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It is near impossible to see any adult that has never had or suffered one heart break or the other. Heart break therefore is a common phenomenon among people. The consequences of heart break range from depression, to explosion, to frustration, to down syndrome, to revenge, and it can ultimately lead to death. In this edition, Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka, the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria tackles this hydra headed monster called heart break by revealing its causes and manifestations with practical life experiences even he releases the solutions and elixir for the healing of broken hearts. Read on as we serve you the excerpts of his ministrations on this:
“Don’t be angry again, I decree healing of inner hurt on you, let there be a divine healing in your heart.
Are you hurt? Is your heart broken? Be healed now. Receive divine healing. Joy is coming upon you. Stop crying, God is alive for you, the Lord is alive for you. In Ezra 10:2, in all these there is hope. Dance unto God, praise God.
After this situation you will stand upon the dust. The hurt is over. By the power of the Holy Spirit through His anointing of Isaiah 10:27 be healed. By His wounds of 1st Peter 2: 24, By his wounds of Matthew 8: 17, you are healed.
Hold your hearts. Let me tell you, that person doesn’t deserve this attention you are giving him or her. He or she had hurt you and gone his or her way and you are carrying the hurt about. If he has forgotten you, forget him. if he or she has betrayed you, look up to Jesus here, He can never betray you. Looking unto Jesus, the author and the finisher..
Let any wound or hurt in your neurological, and in your limbic organs be healed. That thing he or she or they did to you that broke your heart. You don’t know how to express it. What pains you most is that you received this type of treatment from someone you never expected that would ever hurt. The unexpected may have happened to you. You are looking for your portion that came to you.

Hold your head , look unto Jesus. Whatever it is that blocked your heart, let me tell you, God is going to use this condition to surprise you. If you have never been hurt, you wouldn’t know want it means to suffer heart beak. I have suffered heart break and so I know what is like. There was a time they accused me of what I don’t know, I was hurt. There was a time 14 Adoration worshipers were killed at Adoration ground that was on 7th March of that year, may a day like that never come again. My heart was broken. The last day in the month of May this year, the day Fr Jonathan died, I never knew I wouldn’t go mad. I lost a brother, a friend and a confidant. My head was hot as though I was carrying a gun powder that cut fire on my head.
I want to teach you a secret. Why this situation is like that is because you go about talking about the situation. You are giving that person that hurt you, an unnecessary and extra ordinary attention. Whatever broke your heart is worth destroying your life. Heart break is the genesis, where it is driving at is to knock down the engine of your life. At a stage you will feel like having a muscle pull or you see one vein of yours getting stressed and strained, that is a sign of sickness
May be you are still a young girl and somebody who promised to marry you abandoned you and messed you up, don’t worry; what God doesn’t know will never happen.
You are going to use IT method (Meaning Ignore Them) and handle the situation. That lady you trained in school only for her to graduate and tell you she will not marry you shouldn’t continue to hurt you. Don’t worry. Did they accuse you of what you don’t know in your office or your marital home? They drove you out over allegations you are innocent of. You are just watching yourself being driven out. Maybe your beloved one died and you just kept watching him or her being buried.
Many of us are carrying wounds in our hearts. In the church, we dance and rejoice but when we get home we weep and cry. I pray for divine wellness on other emotional illnesses.

What happened has happened. There is no road that leads to the past. There is a new opportunity waiting for you if you can say goodbye to that past. So tell that situation that hurt you to go away. No “repeat this after me “This situation, this feeling and hurt, go away. You are not God, go away”.
God says on Rev 21:5, I have come to make all things new. God may allow this situation for a purpose. He was there when the wine in a wedding in Galilee finished. The man didn’t know that He who will turn water into wine was there with him.
Healing God appear. Healing God, heal your people of heart breaks and different infirmities. By your wounds they are healed. Exodus 15:26 God appear, Exodus 23:25 God appear, heal us o Lord. In Psalm 107:20, you sent forth your words and your words healeth. Heal your people o Lord and touch them. Now begin to say, “I am healed”.
Since after your husband died, you have been crying over his death and on top of this you are accused of being the one that killed your husband. Those making those accusations against you were those you loved and trusted. Now be healed of that inner hurt, emotional depressive manic tendencies and every down syndrome.
You are suffering from emotional implosion and you are about exploding. You are ready to fight, kill and avenge it. Someone dear to you is dead and you are suspecting that it is so person that killed him, you are now busy preparing for war. Will that solve the problem? Can you bear the hurt of shedding blood? Vengeance is of God. God is going to fight you.

