Friday , 25 November 2022


I am Nwali Uchenna Joseph from Ezza Effium in Ebonyi State. I am here to testify how the God of Adoration restored  my manhood. It all started  on the  1st of November this year being All Saints day.  In the night of that day, we decided to do mid-night prayer.  As  the prayer was going on,  all of a  sudden a  dog appeared to me as if I were in a  trance.  After  the dog disappeared,  a crocodile  appeared and then a  woman dressed in traditional attire came into my room and sat on a  bench.  I started shouting and rebuking her to get out of my house but she did not move.  At a time I came back to consciousness  and opened  my eyes when the prayer ended. After the prayer, I went to bed. When  I woke up in the morning, it was as if nothing was in between my legs.  I could not feel anything.  In fact, my manhood  was as soft as vegetable.   I could not believe what was happening to me  but for real my manhood could not function again. It could not even raise  its head at all.  It was totally dead. I could not tell my wife what was happening.  I kept to myself doing everything possible  to make it function but to no avail.  My wife told me to prepare for mass but I refused as I was no long myself. I told  her I was so tired and so  she left on her own.

When  she came back from church, she saw me restless and then asked why. I had no option  than to open up to her.  She started praying and rejecting whatever that could have caused such.  She later told me that we will both attend the week’s Wednesday programme.

On that Wednesday,we set out for ‘E no dey again’ programme. When we got there, the place was fulled to its capacity and so we sat under the tree. When Rev. Fr. Mbaka  started praying  and prophesying, I  was claiming  everything, I held my manhood begging God  to please remove shame and restore it.

After  the prayer and even exposition of the Blessed Sacrament nothing  happened.   I was still the same.  I started crying.  When  the  people carrying back the Blessed Sacrament  to the chapel passed where I was, I started shouting to God not to pass me by.  It happened that the entrance to the chapel was locked and so they had to stand there for almost twenty minutes waiting for someone to bring the key so they could enter.  I continued praying begging God to have mercy on me.  Later,  they left with the  Blessed Sacrament.

At the end of the programme, I and my wife left for our house as nothing changed in me.  When we got home, I told God that since it is his  will  that I remain  like this,  let his will be done.  I told God that I had always desired to have  five children but now I have a  little child and the one yet unborn in my wife’s womb.  I told God that when the  one  in the womb is born, that He should choose any of them to serve  in his vineyard either as a  priest  or Rev. Sister. Immediately I finished  that statement, my body started vibrating. It was so hot that I had to tell my wife to touch me and she told me that my body was not hot. I started sweating to the extent that I could not explain what was going on in my body.   All of a sudden I gained erection and my manhood was restored that same Wednesday we came back from E no dey again.  Till today, everything is functioning normal. Praise Master Jesus!!! My no is 08066883456.

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