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Why I Named My Baby Awesome Miracle Munachimso Ugwuafia

Why I Named My Baby Awesome Miracle Munachimso Ugwuafia

The family of Barr Calistus Ugwuafia could not hold their joy as AMEN SuperNews spotted them on the 21st of  February 2018, when they came for the baptism of their miraculous child, Awesome Miracle Ugwuafia who was delivered at the Adoration ground on the last day of 2017 crusade titled, Awesome Miracles from Awesome God. Barr Ugwuafia who could not contain his gratitude to God for his goodness upon his family narrated his little side of the story and beckoned on his wife to narrate the details. Here is excerpt of her story.

In March 2017, I gave birth to a baby that died due to some complications I had during the pregnancy. I came to Wednesday E no dey Again Prayer programme about that month and it happened that it was the day Fr Mbaka was anointing women for fertility. Fr Mbaka warned that any one who was not married or who doesn’t want to conceive should not come out because the anointing was so powerful. I came out that day and was anointed. I didn’t know that I took in the following month, April 2017  , it was about three months i.e. sometime in July that I went for a medical test following the signs I was having and the result tested positive for pregnancy. I came home and told my husband and we didn’t know what to do, I started antenatal immediately at Mother of Christ Hospital Enugu. The doctor after examining me told me that my baby was malformed below the placenta. He told me that even if I should survive the pregnancy, I will have to deliver through a cesarean operation and that I have to follow whatever instruction he gave me. He further told me that if during delivery I ventures push the baby, I would have excessive bleeding.

When I went home and told my husband what the doctor told me, my husband was not happy . He told me that even if my situation was that perilous, the doctor should have told him instead of telling me because the fear and thought of it shall weigh me down. I kept on coming to adoration and praying over the situation.

During the last year (2017) Crusade of Fr Mbaka that commenced on Wednesday the 13th December 2017, I came for prayer camping at the adoration ground with all my other children; we came with stove, foodstuff and other things to camp at the ground till the end of the crusade. My pregnancy by my calculation was not due in December. I came to the crusade to pray for the power to enter the theater.

We came on Thursday and stayed until Sunday being the last day of the crusade. Around 8 am that Sunday Morning while Fr Mbaka was preaching the message, Awesome Prosperity, I started seeing water come out of my body yet I wasn’t having any labour sign. I knew my pregnancy was not yet due. I was told to go to Adoration Clinic. I went there and unfortunately didn’t meet the woman in charge.  The person I met told me to go where I registered for antenatal. I went back to Adoration ground and called my husband. While I waited for him to come and take me out of the ground, the water coming out from my body continued increasingly. People told me to go back to the Adoration Clinic.

I went back to the Adoration Clinic and fortunately the woman in charge had returned, she told me that she had blamed the person who sent me out when I came at the first time. She told me to climb the bed so that she would examine me. It was at that point that I began to experience labour pain and contraption. As the woman was examining me, I laid down on the bed and was looking at the portrait of Jesus in the labour room, it didn’t take up to 30minutes and the contraption came. I remember that the doctors had earlier warned me that if I push the baby I would have bleeding, I didn’t know what to do but trusting God, I pushed the baby and before you could say Jack Robin,   the baby was delivered. I didn’t go through any operation, I didn’t have any bleeding. It happened just like that. We had to name the baby Awesome Miracle, Munachimso Ugwuafia. My phone number is 08066530326 and 08068093796.

Other Testimonies


Okoli Ndidiamaka I am from Ekwulobia. I started having constant urination after giving birth in April and lost the child. The situation persisted that I could urinate up to 20 times in a night. I came to adoration and during prayers I was healed of the constant urination.


My name is Onyekachi Nwankwo, from Ezza Ebonyi State,  after giving birth in 2015 I started having waist pain which continued till today. During prayers at the adoration ground, I was moved very close to the altar and after Fr Mbaka’s ministration, I was healed. My phone number is 08130524146.


Ageh  Esther is my name.I am from Izzamgbo , Abakaliki. I used to feeling the strange movement of something all over my body. It has lasted for a long while. I came for prayers today and during Fr Mbakas ministration, the strange movement in my body stopped instantly. I cant feel it any longer now.My phone number is 07063273312


Iam Ugwueze Favour from Obolo Etiti Nsuakka, For over 10 months now, I have been having pains at one side of my stomach. I was told go to hospital but I insisted that I should come and pray at Adoration first with the faith that I   will be healed. Truly today during Fr Mbakas ministration, I claimed the healing anointing and now I am healed. My phone number is 0703335147


Ogbogu Chioma from Umuchu in Anambra State, I am 23years old. I had a serious infection that was discovered since last year but while praying I felt something leave me and again it happened this morning and I felt so light. I also graduated with 2nd Class Upper at Caritas University. My phone number is 07031854861


Mr Afam Madu from Mgbidi . I discovered I had knee problem since September Last year.I have treated it in many ways all to no avail. I came to Adoration for prayers last Friday and while praying, I discovered I am free I can walk well now. My phone no is 08035029486.


Chijioke Veronica is my name. I am from Udi LGA. I started having Spinal Cord pain since 2011. I have been on medication since it was discovered but while praying today,I felt so relieved and when I checked myself I discovered the pain is gone. My phone no is 07030541348.


I am Mrs Akuechi Chioma from Effiom, Ebonyi State. I could not hear anything with my left war since I was born and also I had chest pain which often pains me at my chest but toady while praying, I noticed that I could hear with both ears and the ache I feel on my chest also disappeared. My number is 08134818782


Ifeanyi ofili from Oduma  Aninri Enugu, I had head pains that was so severe that I  could not move my head freely. It last for over two years. Today during prayers I was healed. My phone is 07026385566.

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