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As the wind of change provoked by the 2015 New Year message of the Spiritual Director Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria, Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka blows across the nation with the fulfilment of his prophesy of Change in the Nigeria’s political organogram, AMEN SuperNews recounts the troubles the children of God had to pass through in wait for God’s manifestation of his Words. Rev Fr Mbaka’s message at such turbulent moments is apposite at this point time. Excepts

“There is someone that God is going to answer his prayers today. Call God , “He who answers me”.
Psalm 34:6 is your memory verse. Upon this verse, miracles will happen in your life , upon this verse, wonders will not stop happening in your life in Jesus Name, Amen. Within the nucleus of this verse, all your troubles are going to be in trouble. God is going to do yeye to all your problems. As God is using karate on them, He will use judo against them at the same time. I mean your troubles will begin to have troubles, that is our message for you at this point.
I don’t know the trouble you are having now, but the Lord whom I worship is above that your problems. My good God in whom I boast of, is above your troubles. It shall be well with you. How it will happen will be a thing of story. Within the context of this message now and by the power of the Holy Spirit, you are going to experience a new program of goodness and mercy miracles, signs, prosperity, joy and total victory following you all the days of your life.

Within the context of this miracle, you shall dwell in the House of God every day. You shall become a temple child. Tell God, “I am your Temple Child”. There are temple children. For instance, people like Simeon and Hannah who are always in the temple. People like Samuel of the old are temple people. People like Moses and Aaron are temple people. In the apogee of the ladder of the consideration of these temple people, you see Jesus at the top of the pyramid of the temple personality so that every day, David’s prayer is “that I may dwell in the House of the Lord forever and ever”.

A particular Hebrew text, explained Psalm 23: 6 as “It is for sure that God’s goodness and mercy shall pursue me until they hunt me down”. Goodness and mercy of God shall hunt you down the way the hunters hunt down an animal. Goodness and mercy shall put a stud at your way and you shall fall on top of blessings. It shall be very well for you. If any human hand is holding your blessings, God knows what to do with that hand. The hand shall have a problem after which your blessing shall locate you. Let that hand let go your blessing it is holding.
If they used their legs to match down your blessings, that leg will have a problem. Be it Prince of Persia, demons or evil spirit , witches and wizards that are holding and kidnapping your blessings, the time of release is now. Be released from captivity and bondages now. Amen.
The Psalm we are dealing with, Psalm 34:6 says, “This poor man cried and the Lord heard him,” some Bible version says “this poor man called.” I don’t know if you are reading this is the poor man that is crying? If you are sick, then you are poor out your sickness. You are poor that which you do not have. If you are an unintelligent student, you are poor in the classroom. In fact, there are areas where you and I are poor. In different ways, we are participating in this level of being poor. So you are the one the Bible is referring to “this poor man” or woman. This poor man / woman called and the Lord heard him or her. The Bible didn’t say “the Lord will hear him”, what it says is that the Lord heard him. In Igbo translation we say Chizaram. That shall be the name of the child of one of the barren women reading this. You that they are attacking to stop you from building a house, I see where the building of house is finished and at the gate was boldly written Chizaram, the Lord has answered me. God answers me whenever I kneel down in prayers to him. May God answer your prayers?

There is someone reading this, whose tears are wiped away in the Spirit. God is telling you, “My child stop crying, you have cried enough, stop crying.” In Isaiah 65:24 the Bible says, “before you called or cried, I have already answered you; while you are still petitioning, your request is granted”. I write upon you Rev 21:6 , it is done. I write upon your head Luke 4:21, “as you are listening to this word it is fulfilled”. May today be a day of fulfillment for you in Jesus name. There is an Igbo name called “Chinemezu”.
“This poor man called and the lord answered him” God hears the cry of the poor. Our problem is that we don’t call on God. Once you call on God, he will answer you. We stand in Exodus 3:7- 11ff and God said to Moses, “ I have heard the cry of my children, there conditions have touched my heart; I want to rescue them from the hand of the wicked”. As the Igbo adage puts it, Ozi eziri anwuru oku, e rugwuo Eligwe nti, The smoke from your prayer fire has reached the heavens. Mathew 7:7 tells you to ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened for you. May the Lord fulfill this scripture for you. In John 14:13, Jesus says, “Whatever you ask in my name, I will do it for you”. We stand on the altar of this verse to bless your life for an answered prayers. May Jesus himself answer your prayers? I don’t know that prayer you made that God would not answer. May the Lord please bless you for me. May the grace of God come upon you like rain so that it shall be well with you in Jesus name.

