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DEAD BABY FOR DAYS BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE BY GOD OF ADORATION-My name is Abuchi Nzekwe from Achala in Anambra State. In the year 2014, I came to Adoration, after 7 years of serving my master, without settlement. The message on that day was, “for them that love God, everything works together for good”. During the ministration, Fr. asked if you would want God or man to  settle you? I had this feeling that I am the one the question was being directed to. I answered; I would want God to settle me. After the programme that day, within a period of 2 years, God settled me with a land, shop and above all blessed me with a beautiful woman, after our wedding in October 2015, my wife conceived. The baby was miscarried. She took in again and, I kept asking the God of Adoration for divine protection upon her so that the experience of miscarriage would not be repeated. To the glory of God, she was divinely protected till the 9th month. On 25th August 2016, when she went into labour, she stayed for hours, but the baby could not come out. I started calling upon the God of Adoration, with the prayers in POWERFUL PRAYER BOOK, for complete 12 hours my wife was in pains, but as God may have it, He intervened and my wife delivered a bouncing baby girl at 6:00pm.

Some hours later, the baby that was bouncing became lifeless. I refused to accept the doctor’s report, that my baby is dead. I requested for oxygen for the baby. This was happening on a Thursday 25th August, the next day I was asked to go and take the baby away. Different doctors came, and the baby was confirmed dead. I told them, that my baby cannot die, just like that. Anchoring in faith, I told them, I know the God I am serving.  That I am serving a living God, God of Adoration Ministry, God of Fr. Mbaka, that same God who never failed me, will not fail me now. They were saying, “lets know what happens to you and this your God”. With my POWERFUL PRAYER BOOK, I kept calling upon God of Adoration. From that Friday to Wednesday being the 6th day, there was still no sign that my baby will be revived. To my very eyes and to the surprise of the doctors, Thursday morning while I was still anchoring on the God of Adoration, she sneezed and opened her eyes. I give God all the praises who indeed, proved he never fails. The baby, who was lifeless for complete 7 days, got back to life to the glory of God. Thank you Jesus…My phone number is 08067677002


testimonyMy name is Felicia Nwoye from Umueze Amawbia in Anambra State. I am thanking the God of Fr. Mbaka, who vindicated me from the plans of the evil one. I went home for the August meeting, two days after the meeting being on a Monday, I went to the office. Few hours later, I couldn’t get myself. I tried to get up but noticed I couldn’t move one of my left hand and leg, people called my children, who came and carried me home. I was taken to places for treatment, but all attention given to me proved abortive. The situation became serious, that I was even urinating on myself. This kept happening till I was carried to this arena, on one of the E NO DEY AGAIN programmes. During the time for offering, my daughter took me up the stage, to give my own offering, as God may have it, our daddy Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka was busy touching us one after the other, behold it got to my turn. As he was about touching my head as he did to others, I told him, “stroke, stroke”. This touched him and he asked people behind me to wait, he prayed and made sign, that he is sending it back to wherever it came from. After the prayers that day, I went home and noticed I could do things I could not do before, I noticed I can now move my hand and leg that could not be moved before. I really encountered God through this man of God Rev. Fr. Mbaka. That was how this stroke disappeared. I was healed to the extent that people who saw me in my former condition, could not recognize me… I thank you the God of Fr. Mbaka, God of healing…My phone number is 08135008736


My name is Innocent Eze, from Nsukka. I am testifying on what God of Adoration did for me. Since I got married to my wife, she couldn’t conceive. We have done everything within human power to have a baby of our own but all to no avail. This kept happening for complete 5years. We were wallowing in bareness, till after I came to adoration. I petitioned the case to the God of Adoration; behold the God of Adoration intervened in my case. After that visit to Adoration programme, God blessed me with a bouncing baby boy… Praise God. My phone number is 08020991055


