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After narrating the story on how God revealed to him through a vision, the plan of someone who wrote a petition against him to the Bishop while in Seminary School to stop him from being ordained a priest, Fr Mbaka gives an extensive message of Prayer as Condition Changer in the life of every Christian. This message is apposite as he celebrated his nineteen (19) years of priestly anniversary few weeks ago precisely on 29th July 2014 the highpoint of which was the launch of his latest musical album “who can catch the lion” barely last week. In this message, he dwells extensively on how the children of God can discern their right life partner through prayers. Excerpts:


I found out something, when you start living a visionary life, you must be a prayerful person, you must be a fasting person, and you must know how to be in God’s presence. Then the Lord will begin to arrange your life.

“Esther was an example, she sent a message to the Jews to back her with prayers and the day set aside for the extermination of all the Jewish people was the day the head of Harman who said that the Jews will be killed, was hanged. Prayer can hang the head of your enemy. These witches and Wizards that are fighting against you, their heads will be hanged on top of a tree. That Owl that vowed that you aren’t going to be fertile, once you conceive, it will hoot around you and you will miscarry; your womb is about turning into a mortuary, it will not happen again, by the power and efficacy of prayer”.


“Prayer can Change everything; there is no condition prayer cannot change. Your own condition will be changed with prayer. You will have to pray to the extent that you will begin to emit the fragrance of prayer and aroma of heaven. You will not be the one living but the spirit of God will be dwelling in you. Even when you groan, Romans 8:26 says, the Spirit of God will understand your groaning. Even when you raise your hand, your hand will be a hand of prayer. In Joshua 1:3 wherever you set your feet shall become God’s own. When you shake your cloth like Paul’s handkerchief, anyone who touches it will receive healing. Your shadow will be a shadow of prayer like that of Peter; when Peter passed by, and his shadow touches the sick, he will be healed.


“When you look at the Apostles of Jesus, they will always spend not less than three hours in Chain prayers. See how Jesus while in Gethsemane entered into his own prayer. Jesus is a man of prayer. In Luke chapter 4 he started his ministry through prayer. Before he overcame the temptation of the devil, to turn stone into bread, jump down from the synagogue and worship the devil, he was in prayer and fasting. Without prayer, you cannot conquer any temptation. A person of prayer is a victorious person. It is at that point when you are in prayer that Zeph 3:14 tells you “Daughter of Zion, rejoice and sing” and Zechariah 9:9 tells you “for your king is coming home, victoriously and triumphantly.” When you are in prayer you daughter of Zion, victory shall be yours. Esther saved the Jews with prayer; you are a woman like her. What has happened to your own prayer power? You spend all your time chewing gum and looking after your hairs and fingers.
“The time you spend in sending text messages, the time you spend in pinging with your phone, the time you spend on face book and 2 go, your hand is on your phone 24hours, you don’t know that you are losing something. There is a level you are supposed to be by now if you have the prayer strength. Change your prayer pattern and change your level. I must take my breakfast, I must take my lunch, I must take my dinner, are you into a covenant with food? The more you eat, the lazier you become. Go and watch anyone that is great; the great ones are not gluttons. In Matthew 17, when Jesus was with his disciples, the disciples wanted to cast out demon and the demon refused to flee. They must have been praying and shouting, “I cast you out in Jesus name” but the demon refused to go out. The man who was possessed by the demon just kept gazing at them while they prayed. In the end, that possessed man was led to Jesus and Jesus, with the prayer power in him, cast out the demon. Then the Apostles asked him why were we not able to cast the demon? And Jesus replied them in Matthew 17:21 that this kind of demon cannot be cast out except by prayer and fasting.
It is possible that that type of husband you want will not come except by prayer and fasting. Use prayer and find a good husband. It is not when any passerby tells you “I love you, will you come to see me at Abakpa?” you will reply him “when do you want me to come?” And when he tells you he wants you to come next week you would tell him you are available today and even now. Another passerby will tell you “let’s go to Shoprite” and you will begin to trip, “E-E Shoprite?” He will take you there and give you rice of maggi, half cooked rice, and when you come out you will start telling your friend, “do you know he took me to Shoprite?” Do you see the level you are because you are not a person of prayer? Anyone who is not a prayerful person is a carnal person; the devil can snuff you out. Let your prayer level hike up in Jesus name.


People of prayer are on the mountain, they cannot come down. After Jesus had performed the miracle of multiplication in Mathew 14, the multitudes were filled up and there were left over. He dismissed them and when the multitude had gone and even his disciple boarded a boat as they departed, in Mathew 14: 23, Jesus climbed up to the mountain and went into prayers. Now go into prayers. Are you preparing for exams? Go into prayers. Are you preparing for Ordination? Go into prayers. Even after you have been ordained, go into prayers. Do you want to marry? Go into prayers. Do you want to do any business? Go into prayers. Do you want to build a house? Go into prayers. Are you pregnant? Go into prayers. Are you looking for a child? Go into prayers. Are you looking for employment? Go into prayers. Are you married, employed or through with child bearing? Go into prayers.
They said you will not build a house and now you have started to build the house, go into prayers. That is why the Bible says in Zechariah 4:9 “Go and tell Zerubbabel, because your hand has laid on the foundation, you shall finish it. It is prayer that you will use to finish the house. Even after you have finished the house, go into prayers because it is one thing to build and another to inhabit the house because Isaiah 65:21 says that he that builds a house shall inhabit in it. You shall not build and another person shall chase you away and go and live there. Death will not chase you away and live in that house. Your corpse shall not inhabit the house, rather you shall be alive and live in the house you have built.


