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AMEN Super News has observed that the messages of the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu, Nigeria have taken a new supernatural dimension punctuated with unpredictable release of spiritual terminologies, language interpretation and uncommon miracles since after his victorious vindication over the 31st night message. Just as the numbers of worshipers continue to swell in miraculous alarming measure. On the first adoration vigil programme for this month held on 1st May 2015, he delivered message he entitled, “God forbid” wherein he raised a hundred-point prayer agenda of what God should prohibit in the lives of the Children of God. This message was by our reckoning his longest message in recent time. It was a message that lasted from the mid night to midmorning of the next day. Here are the excerpts of the message:
In the efficacy and validity of this word. In the orthodoxy of this word. In the spiritual impact of this word. 1st Sam 14:45, the story of how Jonathan was to be killed.
Jonathan led the battle that brought victory for the Israelites. But there was a commandment from Saul, that no one shall taste anything until such a time; there was` a quasi fasting. Whoever tastes anything before the time will be killed. By the time the law was given, Jonathan was not there. He was the leader of the army of Israel. Jonathan and his men were hungry and when they saw the honeycomb, Jonathan and his men rushed in victory to leak the homey. As they were leaking it, the message came that anyone who tasted anything would be killed. Jonathan had tasted the honey, so he was to be killed.
But Jonathan was the war Champion. He was not aware of the command that anyone that tasted anything will be put to death. The situation is akin to where Real Madrid finished playing football and it was said that Ronaldo will be killed or where Bacca is emerging from a triumphant football match and Messi’ was demanded to be killed.
Then the whole army of God gathered together and said, even though, Jonathan has violated this law shall we allow him to die? No. In 1st Samuel 14: 41-44, the word of God said that the people of Israel gathered in one accord and Saul said, “Cast lot between me and my son Jonathan, and Jonathan was taken. Saul asked him; tell me what you have done? And Jonathan said I tasted a little honey with the end of the rod that was in my hand and behold I must die. And Saul told him, may God do so and so also for you shall surely die, Jonathan.” But in 1st Sam 14:45, the people said to Saul, shall Jonathan who has brought this great deliverance to us die? ‘No’ (chorus). I ask you child of God, shall your own Jonathan die? No. You are the Jonathan, shall you die? No. Lifts up your hand and decree, “My Jonathan shall not die.” In 1st Samuel 14:45b the people said, God Forbid. In Igbo it is expressed with the word Tufiakwa. Hausa people would say “Allah kiyaye.” Yoruba would say “Olorun maje,” As the Lord leave there shall not one hair of Jonathan’s head perish for he has brought this great deliverance to us this day’. So the people rescued Jonathan and he did not die. Praise the living God.
We lift our hands up for you and pray that you too will be rescued from all the plans against you. We raise the word of God up and shout, God forbid! I say God forbid. Shout it seven times.
I did my best to locate one hundred point where we will locate this shout of prayer of ‘God forbid.’ I call it 100 prayer agenda of ‘God forbid.’


In Gen 8 and 9 as the flood came down to mess up the whole people, one family was not destroyed by the flood, the family of Noah. You are like the family of Noah, any flood that will come to destroy you I lift my hand and say ‘God forbid!’ God forbid that any flood can destroy you. Flood cannot destroy you, child of God and your family. To all the flood of the devil that has come upon you or about to come upon you, I say God forbid. It is only God that can forbid it and it is forbidden. If man should forbid, some forces do not obey man. If it is Satan forbid, Satan is not omnipotent and Satan is the originator of disasters. So I say God forbid.


In Gen 2 and 3, it was the case of Paradise lost. Satan visited Adam and Eve and they lost Paradise. Over you, you are in a Paradise, there is an opportunity God has put you in, family God has located you in, a new office or business or an endeavour and the devil is skimming and plotting on how to remove you out of the paradise. What do you say? God Forbid! Shout it with authority


In Exodus chapter 9 when there was Catastrophe and epidemic in the Land of Egypt. There was only one place it didn’t touch i.e. Goshen. In Exodus 9:26 the plague in the land of Egypt did not come near the camp of the Israelites. They were in the same land of Egypt with the Egyptians but the heaven put a boundary between the Israelites and the Egyptians such that each time the plague wanted to enter the camp of Israelites, Heaven will shout ‘God Forbid.’ So the people of Israel in Goshen, land of Egypt did not experience any of the plague, not even the flies entered there; no locust entered there, not even the odour from the Land of Egpt could penetrate the boundaries of Goshen. In your case, Plagues will be elsewhere, but in your own camp I say God, forbid.


