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As Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria prepares for its annual Crusade which has been  slated from Thursday 18th to Sunday 21st December 2014, the Spiritual Director of the ministry , Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka  on  3rd day of December 2014  during the Wednesday Miracle Hour Program of the Ministry (E No Dey Again) prepares the minds of adorers for the onslaught ahead of the Crusade and  issues  commands in  his ministrations captioned “ Go and conquer”, Excerpts“I command and mandate you child of God to go and conquer.  Whatever that has been conquering you, the Holy Spirit wants you to bounce back, go and conquer. It is a mandate, it is not like asking you whether you can go, or whether you have the ability to go,or whether it is possible for you to go or whether you are willing to go. No, it is a supernatural mandamus, it is a command of a type, it has a supernatural legal background, the ontology is from above.   The Lord says in Gen 1:28, Go increase and multiply and conquer the earth and have dominion. Today we are picking that portion , conquer. Many of us are multiplying but not conquering, the lord wants you to go and conquer. The Lord says ‘Go and conquer’. It is the will of the Messiah for you to go and conquer. Begin to conquer, take the unction for you to conquer, this is the time for you to conquer, go and conquer.  You and your wives go and conquer. You will never forget this message because it is injecting inside your innermost nucleus and carrying out an inoculation now in your innermost personality.  The Lord is pumping inside you what will give you the power to conquer. So go and conquer.

Probably they might have been conquering you in the past and you don’t know what to do again. You are about throwing the towel, giving up or getting tired, worn out and fagged out when this word of the Holy Ghost bounces on your life encouraging you to go and conquer.  It is a voice or encouragement. In John 14:26, the Bible says “I will give you another comforter”. This is a comforting word from the domain of the Holy Ghost, encouraging you to go and conquer whatever that might be, be it small or big, no matter how long no matter how wide, no matter how deep or shallow, no matter how far or near, go and conquer them. Whether the forces are physical or spiritual;, whether they are psychological, ecological, cultural, traditional, intercultural or intertraditional, generational, intergenerational, the mandamus says  go and conquer. Don’t leave any unconquered; you must conquer in Jesus name. When I tell you go and Conquer respond thus “I must conquer in Jesus name.”

Go and conquer, go and win, go and pull down all these satanic powers that are causing you tears and misery; the power of darkness that will not allow you to rest, Go and conquer them.

The Heaven is giving you this power to Conquer today, I tell you to go and conquer.  Go, increase, multiply, and conquer the earth. It is the mind of God, the creator of heaven and earth that we shall be conquerors. Therefore, if there is any child of God that is being unhealthily dominated, Satanically being won or being trampled under the feet, today we sing the Messianic item of Psalm 110:1 that my Lord said to my Lord to sit at His right hand until I put all your enemies under your footstool.  There in the King palace, the feet of the king does not touch the ground when he is sitting on his throne, there is a stool kept on the ground for the King to keep his feet that is called the footstool. It is on this footstool that God says  he will put all your enemies. They have nothing to do with your feet even, their place is under your footstool. Whether they are wicked men, or death or whatever, it is under your footstool that they will be.

God has plans for you. One of his plans for you is to have dominion and conquer what might have been conquering you. Today we gather all the forces of darkness, whatever might be their nomenclature; any one we mention should call the name of it fellow, because we don’t know all their names.  If I mention the spirit of Barrenness, Death or Wretchedness, let them call on their fellows, we are gathering them together  in Jesus name. you are being giving the power of Victory today, take it in Jesus name. Go and conquer them in Jesus name. If they have been defeating you, now go and conquer them in Jesus name. All those things you have been running away from shall start to run away from you now in Jesus name. Whatever you have been afraid of shall begin to be afraid of you.  Before now you used to be scared when you see them, but from henceforth, they shall be scared when they see you.  Before now when they talk about them you heart will skip, but from today henceforth when they hear you being talked about, their hearts will skip, they shall be fear stricken and panic stricken in Jesus name. This is our prayer today in Jesus name.

We inject inside your inner thalamus, veins, nerves, your entire neurological organs,  limbic systems, , your entire homohexonal systems the power to conquer them. Even in your medulla and inner sub consciousness, you a have the operational supernatural vital force to go and conquer and have dorminion over them for we pray in the name of JESUS.


Father Lord, bless your sons and daughters, Adonai, El-Jireh God,the hour has come again. Father remember your words in John 17:1, the hour has come glorify your son that your son will glorify thee. I pray for your children reading this now father, the hour has come, glorify Your Name in their lives so that they will glorify you. Bless them Oh Lord so that they will bless you, edify them so that they will edify you, give the victory oh Lord so that they will praise you because you are God forever and ever.