Whatever you suffered, that broke your heart and made you sorrowful, nobody should blame you for the heart break. Mary’s heart was broken when he saw Jesus crucified. John suffered heart break. Unless you don’t love that person that is suffering, there is no way you would have a heart break when you see him or her in agony.
I communicate the power of joy in your life. You are going to laugh. I pray that Holy Ghost is going to tickle you, you will see. He is going to compensate you. Something new, miraculous and wonderful is going to happen to you. Remember that our favourite two verses, Psalm 33:22 and Psalm 90:15 in proportion to your time of sorrow, God is going to bless you. In proportion to your time of agony God is going to make you laugh.
I bless your destinies. You don’t know what you did and curses are following you about. You don’t know what your wife did or what your husband did that made the curse to be following you. You matched another man’s mess and flies are following you about, may the heavens wash you with the blood of Jesus.
I communicate the power and blessing of peace upon your life. In Isaiah 60: 12 to you that there shall be peace upon your life like a river, In John 20:19,I say shalom Leeker. In John 20:21 I say Peace be with you. In John 20:26 I say peace be with you. Peace Round about,
Now let’s do this exercise because this situation is about to disappear. Whatever broke your heart doesn’t deserve your tears. Stop weeping. Say “I will not cry again”. You wanted to drink milk only to open it and see that the milk is congealed, all you should do is not to cry for the milk but to throw it away in the dustbin. Don’t cry over split milk. The most beautiful ones are not yet born even the most handsome ones are not yet born. You will later confess the confirmations of this prophesy. If this one didn’t spoil a better one will not come. You will see. One day you will be dancing. Get ready for the time of peace and joy in proportion to the time of crises and heart break.
Whatever broke your heart is somewhere enjoying your tears, the moment you begin to rejoice you will break that person’s heart. You will dance home today. You should stop all the stories that you have been telling up and down on phone every time. Until you show me the road that leads to the past, I will believe in what you are doing otherwise you have to believe in what I am saying. There is road to the past. That thing that happened to you is terrible. It is true it dealt with you terribly, I am bearing with. But you have to forget it. In Ezekiel 22:30, I am standing in the gap for you. Someone that has not passed through what you are passing through will not understand.
A man lost both his mother and son in one day, during the burial mass of the duo when the priest wanted to say the sermon at the mass, the man told the priest that he was not qualified to say the sermon at the mass. He told the priest” Let him whose wife and son died on the same day come and say the sermon because is such person that can only console me. The priest had never married. He had never lost a wife and a son.”
You know when you are not the victim, you will never understand. Do you know that someone had committed suicide because he was denied admission to the university? Did we not hear the story of the Bank manager that drank poison last week because of loan he owed? Did we not hear of the other one that pulled the trigger on himself out of frustration and depression? Be healed of depression in Jesus name. Be healed of frustration in Jesus name.
Are you going psychological? Let every psychological ailment park and go in Jesus name. You are healed. In his presence there is healing. I am consoling you because Iam in a better position to talk about heart break. A lot has happened to me. You should understand that because you have been following me all the while. There was one of my uncles I loved so much, Nobath is his name. I kept him at my house. Each time I see him, I would ask him if he was well because he was not looking healthy. He would tell me that he was okay. . Until one day, I went to Niger foundation Hospital to pray for one man, as I was coming out I was told that Nobath was dead. I couldn’t understand it. On his burial day, I couldn’t speak, I wept all the way until he was buried. So I understand what it means to suffer heart break. See the recent story of Fr Jonathan Nweke, my brother priest. Infact I need the healing of inner hurt too. You need to see me at Awgu on the day of his burial. It was like a hot iron on my head. Imagine someone I just finished discussing with who told me that he was about to be killed. That the Agbogugu people are going occultic and wanted to kill him; I was just preparing to pray for him and got the news that the was dead. His death broke my heart. Should I talk about Chukwuma, somebody I was preparing to send to Los Angeles to study medicine only to hear he is dead. Even during the recent transfer of priest, I renovated, repainted and prepared the GRA Parish for my successor and left within the deadline for the priest’s transfer to my new place of apostolate, people wrote all sort of things on paper that I refused to leave. Even the secretary of the Bishop’s Conference accused me of disobedience. I was heartbroken because I knew I was being accused falsely. These are just to mention but a few.
You that have a broken heart, healing is coming upon you. Now the exercise starts. If you don’t forget this situation, a better one will not come. If you don’t breath out the air you inhaled, you will not be able to inhale a fresh air. You are the one blocking your blessings. There is a blessing coming to you which you are the one blocking. The angel that is carrying this blessing has come but your tears wouldn’t allow the angel to drop the blessings with you. This is because your heart is broken and there is no where he would deposit the blessing. In the same way you breathe in and breathe out, new blessings are entering inside you. Let us bet it, it will not be long and 99.9% of you will give testimony of God’s healing. He will heal you with solutions. He will heal you with miracles.
Now breathe in and breathe out. Each time you breathe in hold it a bit then release it and say “Peace”. Do this so many times. As you are doing this, see the new air you are taking in as a new life, joy, opportunity and blessings that is coming to you and the one you are breathing out as that which broke your spirit.
God is healing your broken life and amour. Say “I am healed in Jesus name.” Repeat it seven times slowly and meditatively. Dance the words “I am healed”.
Let us do another exercise. Now remember that person or situation that broke your heart. Now stand before Jesus and begin to laugh at that person or that situation. Keep laughing at the situation and address it saying “Come on go away”. Smile and laugh it out. Good things are coming.
Let your broken minds, emotions and broken homes be healed. Clap unto Jesus, rejoice and be happy. New joy, new peace, new blessings, new miracles, new opportunities are coming to you. It shall be well you. Through the death of Jesus Christ, by his wounds you are healed. May your mouth be filed with laughter. God will console you. Your heart will not be broken again. The cloud is gathering with good thing, God will rain good things for you. God bless you all. God shall do good things to you. May God bless you and keep you, may He grant you your heart desires. God bless you all. From today you will look for that thing that broke your heart you will not find it. The Spirit of God will be tickling you. Are you ready to welcome the new thing that is coming your way? Rev 21:6 says “Amen, it is done”.
Finally, if you are the one that caused yourself this heart break, now forgive yourself. Lift up your hands and pray to Jesus saying, “Jesus, in your name forgive me, I have forgiven myself. I have forgiven as well that person that hurt me and placed me in this condition. I forgive my enemies especially those who broke my heart. I forgive them. Let them go and let me be. From today, nobody can take away my joy from my life. Today, I renew my joy. I renew my love, peace, blessing, courage, success and my dynamism in the name of Jesus. Today I renew my zest, my gusto and my supernatural passion. I am moving ahead. No more going back in my life; forward ever backward never. From today, I cannot be pulled down again in Jesus name. Amen.”

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