In Judges 16, there are Samson in our midst. Those who wear their natural hairs perform mighty deeds. In Judges 16:19, Samson’s hairs were shaved. Who is that person that they want to shave clean the hairs of his greatness, hairs of prophetic powers, and hairs of success? Are you the one? When some say that your hairs of greatness should be shaved, all you shall say is ‘God forbid.’ In the name of Jesus, we cover all your hairs and decree that it shall not be shaved in Jesus name, Amen. I pray for divine protection that God will keep our consecration protected and Nazareth vows. We pray that the power of God will shield us from every Delilah, manipulator and every seducing demon in the name of Jesus. Amen.


Who among you do they want to kill? Who among you does his father want to kill? Who among you does his father want to use for a ritual? God told Abraham, sacrifice your only son Isaac. Abraham did not say no. In Gen 22:5, Abraham said, “I and my son Isaac will go hither to sacrifice and after we shall come back. The moment Abraham lifted up his hand to slaughter Isaac; I know that Isaac must be surprised at what was going on. He had asked his father where is the Lamb in verse 8 and Abraham answered him that God will provide. Now when Isaac was bound to be killed, can you hear the voice from the Spirit shouting ‘God forbid.’ And the hand of Abraham hung on the air. Isaac was freed alive. That hand that was raised up to kill you shall not come down. God forbid.


You, child of God whose womb is tied, in Exodus 26:26, the Bible says that no woman in the land shall be barren and non shall be found that miscarries. When someone tells you that you will not give birth to babies in your husband’s house, tell him ‘God forbid.’ You that her husband is about marrying another wife because of your inability to bear Children, God forbid. Whatever that will cause you to be barren, I say God forbid. God forbid what will make your pregnancy to miscarry.


There are those that God anointed at childhood. When you were baptized, you were anointed with the oil of Chrism. It is from that oil that you were anointed a prophet, a king and a priest. In 1st Sam 16, David was anointed with this oil by Samuel. Once upon a time, there was a Goliath who came to challenge the People of Israel. Under that anointing, David said I will go and confront him. Goliath emerged to kill David but I knew the heavens said God forbid. That Goliath will never kill David. I give you the David anointing today and decree, ‘God forbid’ that any Goliath can kill you. In 1st Sam 17:47, before we knew it, David shouted this battle is of the Lord, and his stone brought down the valiant war leader of Philistines, Goliath. He fell down and died. That is the way your own Goliath shall be falling for you. God forbid that you shall fall for any Goliath. If any person calls him Goliath and comes to attack you, the person should wait and see disaster. The power of God in you will do that person yeye.


In Gen 22:27, the eldest in the family was Esau. But before Esau could return, his brother Jacob took his blessings. Shall your brother take away your birth right? Can any human steal your blessings? What do you say? ‘God forbid.’ Your blessing must come to you.


God forbid that you will not see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. When any man or woman says that you will not see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living, what do you say? ‘God forbid.’ In Psalm 13, David said what would have happened to me had I not believed that I will see the Goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. You are going to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living not another land of the dead. ‘God forbid,’ whatever that will stop you from seeing this goodness of the Lord. In Deut 30:5 the Lord says that he will multiply you and show you his goodness more than he did to your ancestors. Whatever that will stop your portion of the lords’ goodness from being greater than that of your ancestors, God forbid. Receive this word; you are counted among the blessed.


Ez 22:30, God said that he has the work to see that someone will be standing by the gap for you but found none. God forbid that non shall be found who will stand by the gap for you in your family, ministry, and our country Nigeria. If there is no body standing by the gap disaster will happen. God forbid. I pray that God will raise men that will stand by the gap and women that will stand by the gap. Do you know that you can stand by the gap for your own family? Receive the grace to be the child of God that stands by the gap in Jesus Holy name.


We move to the red sea encounter in Exodus 14. : Any child of God that has not passed through a red sea experience has not started. There will be a time in your life it will appear that you will cross the Rubicon. It will be like you are crossing the red sea. But the sea shall not drawn you. God forbid. You must pass through the red sea. God forbid that the red sea can swallow you. The red sea shall see you and surrender, when you have passed through, it will continue to be the red sea. Bad conditions shall see you and prostrate, that you shall match upon it and pass through. Where others cannot enter and come out you shall enter and come out. Crocodile and everything in the sea shall see you and salute you because you are special. We write upon your head now as it was written on the head of Jonathan, ‘God forbid.’


I take you to Philippians 4:19 where it is written, “My God will supply all your need abundantly according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus”- Divine supply. Many People here are living in lack. I pray that God shall forbid that you shall continue to live in lack. Instead my God will supply all your needs abundantly according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. That name Jesus is above all other names and at the mention of it, all knees must bow.


