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The hour has come-Rev Fr Mbaka’s message

The hour has come-Rev Fr Mbaka’s message

As this year 2017 began, Rev Fr Mbaka during the prophetic night did say “We have spiritually weighed the Year 360 degrees, there is no shortcut. Hunger is not going to stop immediately. So people should guard themselves, to be forewarned is to be forearmed. But before the middle of the year, a lot of things will happen that will define what prophetically is called full divine manifestation. God is going to manifest Himself in such a way that many people of God will say really God is still God. More prayers are needed. We are moving into an era there is going to be a lot of political confusion. People of God must pray harder.”

Here we are now at the last month of half quarter of the year (and we are going to do a midyear review of Fr Mbaka’s 2017 prophesies in our next edition). In what appears like a compliance to his prophetic clarion call for more prayers, on the last Sunday of May that ushered in the month of June, Fr Mbaka lead on a prayer titled “The hour has come” wherein he asserts that the Spiritual Whistle Blower says that the hour has come. If you are curious to ask, the hour for what? then you must read on to find the answer yourself.

The coming of this message is in consonance with the coming of the Holy Spirit which the church commemorates during this Pentecost season.  Here we bring you excerpts of the prophetic prayers and ministrations of Fr Mbaka with a hope that it will bear fruit in your life.

“If you want change of your level, then join me in this prayer.  Do you believe that the hour of your uplift has come ? then join me in this prayer.

“Mighty God I join your son Jesus Christ in John 17: 1 and I pray, ‘father, Adonai, Elohim, Elijah, the hour has come.  You are our consoler, the God of all possibilities, the Lion of tribal of Judah, the hour has come, glorify your son, glorify me, that I shall glory you. Your son has glorified you.’

“In Acts 1:14, the Apostles and other disciples in togetherness joined their minds in devotedness to prayer. They prayed. Today is a day of prayer. Jesus prayed that the hour has come. It is now the hour for God to answer your prayers. God is going to change your level. God is going to glorify you.

The chyrotic moment has come; you are going to be glorified. Your family is going to be glorified. God is the one that glories. Whomever she glorifies, no one can bring down. So the glorification here has to do with exaltation, promotion, magnification and change of level. The hour has come for God to change your life. Anything with which you are tied shall begin to tear apart now. Let the ropes and the chains that bind you be shattered now because the time of your glorification has come.


Hour of healing has come. God is going to heal you. The hour has come to heal the sick and to heal destinies. I present your condition to God. Power must change. The hour has come.

God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, the hour has come. This is the time of liberation. The hour of miracle has come in John 2 when water will turn to wine. In John 20:30, the hour of miracle has come. In John 21:25, the hour of miracle has come. In Mark 16:20, the hour of miracles has come. In Is 29:14 the hour of miracle has come. In Exodus 31: 10, the hour of miracle has come. In Rev 9:4 I place a mark of miracle upon you for the hour has come. May your destinies be blessed.

Give us your favour and your blessing. Give us your life and your favour. Let all the Goliath’s and Pharaohs begin to fall, for the hour has come, let all the Haman begin to fall. Let all the Jezebels begin to fall. Let all the witches and Wizards begin to fall, for the Hour has come. Let the witches and wizards, native doctors, assassins, kidnappers plotting against the people of God be arrested by the angels. The Hour has come; good opportunities and fortune must come to you. In Jeremiah 29:11-14 the word of God says that God has plans for his people, plans of good and not evil, not of disaster. If you call on me, I will answer you, if your search for me, you will find me. I will change your fortune and I will reverse your captivity.


Father the hour has come reverses our captivity. Make us triumphant O Lord. We want to triumph. You child of God that the evil spirit has been defeating, the time has come for you to begin to defeat the evil spirit. The hour has come. Every yoke around you must break so that you will glorify God.

Prosper us o lord and we shall prosper your church. Call on God for whatever you want him to do for you. Give us lif or Lord, In Psalm 133:3 God will give us life and blessing.   Every chain your around you must melt so that you will glorify God.

In Zech 14:14 bless us o lord with gold and silver and other wealth. Answer our prayers and bless us as you blessed Abraham in the book of Genesis 13:2, Abraham was made extensively rich in silver and gold and cattle. We need Abrahamic blessings, Abrahamic favour, Abrahamic blessings. In the days of Abraham, you gave him everything he needed and blessed him all round.

When the hour came for Moses in Exodus 2, you took him out of the basket and carried him to the palace. The hour has come now for god to remove somebody from the basket to the palace. Somebody is moving to the palace. Well done Lord.


