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He Remains Faithful Even When We Are Not-Wonderful Adoration Testimonies

He Remains Faithful Even When We Are Not-Wonderful Adoration Testimonies

HE is the faithful God yesterday, today and forever. That which he did in the time of Abraham our father, He is also doing in our own time. Faithfulness is His DNA. Our unfaithfulness can never alter who He is and His children are witnesses to that. It may linger but He will surely see that the promise He made to His chosen ones comes to fulfillment. This is the confession from adorers who have heard, seen and encountered the miracle working God in Adoration ministry. AMEN Super News is ever dedicated to sharing the good works of Christ to the world; here are few of the testimonies;

Divine Vindication Ejike Anene from Mbaise in Imo State. Phone number: 08166696814

My friend Ebuka called me one day in 2010 and informed me that he is coming to my house. He told me that he is very sick, so I prepared something for him and he ate. Around 2.30am, he started shouting and vomiting. I rushed and called my neighbor who owns a car so that he will help me and take him to the hospital. He died on our way to the hospital after apologizing to me. The father accused me of his son’s death and vowed that he will see that I die by execution. I told him that his plans will not materialize because my hands are clean. I was sent to prison even before my trial began. I spent 8 years in jail while my case was still under trial in the law court. I kept praying, calling on God to vindicate and release me. For those 8 years I spent in prison, midnight prayers was my companion. The case lingered on and after sometime, the man stopped coming to court. When the court enquired, they found out that he is dead. That was how God vindicated me and I was discharged and acquitted.

A Family Friend Delivered From the Hand of a Ritualist Kenneth Ayogu from Arondizuogu from Imo State. Phone number; 08112339843

A friend’s daughter went to live with someone so that she will be doing housekeeping jobs for them. From there, the guardian initiated her into cult. She kept urinating here and there without control. He brought the girl home promising the girl’s father that he will be responsible for any amount of money used in treating her provided the father takes her to a native doctor. The child was brought to me. I brought her to Adoration for prayers one Friday night, after that, she started using sachets of Aqua Rapha pure water to bath. She did it for 4 days and she was healed.

God Fought My Battle For Me Nkechi Okolie from Anambra. Phone number: 08133738893

I am always having problem with conception, after giving birth to two children, a demon came to me in a dream and threatened to deal with me. So I bought Adoration recharge card. Fr. Mbaka called me and told me that the demon terrorizing me has been handled by heaven. After the prayers, I conceived and gave birth to twins (a boy and a girl).

Delivered From Mysterious Life-Threatening Stomachache Sunday Ani from Amechi-Idodo. Phone number: 07067901077

I am a steward in this ministry. I worked with my fellow stewards on 31st night and then, I had no sign of health problem. The following morning, I began to have severe stomach upset which I can’t explain what could be the possible cause. I was so sick that I began to foam. People that were around did their best to revive me but the situation kept worsening. So I was carried to the parish house for prayers and by then I was already unconscious. After sometime, I woke up and regain my strength but surprisingly, I see people thanking and praising God for bringing me back to life. So I was prompted to ask what happened and I was told that I almost died but God intervened.

Blessed With a Landed Property Ekwutozinam  Okeke from Anam in Anambra. Phone number: 08060071012

My landlords’ children wanted to sell their fathers property. They then suggested that I should buy the house due to my relationship with their father. I agreed but had no three million naira which was the marked price of the house. I tried to narrate my financial challenges to them but they seemed undeterred on adjusting the price, so I brought the case to Adoration. After that, they changed their mind and asked me to pay 1.5million. As of that time, I don’t even have up to five hundred thousand in my account. I came back to Adoration and ask God to provide for me so that I will be able to pay up. After the prayers, my business started flowing, money was coming in more than I expected. It was really amazing. Within a twinkle of an eye, I cleared all the debt. I am now a landlady. Praise God.

Saved from a Fatal Accident Roseline China from Ezeagu. Phone number: 07016973650

I am thanking Almighty God for His protection in my life. I was travelling back to school and on my way, the vehicle I boarded had a ghastly accident, but to the glory of God, I did not sustain any injury. I am grateful.

Father’s Prostate Enlargement Addressed Ugwu Chinasa from Ekwegbe in Igbo-Etiti.  Phone number: 08064640747

My dad was diagnosed of prostrate enlargement in December, 2017. We kept managing his condition till 2018 February ending. We brought him to Adoration Friday night vigil. After the prayers, the whole symptoms disappeared and he is recovering with speed.