In Jeremiah 33:3 His word says “Call to me, I will answer you and I will show you great and mighty things, wonderful things and miraculous things fenced in and hidden. “ This thing coming to you this time cannot be diverted or aborted by the wicked people. It shall be hidden and they would not even know where it is.
That child that would always be miscarried once they see that you are pregnant would not be seen this time when they look at you. They will see neither you nor the child. God will hid this child and you the mother. They want to see you, but they cannot see you. The more they look, the less they see. Something happened in the scripture before John the Baptist was born. Zechariah became dumb. His mouth was shut up. There are some mouths that God is going to shut up as this miracle wants to come to you. God in heaven shall for your sake shut up their mouths. God can make some’s eyes to close because of this miracle. The eyes of that person who will make this pregnancy to be miscarried once he sees it shall close till after the child’s delivery, and then the eyes can open again. That hand that will point at you and the blessing coming to you starts to miss shall have stroke until this blessings have come to you and the hand would straighten again. Your song this season is that Your God is the God of the whole world and people of the world should gather to worship and thank him.
And the scripture as we said earlier says that this miracle coming to you shall be “fenced in for you, and they will be hidden for you.” These are things that you don’t know about, that is why Paul says in 1st Cor 2:9 that eyes have not seen, ears have not heard nor has it entered the heart of men what God prepares for you, this poor man or woman that love him. The heaven have discovered you. Child of God they said you have cried enough in your poverty. That is why the Bible says in 2nd Cor 8:9, He made himself poor so that you and I shall become rich. You are a prince and princess. You are a child of the King. It is not a guy name or nick name, but your proper name. You are a child that God is proud of, who ever points at you is inviting God’s wrath. Because no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper. What God says I shall be, I must surely become.

In Jer 31:12, the holy book said, “You shall come and sing aloud on Mount Zion and we shall flow together and be radiant with joy”. This will happen by the time God has finished this miracle he is planning for us. All the mouth that spoke against you in perverse ways shall praise God for you. Those who were made dumb because of these miracles shall speak on that day. They shall join us to praise God. Those whose hands were withered because this miracle shall be straightened and they will clap unto God as in Psalm 47:1. It continues “They shall flow with joy over the goodness of the lord.” You will be the one to call your neighbours to come and see what the Lord has done for you.
When your miracles shall have manifested, your mouth shall be full of praises, dance and joy. He shall do for you what no humans, leaders; friends or neighbours can do for you, Amen.
And the Bible continues “You will be radiant ”. your face will be shinning, you will no longer be sorrowful again, this woman that is worried because of childlessness, by the time she would deliver a baby and become pregnant again after weaning the baby, the heaving is going to put joy in you.
That person they are threatening to kill, Our God shall make those who come to kill you to kill themselves.
God please come and fight for Nigeria, come and be our God. Holy Spirit, fight for us and be praised.
Continuing His word said, “and your life shall be like a watered garden”. Your skin shall be succulent. Brand new. This your womb shall be like a watered garden. It shall begin to be fruitful. Your destiny shall be like a watered garden. Your family shall be like watered garden. This young man shall be like watered garden. That grandmother that was thought to be old shall be like a young lady, like a watered garden so that you will see your children’s children as in Psalm 128:6 in Jesus, name.
In Jer 31:13 the Bible says, “then will the maidens rejoice in their dance ”. When this your miracle shall happen, the young girls shall come out and dance for you; you will have to go and learn how to dance. There is a miracle that is about happening and it shall be rejoiced upon. A new dance for a new miracle. A new dance for a new sign and wonders. A new dance worthy of Testimony.
And the Bible continues, “the young men and the old together will join them”. When this miracle will happen, you wouldn’t know when you go on dancing. Our mothers ga eti mboli. As the young ladies and mothers dance on, the young men are told not to stay idle, they have to join them.