I am Ijeoma Raphael Agatha from Ihube in Okigwe in Imo State. This happened in April last year. Where I work, one of us was transferred from our branch In Enugu to Isi-agu. She had nowhere to st0ay. She passed the night in our office life camp. She came and complained of not being comfortable there and asked if she can stay with me for some time. I accepted to take her for some time, before she finds a place for herself. She spent about 2 months with me. The day she was about to pack to her apartment, we both went to work, having in mind, that when we come back from work, we pack her things to her own apartment together, but after a while she came to me, asking for the key, so she could go and pack her things. I asked her to wait, since it is within the same house, we could do it after work. She refused and reported me to our life camp Manager. The man gave me a written note for gate pass.  We went home and packed her things to her own apartment. I went back to the office. Coming back in the evening, after about 30 minutes, I took the remaining food I had. I couldn’t get myself again. What was coming out of me, was drawing like “ogbono” soup. I rushed to a medical center, they were all asking me what the problem was, I couldn’t say anything, but kept on vomiting. The man there asked me what I ate, I told him and he said the food was bad. After some treatment, I went home and kept dropping till I had to complain to my parents. I was asked to come home. I kept going from one hospital to another yet nothing was found. This kept happening to the extent that people run away from me, even some of my colleagues in the office run away from me. I was just being treated like an outcast. They were all accusing me of being a victim of HIV and AIDS. I kept slimming down, all my friends deserted me. Life became very unbearable for me. Despite all the medical tests I had been undergoing, nothing was found. Until I went for this last one, in the last week of May this year. After the test, nothing was found. The girl that ran the test introduced me to Adoration and asked me to buy Adoration Recharge Card. Lo and behold, I came to Adoration and bought the Adoration Recharge Card. As I was going home, I recharged the card. On Monday the following week, our daddy Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka called me and said, child of God, people are accusing you of what you are innocent of. He prayed and said that whatever the evil one has injected into me will vanish and I said Amen. I laid down and the voice came again “whatever the evil has put inside you, will vanish” My brothers and sisters, the poison eating me up for close to a year vanished that moment. From that day I started recovering to normal. I thank the God who did this for me; the God who declared me innocent of wrong accusations. Let all glory, honour, Adoration be ascribe unto him… Amen!

My phone number is 09094475034


My name is Chinyere Nwaezeorah, I am here to thank the God of Adoration on behalf of my Nephew, who has been falling sick all the time, nobody can tell exactly what was wrong with him, we have been carrying him from one hospital to another, after series of medical lab test done, nothing was found, he falls, loses consciousness and wakes up again. This kept happening till December last year, during the crusade programme, on the last day of the crusade, I came with him, as Fr. Mbaka was praying, he asked us to light our candle. After the programme that day, his life was restored, till today the unknown sickness disappeared to the glory of God. The sickness that defiled all medical attention was taken away by God. I also thank the God of Adoration who rescued us from fire outbreak, we were eight in number in that flat that night, and boiler was plugged in electricity around 10pm till around 5am in the morning, and nobody was harmed. Thank you Jesus…


I am Godson Ugochukwu from Imo State; I came here today to testify to what God did for me and my friends in Spanish Island, I was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment, while we were still in the prison yard, through these two talks of Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka namely Nigerian Liberty” and “Kosarachi”, most of us were released. Those who are not Nigerians, were interested in the talk, that I had to explain to them what the talk was all about, after my explanation, they started using it to pray, and each time any of us prayed with the talk, we got the favour that, if the persons case is been called upon, the case will be resolved automatically. I stayed there for 6years, because each time my case is been brought up, they will refer it to the President as the person in charge of my case, then the 7th year, I started praying with the talk and my case was brought up again. After I prepared to go to court. I listened to the talk again; Where Rev. Fr. Mbaka was saying Liberty! Liberty! He said how it will happen I will not know. Brethren from this very message liberty, I was released from prison, and how the whole thing happened, I don’t know, and that was exactly how Fr. Mbaka said it, the case they said is in the hands of the president, was resolved by God of Adoration… Praise…. God. My phone number is 09021252707


My name is Onah Clementina from Isiuzo-Mbu. I am here today to thank God of Adoration for what he has done for me. On the Pentecost programme this year, here in Adoration ground, while Fr. was praying for the sick, I came out, and after the prayers the severe cardiac ulcer and eye problem. I have been suffering for years that defiled all medical attention vanished, to the glory of God. I give him all adoration, he who healed me of these sicknesses, which I can now detect microscopic objects from afar and the hotness of the heart disappeared… Thank you Jesus…

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