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Barr Ike Maximus Ugwuoke,(Hakuna Matata) the Editor-in-Chief of AMEN Super News will forever remain thankful to God of Adoration Ministry Enugu for His great works, miracles, signs, wonders and victories upon his family. Narrating the testimony of how God restored the life of their baby that they were medically advised to flush out of the womb and how they triumphed in the battles He said: “In November 2014, after my wife, Mrs. Verrisa Chinenye Ugwuoke had gone for a pregnancy test that showed a positive result, she started having bleeding. We went to the hospital and the Consultant after routine tests and medical examinations confirmed that the baby was lost through the bleeding. He advised that the womb should be flushed to clean it up. I sent a message to Fr. Mbaka telling him about the situation and he replied me, “I have celebrated Mass for her and your family, Keep on believing”. We keyed our faith upon that message and my wife and I decided that the baby will not be flushed out. The following month, she went for test again and the same Consultant confirmed that the baby was there and doing very well to his astonishment.

He told us that he was not surprised as the God of Fr. Mbaka is a God of all possibilities.My wife continued his antenatal at the Hospital, because of this miracle; the consultant would always refer other pregnant women who had miscarriages or other associated challenges to my wife for counseling. Some of them even (non Catholics) after interacting with her would start coming to Adoration or request that she bought one adoration product or the other for them especially Rapha oil.
As months went by, the devil began to unleashed its attack on us but the same God who revived the baby was there protecting us. When the pregnancy was about 6months old, she fell ill and was rushed to the hospital. We nearly lost the baby then but God was in control.
Few weeks after that, I was driving one day on a high way and one of the front tyres of my car wheeled off. How the car was controlled to a stop without somersaulting or having a head on collision with another vehicle was only known by God. Some people attributed this incident to attack. Others told me that the attack was a sign that my wife was carrying a male child and the devil doesn’t want me to be alive to see the child. I dismissed all these as mere superstition. We didn’t check the sex of the child and was interested in knowing. So such insinuations meant nothing to me.
In the last few weeks of the Pregnancy, the devil was down to battle us but God of adoration was up there with victories for us. On Friday 25th July, I woke up and while carrying a small bucket of water, I felt a dislocation at my spinal region. I thought it was a small thing but by evening of that day, all my body from head to toe was heavy with pains that I couldn’t sit-down, walk or even lie down. The following day, I managed to attend Sunday Mass at Christ the King Parish. My wife gave me six bottles of Rapha Oil that she had preserved for her maternity so that Fr. Mbaka would bless it for us. After the mass I went to see Fr. Mbaka in the parish for some briefing during which I gave him the bottles of Olive oil and he blessed them for us. After seeing Fr. Mbaka, I forgot the Olive oil in the parish house and was on my way home when I remembered it. I reversed and went back to the parish house and pleaded Engr. Sunday Nwaknwo who happened to be there then to help me get the six bottles of the Olive oil I left inside the parish house. He went upstairs and came down instead with one bottle of a half filled olive oil used by Father. He told me that Father had taken the bottles of Olive oil and said that he should give me the half filled bottle in place of it. I couldn’t I understand this but I took the oil home.
When my wife asked me of her six bottles of olive oil I told her what happened. As was she blaming me for forgetting the bottles of olive oil, I opened the oil and robbed it in my spinal regions, like magic all the pains associated with my spinal dislocation disappeared. As I was telling my wife that I was healed, my wife’s younger sister who was suffering from malaria took some drops of the oil and instantly the malaria left her. My wife took the oil and reserved it inside her maternity bag.
The Following day being 27th July, my wife complained of Malaria, she was rushed to the hospital; she spent three days there and on the third day, being 30th July a day after Fr. Mbaka’s priestly, anniversary her illness escalated to the extent that her breath began to cease. I sent FrMbaka another message telling him of my wife’s condition, he replied me asking, “How is she improving? As though the message carried in it some therapy, my wife began to recover rapidly and by evening of that day, she was discharged from the hospital.
The following week after we returned from the hospital was my wife’s expectancy week. She was just recovering from her illness when another challenge came. I was in the office when I got her call that she fell down at home while going to pick her cloth from the laundry. I rushed home only to find her in her very helpless situation; she had dislocation in her ankle and knee. She couldn’t walk alone and couldn’t move her left arm. With the help of family friends, a local bone expert came to my house and fixed back her dislocated bones. You could imagine the kind of pains she was going through.
I was praying God that her labour wouldn’t start that week because it would be impossible for her to pull through with that condition. God heard our prayers; the labour delayed for four days and began on the early hours of 11th August. I rushed her to hospital and while she was in the labour room, I sent Fr. Mbaka another message informing him about it. He replied me, “God is in labourward. Fear not. Very soon you will rejoice with testimonies”. Her labour lasted for about five hours and at a point, she demanded that I should get her the reserved half bottle of Rapha olive oil. Immediately I brought it to her and she drank little quantity of it, she delivered a bouncing baby boy. You need to see how big the baby was.
Few minutes after she came out of the labour ward, the devil launched its final battle .She began to complain of pains in her stomach and was taken back to the labour ward. She was suspected of having internal bleeding. With the efforts of the medical experts a large quantity of blood that filled a medium seized bucket was deployed from her stomach. At this juncture, she was feeling very weak, the consultant told the Nurses to prepare to take her to the theatre. I was told that she would need some blood transfusion and that I should go and look for blood. My wife and I told the nurses to wait for us to pray first before any further step. My wife led the prayers with her last strength decreeing that she shall not die but shall live to testify the miracles of her safe delivery. We prayed linking her situation to Rev.12:15 where the Bible talks about the serpent that cast out his mouth water as a flood to carry away the woman in travail of child birth after she had delivered her child, but the earth helped the woman and opened its mouth and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth. We called the post natal bleeding, the flood of the Serpent and commanded that the earth shall swallow it up. We implored the help of Arch Angels and God of Fr. Mbaka connecting our prayers to his prayers and that of other priests that was praying for us at the hour. We agreed that by the time the consultants would come to check on her again, they will find nothing wrong with her. So it was after our prayers, two of the consultants came and after examining her, they said there was nothing wrong with her. That was the end of the whole story. She never entered the theater. Even the pains in her ankle and joints disappeared.
She became very strong from then but the doctor decided to keep her under medical surveillance for some time. On the second day, she demanded for her discharge from the hospital, the doctor recommended a PCV test on her and told me that if her blood count was below 25, he would not allow her go. When the test came out her PCV was 26. She was discharged after proper guides on how to boost her blood count. Today if you see my wife you can hardly know that she ever passed through all these challenges. Tem Tem Tem to Jesus. My phone number is 08037793766.

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