Listen, prosperity creates enmity. When you become prosperous you will start to have enemies. But it shall be well with you. God can handle your enemies. The same God who blesses you and made you prosperous can handle your enemies. Enemies of progress will not only weep but blood will come out from their eyes very soon. Very soon they will begin to have a meeting against you and begin to plan on how to destroy you. God forbid that meeting. In Is 7:7, the Bible says that the Plans of the wicked shall not stand and none of their purposes shall come to pass. That is why 1saiah 54:15 says that they shall surely gather but because they are not of me they shall be scattered. I stand in Psalm 68:1 and decree let God arise and let his enemies be scattered. In Isaiah 54:17, No weapon fashioned against you shall prosper. At this point I say, God forbid that any weapon fashioned against you shall prosper. No matter the weapon, whether physical, or occultic, or diabolic or satanic, it shall not prevail against you and against your vocation. I say God forbid.


We stand in Gen 37 to 45 and say God forbid. When the brothers of Joseph noticed that he had a star and that he is born to be great, they began; the poverty and wretchedness is not in his DNA Molecule, and they started planning on how to destroy him. God forbid that your own bothers should plan to kill you. God forbid that those who should save you will be part of your destruction. After their meeting, when Joseph went to see how his brothers were faring, he never came home again; they took him, removed his dress and threw him inside the pit thinking he would die. But God forbid that Joseph should die inside the pit. You are another Joseph. The Joseph I am talking about is you. You son of God that is the Joseph, I don’t know where they may have cast you, I can see you coming out of that pit alive. They sold Joseph into slavery but where they sold him off to, he had favour there. He was blackmailed, falsely accused .God forbid that Joseph should die out of false accusation. He moved from pit to slavery and from slavery to the prison. Destiny, everyone has his own destiny. I bless your destiny. God forbid that you shall die in your journey of destiny. You are going to see that there will be a green light at the end of this Journey. God forbid that you will die in the pit. God forbid that you will die in the place of slavery and God forbid that you will die in the prison yard. Afterwards the King had a dream, Joseph was brought out, and that was the beginning of another end and the end of another beginning. He was shaved and his dress changed and he moved to the palace. Out of this miracle that is coming upon you, you are going change your wardrobe. I don’t know how it will happen but I say God forbid that this sorrowful time will be the end of your story. No I can see a best moment coming. You are the Joseph or Josephine, you are coming out alive. If this condition will not give God glory, you will not die in it.


God forbid that you should die in the basket. In Exodus 2, Moses was found in the basket. He didn’t die in the basket. He was brought out of the basket. I do not know the bad condition you may find yourself in, God forbid that you shall die in it. In Psalm 81:6 He says, “I have removed your hand from the basket,” you that are living inside the basket, God is bringing you out. God forbid that your life shall end in the basket. I command you now to come out from the basket. Come out from any grave experience. Living in the basket is not a good thing. It is a mark of leaking blessings and wretchedness. Come out of the basket now in Jesus name. When you would have come out from the basket, don’t forget the Lord your God.


God forbid the spirit of death. Nobody is praying that death should come to him or her. God forbid that you should die prematurely. God forbid the attack of any demon of death in your life. God forbid the machinations of any agent of death over your destiny or vocation. We stand in Luke 7 where Jesus raised the dead son of a widow of Nain; in Mark 5 where the daughter of Jairus was raised by Jesus shouting Talita cumi, in John 11 where Jesus heard the news of the death of Lazarus and wept in verse 35 and in verse 43 he said, Lazarus come out! And He says in verse 44, unbind this man and let him go. Jesus never smiles whenever he was confronted with death situations. He would do something to make the dead to rise because in John 10:10, Jesus the he had come that we may have life and have it more abundantly. Ephesians 2:1 and Eph 2:5 confirmed it, that though we were dead in trespasses he gave us life. That why the Bible says in John 14:19, because Jesus lives, we shall live. We are talking about the life of Christ in Col 3:4 where the Bible says that our life is Christ. We are now asking for life upon life. God forbid that you shall die without fulfilling the purpose of your existence. I say God forbid. We come against this power of death, you Child of God that death is following about. In Rev 12; a dragon came to destroy the woman and the Child. That dragon was the symbol of death. I say God forbid. When Michael the Arch Angel saw this in Rev 12:7, he said God forbid; he came down to fight the dragon with the Sword. It was like a coup. Michael the Arch Angel staged a coup. I invite the Holy Michael in your situation and Condition. God forbid that the dragon can destroy that woman that is pregnant or carrying a child. Where is that dragon that is following you about? God forbid.