And the Bible continues, “for I will turn their sorrows into joy”. God said he will turn our sorrows and mourning into joy. “I will comfort you, I will make you to rejoice after your sorrow,” the Bible says. I want you to claim this with seven hot tem to Jesus.
In Nehemiah 8:10 I bless your joy. Phil 4;4 says rejoice, I say to you rejoice again. Rejoice in the Lord because Psalm 30:5 says , your sorrow may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning. This bad condition shall not be forever. After one had cried there is a time for joy Ecc 3 says there is a season for everything. There is a time to be sick and a time for healing. There is time to look for the fruit of the womb and a time for child bearing. The time we are now is a time of fulfillment. In Psalm 119:126 says It is now time for God to act. This is the time; this is what we call the Chyrus .This is the appointed time from above to have mercy on Zion as in Psalm 102:13. God will have mercy on whom He will have mercy. He will have mercy on you when he hears your cry.

His word says in Psalm 34:6b, when the Lord has answered the poor man that cried, he will save the poor man out of all his trouble. This is what the bible says. It is not the words of Fr. Mbaka. That the Lord will save you from all your troubles. I am pointing a finger to all your troubles and address them “All these troubles, listen now in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I decree and declare Mathew 18:18 and I bind you, be bound in heaven. I flog you now, be flogged in heaven. I trouble you, all my troubles, in the name of Jesus Christ, I am troubling you now. You have been troubling me, it is now my turn to trouble you. And I command the Angels of God in the name of He who is holy, In the name of He who is divine, with the authority of the Lion of Tribe of Judah of Rev 5:5, I decree and declare that you troubles shall be no more in the Holy Ghost! Fire, Holy Ghost! Fire!, Holy Ghost fire! ”
Somebody in trouble, be saved from all your troubles now. This poor man called and the lord answered and saved him or her from all their troubles. Now I make it a prayer point and direct it to you. Now ,you, be saved from all your troubles; fathers be saved from all your troubles, mothers be saved from all your troubles. With the power of the word of God in Psalm 34:6 may the lord save you sister from all your troubles. Brother, may the Lord save you from all your troubles. This salvation from all your troubles shall be 360 degrees. It is not a 180 degrees salvation , it is 360. It will hit the entire cardinal points, the North, South, East and West. They will hear the sound and they will bow to the Almighty God. Because of you, God is going to trouble all your troubles. If it is human that is giving you this trouble, that person is going to embrace this troubles. It is now going to be back to sender. It is now their turn because the things of this world are turn by turn. Amen.
It happened in the case of Daniel, when he came out of the Lion’s den, all those who accused him were thrown into the same lions’ den. It is now their own turn. It is now the turn for those who blackmailed him to visit the den of lions. They were thrown in their not just alone but with their wives and children. They thought that what one man can do, another can do also, they thought it was a matter of physical strength, in the morning only their bones were found in the den.
God will save you from your own lion’s den experience. He will save you from every shame of the devil.

In Jer 33:11, the Book of life continues upon your life “there shall be wail again, but it will be the voice of joy.” It is long that a shout of joy is heard in your house, it is now going to be heard again. This will happen when the Lord saves you from all your troubles In Isaiah 52:10 the Bible says that all the ends of the earth shall see his salvation of the Lord. The North, East, west and Southern part will see it and experience it. In Joel 2:32, the Bible says, “There shall be a remnant that will be saved and those who call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved”. You that are calling on this name of Jesus shall not be put to shame. Call Jesus even times for me. In Matthew 1:21, the Holy Book says, “His name shall be called Jesus because he is going to save his people from all their sins.”
There shall be heard again, the voice of joy, and the voice of gladness. You shall gallivant in God. We shall rejoice in the Lord on the Child’s dedication of this barren woman. The Bible says if you must boast, boast in the Lord. I bless your family with joy in Jesus name. Amen.
The Bible continues, “there shall be heard again the sound of joy, the voice of gladness, the voice of the bride groom, the voice of the bride and the voice of those who sing as they were sacrificing and doing thanks-giving to the House of the Lord; they will give praise and thanks giving to the Lord of Host for the Lord is good.” There is going to be a time of thanks giving again, for His mercy and steadfastness endures forever.

