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Miraculous Evolution is the best term to describe the healing stories of people who testified at Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria after Fr Mbaka’s last  Wednesday ministration tiled ‘Power to Heal ‘ which he delivered during his Wednesday Prayer programme  popularly and colloquially called ‘ E no dey Again”.   Thousands of worshippers at the prayer ground were astonished with the large crowd of people who filed out to give testimony of the instant healings they received after the ministration. Some of the testimonies were hard to believe but the testifiers were there to verify the authenticity of the miracle of God they received through Fr Mbaka.  The testifiers did not only mention their names and nativities down to their villages, but also gave out their phone contacts for all who may care to reach them and share in their joy.   Some of the testimonies are here reproduced;


ezenwataThe First to testify was a young lady whose said her name is Ezenwata Uchechukwu from Amokwe in Udi Local Government Area of Enugu State. She gave her phone line as 08062720734I. According to her “I stopped seeing after I suffered from malaria and typhoid. My sister put me in the car and brought me here. Tears used to roll freely and uncontrollably from my eyes but now I can see.”

Fr Mbaka  asked  her to identify different objects at different locations on the altar to confirm her healing and this she did with ease.



mrs-chinyereI am Mrs Chinenye Eze Nnamani. I am from Akpugoin Enugu State but married to a man from Arochukwu in Abia State. I went for antenatal yesterday; the doctor said that he couldn’t hear the heart beating of the child in my womb. He sent me to ultra sound examination. The ultra-sound result came out and certified that the baby in my womb was no more alive. So when I went home, I told the God of Adoration that it is only to this ground that I run to each time I have problem since this my pregnancy. I reminded the God of Adoration of what happened at a stage in the pregnancy when they said that I had too much fluid in my womb and I was sent to ultra sound at Sacred Heart. I went to that ultra sound on Tuesday, and came to prayer here on Wednesday. When I went back to check the result of the ultra sound, the doctor confirmed that the fluid had disappeared.

“So when I received the result yesterday that this child had died in my womb, I told God that machine had said so but He, God, has the final say. I called my husband on phone and told him that the doctor had said that the child was dead. My husband told me that it is true. He is not a catholic but a member of God’s chosen Church.  He told me that His God of Lazarus will not allow it.

This morning after I prepared my children for school, I ran to this prayer ground. When I arrived here I was crying to God. I wanted to see Fr Mbaka but was told that I could only see him after the programme. So I sat down and continued crying telling God that this is my expected month of delivery of this baby and that He will not allow my labour to be in vain.  While the praises and dancing were going on during  Fr Mbaka’s ministration today, I stood up to dance and immediately the child in my womb kicked me, it kicked me randomly and violently, I worship God and thank God for what he did for me. The child is alive now and I can feel its kick all the more”.

Fr Mbaka prayed for the woman declaring that her miracles shall be permanent and that her life and the life of her baby be protected and guaranteed before the Lord in Jesus name. He told her that God who started this good work will perfect it. She gave out her phone number as 08066392688

Perpetua Onyioha from Ogidi in Anambra state testified thus “I used to have itching pains at the left side of my breast.  I also used to have a serious lump at my pelvic side, but now the lumpon has vanished.”  Two years ago, I had an accident and broke my left arms. I have been having pains in the arm but now it has vanished miraculously.08035574202.


nwachiNwachi Juliana A from Ora Oziza, in Afikpo in Ebonyi State whose phone contact is  08066289300 .  Testified that she  has not been coming to Adoration but  has been hearing of Adoration until her sister visited her and saw my condition. According to her, “ My condition was that  I couldn’t walk,  I couldn’t do anything , I was poisoned. Then my sister decided to bring me here and encouraged me that if I come here, my problem would be solved. I told her that I couldn’t walk, and asked her how can I come?

“She told me that she will chatter Keke (a tricycle) for me. All this while people have been carrying me about because I couldn’t walk. They hijacked me and put me inside the tricycle which conveyed me to this place and they kept me where the sick people were. So when Fr Mbaka was praying  he was  prophesying that there is someone here who cannot walk but that nowshe should begin to do those things that she couldn’t do. Truly I can’t walk, if I stood up, I would feel as if my spinal cord wanted to cut and my tummy would be as if it would tear into two. While the praying and dancing was on here, I just stood up as if something just lifted me. Now I can walk.   This my tummy you are seeing here now used to be  five times the size it is now the time I came here, but now, it is going down rapidly.”

