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YOUR MIRACLES ARE BACK TO LIFE: As Couple give testimony of how their dead Child in the womb came back to life in Adoration Ministry, Enugu

YOUR MIRACLES ARE BACK TO LIFE: As Couple give testimony of how their dead Child in the womb came back to life in Adoration Ministry, Enugu

As a woman testifies of how her dead child in the womb came back to life, the shout of joy pervaded   Christ the King Parish Enugu, the venue of the popular Wednesday “E no dey again” programme of Adoration Ministry, Enugu.

The woman whose baby was confirmed medically dead in the womb for a long period of time was revived after she and her husband attended adoration programme. The words of the woman, “my child isn’t dead anymore, my baby is alive now and kicking well” The couple stood at the pulpit as Fr Mbaka gave a step by step account of this testimony.  Amen Super News was on ground to capture this testimony life as the husband   danced at the altar like David danced before the Ark of the Covenant. It got to a point that he couldn’t contain his joy and he demanded Fr Mbaka to give him the microphone for him to relate the story first hand.  He gave us AMEN Super News his phone number 07065411163 and began this way:

Umu Adoration eee! Umu Ikuku eee! Our God is a warrior. My name is Eze Uchechukwu and my wife’s name is Eze Precious. We are from Umunkene , Okani in Amagunze . This story Fr Mbaka is giving narrating here is not first class information, but second class information because he is telling the story from the chapter he is away.

“My wife and I were wedded on April 9th 2012 at Blessed Sacrament Parish by Fr Theophilus Amalu. This thing that is happening in my family has a particular pattern it takes.  Whenever my wife becomes pregnant, it will go out mysteriously. This case, when I took my wife to ultra-sound, it was confirmed not only that the child was dead but that the child was long dead in the womb. This is not the first time, it is not the second time, and it is not the third time that this type of thing has happened to us. My wife has once given birth to a child but twenty-one days after the child’s dedication, the child was mysteriously burnt alive. I have the picture of my burnt child with me. I showed it to Fr Mbaka and he wept for us.

So Fr Mbaka now entered a bet with us in the spirit that it will not happen again. He asked us to let him know once my wife conceives again. When she had this present pregnancy, it was not easy for us to see father one on one coupled with the facts that we were not sure of the pregnancy because the medical scan was not showing anything. It was on the first of August that we confirmed her pregnant. That same day someone invited us for child dedication.  We came here but couldn’t see father but we had the faith that having stepped our feet at this ground, it shall be well.  Because the Bible says that faith cometh by hearing the word of God and that faith without good work is dead.  I told my wife “come lets go, we shall try another day” She told me that she was feeling somehow. That has been the pattern, once she is confirmed pregnant; the next thing that will follow it is that the child is dead.  So to me that she is pregnant was no longer good news to me because suddenly one bad news will follow it. But in this case, we said no, we are going to do something extraordinary. We went to see Fr Mbaka and while the security was clearing people out of the way, I said in my mind “these people don’t really understand what we are going through”. So I blocked Fr Mbaka’s way.  He looked at us and I saw pity in his eyes. And when he left, I told my wife, “let’s go home and raise our banner, the battle is of the Lord.” My wife told me to wait, that she would like to visit the Blessed Sacrament here in the church. She is not a catholic, she is an Anglican. She told me that she promised God that if she goes back for the scan and she is told that the child is alive, she would give God her one month salary.  When we went home, we went in prayers, we were sure father and others were praying with us. One week after that, it was almost difficult for her to survive. I took her back to the hospital for the scan. When we got there, I told God that I would want this testimony to start from the same medical attendant who confirmed earlier that the child was dead. This child in the womb was long dead and we are waiting for its decayed body to start coming out.

When the Doctor scanned her, he exclaimed “Impressive!” I told him “that is the word.” He said the child is alive and kicking. When God performs a miracle, it will be clear that it is God that did it. God used our Daddy and the Adorers to fight this battle for my family”

Fr  Mbaka directed the couple to kneel at the altar and spreading his hands upon them, beneath the altar, he began to pray for them:

“O God of Cherubim and Seraphim, we stand in the power of your word of Genesis 3:24 and employ the Cherubim in Your sanctuary, the Cherubim in the Garden of Eden to come and spread their wings of protection and security around this your daughter and the child in the womb, around her husband that is joyful with amazing tears of joy,. Having done this miracle that is real; we stand in Philippians 4:6 and declare that you who has started this good work will perfect it. Thank you Lord because you have never been known for an abandoned project, you are the author and finisher in Heb 12:2 b because in Rev 1;:8 your name is the Alpha and the Omega.  In Rev 1:18, you are the beginning and the end.  Your word said that if you open no one can close and if you close no one can open. With the authority of your word in Isaiah 22:22, I decree and declare Rev 3:7-8. Now you have opened this womb, nobody can close it again.

She is here representing several barren women, women with barrenness and miscarriages, many women with unhealthy wombs and uterine walls, may healing and resuscitation occur in you in Jesus name.  Since the Lord in Heaven has protected this one, He will protect your own.  Since He put in this Child, He will put your. Since this one later died and God raised it from dead in the womb, God will raise back your own to life.”

When he was done, Fr Mbaka collected the microphone from him and reechoed his words “that my wife is pregnant is no longer a good news” “Impressive”, “that is the word”.  He stated that the day he saw the picture of the couple’s child that was burnt by invisible fire, he wept. He enjoins the Adorers to continue to imbibe faith that can dare conditions such that while you are watching a situation that is black, you will believe it is white. That is the kind of faith this man had with the wife. Listen there is nothing God cannot do. Our prayer upon them has not finished but when we thank God for what he has done, he will do more.  My joy is that this couple that was weeping is now happy and cheerful. Your faith has restored this baby back to life and your faith will keep the baby alive.

We decree and declare that God will turn your tears into joy. We decree and declare that your enemies will not laugh at you. We decree and declare that miracles and testimonies will be your portion. You here that is suffering from near success syndrome, we decree and declare for you that signs and wonders will be your portion. We decree and declare that there will be a festival of joy in this family. The devil has done something terrible and odious, in this family; we decree and declare that you are going to praise God in this situation.  I decree and declare upon you that the presence of God here will solve your problems.

You that are bound and chained, destinies, bound and chained, opportunities bound and chained, vocations bound and chained, I declare and decree that you will be released in Jesus name. As this dead child in the womb came back to life, so shall you blessings begin to be alive again. This family never knew they will be brought out here today. This is the way own day will happen. A miracle that will make the whole world happy is coming to you. It has been long you started hearing what God is doing for other people, we decree and declare that others shall begin to hear the one God is doing for you. If there is anything you are expecting from God, that comes and eludes you, the one coming now will be alive for miracle.

And we bless you, we bless your hands. It is necessary to bring out this couple here because of you.  When miracle happened in the life of Peter’s mother-in-law, other people started coming in great numbers. This is real, not faked one or the one of gossip. See the man, see the woman, and see the child in the womb.

We decree and declare in Ex 23; 25-26 that the lord will remove sickness from your lives and you will not miscarry and not be barren again. In Deut 7:14 you shall not miscarry again. In psalm 128: 3 you shall be fruitful as the vine, in Psalm 128:6 you shall live to see your children’s children. In Psalm 118: 17, you shall not die and your baby shall not die. In Psalm 91:16 God will satisfy you with long life. This is our declaration and decree in Jesus name.  Arise and shine for your light has come. We shall all be joyful on the day of the delivery of this child.

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