In the same verse God said, I will cause the captivity of the land to be reversed and return today as it was in the first day.” God said he will loosen the hand that has held this country in captivity and shatter the rope with which people are tied.
Verse 14 says “the days are coming, says the Lord, when I will fulfill the good promise I have made to the House of Israel and house of Judah”. People of Judah say amen. Lift up your hands as I bless this word in Jer 33:25 and the Holy Book says, “Thus says the Lord if my covenant with the day and night doesn’t stand and If I have not appointed the Ordinances of heavens and the earth, the whole order of nature, them will I also cast away the descendants of Jacob and David my servant and will not choose one of them to be rulers over the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for I will cause their captivity to be reversed. I will have mercy and kindness and virtuous love on and for them all .” The Lord says it only when his covenant with the day and night are broken that his promise upon you shall fail. God’s covenant with day and night is that every night that come must give way to day break and every day the breaks must give way to the night. Since you came to this world, has there been a day the day broke and the night refused to come or vice versa? No. This means that God’s promise must be fulfilled. His promise to you is in Psalm 34:6. That this poor man cried and prayed onto me and I answered his prayers and saved him from all his troubles. May this word be fulfilled upon you in Jesus name? Amen.

There is a promise God made to Nigerians, to wipe away their tears and set them free from captivity. He will turn our sorrows into joy. God will hear the cry of Nigerians. He said that this poor man called and I answered , delivered and saved her from all her troubles. In Psalm 46:1 he will deliver you from all your troubles. In Psalm 91:15 the bible says and you called me and I answered you and delivered you from all your troubles. And the Book of Life says in Psalm 50:14-15 and I will give the Lord the sacrifice of praise, I will call on him and He will answer me and deliver me from all my trouble. This is a time the people of God in Psalm 37 are going to stay by the pool of the River of Babylon and sing a song onto the Lord, if we forget you Lord of Jerusalem, let our tongues wither and our tongues clip to our mouth. After the Israelites had sang this song, God delivered them from Babylonian captivity. We are in prayers too, not by the river side by in the presence of God before his altar, Temple and His Sanctuary.

In John 5, a man trouble for 38 years with paralysis met Jesus and called on him and was delivered from his troubles. When the woman that was worried and trouble in Rev 12 was running away from the dragon attack, the Bible did something that touched me, in verse 10, the accuser of the brethren was thrown down immediately for the sake of that woman and the child. The accuser will be thrown down again; those who trouble you will be thrown down. In verse 11 the Bible says we have conjured by the Blood of the lamb and by the words of our testimonies. In the same Rev 12:14 the Holy book says that the woman was given two wings of a mighty eagle. In impossible situations God has a solution. Our God is the solution master. Today he is giving us the wings of the eagle with which we shall escape this situation. In Psalm 103:5 He will give you the strength of an eagle. Other birds cannot peck you to death. You shall be the champion and shall be victorious in this condition in Jesus name.
The Lord is going to trouble all your troubles. I could remembers when Joseph was accused by his brothers and put inside the pit, envied and sold by them, he was in trouble in the slave land, He was in trouble when he was also accused and imprisoned. And Joseph cried to the Lord of his father, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. and this God put a dream in the heart of the king and made Joseph the only interpreter and Joseph was able to come out and the Lord delivered him from all his troubles. The same God is going to deliver you.
Whether your trouble is sickness, barrenness or a curse, whatever be the name of that trouble spiritually or psychologically, politically or physically or even vocationally, the Lord is troubling all these troubles today in Jesus name. In Acts 15:25, I was shocked that the moment Paul and Silas started singing to the hearing of other prisoners because realized that thought they were bound hand and feet, their mouths were not bound, God started troubling the whole prison bars, there was commotion everywhere, the ground had trouble, the pillars had trouble, the windows had trouble, the chains with which they were bound had trouble, there was trouble everywhere, o! Let all your troubles be troubled now. Trouble them; all of them are going to bow now, Holy Ghost fire! Even the tumor that is developing in you must bow, the cancer will vanish, and the sickness will be no more. The Egyptians will be troubled in Ex 12 all their first born will die. God knows how He will handle them in Jesus name. Amen.

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