After her testimony, Fr Mbaka prayed for her saying “May the Lord blessed those who hijacked you and put you in Keke and brought you to this healing ground”,


Mrs Helen Enechime, from Umuagu Udi  with phone number 08034774953 testified thus “I am thanking God for the healing I received today. This my right leg used to pain me so severely that I couldn’t stand up for more than five minutes, but now I have stood here for over thirty minutes and I was here standing all the while that the prayers were going on. I received my healing as the prayers were going on. It was if cold water was poured on my leg and I felt peace and strong all over my body. Also there was a lump on my chest, I have tried all I could to understand what that outgrowth meant but it keep surprising me. After today’s prayers I touched my chest region where I used to have the lump and couldn’t find the lump again. It has disappeared.


Anna AbiasfromUhuezeNenwe testified that she used to urinate often  every hour.  According to her “The maximum I could stay without urinating is onehour; I came here since 9am till now about 3pm . I have taken water severally since then to know if I would urinate and I am surprised I have not.


BenedictOzoanifrom Akamoye, Akamoye, Enugu whose phone number is 08068082555 testified,“ Since last year I have been having problems in my urinary system, I have been going from one place to another in search of solution all to no avail.  I was to go to hospital tody but decided to come here first. Since morning that I came here till now, I haven’t urinated. Last year, I used to feel the movement of something in my chest and thought it was my veins that were moving, but I came to adoration last year and during this type of healing prayers, lizard came out of my chest, since then I was healed. I used to have something eating into my leg and I was told that my leg should be amputated, during prayers today, the wounds in my leg healed up and I am well now.


Nwafor Cordelia, from Onueke, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State with phone number 08030704050  said “Around March this year, I went to my shop and marched on poison which began to swell in my leg. I went to the place where I was receiving medication and the woman that was treating me told me that she was tired of treating it. So I cried to God of Adoration and came here today. While the prayer was on, I removed my slippers and placed my two bare feet on the ground and continued to dance unto the Lord. That is how God healed me and the swollen leg has now dried up.


johnJohn Okey Ogbu from Amaede, Ehamufu in Isiuzo LGA whose phone number is 08063871163 testified “ Icame to my brother’s house here in Emene all the way from Nasarawa State.  On Monday, I started having severe pains all over my body. I took drugs all to no avail. My entire rib region became paralyzed; my neck became stiff that I couldn’t turn my neck. I inquired and was told that Fr Mbaka used to have prayers on Wednesday here. So I came here today and during Fr Mbaka’s prayers, he said that we should hold our neighbour’s head. My neigbour at the place I was standing held my head and after the prayers I Just discovered that both the paralysis and stiff neck had disappeared. I can turn my neck freely now as you can see and can jump around.”  He shed tears of joy as he gave his testimony.


stellaStella Nnaji, from Ozala, in NkanuEnugu State narrated her healing story thus “I wedded in October 2014 and traveled home for Christmas with my husband that same year.  At the village, I went to fetch water with a bucket and on the process of carrying the bucket of water, my back bone dislocated and I had spinal Cord Collapse.  So I couldn’t walk again. I was carried to UNTH were I was sent for all manner of medical tests including the one they conducted on my bone marrow.  They gave me a drug and told me that I will be on injection for one year and then after I would be placed on oral drug. They told me that this measure was merely to take care of my condition but not curative.  I was in P.O.P for six months and had to be sent back to my parents’ house from my husband’s home.

“My husband joined Grace Land Church in Delta State. The news circulated in the whole Enugu Diocese, the member of Intercessors that came for my wedding continued praying for me. The children of God that came for prayers here continued to buy Adoration Recharge card for me and on one occasion Fr Mbaka called me and told me that he doesn’t want to know whatever the doctors had said in my situation, that all he knew is that I am healed.  I claimed it.   My brother used his phone and dubbed Fr Mbaka’ shealing talks for me, so I began to use it with the powerful prayer blood each time I prayed.  As I continued the prayers, I began to recover gradually that I could manage to walk. The doctor said that I was having blood cancer and that it will develop to tumor. Two months ago, I came to this ground and decided to come near the alar base to pray and my body began to shake and my leg began to form scales, that was when my healing process  began. Today when I came here I was walking as slow as a snail. During Fr Mbaka’s ministration he said we should dance and just then I felt freed. I began to move freely and dance freely and can even jump around asyou can see.


