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By Bernice James

Facebook has become the most popular social media that cuts across classes, ages, and statutes. Late last year, Miss Nwabu Udoka from Ezeagu, Enugu State (not her real name) became a victim of this social media, when her facebook boy friend disvirgined and put her in a family way.  There have been reactions towards facebook.  Some people believed that it has done more harm than good.  To Nwabu facebook should be banned, but to so many others it is full of good testimonies.

A true life story of Nwabu as was told by her will convince you that she and other people like her misused, abused or mismanaged this social media.  The other way round the social media dealt with them and if you like thwarted their future.  According to her, “I started chatting with this boy early last year, 2014.  He is from Imo State.  Within months, we became so intimate that we shared our personal problems.  He had once told me that he would want us to be man and wife, an idea that I would have welcomed highly because the man sounds like a good man.” AMEN SuperNews asked her whether the man proposed marriage to her.  She said that the man did not but each time, he talked about how they would become husband and wife.  She also said that he had been inviting her to visit him but she kept postponing it until last year December when his father died.

“When his father died, he invited me to attend the father’s burial.” I attended the burial.  And on the eve of the burial day, the guy tried to force me to have sex with him.  I begged him not to force me because I was a virgin; and with my virginity I approach God’s throne.  Any time I find myself in any problem, I use my virginity to challenge God and He answers me.  All my plea that night fell on a deaf ear.”

Nwabu said that he later disvirgined her that same night.  AMEN SuperNews inquired from her the reason she did not scream for help.  To that she had no answered but said she tried her best.  The month after, like she said, her menses did not come out and some friends adviced her to go and meet the boy again so that the boy could break the virginity intoto.  She so did and the boy broke her well.  Why she did that was that, if she was not properly disvirgined since she has missed her menses, she won’t be able to deliver her child.

After she was disvirgined and missed her menses, she called the guy whom she calls by the name Chimezie and told him that she has missed her menses.  As expected, the guy’s reaction was negative.  She told her not to mention his name because he already has a girl whom he has long promised marriage.

The girl was so much disappointed and heart broken.  When she was asked to go back to Imo State and tell the guy’s mother what happened, she said that the guy’s mother has gone back to Owerri where she stays and the guy back to Abuja where he works.  She also confirmed that she knows none of these two places.  As the matter was growing too bad, the girl’s family forced her back to Imo where the burial took place and the guy’s mother was called by her people to rush back from Owerri.

The woman saw Nwabuihe but said she had never set her eyes on her.  Nwabu explained that she came for her husband’s burial.  At the end of the whole drama, the woman said sternly that she will mourn her husband for a year.  Again that her son is not ready to get married, but in any case they accepted the responsibility of taking care of the unborn child.  Now Nwabuihe is left with the option of carrying the baby as a single parent in her father’s house.  When she was asked what she regretted most, she said that she would have shouted for help, again, that she would not have gone at all.

My honourable reader, do you think there are people who have passed through the same or even worse facebook predicaments?  On the other hand, Miss Nnenna gave a testimony of a girl from Obeleagu Umana Ndiagu in Ezeagu, Enugu State who got married to an Oil Company guy from River State through facebook.

What do you think?  Miss Fidelia said that it depends on how well or wisely you play the game of facebook and advised youths not to fall the mugu in this social media, facebook.  She maintained that worse things could happen to those that make foolish visits to friends contacted through facebook.  BE WISER.

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