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How The Holy Spirit Changed The Condition of A Man I Met At A Crusade in Portharcourt

How The Holy Spirit Changed The Condition of A Man I Met At A Crusade in Portharcourt

Some time ago, I went for a crusade in Portharcourt, and while there,  a revelation came to me that there was a man that has so vehicle but could not attend any Christian programme anymore because his business has been overgrown by weeds. I told Rich, my friend about this man and he said it was true and gave me his contact. When I called the man, he confessed that he could not even afford N20 transport fare to the Crusade arena. I cancelled my trip from Port Harcourt to Enugu that day and decided to visit him. When I was coming into his house the road to his house was badly flooded that cars couldn’t pass through. The car he used to have, have been packed for long and the parts were being removed and sold. The four tyres were no more and it was supported with big stones. His house was stinking. So I told him, let’s go to your office and pray, but he replied that I wouldn’t be able to walk in there as it had been overgrown with weeds. The devil can deal with one to the extent of sowing weeds in one’s life. I love the gift of vision so much and I treasure it so much; knowing the unknown and seeing what others are not seeing. It is sweet.

When we got to the office entrance, we used cutlass to cut down the grasses, I had to do the cutting myself because, the key to the office had rusted. So we managed to open it and began to climb the stair case, everywhere was covered by cobwebs. While they were talking of the cobwebs, I was after the spider. When we came into the office, there was dust everywhere. I started to anoint the office and told the man that very soon this office will have a new colour. We went to his main business center itself, there was grass everywhere, and we began to cut the grass again to gain accesses to where his equipment was packed amidst the PortHarcourt wet soil. After that, I poured anointing oil on all his equipment that was almost decaying. The man was crying, saying that he could remember all he had helped in the past and now no one is asking after him. I told him that day, “The Holy Spirit will help” you. That was the rema from above. He said ‘amen’ to it. I poured anointing oil on him until his body was soaked with the oil, because it is written that on that day, the Holy Spirit by His anointing will destroy your yokes. So I came back to Enugu and requested Rich to send me the man’s phone number so that I could send him recharge Card. After I spoke to him in the evening, I told him “Before the end of this week, I prophesy, multiple open doors”.

Austin told me that there was one application he wrote to the Presidency for long and he had nobody to help him move the file; I told him that the Holy Spirit will help Him and there was another prophesy upon him thus “Before the end of this week, those people at the Presidency you are looking for how to connect will call you on their own”.  Monday came and passed, Tuesday and Wednesday came and passed, then  on Thursday, I saw multiple missed calls and called him back telling him “God bless you, How has the Holy Spirit being helping you?”. He told me “Father, You will live long, guess what, I am in the presidency right now.” He was overjoyed; I asked him, “Who led you there?” He told me “Did you not tell me that the Holy spirit will help me?”. He said he was at home and his phone rang, and when he picked it somebody told him he was P.A to so and so from the Presidency, and that the President want to see him the next day.  That was how he came there and there they were asking him if he could please do that same job he had been looking for. Changing of level.

This man I am telling you today is the one I made the head of Multi-Life nomenclature . As I am talking with you now, this man has two ships. I didn’t say two cars. Go and find out how many million dollars it cost to buy a ship. You are the next person that the Holy Spirit will help. I am happy, I can see people being blessed, I can see life being changed, I can see destinies sweetened, I can see your family being uplifted, I can see my people and their levels and situations changing from glory to glory. I prophesy upon you that this dry bone will rise again. Holy Spirit will help you, that situation you are weeping over, God will change it. May God take glory upon these words in the name of the father, son and the Holy Spirit? Amen.

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  1. It is well with us, may God bless this testimoy in our life amen

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