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Never Accept Defeat-Fr. Mbaka Releases the Recipe for Overcoming Life Challenges

Never Accept Defeat-Fr. Mbaka Releases the Recipe for Overcoming Life Challenges

Life is not a bed of roses and it will not hand over to you peace of mind, success or your dream  and aspiration on a platter of gold. In order to be successful in life, you must be willing to stand your ground in the face of difficulties and vicissitudes of life no matter what you are passing through,  in order not to feel   defeated in life.  In this message, Fr. Mbaka  reveals some  principles that will help one not  to accept  defeat of any kind,  and enjoins the people of God not to give up in the face of challenges of life.

Defeat is a state of mind; no one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality. Any belief we hold is a state of mind that we can influence through the power of our own thoughts. We hold the power to never give in to shallow temptations or relinquish our power to control our thoughts.  We have the right to choose to accept a particular belief as reality.  But one belief I am urging you today never to accept in life is the state of mind called defeat.

Therefore,  today we wish to deliver a message titled,   ‘Never Accept Defeat’.  It is like a command; ‘thou shall not accept defeat, no matter what’.  Never say,  ‘ I will quit’, because quitters will never win, and winners  never quit. Are you a winner or a looser?  Losers will always quit, quitters will never win and winners never quit.

No matter what you are passing through right now, you will never accept defeat.  Today, we pray that after reading this message, God should inject faith inside of you. God should give you a supernatural courage and grace to stand firm in the face of challenges that are threatening your faith. With the help of God, you will never accept defeat because you can never be defeated in Jesus name, Amen.

Life is always trying to teach us a lesson. Depending on your beliefs, always try to come to the conclusion that whatever you are passing through is for a particular reason. Life is surely not easy. The pain that comes from the loss of loved ones, temporary failures and the struggle to survive at times, test our faith in God. Yet, it is these same challenges that make us who we are. If we are willing and able to rise to the challenges before us, we will experience a renewal; mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. When you sense a defeated mindset coming into your life, and it is trying to rob you of  your joy and threatens  to thrust you towards doom and gloom, just stop what you are doing. Take a step back.  Examine the thoughts that are on your mind and ask your self whether those thoughts are    worthy of making you to give up.  You will realize that you are not meant to wallow in defeat but to rise above and push forward towards personal victories and goals.

Although, adversity, failure, temporary defeat and personal loss take time to be overcome,   a resolute mind is required to persevere and move forward when all of our emotions are making us to accept a defeat and   stalling our progress. Our thoughts must center on positive outcomes. We must never, ever give up.

The consequences of accepting defeat

Defeat means the enemy retains control. In war, defeat means that the enemy wins; your way of life ends and the values and beliefs of other people are imposed upon you. It means the enemy is chosen to impose his will on you and your people. Therefore, defeat is unacceptable. The heart of a warrior never accepts defeat. It is because of this code that young men and women have carried on in difficult, frightening battles.  When a former soldier enters the business world, the code that he took to heart will carry him through when things start looking hopeless.  If one thing is not working,   a smart businessman will try something else, even if it means going back to school to learn a new trade instead of giving up. The important thing to remember is to never give up –never stop trying.

How many people give up too easily on the most important things in life; love, wealth, health? How many relationships have failed because people find the compromise and dedication it takes to keep a marriage going too hard? How can love survive if people give up too easily when things get rough? Anyone can work out the longest marital problems. The determination to never surrender is the key.

While one may encounter many defeats, one must not be defeated. Success is guaranteed If he keeps trying, but everyone is guaranteed failure if he gives up. All of life is a struggle and it’s meant to be. Anyone who carries the “I will never accept defeat; I will never quit”, with him, will find the strength to face all obstacles, big or small throughout his life.

You don’t need to be defeated by the things of this world, because the enormous power of God and the strength-giving power of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ can enable you to avoid any defeat. This is not to minimize circumstances and act as if life is a bed of roses.  Life can be over whelming. And if you are in the midst of troubles and woes just now, it may seem incredible that anyone would say, “Never accept defeat”. But God wants us to be victorious. He built us to be over comers.

Principles that will help you never to accept defeat of any kind

The following Principles provide a framework to help you never to accept defeats of any kind .

Use these principles and you will never feel defeated.

  • Never think defeat; if you feel defeated and you think and say, ‘’I am tired and weary and I have had it’’, that is exactly how it will be. But if, when the going gets tough,  you stand your ground and say, ’’I won’t accept this, I will continue to think victory and not defeat, then  by virtue of your faith and positive confession, all the resources of your nature  will move  towards achieving victory. One way to cancel out thoughts of defeats is simply to repeat that text from Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. It will knock down any form of defeat out of you!

