their eyes will corrode in their socket. Mr. President is free to continue but this is what the prophecy says for his own good. Those who want to do the attack; their tongue will decay in their mouth. So don’t joke with God, and don’t joke with the prophetic word. So that the message will go deeper, Buhari is not the problem but he caused the problem for himself. He allowed people who pretended to be his friends and brothers meanwhile; they are his enemies and the enemies of the country, to be running the government for him. That is why his government has been cabalized. Cabals took over, hijacked and kidnapped the government.
Look at what the bible says in 2 Chronicles 6:4, ‘’blessed be the lord the God of Israel who has fulfill with his hands what He promised with his mouth. In a prophetic time like this, in Ezra 6:14 when the man prophet Haggai and Zechariah  were prophesying, people were prospering and building. As the prophecy is coming, you are going to prosper, you will build. I say, you will prosper and you will build in Jesus name, Amen. The word of God says in Isaiah 48:6-7, ‘’I will show you specified new things, even hidden things I have kept in reserve’’. Verse 7 says, ‘’ they are created now ‘’. All those new things, all those ones kept in reserve; all those secret ones are called into being by the prophetic word.
(Stretch out your hands).keys that were not there are entering your hands now; the life that was not there, the new life is coming in Jesus name. A new anointing is coming your way now; a now power for holiness is coming to you now. God is packaging a supernatural connection for you. Somebody is coming to you that will help you to achieve what you have been envisioning; what you have been imagining; what you have been dreaming. A helper is coming; he will lead you to that area of success and achievement. There is somebody that is coming, that God is sending, he will lead you to where you will be what you are suppose to become. All those things you want to do, you will go it well. God Himself will send the person. The person is coming. All these things are called into existence by the prophetic word and not long ago, these good things you have been looking for, will come to you. There are good things you have been expecting for a long time, this year; you will get them in Jesus name, Amen.
(Stretch out your hands towards the alter). May these good things come to you this year in Jesus name, Amen. His goodness and mercy shall follow you; Miracles shall follow you; Joy shall follow you; Peace shall be your portion; and Long life and good health shall be your portion. This year, God said I should pray for you like this; may you not die prematurely in Jesus name Amen. Good things that you never imagined should locate you this year. Blessings and miracles, prosperity and favour you never even thought of shall pursue and catch you this year. 1Kings 18:41 says, ‘’I can hear the sound of abundance rain’’. Can you hear it? Any moment from now, the rain of miracles will fall upon you; the rain of righteousness will fall upon you; the rain of prosperity will fall open you; the rain of uncommon success will fall open you; the rain of uncommon healing will fall upon you; the rain of awesome miracles will fall open you in Jesus name, Amen.
Now! Are you dried up? Are you like that stick of Aaron in Numbers17, in the tent of testimony? I am bringing everybody here face to face with the Divine, whereby you become another tent of testimony. The dried up rod was kept there in the night, by morning, it has already grown and become a big tree with ripened Almonds fruits. So many things will happen to you this same night in Jesus name, Amen. This is your year of Almond miracles. This is your year whereby what you thought is already a waste; what you thought have been terribly destroyed or dead, is called back to life. The bible says in Romans4:17, ‘’He calls into existence what does not exist, for He raises the dead’’. He did it last year where so many miracles were recorded where He raised the dead. You could imagine that miracle that happen during the crusade –that man from Mgbowo that the wife brought here, paralyzed and blind. As we were lifting the blessed sacrament up , the power of the Lord flew into his systems and his eyes opened, and he started walking and he walked up to the stage here. He is a miracle worker. He will do more than we can even think and pray for. And in this year in Philippians 4:19, “he will supply all your needs abundantly according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus’’.
