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Healed from lameness and blindness-Adoration testimonies

Healed from lameness and blindness-Adoration testimonies

My name is Catherine Anamigwe, I am from Ihembosi in Anambra state my phone number is 08039517511. Since ten years I have been suffering from sickness and I was using clutches, I couldn’t walk, I have done so many medications all to no avail. Today my co-wife, Mrs. Chioma (Nowa’s wife) carried me to “E no dey again” program. Where I was seated, I started shouting, “Daddy help me, I can’t see, I can’t walk”. After some minutes, my clutches fell off from my hands, I discovered that I can walk, so people took me to the alter where I held Daddy, and was thanking the God of Adoration Ministry. I also told Daddy that God has healed me but he should tell God to heal my blindness, Daddy now told me that God who made you to walk can still make you to see. So he asked the adorers to stretch their hands to pray for me and Daddy also prayed for me and said I should face him. Immediately, I felt something in my eyes. I robed my two eyes and discovered than I could see clearly.

Healed from drowsiness and fainting

My name is Chizoba Mba from Nkanu my phone number is 08066136828. I was operated upon. Since then I started feeling dizzy. My mum took me to that same doctor that operated me and complained to him. He told my mum not to worry but to just make sure she gives me the prescribed drugs. So my mum was worried because it was the same thing that killed my brother. As days went by, the dizziness persisted to the extent that I couldn’t utter a word again.

Today my mum decided to take me to Wednesday “E no dey again” program. When we came, I did not know anything because I was carried to this place, but you can see, I can talk I can hear I can stand up and walk around without falling down. I am healed. Please help me and thank the God of Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, the God of Adoration Ministry for healing me. Tem for Jesus.

After 5 years of barrenness I delivered a bouncing baby boy

My name is Susan Okigwe, I am from Ukehe in Enugu State. My phone number is 08032781184. For the past five years, I was looking for the fruit of the womb. One day we decided to come to Adoration last year. We were opportuned to see Daddy and complained to him. He told us that by this time next year which is this year 2017, that I will carry a baby boy. On August that last year I took in, this year I delivered a bouncing baby boy. Praise the Lord. Tem tem for Jesus.

 Delivered from the hands of (419 people) fraudsters

My name is Cynthia Emmanuel I am from Enugu-Ukwu in Anambra state. My phone number is 08034485739. I am the only child of my family. I was coming back from school and unknowingly I entered a 419 bus. Inside the bus some people asked me the direction of a place. As I was trying to explain to them, I did not know myself again, so they commanded me to take them to my house to go and get my ATM card. They took me to my house where I collected my mum’s ATM card, her phone, and my own phone. They took me to the bank and withdrew all the money in my mum’s account I also gave them the phones. They left.

I couldn’t recognize the place I was. I couldn’t talk again some people that saw what happened came around to ask me what happened but noticed I could not talk but I wrote our address to them so they took me to my house. My mum was shocked, so she asked me what happened but I couldn’t talk. She called Enugu state speaker’s wife and told her that she is finished that her daughter cannot talk again and that she did not know what happened to her and that they wanted to go to the hospital. The speaker’s wife told her that it’s not a hospital case that today is Wednesday “E no dey again” that they should go to Adoration. When we were about to leave the house I wrote to my mum that there is no money in her bank account she was surprised because I collected the whole money in her bank account and since then she was receiving alert from her bank but all she wanted is for me to be ok. S he took me to Adoration when Daddy was praying I started talking again I called my mum she was surprised, that was how God of Adoration restored me.

Thank you Jesus.

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