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Midway the Ministration of Fr Mbaka on 3rd December 2014, all of a sudden began to prophesy on the state of Nigerian nation saying:

“Mighty God, on this day you are commanding your people to go and conquer, I pray against the spirit of fear.  In Job 3:25; what you fear will come to you.  Job was afraid whether his children would die and his Children died.  When you are afraid whether your enemies will win you, they will win you.  Few weeks ago, there was an engendered fear in this country that the price of oil may fall. The price of oil that used to be above $120 per barrel came  down to $72  and they are targeting by the end of this month the price will come down to $65. If this  happens, what  it will translate into for us are hunger, disaster, and retrenchment of workers because there will be no funds to pay employees. It will bring about  unemployment because those already employed would have  to be retrenched.

Naira has depreciated.  In the international market,  $1 that used to be exchanged to  N1 is now N180 and they are targeting that by the end of December, naira exchange to dollar will be  N200 per dollar. This means that our currency will be chaff, it means that you have to do a novena before you go to market and be able to buy one cup of rice. It equally means that we may not have the financial viability to import the articles or goods we used to import. It still means that the life of luxury is going to be reduced. It means that opulence as a life style is going to be curtailed.  What it means is that to pay for hospital bills will be herculean task.  It equally means that the issue of marriage will be a delayed exercise; funding educational visions may be an arduous task.

The implication is that our leaders are going to begin to think, otherwise both the leaders and the led will cry.   When we were living in buoyancy of excess crude oil and money, what did our leaders achieve with that? It is a simple question. Each regime will come and promise us heaven and hell on earth that they will do this and that, but after this nothing will happen. Billions of dollars we have been hearing of, orthodox and unorthodox ones, , submitted ones and hidden ones, how have our leaders used those wealth to develop our country? What is happening to our oil and naira is a hidden war, a silent coup upon Nigeria, coup against our economy and financial wellness.  The analogy is like that of a man who used to have barn of big yams and all of a sudden he starts to harvest tiny yams from  his farm. At first his children used to rejoice that two tubers of their father’s yam will fill a basket, but now all the tiny tubers of yam gathered together cannot fill a basket.

What the western world want to tell us is ‘having escaped from Ebola virus, let us see how you are going to survive this economic crunch’.  It has never happened in the history of this country that such collapse of oil price will happened from top to the bottom in less than one week. The fall  was not gradual at all, if it had drifted down from $125 to $122 then to $120, it will be gradual. Any mathematician or economist can plot the graph and see the scope. But this present scenario  is beyond human arithmetical formula. You will get confused if you want to plot the graph because before your hand will go up, the slope will be already down.

When we prophesied that something worse than Boko haram is coming to this country, it didn’t take long and Ebola came. But God is with us and gave us a divine solution to it. I don’t know the extent of help  America that we love so much  has been to us.  Even our own African brother, Obama, the President whom we hailed and rejoiced when he became the president. It is  a disaster  when the person whom you are looking up to help you in trying moment just ignored you. That is what the countries that surround us are doing to us. The worst is what we are doing to our self. All of a sudden our leaders who do not have up to N3m in their  account before they  clinched political powers  became multimillionaires overnight. yet they have no farm or industry anywhere. They will embezzle the money meant for the societal development and will run to Abuja every now and then..

What I have to tell Jonathan at this point in time is to be careful. If he knows what to do, let him do it now. There is no time to waste. Nigerians are not going to die because the price of oil has gone down because when the price was up, we benefitted nothing from that. When the oil was sold in billions we used to hear it with our ears.

As oil producing country, the federal highways in the East of Nigeria is rubbish. Where are the monies. If the President is not careful, he will lose the power of summon.  Lawyers understand what this means, ie when a leader cannot convene his subject. It is akin to  a situation where parents will be calling on their children to go for an errand and the child will take his bag and go his way. It is a disaster.  Under Obasanjo, who are you to say you are moving to APC or AP what? Who are you? Now the President will be talking and the governor will be talking. Now the President will be talking and the Party Chairman will be talking.  We have a Latin phrase for such a situation where one will say one thing and the other will say another.

