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By Amara Ozoefiugwu
How else can one describe the extra ordinary happening in Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria during this year’s Pentecost programme celebrated on Friday night of 22nd May 2015 and Sunday Mass of 24th May 2015 other than a demonstration of Holy Ghost invasion. Hundreds of thousands of worshipers continued to trip into the Adoration permanent site for the Friday night programme until about 2am the next day due to heavy human and vehicular traffic.

The all-night important programme came to the climax after the Spiritual Director of the Ministry had rolled a long list of priests that came from various dioceses across the country to be part of the event for recognition. That was immediately after the votive mass of the Holy Spirit celebrated by Rev. Fr. Barr. Andrean Osuagwu.

Rev. Fr. Mbaka obviously brimming with fire and power of the Holy Ghost, whose descent on the apostles was being revived at the event mounted the stage for the ministration of that day.  No sooner did he take up the public address system to begin his ministration than commotion filled the air. It must be commotion from people being tormented by evil spirits as the spirit fled from them or that of the spirit as they lose their hold on them.  Better still they must be commotion of the worshipers having Holy Ghost romance as the super natural power hit their problems and knocked off their infirmities or combination of all.

As the voice of the revered priest began to hit the atmosphere, a wail and cacophony of diverse voices of worshiper expressing their experience with the Divine rent the air that one can hardly hear another at earshot.  In the midst of the intimidating crowd were people jumping up and down, some rolling on the ground, others making all sorts of physical body gesture as the sweet unction of the Spirit being proved by the minister’s roaring prophetic voice,  began to manifest upon them.  The members of the Adoration Stewards were everywhere in the crowd fishing out those whose physical gestures of their experience of their Holy Ghost invasion had grown uncontrollable.  Such persons were carried or guided to the front stage where Fr. Mbaka was ministering. It did not take long before the ground was filled with uncountable number of such persons.

AMEN Super News observed the events as Fr Mbaka continued his ministration with physical signs confirming his utterances. It got to a point that he drifted to minister about the rain of the Holy Ghost. At that time, it appeared as though there was no sign of rain fall as the sky was bright. He continued his ministration by provoking the wind as he described the mighty wind of Holy Ghost that blew on the Pentecost while the disciples were at the Upper Room.  Wind from nowhere began to blow at the ground. Just then he advanced to preach on the   fall of rain which he said must be associated with the Pentecost event. Just then the clouds gathered and it began to drizzle, and then in few minutes, a heavy down pour followed.

While many of the worshiper scurried for shelter under the half completed temporal shelter at the ground, many who saw the rain as blessing stood their ground under the rain, jubilating like gazelles as the rain falls on them.  While the rain woke some of those who were on the ground under the “anointing” to consciousness and they sought shelter, there were many who didn’t care about the rain or who was lost to the spiritual world that they hardly knew what was happening around them. They continued to toss themselves in muddy soil of the watered ground that one could hardly recognize their appearances. That must be Holy Ghost invasion at work.  Fr. Mbaka was at the forefront of the latter group as he continued his ministration which lasted till day break under the rain.

At the early hours of the morning, Fr. Mbaka demanded to know those who received special miracles during the night programme, the stage was flooded with uncountable number of persons who scrambled to give testimony of the healing they had received.

AMEN Super News could only record but a few of those we could record within that space of time. The testimonies continued even till the following Sunday 24th May when Worshippers continued to troop out for the purpose. Here are some of the testimonies.

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