I lift my hands upon your various families, and provoke the power of conquering, whatever used to conquer this family be conquered now in Jesus name.  Whether the power of darkness at work against this family comes in form of a bird, totemic occultic objects, witches or wizards in one form or the other, whether they come in to the family surreptitiously or boldly or by walking or sneaking, we launch the Holy Ghost fire against them now, Holy Ghost Fire! Now begin to release the Holy Ghost fire on them.

Warm up for battle and Victory, warn up to conquer, Soldiers of Christ, now is the time of fight of  faith, lift up your hands  and begin to pray against them now in your families, in your offices and work places, in your going out and coming back, where you are building, when you are sleeping and when you are traveling. The Battle is of the Lord, it’s the Battle of the Angels, Go and Conquer, take the power to conquer. Now is the moment of Prayer fight and prayer war. , Go and conquer my people by the power of the Holy Ghost. Under the anointing of the Holy Ghost, go and conquer. Conquer form the South to the West and from East to the West, Omni-directional conquering.  What is that fighting against you? Is it mermaid spirit? You tied you up this way? The person responsible for your miseries is caught up now. Who are they that  hide in your family and have been eaten up lives in your family? They  are caught up now. Who tied up this your womb? He is caught up now; the war has broken up, and launch the Holy Ghost missiles on them with the Holy Ghost fire!

In Joshua 8, a time came in history when the people of Israel with Joshua as their war leader went for a battle that was horrific and sorrowful. The Israelite went to Ai , the smallest city around and to their greatest dismay; the people of Ai conquered them.  That was the first time in the history of the Israeli-Ai battle. The Israelites came back in Sorrow and tears.  Joshua tore his priestly and prophetic garments and told God that he was filled with shame and defeat.  How can the land of Ai conquer Israel? God told him to wipe his tears, you will go back to that battle and this time, the People of Ai will not defeat you, and you shall conjurer.

Likewise this message is locating you in your shameful situations, those who do not know God have been defeating you, you have cried before God and used prayer and fasting to render yourself nude before God,  through your total basement of yourself and ego you have humbles yourself.  Now God has commanded you to go back and Conquer this Time around.


Then the Israelites re- gathered themselves, wiped off their tears, re-prepared and wanted to try again.  You are going to try again, and this time around those who used to conquer you God will conquer them for you because the bible says in 1Sam 17:47, David shouted ‘This battle is of the Lord.’  This battle you are about to enter is not your battle, if you fight it on your own you will be defeated. If your family uses the influence of money and go to this battle they will be conquered. If you embark on this battle because you gave birth to young men, those young men will be killed. If it is you young women you embarked on this war with, they will be made miserable, but if it is the Battle of God, and that of the Holy Spirit and Angels, you will see how victory will come to you.   Just make your battle God’s own battle and you will see victory come to you.  Now raise your hands and tell God “Lord this battle is your battle, fight my battle, do the war for me for apart from you I can do nothing. I lift my hands to you God in total surrender ,   I lift all my hands to you, you are my power, you the secret of my victory, conquer them for me once more and be glorified in the name of JESUS”

I wave my hand of victory for God. Oh God, be glorified, King of Glory be glorified, I  stand in Jer 51:20 and make you Child of God another Cyrus of Persia to conquer Babylon. You are going to conquer  and the Lords says “You are my battle axe, the weapon of war for with you  I break nations into pieces with you I destroy Kingdom” In verse 21 of Jer 51, God says “with you  I break in pieces the Chariots and the Charioteers”. In Jer 51:22 “With you I break in pieces both man and woman ”, It doesn’t matter if they are mama iwota, ikoro iwota, papa iwota , agbogo iwota, nwata iwota, or Old man in any cult, be it Ogboni or the cult that is not known,  God says He  will use you to break and destroy them into pieces. So Go and conquer.  God says He will break them in pieces, their hands, heads, neck, legs and eyes shall be dismembered and scattered apart.

In Verse 23 of Jer 51 “with you I break in Pieces the Shepherds and the flocks”.  The heaven shall through you scatter those that are taking counsel against you because you have a mighty God who is in heaven, the author of heaven and earth, with his only begotten son JESUS and by the authority and supremacy of His Holy Spirit, you must go and conquer. No more barriers, God has given you this command, if you believe this rise up and praise the Lord.

The last verse of Jer 51:23 says “With you, I break in pieces Governors and Commanders”. God has commenced a crushing and powderizing process with you. Your enemies will be crushed and powderized like snuff by God. The Heaven shall fight for you. By the authority of the word of God, I minister the power to conquer upon you, receive the power now in Jesus name.  May the name of the Lord be blessed in your lives, in your families, in your destinies, in your projects, in your marriages, in your vocation and in all your lives, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen.