Jonathan beware, where they are heading to incase you don’t know, even with this so called insurgency is towards military intervention. Jonathan should be careful; it is revelation from the sanctuary. There is an invisible plot to open the barrack and they will say that the country is ungovernable. You cannot destroy whom you cannot distract, for the demon of distraction is the demon of destruction and that demon says he must distract first before he destroys. Even the APC slogan and promises are mirages and fables. Most of them that moved into APC are those who cannot steal enough from PDP.    The situation  is like a soup made in the same pot but dished out in different plates. If you are gullible, you will take the one in breakable plate and say it is the best. What you took is the plate because the same soup in the plastic plate is what is in the breakable plate.  Our leaders are soup made in the same pot and dished out in different plates, some in breakable plates, golden plates, diamond plates, earthen plates, plastic plates etc. They are  the soup the Igbos call “O gba nikpere aka”.

In this prophesy of let the leader of today be careful and watch his back and know who is holding his ladder, we are asking President Jonathan our beloved president, who is holding your ladder? Is Jega still with you? Even the Leader of your party Muazu are you still assured of his patriotism and faithfulness? Is the wrapper still at the waist where it is tied or has ii fallen to the knees? Ask them if your agreements with them are still intact. There are serious gang ups against your seat. Wake up from slumber Oh President!  Go! And conquer! President Jonathan, you can go and conquer if you can wake up quickly. Stop feeling sleepy, you are the president. You are not just the president, you are the commander in-Chief of  both the police and the military. Who are you waiting for?  If a snake fails to behave like one, the young ladies will use it to tie firewood. Wake up Oh! President Ebere wake up.  This time around it is not only your good luck that will help you, let your masculinity penetrate into the divinity of those who are praying for you, rise and conquer. The ball is in your court, if you allow them in  this  match you have already won, they will mess you up at the dying minute.  Watch it, we don’t want you to be put to shame but you have to arise, remember you are the president and the commander in chief. Arise and command, tell Nigerians what is happening. We still love you and believe in you; otherwise your opponents are making good advantage of your weak points. They will weaken your strength and make use of your weak points and destroy you. Why are you allowing them to be playing inside your 18 yard box?

In all this, don’t lose the power of focus, the battle is of the Lord, remember our message is “Go and conquer”. We still have same God who conquered Ebola for us.  During the reign, threat and phobia of Ebola such that even in the church you can’t shake your neighbor and people were carrying hand-wash de-germizer around to anoint their hands before they could have a handshake with another.  God evolved for us divine solutions, about ten to twelve of them.  The message was preached in the midst of that dilemma, we applied these divine solutions since there was no medical solution to the ailment, by the special grace of God, Ebola is conquered in Nigeria.

Fellow NIgerains, you are going to conquer again and again. Even this Naira depreciation, Nigeria will conquer. Nigerians are unconquerable. They will conquer even this oil price depreciation. We should not be afraid Roman 8:28 says that for them that love God all things worketh together unto good.  With all this that are happening, Nigeria is not going to degenerate into a nonsensical figure on the altar of economic disaster. No, we are rather going to evolve under the context of modern day ecology, economy and financial wellness. There is going to be an evolution into the agricultural trend, evolution into the industrial trend. There is going to be industrial evolution in Nigeria, so let the Americans and all the countries around not worry themselves. In Micah 7:8 Micah said “Rejoice not against me, O mine enemies: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the LORD shall be a light unto me”.  This is my message to my fellow countrymen; God will raise Nigeria up again. The same God who conquered Ebola for us will conquer this economic crunch for us, He will conquer the naira devaluation for us, He will conquer the oil price disaster for us, He will conquer the unemployment factors for us, He will conquer the bad leadership factors and the insurgency war for us. God is going to fight for us in the Northern,  Southern, Eastern and Western parts of Nigeria because this country belongs to God. God has commanded us not to be afraid rather we should go and conquer. Fellow countrymen go and conquer!

In this time for you to go and conquer, I don’t want to hear any reason why you failed; I want to hear you have succeeded because you must succeed. Why? Because God is with you and one with God is majority. Remember   Gen 39:2, because God was with Joseph he was successful and prosperous. So go, conquer, succeed and prosper in Jesus name.

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