The hour of change of condition has come. In Deut 28:13 you shall no longer be the tail but the head. Father let us be head and never the tail and be glorified in the name of Jesus.

The hour has come for God to give His daughters good husbands, divinely sent husbands, divinely sent suitors. The time has come for my sons to be given good wives.

When the hour came in the book of Jonah, Jonah was vomited out. Were you swallowed? I pray that you will be vomited. Father, you people cannot glorify you in the belly of the whale, may they be vomited in Jesus name.  Has anything swallowed you or your family? The hour has come for you to be vomited out. God the hour has come, when the poor shall become rich.

In 64:1 let there be open heaven, Let the heaven open for you. Receive now the open heaven of grace, fruitfulness,, prosperity and blessings.

The important thing is that the hour has come. This is a chyrotical utterance in this chyrotical moment. Miracles await you because the hour has come for God to answer you all those prayers that you have been praying ever since. The hour has come. Good things will come to you. I remind God his words in John 17 :1 that the hour has come.

In Ecc 3 there is time for everything, time for sorrow and time for joy, time to fall and time to rise, time to cry and time to laugh. Time to be barren and time to be fruitful.

Time of your divine promotion has come. May the Lord exult you and prosper you supernaturally. May he expand your coast and enlarge your borders. In Psalm 27:13, the hours have come when we shall see the goodness of the Lord in the Land of the living. Who is going to see this goodness of the Lord? The hour has come.

In Psalm 27:1 ‘God is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?’ God is my light, He is your light, He is our Light. In John 9: 5 and in John 8:12 God is our light. In Luke 1: 79 He is our light. Is 60:1 says therefore, ‘Arise and shine for your light has come.’  Is 52:10 says, All the ends of the world shall see His salivation. Psalm 91:16 when you said that I will satisfy you with long life and I will grant you my salvation. Claim salvation, now for the hour has come.

In Gen 45, when the hour came for Joseph to come out of the prison, not one second, wasted. When the time came, God says ‘bring him out’. Joseph was brought out of the prison. Who is this Joseph, the time has come. The hour has come. Are you a Joseph or a Josephine, come out of the prison for the hour has come.

If God says that you are going to be a mega billionaire or a mega millionaire, once the hour comes, it will begin to manifest, that is why Jesus says that the hour has come. We are operating in the eternal now, ie the now that is eternal. Every timing is the time of God; the time has come for you to be made prosperous. In Sirach 11:21 it is easy for the lord to make a poor man suddenly and instantly rich.

The hour has come. You are going to sing songs of praises. You are going to give testimonies. You are going to laugh because the time has come for miracles to manifest in your life.  When that time came for Joseph to come out of prison, Joseph came out. You too must come out.


That person that has been looking for the fruit of the womb, you are worn out with tears of barrenness, It  was the same with one of us here, Mrs Patience, one of our singers, who has been barren for years. Because of her barrenness her first marriage collapsed. Another man remarried her. After her wedding there was no sign of pregnancy for many years until last year when she took in .When the hour came, last month, God gave her triplets. Now her case is glorifying God.  Your own hour has come. Stop weeping.

That prostitute whose name was Rehab, a woman with no good name, she was a notorious harlot, when the hour came, the whole wall of Jericho fell, all the whole people in Jericho died except Rehab and her family. That was not the end of the story. It came to a time Salmon, one of the wealthiest men in the land of the Jews wanted to marry, even though it was a taboo for a Jew to marry a Jericho person, Salmon, a Jew asked for the hand of Rehab, that Jericho harlot in marriage, and Rehab agreed. Because the Hour came.  When the hour comes, the impossible becomes possible. Unless the hour has not come. But this time around the hour has come. Salmon married Rehab, people were wagging their tongues, how come it is this harlot that this innocent man went and married. They didn’t know that God had His plans. When the hour came, Rehab, the prostitute who ought to have damaged her womb, conceived. A prostitute who might have not even have any womb any more became pregnant. Because God said the Hour has come. Are you the one looking for the fruit of the womb, the hour has come. You shall be fruitful. I know that when you deliver twins God will be glorified.

The time and the hour we are talking about is a chyrotical hour. We are saying that the hour has come, not the hour shall come. We are talking about the eternal time. A time beyond mutation It is a time no demon can disfigure or postpone. That the hour has come means that it has come. It is akin to the chief invigilator coming into the examination hall and say “pens up and down” the Hour has come. It is like the referee who blow his whistle at the end of a match. When the whistle is blown, the match ends, if you continue to play after the whistle is blown, you are on your own. The whistle blower from heaven says the hour has come.

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