You are God’s own winners, why you are going to conquer them is because in 1st Jn 4:4 he says “Little Children fear not, you are of God, you have conquered them for greater is he who is of the world.” The One in you is greater, the devil and the wicked ones are boasting in vain, you have someone greater than them. If the one in you is greater than the one in the world, you should get reader to conquer.  When the Bible says in Romans 8:37, “In all these you are more than conquerors”. The type of conquering you are going to achieve is on the superlative, the Bible didn’t say you are a conquer, the Bible says, you are more than conquerors. In Jesus, you are indomitable, the enemies cannot win you.

I bless you Child of God that is perplexed with fear. Like the Israelis of the old, you are going back to launch a victorious attack on Ai’s that are facing your  lives. How can those that have no regard for God be wining you? It is somehow.

The evil spirits will think that you are the one going to battle with them and they will come out as they used to come, but shall meet the Great indomitable Warrior,  Great Wind that has no limit. If they can catch the wind, let them do so and show me, you are going to conquer. I claim victory for you because in 1st Cor 15:57, the Bible says “Thanks be to God who has given us victory in Christ Jesus”. The Bible didn’t say who will give us victory but rather it says ‘who has given us victory’. That victory is in your hand now. This time after all their charms, the heaven will ring a bell. In 2nd Chr 20, there was time Jehoshaphat was ringing a bell as kingdoms and enemies were advancing against the Israelites, by the end of the music, none of the enemies was standings up. The same is going to happen in our various families and in our own conditions.


I don’t know who has kept you in this condition, whether the condition is humanly or spiritually imposed or that the condition came on its own, whether the condition is merited or inherited, the power of God is going to invade the armories of the devil and any moment from now God will fight for you as he says is in Exodus 14:14. When God says he will fight for you, what it means is for you to sit back and  watch. You are going to be a spectator. It wouldn’t concern you how the victory will come by, you wouldn’t even know how it will happen, but it will happen somehow.

Those who have sworn that you will never be at rest, it is high time the termites ate them, they will be like a soured pap.

When the Israelites laid ambush, the people of Ai came out again like before and pursued the Israelites, the Israelites retreated and the people of Ai thought that the Israelites are fleeing from them. This time around, as the enemies are attacking you and you are forgiving them and asking God to have mercy on them, they would think they are prevailing against you, they wouldn’t know that what you are doing is what is expressed in  the Igbou  aphorism “Ebule laa azu, O bia ogu” .  Your retreating is to connect yourself to the supernatural power and with it you are going to bounce back and the Egyptians you see today, you shall see no more.


The People of Ai, didn’t know how it happened, because, while the Israelite retreated, and the Ai pursued them, the Israelites’ that laid ambush   came out.  When you are about to embark on this type of war, some Children of God must lay ambush in prayers, some have to go to the bush, some have to go into the Chapel, some have to climb the mountain. They have to launch attacks from there and you must be victorious in the Battle.  The wind will carry all our enemies, miscarriages, death, sicknesses, setbacks, etc, God will fight this battle.

And the Israelites’ started sing praises to God and the people of Ai were set ablaze. May all that represent the Ai in your life be set ablaze now in the Holy Ghost Fire! Wherever their armories are, we launch the Holy Ghost Fire there. It is God that is fighting for you.

It so happened in Ex 17, Moses, Aaron and Hur went up to the mountain and lifted up their hands, and with their uplifting of hands the Israelites conquered the Amalekites.  You too go and conquer now.

In Deut 1:30 , He will fight our battle for us. In Exodus 23:22 ,He will be a friend to our friends and enemy to our enemies. Children of God go and conquer.  In Is 54:15, even though they shall surely gather against you, God will scatter them and destroy them because of you. In Is 54:17, No weapon fashioned against you shall prosper.  I bless your feet as feet of victor. In Joshua 1:3, wherever your feet shall thread shall become God’s own. Go and conquer. You are a winner today, and unconquerable. Go and conquer like David. , Conquer every Goliath like David. Go and conquer every Herod like the Apostles in Acts 12. With prayer pray down every Herod. Like Meshach, Shedrack and Abednego, conquers Nebuchadnezzar, conquer fire.  Conquer the den of lions like Daniel, in the name of Jesus.  I stand in Zeph 3:20 and decree that all the rope that was used to tie you up shall be loosed and those who tied up shall be tied up with it. We stand in Jer 31:13 and tell you to cry no more for them, your tears will turn to cheers and your sorrow will turn to joy. I lift my hands up to God against all the forces of darkness against you. Go and conquer them since God says that they shall stand up and decay even in  their eyes and tongues as  in Zech 14:12.  In Is 49:26, they shall smite themselves and drink their own blood in Jesus name.  In Is 14:2, your captors are going to become your captives.

We are praying God into the battle front, as you sing for Him, dance for Him and Worship him. The heaven blesses your life today and call you a conqueror in Jesus name.  From today on wards continue to conquer and your enemies shall be put to shame in Jesus name. Amen.

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