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There could be no term in the English vocabulary to eulogies the Holy Spirit  for His signs, wonders and miracles which He demonstrated at 2016 Pentecost programme of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria  tagged ‘Holy Ghost anointing’. A near suitable term to do this is Odogwu Akatata, which is an Igbo language expression of the highest point of superlative degree of Championship.

What the Holy Spirit did at the Pentecost shall ever remain a perennial experience in the lives of the people that participated in that all important spiritual programme of the Ministry. The high point of the programme which was held on Friday night of 13th May 2016, witnessed the attendance of a large crowd of worshipper from all over the country and beyond who came for different purposes; the sick that came to receive healings, the barren that came to receive the fruit of the womb, many that came to seek academic or business success and others that came for one prayer intention or the other.

The Adoration ground arena was charged for miracles when the Spiritual Director of the ministry, Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka took the stage for his ministration that night. He started his ministration by Addressing God thus;

“Holy El-Jirey, be magnified and be worshipped the Adoration People gather as it happened in the first Pentecost. And your word says, ‘When the day of the Pentecost finally came (‘because in Luke 24:39, Jesus said, “tarry in Jerusalem until you are filled with the promise of the father”). When you tarry, you grow in waiting for the Lord.  What is that Promise?  It is in Isaiah 61:1-3, which is the same verse that Jesus quoted in Luke 4:18. The promise of the Holy Ghost is written in this way, ‘the Spirit of the Lord is upon me, He has anointed me to bring good news to the poor, to set the captives free, to heal and open the eyes of the blind and to declare a year of favour’”.

“This year is going to be for you a year of amazing, tremendous, fantastic and unquantifiable favour. A year of favour. And in Luke 4:20, He sat down closing the book. When He stood up, He said “even as you are listening now, this passage is fulfilled”.

“In Isaiah 44:3 He says ‘I will put my spirit to your descendants’”. Wait so that this spirit is put in you, it   is that spirit that we have come to put in you.  Why we are  here now is that the Spirit be put in us.   The Holy Spirit shall be put in you.

In introducing the theme of His ministration Fr Mbaka said, “Our theme is Holy Ghost anointing. We are handling two topics. One is Holy Ghost, the other is Anointing. The Holy Ghost is the promise; the Anointing is the concomitant effect or the product of the Holy Ghost.  Holy Ghost is the primordial cause, the anointing is the effect.

“It is not any type of anointing that we are talking about today, we are talking about Holy Ghost anointing. We have other anointing like, the satanic anointing, and witchcraft anointing, Jezebelian anointing. What we are talking about is Holy Ghost anointing.

“The Promise in Ezekiel 36:27 says, “I will put my spirit in you”. The Spirit of God Himself is going to enter into you and posses you. It will no longer be you living. The spirit of God is going to live in you, move in you, thrive in you, motivate you, inspire you, help you to be intuitive, help you to be creative, and will refashion you.

“In the valley of the dry bones, God told Ezekiel in Ezekiel 37:14, ‘Prophesy to the dry bones’ . The people in the dry bones were skeletons; broken bones scattered here and there. When the power of God entered into the valley, the bones started coming together; power of the Holy Ghost at work. In Ephesians 3:20 the Bible says, “ By whose power working in us, we can do more than we can think or pray; Power of the Holy Spirit, Dunamis,  the Almighty power, the power that uproots the evil trees from the tap root,  the power that destroys barrenness, the power that wastes away wretchedness, the power that transforms someone’s life.

“Act 1:8 says ‘You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you’.  What is greater than human is coming to you now.  It will no longer be you that will begin to live. This Holy Ghost will be tabernacle in you and me. Your life will be Holy Ghost-driven.  You will no longer be operating in the meager when the Holy Ghost comes, you will begin to operate in the mega.

“I am talking about the Holy Spirit and His anointing. I don’t know the Spirit that is in you. Whether it is a carnal spirit or satanic spirit. When the Holy Spirit comes, every other fake spirit will vanish. The Holy Ghost is all-powerful, awesome and is greater than all other spirits. He is glorious and does great things. When He meets someone that is bound, He will liberate him. Call Him “Holy Spirit Odogwu Akakata”

“In Genesis 1:2, this Holy Spirit was hovering like the wind. The world was without form but was put into form and shape by the Holy Spirit. It is in like manner that He will enter into your life and your which is without a definition will begin to have a definition; somebody without a vision will begin to have a vision; somebody without a purpose will begin to have a purpose, by the direct action and function of the Holy Spirit. He is a specialist in impossibilities.   He is not a thing; He is a Being, the Third Person of the Holy Trinity.

“I Stand as a Leader in this ministry and plead the Holy Spirit not to seek anyone’s permission.  Let Him use whomever He meets here as His instrument.

In invoking the Holy Spirt, Fr Mbaka asked the worshipers to repeat the following ejaculatory prayers after him:

“Holy Spirit, use me as your instrument, do with me whatever you will, use me to procreate, use me unto prosperity. Use me to bless people, use me to preach the word, use me Holy Spirit. I want to be used by you. Possess me, Holy Ghost.  I am waiting and tarrying for your impartation. I am waiting for your endowment. I am waiting for your visitation. I am waiting for your possession and obsession. Use me anyhow you like. Holy Spirit, break me, melt me, remold me. I want to be a sharp instrument in your hands. I want to be used by you. I want to be a magnet of souls. I want to be an instrument of salvation. Dynamic Holy Spirit, Divine Spirit and Perfect Spirit, take over my life and posses me. I surrender to you. I submit to you. From today onwards, I offer myself to you and ask you to use me to do what you will. I no longer want to live as I will. I now want to live in accordance to your will.  You are known as the Holy One. You are not just a spirit, you are the Holy Spirit. Impart your Holiness in my life. I want to be Holy. Make me Holy as you are Holy. Holy Spirit, take over me. Take over my eyes for vision, take over my tongue for prophetic utterances, and take over my hands tonight for healing. Holy Spirit, use me and liberate lives, take over my life. You are the promised Holy Spirit. I need you in my life.”

The night long ministration came to an end at the early hours of Saturday with a crowd of worshiper that filed out at the altar to testify of the miracles they received during the night ministration. The numbers of the testifiers were so many that they could not be recorded by AMEN Super News.  The details of those documented are reproduced below.

The number of the testifiers at the all-night programme was nothing compared with what followed on the Pentecost Sunday when Fr Mbaka continued the ministration from where he stopped at the Friday night programme.  During the Sunday programme which lasted from mid-morning to late in the evening on the Sunday Fr Mbaka delivered an instructive teaching on the difference between Praying in tongue and Speaking in tongue and gently led the worshippers into praying in tongue. He also made special altar call on the barren and the pregnant women and the youths and prayed for them in turns.  At the end of the ministration, many received the gift of tongue.  Few of the remarkable testimonies captured by the AMEN Super News  during the exercise are also reproduced here

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