In Ezra 6:14, the Bible says because Zechariah the son of Iddo and Haggai were prophesying, people were able to build and prosper. There must be people who are at work in praying and prophesy during the time of building and after the building. There is a prayer for building and there is a prayer for inhabiting the house, the prayer of protection that is the prayer of Psalm 91. When the battle becomes fierce, you enter into the prayer of Psalm 35, “May God battle against those that battle against you?” When you need the spirit of life, you go to Psalm 21 where it was said that the King asked for life and life was given to him. When they gather to meet and persecute you, open Psalm 2 for them and tell them “why are the nations making noise, why are they gathering against the Lord’s anointed?” When they said they will not rest until they kill you, enter Psalm 34 where the Angel of the Lord will encamp around you. If you say you are poor, pray on with that Psalm 34 and you will see where it is written that this poor man called and the Lord answered. If the spirit of death is determined to kill you, key into the prayer weapon of Psalm 118 and when you get to verse 17 begin to decree “I shall not die I shall live and recount the deeds of the Lord”. I bless your life, child of God, and command your prayer power to return.


Joy is the secret of the prayer battle unto victory. In Nehemiah 8:10 the Bible says, “The joy of the Lord is my strength”. In Isaiah 12:3 he says “With joy we shall draw water from the well of salvation”. It is this type of joy that they call ‘rena’ in Hebrew. In Habakkuk 3:17 he says that no matter what happens, I will be joyful in the Lord. In Gal 5:22 the Bible says that the fruits of the Holy spirit are love, joy…the one called Chara in Hebrew. When this joy is in you, whatever you are passing through shouldn’t matter to you and while you are joyful, you will attract the blessings and favour of God. I bless your prayer weapons, your Bible, and chaplet in Jesus name.


Our young men and women need prayers to discern their right life partners. It is not when you have messed up your opportunities in vain glories and you start to blame God. Some unmarried women desperate for marriage do send text messages to different men telling them that they are praying for them in a bid to know whether they will tell them something. More often than not some of these men are the very ones who they had once met as classmates or at one stage of their lives but they were not able to discern who could be their husbands until that time and opportunity comes and passes. The same thing applies to our young men who failed to utilize the opportunities they have in making a good marital choice. All the while their parents would tell them to marry; they will not listen but keep messing around. By the time they realize it, it may be too late.
Let me use this opportunity and address our young ladies, some of you are looking for already made husbands. It is not always like that. God can give you a man that two of you will make each other; the greatness you are looking for may come through your children. My father died a wine tapper and married a poor farmer, a village girl. I am now the product of my father. And he was alive to see me blessed. Don’t pass judgment based on what you are seeing with your eyes. Don’t judge the content of the book by its cover. That rich man you are looking for, you don’t know the source of his wealth. Are you getting married to money or human being? It is good if you marry a rich husband but you can use prayer and turn a poor man into a rich man. Sirach 11 says it is easy for the Lord to make a poor man suddenly and instantly rich. God has answered that prayer for a good husband you have made, but you are the one scattering what God had done. In Daniel 10, the Angel told Daniel that from the day he prayed, God answered him but the Prince of Persia blocked the angel with the answers of your prayers. It is possible you don’t know that it is that person you see every day that will marry you. You don’t know that what you are looking for at the mountain top is beneath you.
If God gives you a rich man, very good, if he gives you a well educated man, very good. But grammar is not the language that you are going to speak in your marriage, the language is love. If you want to be speaking, “the etymological authenticity of the pragmatic definition of the sacramentology of the anthropological language” in your marriage, it is okay. If this is the type of language you will be speaking with your wife in marriage, I wish you well.
One of these days when I went for a crusade in Lagos, one woman came and told me that she was in trouble, that the type of grammar her husband speaks to her was such that after he finished speaking and left, she would go and look for who will explain it to her. The man in question is a professor in Chemistry, he had married the first wife that is late and he just went and married this woman who was almost like the house help looking after his children. He uses equation to deal with this woman. Is that the type of husband you want to marry- you want to be a professor’s wife? I wish you well.
It is possible that God has answered you over that husband you have been praying for , but you are still looking for someone with Jeep. Are you getting married to Jeep or human being? If you have the prayer strength, even if you marry a beggar, you can turn him into a lender, Deut 28:12. You shouldn’t run after a man because you heard he is building a house at Golf and Abuja, are you getting married to house or human being? You don’t know the source of his wealth. Don’t marry ‘money miss road’. If we tell you what those who are married today are passing through in their husbands’ house, it is better for you to marry the man that loves you, a man who is dying for you, go for that person now. Don’t go for the man you will be begging all the time and every day. You are looking for an international business man, where will he stay and be married to you? That man living abroad but is marrying you in Nigeria, how are you sure he is not married to someone else over there? Did he tell you he is a priest while abroad? What are you talking about? God has answered your prayer but you don’t know. Before the end of this year, a lot of wedding will be celebrated here. I use prayer and tear all this curtain of pride, curtain of arrogance, shroud of selfishness, shroud of unhealthy expectations that the devils use to manipulate and confuse you. Amen..
How can you reject a man simply because he prays too much? Is it not better for you to marry a man that says too much prayer? Do you want a man that drinks too much alcohol? or the one that does so much charm instead? The day his charm becomes ineffective, he will use a cow to sacrifice on it and the day the cow sacrifice will fail him, he will sacrifice you. That a man goes to Adoration too much, is it not to your advantage? How can you leave that person you see in the Church every day and go and look for someone you will be begging whether he will agree to go to church? That person God is showing you is a sign that he is your own. I am not telling you to go and call him on phone; just package yourself well he will call you .
When you go home, go down on your knees in prayers, you shall at all times visit the Blessed Sacrament Chapel. If you couldn’t go in the morning, go in the afternoon, if you couldn’t go in the afternoon, go in the evening but before the end of the day, you must visit the Blessed Sacrament. That thing you want, the Bible says ask and you shall receive.


