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Let me tell you my people, even in the Niger Delta, when you go there, their waters are polluted. There should be money meant to cleanse the water. Where is that money?  Is their water clean now? They can’t drink water; they can’t farm any more. This is the place where our president came from. What have they benefitted? He  couldn’t do anything. Is it now if he should win?  He has no need for anybody’s vote. Four years of another disaster, Nigerians do not want it.


The ministers who worked for Goodluck are crying that the Goodluck had meant badluck for them. They came to scan for Senatorial tickets and almost all of them lost out. What is happening? Let me tell you,  Almost 70% of Nigerians are crying for change. If by any rigging method, the Goodluck comes back, everybody should pack his box and get ready to run to the village. The word is change; we will have change by the grace of God. And we will all bow to prayer because it not by power, it’s not by might, says Zechariah 4:6, it is by the Spirit of the Living God. Hosea 6:1-2 says after two days I will raise you up, even though he has wounded us, he will heal us. Nigeria is passing through wounds. One bad administration can trigger off grave immorality. People will be misbehaving. No control. Can they now give us an account of the oil sold after 6 years?  You will cry if you hear the sound. Many of them are now buying houses here and there. The constitutional constituency allowances for reps and senates meant for development and infrastructures, where are they?   In Nsukka, there is no impact.  In Nkanu here, there is no impact. It is only in Ekweremadu’s place.


They continue to tell us, let him continue. The Spirit of the Lord has gone out of Aso Rock. The dove there has gone out, what you see in Aso Rock now is pigeon. So all those who are gathering for breakfast prayers there because they give you an envelope at the end let me tell you, if you are not careful, God will suffocate you there. Those who are using the destiny of Nigerians to do business in the name of being pastors, it has come to the level, the voice from the sanctuary will jam all these nonsense and it will come to an end.


Nigeria has everything it takes to make everybody live well. We have the best weather in the whole world. We have the natural land that has the best agricultural soil. We have the best water, we have the people with the strongest genes like the Jews. There is nothing good that Nigerians cannot do. If all the people here are well employed where will the hunger come? There are many countries that have never seen oil, yet they are living well. Why must we be oil dependent and the so called oil, where is the money?  Now they are telling us disaster is coming because oil has fallen. When oil was at the peak, did we enjoy any benefit from it as such?

They have sold everything Nigeria has in the name of privatization. Few people buying the country.  May God give us someone who will retrieve all these things back in Jesus name.  That is why somebody like me is crying for this man like Buhari. I have never met him face to face. But the way it stands, you are going to have children, what will happen to these your children by the time there will be no Nigeria to stand on. Or when one or two nursery schools are being bombed. Will you allow your children to go to school again? That is  Nigeria  under Jonathan. So the goodluck has now become a badluck. God forbid. What do you say? We need change!.


We are delivering a dangerous message. I am only calling on the HolyGhost anointing to empower  me all the more. We don’t fear anybody. We are speaking from the courage under the anointing power and the blood of Jesus is covering the minister. Greater is he who is in me than he who is in the world  (Ist Jn 4: 4). And in Is 54:15  they shall surely gather but because their gathering is not of God, God will scatter them. Any assembly that attacks this message will be scattered. And no weapon fashioned against me shall prosper.

The Hand of God is upon my life. In Isaiah 14:27, the hand of God is upon my life. In Isaiah 11:11, the hand of God is upon my life. In Luke 4:30, the hand of God is upon my life. In Psalm 98:1, the hand of God is upon my life. And I lift my hand up with your own hand. The same hand of God is upon your life. In 1st Kings 8:15, the hand of God is upon your life. I minister this Holy powerful and miraculous invincible hand that can control the destiny of Nigeria.

Fellow countrymen, don’t worry; you will see how God will handle this situation. If God could handle Ebola for us, he will handle the bad luck for us. Father we lift our hands up. In Psalm 10:12 may your hand be upon my fellow countrymen, the Nigerians. In Psalm 145:7, the hand of God is upon you for good. In 1st Chro 4;10, I claim the hand of God upon Nigeria. God, may your hand be upon this country.

Father! Adonai ! Elohim! Save Nigeria. Father save this country from this doom, political disaster looming and from further bloodshed. How can our Leaders close their eyes watching the children dying every day?  Sometimes in the past, it was in kano. Five bus loads of people loaded in Sabongari to move out with each bus containing not less than 100 people. Five of them were bombed but they told us that 20 people died. Why are they telling lies with people’s blood? I am calling on heavens to witness what I am uttering from this pulpit, that the power of God will change this situation (Echoes of Change). Let the seat be too hot, may the Holy Ghost come and do the change Himself. Amen.

I am crying over the future of my children. When God says in Jeremiah 29:11, I have plans for you for a future filled with hope, our leaders say no, there is no plan for you.  In Is 14:27, the Bible says that the purpose of God has gone out and nobody can reverse it and the hand of God has moved out, nobody can pull it back.


The hand of God has come upon this country. When he handled the case of Nebuchadnezzar, he entered into the bush and became a grasshopper. When he handled the case of Herod, he died and was rotten. He is the one who enthrones and the one who dethrones. Every satanic power that is feeding on the blood of Nigerians, Demons are feeding in Nigeria. Satan is feeding in Nigeria. Nigeria has become a domain for witches and wizards, blood is flowing every day, known and unknown ones, secretly and publicly and we are comfortable here. Are we waiting until it becomes our turn? God forbid. May God change the organogram and the pattern for us in the name of Jesus.

