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Mothers are Greatly Blessed

Mothers are Greatly Blessed

Mothers are indeed greatly blessed. Adoration Mothers are specially blessed. It is to you that God has given the power to carry life as well as nourish and nurture it to maturity. You are endowed with special quality to care for your children even at maturity. In some cases, some mothers would not give up caring for their children even when they have grown. God gave you a caring heart that loves as His own; a heart that feels what others feel. You co share with Creator Himself, the power to understand the silence of a troubled soul. You have the rare gift of surviving any given condition, no matter how bad it might appear. You are the beauty of God’s creation; you are wonderfully made.  That is why I say that you are greatly blessed, you are greatly endowed, you are special.

Are you like Peter who is tired of fishing in Luke 5?  Even as you are about giving up, God is telling you to put your net back again. You are going to catch plenty. I bless that hand with which you work; you shall begin to fish out great things.  Good wind will blow on you; miraculous dews shall fall on you. God will bless you as He blessed Nehemiah. May the hand of God be upon you in Jesus name.

God will bless you as He blessed Sarah. God will bless you as He blessed Rebecca. God will bless you as He blessed Ruth. The Blessing of God shall abound in your life. I stand in Gen 24: 60   and bless every mother that is looking for the fruit of the womb. Give birth in thousands, become the mother of thousands of ten thousands and let your posterity posses the gate of their enemies in Jesus name.  In Psalm 128:3, I bless you that you shall be like a fruitful vine in the innermost part of your house; your children shall be like olive plants round your table. You shall be alive and see the children of your children in Jesus name.

I bless your hand that you will use to carry your children and grand children and decree that you shall carry twins, triplets and quadruplets. In Psalm 28:2 you shall eat the fruit of the labour of your hand; happy shall you be, and it shall be well with you.

I bless your hands and bless the legs with which you go out and come back. I bless you after the pattern of Joseph. Joseph suffered really but God lifted him higher. All you have suffered and what you are suffering now are going to be manure for your greatness in Jesus name. I stand in 1st Peter 5:10 and bless your suffering, after you have suffered for a little while, the Lord Most High God will establish you, will ground you securely , will make you whom he wants you to be , will complete what is lacking in you and will settle you.  May the hand of God be upon you as in the concluding prayer of Jabez of 1st Chro 4:10 .

The blessing of God in Psalm 133 will run like the oil that flow from the head of the Aaron to his bears, to his neck, to his collar and skirt of his garment and down to his feet.  You are today anointed to be blessed. You are under the anointing of blessing.  Blessing will never lack in your life by day. You are greatly blessed. You are mightily blessed. You are fully blessed.  You are miraculously blessed. You are divinely blessed. You are supernaturally blessed in the name of the father, son and the Holy Spirit.

In Psalm 30:5 Gods favour which is for a life time shall follow you. In Psalm 23: 2 God will lead you the green pastures. He will lead you beside the still and restful waters. You shall not be thirsty. God will satisfy you and fill you. He will lead you to the path of righteousness and restoration. I declare restoration in your family. All the lost virtues shall come back. Love, peace and prosperity shall return to your family. For even though you walk in the valley of death you shall fear no evil.

Mothers, you shall not fear any witches; you shall not fear any power of the gehena, you shall not fear any occult power. Witches and wizard shall not terrify you and your family. God shall be with you. May your destinies be blessed, you mothers of Adoration.

Even if it is bad today, it shall be well because the Lord is with you, with his rod and staff.  God will not forsake you; you will not be put to shame. He will comfort you with his rod and staff in your situation. The oceans shall not swallow you, in the valleys of the shadows of death; God is there to deliver you.

In Psalm 45:12 the richest of the people shall entreat your favours with gifts. God will deliver you from the power of the grave yard. In Psalm 33: 19, He will deliver you from the power of death and shall keep you alive in famine.  In Psalm 79:11 your groaning and sighing shall come before God and according to greatness of His power and arm, He shall spare your lives from any appointment of death. In Psalm 102:20, He will deliver you from the pit of death and from the shadows of death.

Mothers, God will deliver you and your families. Adonai will deliver you.  El-Shadai will deliver you. I say don’t be afraid. I stand in authority as the man of God to cancel every plan of death against you. It shall be well with you mothers in the name of the father, son and the Holy Spirit Amen. Tem! Tem! Tem! To Jesus.

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