In Job 1, the Bible says that the Devil went to the face of God and prayed to God that he may go and destroy the house of Job. Devil, praying to God? Do you know if there is devil praying to God for the destruction of your own family? The Bible did not tell us what Job was doing at that time the devil was making that prayer upon his household, but my spirit is telling me that if Job himself was in prayer at that time, if the devil prays that he wants this, Job himself will use prayer to counter it , that it will not happen. There was nobody cancelling the prayer of Satan. Who is cancelling the prayer of Satan for you? By then Jesus has not come, because at our time, Jesus is now at the right hand of God praying for us. Even as He is there we have to ask Him to receive. Remember that the Bible says whatever you ask in my name, I will do it for you. Occult people can ask, Satan can ask, if you like be silent and they will ask for what will happen to you. In Mathew 8:31 after Jesus had cast our demon, they prayed to Jesus to allow them enter into swine and he answered their prayer by granting their request after which he destroyed them in the waters.


It is for the above reason that it is dangerous for people to book mass for the intentions of their heart. What is that intention of your heart that the priest will be celebrating mass for? Do you know that before the Kidnapper go on operation, they will book mass for successful operation. They will tell a priest that they are going for a work and if they succeed, they will come and pay tithe and the Priest will enter into prayer for them not minding to ask them what kind of work is that? It will not take long and they will bring N5million tithe to you and you wouldn’t know it is what you prayed for from kidnapping. So when you say we should remember you in prayer, say what the intention is, it is preferable that the person remains anonymous than not stating his intentions.
I know of a priest that someone booked a mass in his hands for a successful burial, and the burial was successful. But a week before that burial, it was revealed by rumour that the man whose burial poster was everywhere was still alive, but he stole bank money and hid and after sometime told his people to organize a burial for him that he is dead so that the bank will let him be. So his people went and bought a casket. I am not telling you a fable. They arrived with the casket, I told them to open it but the Monsignors and other people who are higher than me in priesthood talked me down. But I had fact that the man was still alive. Burial mass was celebrated for him; of course you can imagine the kind of fat offering that would come in such Masses. Prayer made the burial successful but the question was who was buried? After the burial, the bank gave way and the man disappeared overseas. Things are happening. Someone will be alive and join in planning his burial with his wife. The woman wore white mourning dress for six months. There are people that are hard heartened.


Prayer is what I am talking about, don’t be tired of praying. You must be booking mass from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. Power of the Mass has no equal. Eucharistic prayer is the ultimate because there we join Israelite to celebrate our pass over. There is power on the altar. Before the Israelites were able to come out of the land of Egypt; they had to celebrate their Passover. It was that night they immolated the lamb and killed the spotless lamb and marked the blood on their houses in Ex12:7. God said in Ex 12:13 “when I see the blood I will pass over you”. They stood in the spiritual altar of the Jews and performed the sacrifice after which they went inside and locked up their house and that night a mighty thing happened in Egypt- all the Egyptian firstborns died in one night by the power of the prayer Passover. It is that sacrifice that we perform in mass in the new Order. In the Eucharist, we celebrate the Passover lamb not of the old but Jesus the son of God. Jn1:29 call him the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the World. As you celebrate or participate in mass, you will hear the news that the forces of darkness that are pursuing you are no more. There is power on the altar of Passover; it is where Jesus is the Object of the sacrifice, the subject of the sacrifice and the Altar of the sacrifice, a mystery.


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