Another coverage prayer; (place your hands upon somebody’s head). I key into the power of the blood and seal everybody here and those who are participating in this program, the entire country men and fellow Nigerians, and the people of God world-wide, with the blood of Jesus. I cover you this year, the businesses of our people, even the businesses of our brother Brigade, Oprah Winifred. We cover our footballers, talented people-Messi and Co; Ronado, Suarez, Neymar, Benzema. Our Nigerian team- Iwuobi and Co; Mikel, Moses, Iheanacho. I cover our people, our students, and our professionals. I cover our priests, our bishops, the entire religious, our teachers, our medical doctors, our parents, our children, drivers who will fly on the roads this year, the pilots who will carry Aero planes up and down this year, navigating against the cloud, and our leaders. Can you imagine what it will look like if Mr. President after listening to this message, obeys God and decide to sit up and change, you will see a better Buhari. But the message is simple. So I am sealing everybody, the factories of the people of God, those in the oil sectors, those who are in the offshore, even those in the downstream. People in the solid minerals doing exploration and excavations, taking risk to make ends meet, even when high sea become angry, demonic forces at work in the high waters. People in the oil sector suffer a lot. I cover even the farms of our people in this year with the blood of Jesus. You that is here, and holding your hands upon somebody’s head, be covered with the blood of Jesus.
This is your year of multiplication, miracles and testimonies. You can only understand this when you read 1Corinthians2:9, ‘’eyes has not seen, ears has not heard, either has it enter into the heart of men what God has in stock for His people this year’’ .If you know the kind of blessings God has for people this year, it is stupendous; it is incredible; I said, it is unbelievable. So I cover the beneficiaries with the blood of Jesus. our people in the foreign land, people in Diaspora, be covered with the blood of Jesus.They did not go away because they wanted to go, they travelled out because Nigeria has became an uncomfortable zone. Many are even enslaving themselves outside Nigeria, because our leaders have failed us. They need to apologize to us. A country blessed with all that she needs to be the best country in the whole world: Our weather is the best; our water is the best; and our land is the best for farming. We have human resources- talented children, young men and women. Credible old men and old women, retired people who are not yet tired. Parents will keep on training their children in school and also at home after schooling. And these people will be telling us that they are creating roads. It is just like a priest telling you that he gave you Holy Communion in the church. Is that an achievement? It is your right to receive Holy Communion and for him to hear your confession. So we are yet to have political messiah. We have not seen one yet. And any one that God send, once you mess up, God will frustrate you out. Aso Rock is not anybody’s house. Any time you enter there; know that you will still go out there. The kind of demon that is in that Aso Rock- when you go there, either you loose your wife or you loose your life, or you loose somebody that is dear to you. You must loose somebody. People will promise heaven and earth, and once they enter there, they will forget their promises. If you go to Abuja, you will see one, two, three, four, lanes going up, another one, two, three, four going down. Steady constructions! Where as in the eastern part of Nigeria, only one road that is federal has not be done, Shame! As if to say we are beggars. Why should Abuja be far better than Owerri? There are federal roads in Owerri, federal roads in Enugu. Every state has a federal road. Look at the Niger Delta where the oil is coming from. Travel from Enugu and go to port, you will cry on the way. Move from Enugu and begin to go to Onitsha, they are busy doing one lane for so many years. Why can’t Julius Berger come down here and work? Who is fooling who! God is not happy. Allah is angry. And when Allah is angry, nemesis will begin to hit everybody who is involved. Anybody who is involved, nemesis will hit him. All those who are involved, nemesis will hit them. The assurance God has given is that, His poor people, He will take care of them. He said, I will be your God and you shall be my people. Don’t abandon me because of hardship, that the hardship is man-made, not God-made. But those who are frustrating the poor people, God says, He will frustrate and mess them up. So we cover ourselves with the blood of Jesus. Be covered with the blood of Jesus (touch 20 people and tell them, you cover them with the blood of Jesus)

