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By Bernice James

Many Africans are morally strengthed by the words of the oldest president in the world, Robert Mugabe. He is the president of Zimbabwe at the age of 96 and has ruled his country for about 20years. It is clear that the united states of America (U.S.A) under the presidency of a black man, Barrack Obama is by all means trying to push the whole world to accept gay marriage.

It has also become clear that many African countries has by all means refused to succumb to America’s unnatural type of marriage. That is why this strong president of Zimbabwe stated it categorically to U.S.A leader, Barrack Obama,that his country could only adopt Gay Marriage only if  Obama agrees to be his wife. In the same vein a respondent, an Accountant Mr. Ndubisi maintains that he would only support Nigeria to adopt GAY MARRIAGE only if Fr Mbaka, Bishop Onaga or Pope Francis agrees to be his Father’s wife. Wonderful! Another respondent in his own opinion said that homosexuality is milder than gay marriage. In his opinion it is worse to take the hand of a man in marriage than to just have homosexual affairs with a man.

This gay marriage which means a legal union between a man and a man is satanic and confusing to the natural order. The Law of attraction and compatibility does not apply. What then is the essence? According to a political analyst Mr Livinus Ottakagu, gay marriage is santanic. According to him, marriage holds only when one is attracted to another.  He maintained that before a man talks about marrying somebody, there must be something that attracted him .For instance, a man sees a woman and says, this girl’s height trips me, her legs  are straight, her body shape is waaoh, her voice and so on . He is of the view that a man has nothing that can trip another man, especially sexually. A man as God made him looks muscular and not succulent. And that is why the English man takes somethings to be masculine and others feminine. Again, to gain a current, negative jams positive. Therefore, what could attract a man to another, if not evil forces. Another question is, how do they observe their marital responsibilities? What qualifies one to be the wife and the other a husband? If one is the wife, can he take up all the obligations of a wife? On this ground, Mr Lawrence Ndu threw light on how it is done. According to him how the same sex union works is that, “the one that is more financially placed is the person that makes advances. When he now buys up the other, the later plays the feminine role. Amen supernews then inquires, if that is the case, how do they satisfy each other’s ssxual urge? Mr Ndu went on to say that the feminine one forfeits his own urge. His main aim is to satisfy the man that bought him up.

This above explanation tend to explain how it was done in the Rome and Greece where same sex relationship originated. There, those ones that are financially and socially lower are always the ones used. In Rome, older men use young boys and the people highly placed use their slaves. The same happens in Greece where people of lower status use it to make money or even used it to entertain people. This homosexual activities later degenerated to unregistered co- habitation. In this case, two homosexual who may have sort for legal registration of their marriage but failed, co- habit as mates or couples. Unregistered marriage existed in many countries before they enacted the gay marriage law. Now same sex marriage / Co-habitation has become a World debate.

The first legislation of unregistered co- habitation was in Netherland in June 1979. However the first substantial recognition of same sex couples didn’t occur before the introduction of a new legal form, that of registered partnerships which was first enacted in Denmark in June 1989.

Nether land still remains the first to enact same sex marriage in December 2000 and enforced it in 2001. Belgium passed same sex marriage bill in 2003; Spain and Canada, 2005; South- Africa- 2006; Norway and Sweden- 2009; Portugal, Iceland and Argentina- 2010; Denmark 2012; Brazil, France, Uruguay and New Zealand- 2013; United Kingdom- 2014; Luxembourg and United States, 2015. In Ireland, Slovenia, and Finland, the law will take effect from 2015, 2016, 2017 respectively.  As of July 2015, legislation to allow same sex marriage have been proposed, though pending has passed at least one legislation house on a national level in Austria, Australia, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Philipian, Switzerland, Taiwan and Venezuela. Gay marriage has become an issue of world concern since America adopted it. Why has it become a so much issue in Africa countries especially Nigeria. It has become a condition for or prerequisite to obtaining favor from the world power,USA. For instance, in August 2014, ebola Nigeria was attacked by a deadly disease dreaded worldwide, Nigeria at that most dangerous point ran to America, but America turned them down.

What was Nigeria’s offence? Instead of assisting Nigeria combat Ebola, America went ahead to other Africa countries with lesser risk either to prevent Ebola or to test their drugs which Nigeria has begged them to test in their land. Again Boko Haram menace has turned Nigeria to a land where insecurity has made the citizens lose confidence in their government. Our army is made helpless in the face of this terrorist, yet under this dehumanizing state, America turned us down. America tried their best to frustrate Nigeria’s effort to get international help. That is why in the mind of some Nigerians, America has hand in Nigeria terrorist menace with a view of bringing Nigerians on their knees to accept the only condition presented to them which is adopting gay marriage.

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