God forbid that you should die of Hunger. Hunger will not know the address where you are living. Wretchedness will not know your address. I anchor this God forbid in the following verses: (1st King 18:41-42) because I can hear the sound of abundance of things coming. Very soon you will begin to live in divine buoyancy, greatness and abundance . In John 6:35, he says whoever comes to me shall never hunger and whoever believes in me shall not be thirsty. You will not die of hunger. Sometime in 1st Kings 17, Elijah was hungry; there was famine in the whole city because he prayed that it shall not rain. There was drought for about three years and people were dying of hunger. This same Elijah who declared the prophesy of the drought went and hide at a cave. When he became hungry the heavens said God forbid. A prophet cannot die of hunger. God sent a bird (raven) to bring food to Elijah. Elijah was being looked for everywhere, but it was the time for him to ea; the bird would bring food to him. God he El-Jireh, the provider shall not allow you to die of hunger. Go and write it down, you cannot die of hunger. God forbid that hunger and famine. In Job 5:22, the Bible says that even in times of famine and destruction, you will be laughing because as I said, it is not your portion. God forbid. How can you die of hunger? Your needs have not been exhausted and can never be exhausted in the Lord’s barn. Psalm 23:1 said that God is my shepherd and I shall not want. Have you not gone through Amos 9:11- 13 where he says I will return and rebuild the fallen walls of my ancestor David, I will ensure that your farms and barns are filled with good things. Tell whoever says that your farm and barns shall be empty ‘God forbid.’ You are going to begin to cancel any negative word someone says against you. Don’t keep quite. Be outspoken, stand up and say God forbid. The People of Israel said it and Jonathan was saved, you will say it and you will be saved. Stand your ground and shout God forbid. Somebody is threatening your job or position and you are quite. God is waiting to hear you say something. Remember in Numbers 14:28 the Bible says, “Whatever I hear you say to my hearing be sure I will do it for you”. In Job 13:19 job said,”If I keep my mouth silent I will perish.” When they say anything you don’t approve of before, stand your ground and say God forbid. You can even say God Forbid, Jesus forbid, Holy Ghost forbid. It will not happen, I reject it. I Lift my head upon you and renounce every bad word spoken against you as I say God forbid.


The Assyrians threatened to kill all the Israelites and their armies came to attack the Israelites. A message came from a prophet that these armies from the Assyrian camp will never enter this city. The word is never. God forbid that they will enter this city. They were camping very close to where the Israelites were living such that any moment they will enter the city and kill all the Israelites. How will they not enter the City? The prophesy has said it, that they will never enter the city. Many of the enemies that are left to work against you cannot enter your house. God forbid they will enter that family. In the middle of the night, God sent one angel who preformed mirabli dei, the whole armies of the Assyrians where slain. Your enemies will never enter your camp. Two Assyrians that ran away were the sons of the King. In Isaiah 37:38, they led their father in the temple of their god and they used their sword to slay their father, the King. I lift my hand of prayer upon you and pray for protection upon you. I pray for grace upon you, I don’t know how God will do it but I know he is going to do it.


I say God forbid that you shall be used and dumped. Uso ejeta is an Italian language meaning ‘use and dump.’ God forbid that someone will use you and dump you. You are good as friend but not good for marriage. Upon the spirit of uso ejeta we say God forbid. In the Book of Esther 6:3 , the man called Mordecai has not been rewarded. He was used and dumped. When they wanted to kill the President, it was Mordecai who revealed and gave the secret of the murderers; he saved the life of the president. After he was used, he was dumped. Nobody rewarded him, no body remembered him. Is there any good deed you showered on someone and you have not been rewarded for it? God forbid that you will be uso ejeta. No more use and dump. You cannot be used and dumped. Because Mordecai has not been rewarded, the King will stop sleeping. Sleep will desert the eyes of that man or woman holding your blessing from now henceforth. He or she will not sleep again until you are settled. He or she will continue to think about you. When he closes his eyes, he will see you in his dreams and when he opens his eyes, he will see you in vision. Tem to Jesus.

We are tapping down the power of God as I urge you to remain in the Word of God. God forbid that a Child of God shall be ignorant of the word of God. God forbid. Hosea 4:6 says, my people perish because they lack knowledge. God forbid because in Jere 23:29, the word of God is like fire and the Hammer that shatters rocks into pieces. In Roman 1:16, the Bible says, I am not ashamed of the gospel for it is the power of God. That word was at the beginning and the Word was with God and the Word was God, nothing was made that was not made through him for all came to be through him and in him is life and the life is the light of God, the light no darkness can overcome says John 1:1-3. In verse 14 of John 1 it says that this word took flesh and dwelt among us. You are to know this word. In Rev 19:13 ff, the Bible says and written in the vision of his lap is the word of God. I bless the Word of God upon your life. in Psalm 29:8 it is the word that shook the Wilderness and renders the forest of Kadesh bare. It says that word of God is powerful. God forbid that you shall not know the word of God. In Mark 4, after the sower had sown the word, the devil will come to take away the word. Today, I bless you into the word of God and consecrate you into the word of God. We pray for hunger for the word of God. You cannot do without the word again. Let the hunger for this word come upon you as the antelope thirsts for water. Henceforth develop that hunger, let the hunger for the word come upon you in Jesus name. Amen.

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