As the bible recorded  in the book of  Numbers 13;  concerning the people of Israel on their way to the promise land,  when Moses sent out some of them to go out  to spy the land, they came back with a bad report that made the people of Israel to feel and think defeated. According to the report, they would not be able to go up against those people because, they were stronger than them.  The people who dwell in the land were very strong and the cities were walled and very great.  Moreover, they saw the sons of Anak who were giants and of great statures and they were like grasshoppers in their sight. The spy exaggerated the strength of their enemies, thereby underrating the power of God who had brought them out of the land of Egypt.  It was such a discouraging report, a report that says , ’let us surrender and give up because they have already defeated us. Let us accept defeat and quit before they will destroy us’.  After hearing this report, the people of Israel started crying and were about feeling defeated even before they entered the war camp. Meanwhile,  Caleb and Joshua  came up and gave an  encouraging report. Caleb stilled the people before Moses and said, ’’let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome and conquer them’’.  This report brought hope into the people of Israel and they started imagining themselves winning the battle. They went and conquered them.

You  too can conquer your enemies with the help of God. Go and conquer, because Romans 38; 7 says,’’ in all these we are more than conquerors. You can conquer these forces of darkness, sickness, and the ugly experiences. It is not about how many they are, but the power of God that is at work in your life. 1 John 4; 4 say,’’ little children, fear not because you have overcome them, for greater is  He who is in you than he who is in the world’’.

That is why we are here today to join Caleb and Joshua, these great people of faith, to declare that we will never accept defeat.  Joshua and Caleb told the people of Israel that all the things the other spy said were not true. No matter what the enemies are saying that is going to happen to you, declare and believe that it is not true. Because God is watching to hear you say it as stated in Numbers 14; 28,’’ whatever I hear you say to my hearing, I will do it for you’’. God is looking forward to hearing you declare something positive.

  • Stick it out and never stop trying; How many times have you failed to achieve success because you simply didn’t try hard enough or long enough? The test of an individuals’ character is how determined he is. You must get hold of an idea and never let go. If you have any obstacle and a road block in the way, you must get around, over or through the barrier. No road block should stop you. You must keep on trying till you get there. Let us not become weary. We will reap a harvest if we do not give up (Gal 6:9). I want you  to start imbibing the “ I can- do  spirit”, so that your life will change for the better
  • Learn to be an optimist; Anxiety and stress are inevitable during difficult times. But even at that, we can prepare our minds to focus on seeing our bright future. This futurist mindset is enabled through foresight and our creative imagination.  Always feed your mind with positive thoughts of happiness and you will kindle the fire inside of you, and never feel defeated. Don’t believe every negative statement. Hold on to the word of God and make positive confession.  Believe that you can make it, no matter what happens.  Think of those battles you fought in the past, and God saw you through,  and believe that  God is still alive to see you through  and to fight for you again. Even when you go to the hospital and the doctors starts amplifying and magnifying your sickness  with one big name that will instill fear inside of you,  do not bow down to that fear. When you are giving a bad medical report , telling you that you cannot make it, why not tell them that you can make it.  You were told you that all the people in your school failed a particular result, you have never checked but you have already concluded that you also failed. Why not declare that you passed instead of believing that negative report. What do you always  see in the face of challenges?  You always see the visible, and the invisible you don’t see are greater and mightier than the visible that you see. Any little report, you amplify it. What is general, you particularize it. This shows you are already defeated in your mind, and this is going to affect every aspects of your life.
  • Don’t always give up; Even if you have failed, try again. Don’t quit. See every failure as an opportunity to learn more, that it is the will of God for your life at the moment. Gather your courage so that you will not bow down to defeat, no matter what the situation is. Even in sick bed, don’t give up to that sickness.  Even if somebody is planning evil against you, don’t believe it will have any effect on you.  Don’t believe any evil report that says that your enemies are stronger than you. No matter what, stand your ground and don’t begin to be afraid; rather always hold onto the word of God and declare it with faith because with faith, we can move mountain.  Believe that God is the Almighty who can do all things.
  • Believe in God and in yourself; No matter how difficult life seems at the moment, it is your belief that can keep you moving forward. Life demands that you believe in  God, and in yourself, even in the midst of some doubt;  even when you have failed,  disappointed, bitter, frustrated, angry, hurt, sorrowful and grieving. You have to believe that things will turn around. Your willpower will play a pivotal role in reviving the situation. You cannot lose hope. Try exercising the power of faith, and  by strengthening your  willpower, you will  actually increase your belief in  God and in yourself..
  • Meditation and contemplation; You need to be alone sometimes, with the divine in order to hear from God. You always distract yourself with the things of this world. God is speaking every time, but you can only hear Him when you are not distracted. Through meditation and contemplation, solution to your problem can come when you are alone with the divine. That is when you will be able to hear God speaking to you. Therefore, stop reporting your case to people around you, rather  talk to God alone. Even if you   can not  be silent  to listen to God, be silent to listen to yourself, to think about your life. Uncommon ideas will begin to come into your mind when you are meditating.  You will begin to know the unknown and penetrate into  the secret places of the divine.
  • Keep God in it: Nobody can be as strong, vital and heroic as I have suggested without the presence of God. This is an over-whelming world, and we are very small to handle all of our problems without the help of God. It is only God that can  assist us in all that we are experiencing in life.  The secret of meeting life victoriously is how close you are to God; how deeply and sincerely you receives Jesus Christ into you life. If you commit your life to Christ,  you will have immunity, not from difficulty, but from defeat.  Therefore, be strong and courageous, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.  Put your trust and faith in God, you will see uncommon miracles. For in Isaiah 28; 16 says, ‘’those who put their trust in God cannot be put to shame’’.