Mary Eze. I am from Umida,Ogurute, Enugu Ezike with phone number 07061917027 testified , “ I used to have this illness that is eating deep inside my bone marrow . As a result I couldn’t stand up for more than one hour. This situation had lasted for over three years and this also made me to be having constant urination. So today I decided to come for prayers here but I was afraid of how I would manage my situation. Since I came here, I have not urinated again and even now I don’t feel pressed.  I have been standing up also for over five hours now. I couldn’t feel the pain that’s eating my bone anymore.


christopherAnother man, Christopher Achi from Aninri Ndiagbor, Amuro with phone number 08052548916 testified, ” Since 1996 when Fr Mbaka was in Holy Ghost, he celebrated bachelor’s eve for us, and my wife and I were wedded afterwards.  Since then I have been following him from there to GTC, GRA and to here. Some times this year, Fr Mbaka delivered a message where he encouraged people to help their nieghbours. When I went home, I was called on phone and told that one of my nephew was locked up at Civil Defence office in Enugu.

“So I went and bailed him and we kept reporting at the Civil Defence office until they said that his case would be charged to court. On the day he was to be so charged to Court, the boy ran away.  So I was arrested and detained at the Civil Defence for complete two weeks and was handcuffed.  Each Wednesday I would beg them to release me so that I come to adoration but they refused and told me that I would not go anywhere unless that boy shows up. Not even lawyers’ visit to the place could save the situation. My in-laws asked them what it would take for them to release me and they told us to bring N1.5m. I have no other person to run to.

“ So I told my five to bring chaplet for me at the detention, she smuggled in the chaplet to me through the food she brought to me. so I began to pray the chaplet  to God of Fr Mbaka reminding God that it was in obedience to His words that I did that act of Charity and that He would deliver me ifi did nothing wrong. While I prayed, I fell into a trance, I saw the crown of Jesus on my head and also saw Fr Mbaka coming to me with Bible in his hands.  He placed his hand on my haed and told me that I must go and that nothing would happen to be because I ama child of the wind. I was felt something like fire coming out of my body and devouring the chain with which I was locked up in the cell.

“When I woke up, I saw some Civil Defence corps that gathered around me and they were saying that I should be released so that I would go and look for the boy that jumped bail. So within a short time, a phone was brought to me and I was told to take the call, it happened to be the boy that jumped bail that was calling. I asked him  wherehe was and he told me that he was in Lagos. I asked him why he had to run away and he told me that it was his wife and mother that told him to run away.

“I continued in the detention until one day I was brought to the counter. I saw another trance where Fr Mbaka took my hand and asked me to go. When I woke up,  I told the officers that I must go that day, they treated my words with scorn.    Just then, I lifted up my face and saw that boy as he was being brought into the station. He came back to the station by himself. I asked him why? He told me that God asked him to return to the station. That was how I regained my freedom that same day.

“ When I came out from the cell, I started urinating blood and stooling blood too. That was my first experience in detention, this continued till today while I was in this prayer ground. I felt pressed and discovered that I was neither urinating nor stooling blood anymore.


Ilo Loveth Chika from EzemeIfiteMbaise, gave her number as 0706447446 and testified that she used to have pains all over her body and used experience strange movement all over her body but got her healing after the ministration,

EucahriaAnuo from Awgu who gave her phone as 08034090054 testified that she stopped walking for over three months and that she was carried to the prayer ground where she got healed after the ministration.

NnajiPepetual from AmechiIdodo, with phone number 07034400898 testified that she was having problem with her breath as a result of the wrong position of the child in her womb as she was told by her doctor. She stated that she came to the prayer with that condition but was healed after the ministration as her breathe has retured to normalcy.

Josephine Duru from Agbudu Awgu LGA Enugu State, testified that she couldn’t walk freely for six years as a result of waist pains and that after the ministration, she was not only healed of the waist pain but her swollen face shrunk to it normal shape.

Scholasitca Eze from Ukana Udi LGA Enugu gave her phone number as 08086731344 and testified that she used to experience something like pin piercing her at her rib region and that used to make her have difficulty in breathing  but during the prayers, she was healed.

Okoh Philomena from Amuri, Nkanu, Enugu who gave out her phone as 08037937446 narrated how she fell down from a rail and broke her waist. According to her, her husband wanted to take her to the orthopedics but   she used Adoration Uniform and tied on her waist at night when she went to bed and by morning, she woke up healed. She went on to testify that she used to have a swollen neck but during the prayers she felt the presence of a syringe that sucked the swollen neck and she was healed.

Finally, Florence Nwaite, from Ebonyi testified how she was healed of sudden pains in her leg that made it difficult for her to stand up let alone walking but she was healed and could walk after the prayer.

There were many other testifiers struggling to share their testimony at the ground who couldn’t be captured by our reporter.

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