Father as I am blessing your children at this hour under this message O Lord, help us to come out from this political quagmire, economic and moral decay. O Lord save us. There is no where what is happening in Nigeria is happening. We have everything we need yet we are hungry, what an oxymoronic definition of a country, we have enough food but we are hungry. We have enough water but we are thirty.  We have intelligent people but there is no job.


Our Leaders will carry our money to foreign countries and our children will be rushing abroad in chase of the money that belong to them here but has being trafficked out of the country. Over there, they will be jailed. Go to the prisons in South-Africa, in Europe, major inmates are Nigerians. Most of our Daughters have gone out for prostitution. Those who travelled out for education had joined them, those who went there for drug trafficking are caught and jailed. There is no money in the foreign land, most money they use there are our money. Why can’t our Leaders renew our refineries here? Most of them if you look very well may have refineries outside Nigeria. What happens to the byproduct of the crude after the refined ones? I don’t know if we are being hypnotized, during election, they would ask us to follow them and everybody will sheepishly follow them. This time it will not be business as usual.


What is happening now you may call it revolution.  Revolution is looming.  If the change doesn’t come quietly, it may come by force.  We lift our hands to bless the name of the Lord. It is well God has the solution. No matter what happens, God knows how he will do it. He needs to hear the voice of his ministers. God needs to hear prophetic voice before he acts because in Num 14:28 he said whatever he hears me say to his hearing, I will be sure He will do it. Father I am asking for Change.

Dozens of our policemen die anyhow, their children not taken care of. When the military men die in the camp, their children will be abandoned. Last time Abuja was bombed, the victims were promised that Government will pay for their hospitalization, up till now they have been abandoned. In this country, you are on your own. Our Politicians are busy looting the money like insatiable graves.  We lift our hand and shout enough is enough.  Please I have one question to ask. Things are happening in this country. There was a Christian Governor in Kaduna, there was one Azazi, how did they die and who killed them? It is a question to be answered sooner or later. Amen and Amen.

When a system is corrupt to the marrow, corrupt to the brain and corrupt to the kidneys and liver, corrupt to the fertility units and the central nervous system and to the limbic organs, will the system function anymore? No. Nigeria is packing gradually. The Kidneys are no longer working. The Liver is no longer working; the heart is no longer working. We are just watching a mirage. An abomination- these people took Nigeria and dissected her heart and womb and asked the same woman whose womb they have cut off to come and conceive and bear children.  It is only Satan who can ask somebody to continue under this type of scenario.


So my fellow priest hear me very well, you shall die of hunger by the time it starts here. This is because when the congregation that gives the offertory are being bombed, they will not come to church. The Government cannot protect us.  They have not even prepared anybody to fight because they seized the whole money. All of them are multi billionaires while all of us here are  beggars. That is what they have succeeded in achieving so that during the election, they will give you peanut and you will keep on voting for them. This time around despite their money, you are going to vote for change. You are going to come out. It is not a matter of complacency, it concerns you. We need change. The magnitude of what is going to happen, nobody will survive it the time it will happen. I pray that it will not happen. We need a government that will give my people good jobs. We need a government that will agriculturalize our lands. Go to far Kogi State, hundreds of thousands of hectares of lands there are untapped. What does it take to make Nigeria such a way that Americans can come to Nigeria to look for jobs. It is possible. The devalued Nigerian currency can be revalued. Somebody has to do it. It needs a man of Change. A man who will discipline all these corrupt politicians. A man who will enter into their account and find out how many they have embezzled and make them to bring it back.  We don’t lead somebody that will just sit down and be looking. Nigerians need change. Holy Spirit please help us.

This year, people should embark on serious prayers. Prayers, prayers and prayers. Nothing changes without prayers. We should pray and fast. Matthew 17 says this type of spirit cannot go out except by prayers and fasting.  There is a demon is Aso Rock. It cannot go except by prayers and fasting. We have to back it up with charity. As you do charity, offer it for change in this country so that it will be well for us and our posterity. I am a priest. I am not married. I have no biological child, but all of you are my children. If it is well for you, it will be well for me. If you are suffering, I am suffering. If you are unemployed, I am unemployed. If they owe you salary, they owe me. One person will be swallowing billions, living in opulence and they call it security vote.

All of us own this country. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer but very soon even the rich will get poorer unless there is change. I am talking about change in all parts of this country, the Northern, Sothern, Eastern and Western parts.  They can’t hoodwink us anymore. This change will surprise everybody how it will happen. You won’t even know how it will happen.  So we commend this country into the hands of God who can interpret the destiny of this country. I am asking God that if it is the sin of Nigeria that brought this good luck to bad luck to us please Lord forgive us. In Psalm 103:3 you promised to forgive our sins and heal our diseases. Father forgives us. You are a God of mercy and compassion. Have compassion on Nigeria. Have mercy on us O Lord.

I pray for God’s blessings and the blood of Jesus to cover Nigeria. I have a lot to say but let me halt it here.

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