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Jungle Justice: A Crime Against Humanity

The Federal Government, through her agencies, has put in necessary measures to see that jungle justice is discouraged in the society.  Some of these measures taken were made through Television, Radio, Seminars and other public enlightenment programmes.  It is so, because some people in the past resorted to taking laws into their hands over issues that should be resolved legally.  And this, as a matter of fact, has made most Nigerians to challenge the essence of the existing laws of the land when it cannot defend the fundamental human rights of her citizens

If it were not the intervention of passers-by and few people present on Thursday 14th of August 2014, nobody could have known that Maureen, one of the recharge cards sellers at the Enugu State Broadcasting services (ESBS) Junction was not a thief to have experienced such a humiliation she underwent that fateful morning in the hand of a young man on uniform who was finally known as a member of the Enugu Capital Territory Development Agency (ECTDA).  Even if she was a thief could she have been mesmerized that way which attracted the attention of everybody around without being tried in the court of law and convicted?

On that Thursday morning, Maureen was seen struggling to free herself from the hand of this young man.  He pursued her from that junction to the front of celebrity (a fast food joint there) where she fell down on the road and sustained a serious injury on her knees while dragging her bag which contained both the monies and her recharge cards, half naked.

This young man whose action was generally condemned by the people around that scene who pleaded with him but he refused and his intention was not known by anyone, but when the anger of everybody was on him, he left her and one of the drivers who was also among those who condemned his action, was finally dragged into the vehicle his colleagues finally came in and took him away.

According to Maureen who spoke to AMEN Super News,” I was sitting down at this junction with a plastic seat where ‘Keke’ drivers usually pack.  The next thing I saw was a young man who appeared before me and started dragging me out of that vicinity.  And after much struggle with him, he decided to collect my bag which contained my recharge cards and money.

“I fell on the ground, half-naked and sustained injury on my knees.  If it were not the help of passers-by who came to my rescue, I would not have retrieved my bag from him; because his action was inhuman.

Every effort made to reach Obasi, the young man who was arrested by them did not yield positive result as his presence was not met when AMEN Super News visited the scene twice.  But a source told AMEN Super News that Obasi was arrested and taken to their office, but the National Union of Road Transport Workers’ Chairman was contacted and he went to their office and bailed him.

A young man who also claimed to be working for the State Government who does not want his name in print, challenged the ECTDA member when he was with his colleagues and some policemen working with them,” You think you have right to do whatever you want with people and go scot free?  Because you feel protected in the midst of these policemen.  If not for these policemen, you think you would have been allowed to do to this girl what you have done.  Just be thanking your God that these policemen finally came to the scene to join you.  If she were your sister would you have treated her this way?  And everybody is begging you, yet you feel so superior to them.”

One of the notable personalities in Enugu State under anonymity who almost crush Maureen while lying on the ground dragging her bag from him reacted badly when this young man claimed that he was sent by the commissioner: “Who is the commissioner that sent you to come and do this type of Job you are doing here?  Did he ask you to come and mess up the people because you are working for the state government? That is how most of you mess up outside when you are given little opportunity to work for the government.  Tomorrow now every finger would be directed against the state government who does not know what you are doing.  Everybody is begging you to free this girl, yet you refused.”

It was when he stressed vehemently that if he didn’t not free the girl he would regret his action that made him to free her.

One of the policemen who were with the team whose real identity was not disclosed claimed that it was the instruction given to them by the state government. And that it most be adhered to by everybody.   And in addition, a member of ECTDA under anonymity stressed, “The governor came to our office and asked every person selling something around here to leave and warned us never to allow them again within that vicinity; if he could give us such order, why would we not implement it outside?  So it was an instruction given to us which we must obey.

It is high time we know that the effort of this present administration which is appreciated and commended by the people must not be messed up by those who have their personal interest to accomplish outside the government’s general objectives.  Those who have the opportunity to work for the government should not abuse it.  Every effort should be geared towards helping the government to accomplish its mandate to its people and not to be an agent of confusion and humiliation which attracts accusing fingers and blame on the government in power.

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