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Manifestation of the Resurrecting Power of Christ

Manifestation of the Resurrecting Power of Christ

He bore our sicknesses and did away with our infirmities, he bore and took away the sin of many and made intercession for the transgressors, (Is. 54:12) by His stripes, we are healed, he became poor that we might be rich in Him, these are scriptural promises of Christ that are made manifest in the lives of Christians.

2019 Good Friday and Holy Saturday were really awesome at Adoration ministry Enugu Nigeria. It was indeed two-nights of breakthrough and divine visitation. Troupe of adorers struggled to climb the stage to testify the mercies of God in their lives. One can see many of them testifying with tears of joy concerning how they were liberated from bondage especially sickness that had held them for many years. There is a clear evidence of God’s awesome power of resurrection showing itself.

As usual, Amen Super News is always available to share this good news to the world at large. We bring to your doorstep the good news of the RESURRECTING POWER OF CHRIST. Here are few of the testimonies;

Divine Healing Chima Linda from Nkalagu in Ebonyi State. My phone number is: 07060550122

I had been experiencing frequent headache to the extent that it affected my ears. I couldn’t hear very well for a week. On Good Friday, I came to Adoration, and during the praise and worship time, I received my healing. I am now hale and hearty.

Divine Healing Mrs  Onyia Ugada Mary from Onitsha. My phone number is: 07065389148

I had an ectopic pregnancy for three consecutive periods and on each occasion; I will go for a surgical operation. After the 3rd one, I developed a serious health complication. Series of medical test kept giving different result. Some result test will reveal fibroid while some other will show intestinal problems. All this while, I couldn’t walk comfortably without holding my stomach. I have to always lie on my stomach each time I am sitting down. I have spent so much in the hospital before my husband’s cousin brought me to Adoration on Friday night. During healing and deliverance session, I placed my hands on my stomach as instructed by Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka. God answered and healed me. On Saturday morning, I was dancing freely unlike before. Uptil now, am not having any pain on my stomach again.

Divine Healing Chima Chibuike from Ebonyi State. My phone number is: 07035859066

I had a dream where I was shot twice on my head. Immediately I woke up I started having severe hotness and heaviness on my head, with time, I began to lose my memory. On Good Friday night, I came to Adoration and during the prayer session, I saw myself in a vision being raised from a grave. Immediately after the prayers, all the symptoms including the spinal cord injury disappeared.

Divine Healing Mr. Amasiatu James from Imo State. My phone number is: 08063401917

For good one year, I was finding it difficult to breath. It seemed as if something blocked my nose. I went to the hospital and the doctor said that it is catarrh. I started treating catarrh and along the line, I fell seriously sick. I came to Adoration on G ood Friday and after the prayer session; I was relieved of every burden and pain of sickness. I can comfortably breathe now.

Divine Healing Mrs Ogbodo Veronica from Akpugo Nkanu in Enugu State. My phone number is: 08165900491.

I was diagnosed of goiter which affected my speech and breathing. After the deliverance and prayer session, God brought forth His healing in my life. I can now breathe freely.

Blessed with Twins Financial Favour Mrs Nnaji Chinenye from Nsukka in Enugu State. My phone number is: 0814244809

I am thanking God for the gift of twins which I delivered safely. I am also grateful for financial favour He bestowed on my family and we were able to offset our hospital bill.

Divine Favour Mrs Nwadimma Eucharia from Iheaka in Nsukka. My phone number is: 08134873090

I did a lucky dip with Trust in God Company. When they were filling the card for me, I told them to write Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka instead of my name, I then wrote my phone number. During the exercise, the name Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka was among those who won a tricycle. I was also delivered from the power of death after I receiving a prayer of deliverance from Fr. Mbaka through Adoration recharge card.

Divine Healing Fred Mbame from Izzi in Ebonyi State. My phone number is: 08060244042

I have been experiencing frequent headache since February 2019. After sometime,  I began to see the problem as a sign of mental disorder. I had already spent #100,000 seeking for solution, but all my effort was abortive. It became so serious that I had to travel back to the village. On Good Friday, I attended Adoration and during the prayer session, Fr. Mbaka asked us to place our hands on any part of our body that is giving us problem. I did as instructed and immediately, I received my healing. The headache stopped.

Divine Healing Ugwu Amarachi from Nsukka State. My phone number is: 08127798883

I had to stop breastfeeding my baby as a result of sickness. On getting to the hospital for treatment, I discovered that I was 5 months pregnant. All effort to relieve myself of the sickness proved abortive. I came to Adoration and during the praying session, I placed my hands on my stomach while praying, after the prayers, the burden of sickness was lifted out from my body and I was completely healed.           

Divine Healing Ugwu Hillary from Isi-Uzo in Enugu State. My phone number is: 08161765697

I was having a painful waist problem to the extent that he can’t stand or walk for four months but after the prayers on Friday night, I began to stand. Right now, I can walk normally.

Divine Healing Obiageli Uzoefuna from Agu-obu Iwollo. My phone number is: 08064002844

I had been experiencing severe backache and difficulty in breathing. During prayers, I placed my hands where I was having problem as instructed by father, and with that my healing came forth. I no longer feel those symptoms again.