(Put your two hands in your own head). I lift the power of Exodus 12:7 upon you. He says,’ ‘’every lintel of the house shall be tented with the blood”. Exodus 12:13, says,” When I see the blood, I will pass over you’’. And the bible says in the book of Zachariah 9: 11, ‘’ because of the blood of my covenant, I set your prisoners free’’.1John 1:7 says, “this blood is so precious to save us’’. And the bible says in Acts20:28, “we are purchase with the precious blood of Jesus’’. That is what the bible says in 1Peter 1:18-19,’’ you are rather purchase with the imperishable blood of Jesus Christ’’. This is the blood that I am talking about that will protect you. When you are hidden inside this blood, no demon, no witch, no wizard, no occultic power, and no financial evil can touch you. And if you have committed any sin, I lay hold on the word and I decree and declare Hebrew 9:22, ‘’ for without the shedding of the blood, there is no remission of sin’’. May this blood filter everybody here. Any dirty part of 2017 that is still in you, be washed away now. Be purified in Jesus name, Amen. We lay hold on the word and blessed the name of God in Revelation 12:11 and it says,’’ We have conquered by the blood of the lamb and by the words of our testimonies’’. Blood of the lamb, words of our testimonies! This is the blood mentioned in Mathew 26; 28 and it says,’’ this is the blood of my covenant I shed for you, for the remission of sin, do this in memory of me”. It is in the power of this blood of John 19:34,’’ for blood and water came out from His side’’, that I declare that this blood will cover you this year. Any weapon fashion against you will be back to your sender this year. Any body going to the witch Doctor for your sake, will have problems. Whatever be their intentions, will go back to them. Is a year of back to sender. For in Isaiah 54:17, ‘’no weapon fashion against you in this year shall prosper. Because you are one of those that are waiting on the lord, the bible says, you will renew your strength, in Isaiah 40;31. This is a year of strength renewal. Your spiritual strength will be renewed; physical strength will be renewed; emotional strength will be renewed; financial strength will be renewed; and academic strength will be renewed. In John1:16, Grace upon grace, blessing upon blessing, wealth upon wealth, life upon life, fertility upon fertility, miracles upon miracles, peace upon peace, victory upon victory will be your portion in Jesus name, Amen.

We will enter this year with joy. God will make you greater and greater like David in this year. Isaiah 2:3 says,’’ With joy we shall draw water from the wells of salvation’’. In Isaiah 8:10, the joy of the lord is my strength. Let good things begin to happen to you this year.
Men of God, God is challenging us this year to be more prayer and to be dwelling in His presence. Men of God, return to the presence of God. When others are pursuing money, return to the presence of God, and to the righteousness of God.
Go with us this year as Moses said in Exodus 33:51,’’ I will not go unless your presence goes with me’’. O lord, we need your presence. Be with us O lord through out this year. Because in Mathew 28:20 you promised that you will be with us till the end of life. In Isaiah 7:14, your name is Emmanuel. Emmanuel, be with us. We need your divine presence; we need your healing presence; we need your deliverance presence; we need your breakthrough presence; we need your fertility presence; we need your procreative presence; and we need your Holy presence. Be with us O Lord in the name of Jesus, Amen. I call on the angels of God to be with us through out the year. In Genesis 3:24, may the Cherubim be with us. In the book of Isaiah 63, may Seraphim be with us. In Genesis 28:12, may the angels of ascension and dissension be with us. In Psalm 34:7, may the angels of God encamp around us. In Psalm35:5, may the angel of the lord fight against those who fight against us. In the book of Revelation 12:7, May the Arc Angel Michael be with us, sustain and fight for us. Holy Arch Angel Michael, come and be with us throughout the year. In Luke1, may the Arch Angel Gabriel be with us. In Tobit 8, may the Holy Arch Angel Raphael be with us. In the book of Daniel 6:22, may the angels of God in the den of lions of Daniel be with us. Angels of the Most High God, be with us. In Mathew 28:2, the angels of Resurrection, be with us in this year. Eucharistic angel, we need you. The entire Choirs of heaven we need you. Please be with us in Jesus name, Amen.

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