Divine protection From Snake Ifunanya Agada from Ebe. Phone number: 08136394677

I woke up one night to see a snake inside the room that I and my children were sleeping in. I couldn’t summon the courage to kill it, so I called on God to pin the snake at a place till morning when someone will come to our aid. My prayer was answered. The snake stayed still from that moment till morning when I called on our neighbours. They came in and killed the snake for me.

Divine Healing from Christ Gloria Nwagene from Ishiagu Ebonyi State. Phone number: 08038248349

I started coming to Adoration in July last year, I saw people blessing holy water and I got mine too. One day, my son was having cough and at a point, it became so persistent and at same time seemed to defy all possible treatment. I then remembered the holy water from Adoration, and I put some in his mouth, after a while, the cough ceased. There was a time I was having a running stomach and I was not responding positively to medical treatment, so I bought Adoration recharge card with the faith that God will intervene through father’s prophetic prayers. Indeed, God intervened because after the prayers, the running stomach ceased.

Saved From Mysterious Fever Nwezeh Calista from Nsukka. Phone number: 08135454220

One Saturday, I was discussing with my mom and siblings when suddenly I started having fever. I went to the hospital for treatment but there was no sign of improvement, so I resorted to adoration. I kept praying and Fr. Mbaka also kept praying for me through the Adoration card. That was how I received my healing.

Divine Release from Prison Angela Aniugwu from Ugwuoke-Nike. Phone number: 08063438413

My daughter was stung by a scorpion and I applied Rapha oil at the site of the wound and gave her some to take. The following morning, she was already on her feet, hale and hearty. Secondly, my son was imprisoned in Brazil for 3 years and 6 months and all the while, we were trying to see how to bring him out but our effort yielded no fruit. So I brought the case to Adoration and always present it to God during prayers, within a short period of time, I received the news that my son has been released.

Prayers of Safe Delivery Answered Nnaji Promise from Isiuzo, Nsukka. Phone number: 08138701651.

Due to health complications, I was booked for a caesarian operation when my pregnancy got to the 9th month. So I came to Adoration and prayed that God will grant me safe delivery without CS. My prayer was answered and I delivered safely without CS.

Delivered From Spiritual Bondage Nkiru Nwoke from Ebonyi State. Phone number: 08129038286

I started having a severe attack since 2017 and it affected my academic performance. I was taken to so many places of deliverance and healing but my condition remained the same. So on November 2017, I started coming to Adoration, and my condition began to improve. Now, am hale and hearty.

My Heart Desire Granted Blessing Okonkwo from Enugu State. Phone number: 07062457252

While praying for marital favour, there are qualities that I wanted in my future husband, I asked God to give me a man with those qualities. My prayers were answered and I was given my heart desire even beyond my expectations.

Divine Favour Arinze Justina from Ukana. Phone number: 08030479350

I needed to pass an A level exam so as to be promoted in my place of work but unfortunately, each time I write the exam, I will fail it. So I came to Adoration and made a promise to God with the intention of passing the exam. God answered my prayers, I cleared all the paper. I am also thanking God who saved my house from fire outbreak. I did not know that what I bought as kerosene was fuel, I poured the content inside my stove and began to cook with it. Along the line, fuel started smelling everywhere and when we tried to check where the smell was coming from, we found out that I was actually cooking with petrol. God is ever faithful.

Divine Healing Nwodo Oluchi from Ukehe. Phone number: 08063251260

I am thanking God, who granted me fast recovery from a fatal accident during the first week of December, 2018. Secondly, my landlady’s son who is an undergraduate was having a severe insomnia as a result of typhoid and malaria fever. So one night, I went to their house and prayed for him using Rapha oil and holy water, after the prayers, the boy regained his health. He now sleeps soundly.

Saved from a Complicated Post-operation Problem Rosemary Umekeh from Umubi, Nnewi South. Phone number: 08035419189

To God be all the glory for saving me from complication that arose as a result of appendix operation.

A book titled morals and etiquette for Js1-3 was approved by the ministry of education after I presented the book with prayers to God in Adoration ground.

Employment Favour Dr. Alison Chidimma from Akwa. Phone number: 08063855567

I am thanking God of Adoration ministry for the employment favour granted unto me at UNN after my Ph.D programme.

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