Divine Healing Igweka Blessing from Oji-River in Enugu State. My phone number is: 08144052337

I started having a chronic waist pain on Monday of Holy week. I couldn’t stand, sit or walk. The drugs I bought couldn’t help me out. On Friday, I was in Adoration participating in the programme and after the prayers, the pain disappeared.

Divine Healing Anih Patricia from Nkanu in Enugu State. My phone number is: 09039086095

I found it difficult to breathe but after prayers on Friday night, I received my healing. I can now breathe freely.

Divine Healing Nnam Charity Ekwutosi from Akwunanaw in Enugu State. My phone number is: 070634954400

I started having severe headache at the beginning of the Holy week. I tried a good number of treatments to make it subside but it did not work. So on Friday, I came to Adoration and after prayers, the headache disappeared.

Divine Healing Amuji Ebere from Akpakwumenze in Udi. My phone number is: 07063495400

I was having waist and heart problem since last week Monday but as soon as I came to Adoration last night being Good Friday and cried unto God. As I am talking now, I am not feeling anything again. When and how the pain disappeared I what I don’t know.

Divine Healing Eneje Kelechi from Umana Ndi-Agu. My phone number is: 08164982725

I had a chronic infection which had lasted for so many years. It was so severe that sometimes, I will not see my menstrual cycle for six months, other times, the symptoms will just surface with body odor and smelly discharge. Stomach pain and fever was so common. I had spent so much in the hospital trying to remedy my health challenges all to no avail. During prayers on Good Friday night, I was feeling a series of changes taking place in my body. By morning, all those chronic body pains and other symptoms had disappeared. I also went home to discover that the nightmare which I usually have each time I lay my head to sleep is no more. Secondly, it happened that my family was filled with war and hatred for each other. Nobody cares to know how the other person is faring. It got to the extent that my brothers no longer care or ask after my mother. This affected our progress in the family. Surprisingly, I went to visit my mother during the Easter period and she was testifying to my greatest surprise that my elder brother came to see her and he bought so many things for her. Even my other siblings who seemed not to care are calling now asking me how I am faring.  

Divine Healing Anih Deborah from Akpugo Nkanu in Enugu. My phone number is: 07066790498

I was passing through a chronic waist pain for a long time now but during the prayers, I placed my hands on my waist. In the morning, I noticed that I can’t feel the pain again.

Divine Healing Nwankwo Ngozi from Ezeagu from Enugu. My phone number is: 07062688934

I was having a chest pain and it seems as if something was moving all over my body. It happened for two months. During ministration on Friday night, I started vomiting out cough. That was the end of the symptoms. Right now, I don’t feel any of those things anymore.

Divine Healing Ezeh Peace from Iwollo-Oghe in Ezeagu. My phone number is: 08083256885

In my SS1, I had a dislocation while I was trying to fetch firewood. The pain and problem persisted, but after last night’s ministration, I was able to get myself. I am more than happy.

Divine Healing Ali Chinemerem from Agwu in Enugu State. My phone number is: 08084924900

For more than five years now, I had been battling with yellow fever. Its symptoms were constant (constant headache, drop of tears). I ahd gone to many hospital but none of them is giving me hope. I came to Adoration and by this morning, I am no longer seeing the symptoms again.

Divine Healing Ani Anthony from Akpugo. My phone number is: 08160772471

I had difficulty in breathing. Each breath I take always come with serious sharp pain on my chest. I thought I was going to die. After ministration last night, my health was restored back. I can now breath comfortably now.

Divine Healing Amarachi Alade from Ebonyi State. My phone number is: 090301016853

I was having a serious pain in my stomach for more than two years now. All medical diagnoses and treatments failed to yield any positive result. My friend advised me to come to Adoration and I obliged. During the sprinkling of water, my body began to shake seriously and after ministration last night, the pain disappeared.

Divine Protection Eze Evelyn from Nsukka. My phone number is: 07065270272

Armed robbers attacked my children in my shop. One of the robbers released bullet on my daughter but she ran away. The second child was carrying an egg, so they rushed towards her and released another bullet but instead the bullet shattered the eggs and my daughter ran away free.

Divine Healing Philomina Onochie from Anam. My phone number is: 08138670941

My son who was learning trade fell sick. It had been 6 years since I set my eyes on him. He had ulcer on his legs. His oga and the wife seemed not to care. He called me and narrated his predicament, I made a midnight prayer for him, after the prayers, he called me to testify that God has healed what orthodox and traditional medicine cannot not cure.

Divine Healing Theophilus Joseph from Ebonyi. My phone number is: 07035354209

My sister who was barren for 10 years blessed with fruit of the womb after I backed her up with prayers and gave her an Adoration recharge card

Divine Healing Ugwuoke Stephen from Iheaka. My phone number is: 08145640313

I was having a mysterious sickness that defied many treatments. Last week, I came to adoration and went to the temple to pray. During the midnight prayers, my stomach began to disturb me. I rushed to the bush and defecated twice. After that, the whole symptoms disappeared.

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