The great men of faith never accepted defeat in their spiritual walk with the Lord.

In spite of the murmuring and grumbling of the people of Israel, Moses never accepted defeat. The Israelites wanted to accept defeat on their way to the promise land.  They were intimidated by the sight of the teeming soldiers that were coming after them in Exodus 14. But Moses told them to stand their ground, for the Egyptians they see today, they shall see no more,  that God would fight for them and they shall hold their peace. When they got to the Red Sea, God instructed Moses to strike the water with his stick, he did and the water divided so that the people of Israel cross the Red Sea on a dry land. Moses stroke the water again on God’s command and it came back and swallowed all the Egyptian armies. Always trust God to fight all your battles. He does not fail any one who trusts in Him.

No matter what Job passed through, he never accepted defeat, and God whom he trusted showed up for him at the end of the day. He was restored thousand fold all that the enemies took away from him.  If you will not accept defeat, you will see the glory of God in your life.

Moreover, David never accepted defeat in the face of the giant Goliath and God fought his battles.  Joseph also did not accept defeat in all that he went through and he later reap the fruit of his faithfulness to God. Believe you will never be defeated and act it, and that  one day, in no distant time, your God will see you through. If you will not accept defeat, the lord most High will fight your battles; He will prepare a table for you in the presence of your enemies; He will anoint your head with oil; and your cup will over flow.

Somebody like Nehemiah also did not accept defeat, and he was not defeated. Joshua also never accepted defeat. In Exodus 17, Joshua led   the people of Israel in battle and conquered the Amalekites.  If you will not accept defeat, you will win. It is a matter of your will power. Believe you can and you will.  After all, Philippians 4; 13 says,’’ I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’’.

Ruth never accepted defeat even when the mother in -law, Naomi had tried to discourage her from following her back to Bethlehem when her son, Ruth’s husband had died. But Ruth refused saying,’’ I cannot abandon you, where you go, I will go; where you live, I will live; Your God will be my God, your people will be my people’’.  Ruth believed that something good will come out of her kindness and charity to this poor widow. But her sister in-law, Orpah who was also the wife of one of the sons of Naomi accepted the defeat of the lose of her husband and went back to her parents’ house. When Ruth and Naomi went back to Bethlehem, she started working hard.  Where she was working in the farm, Boaz the son of Rahab, got interested in her. Boaz eventually married Ruth and they gave birth to Obed.  Obed begat   Jesse and Jesse in turn,  begat  David. It was from this genealogy of David, that Jesus came from.  If Ruth had given up and went back to her parents’ house after the death of her husband, I don’t know where the genealogy of Jesus would have come from. God has a way of planning how our future should look like but we might not be able to see it.  At times, something happen for a reason which we cannot see at the moment, but which later works for our  good. This is because God’s ways are not ours and His thoughts are far from ours.

More over, Look at the case of Elijah and the prophets of Baal. Elijah did not accept defeat. He stood his ground despite the opposition from the prophets of Baal. God’s supremacy over the prophets of Baal came to play. When Elijah prayed, God sent down fire from heaven that burnt the sacrifices, and the whole prophets of Baal were killed.

Am telling you today that if you do not accept defeat; the sickness, barrenness, poverty, failure, disappointment, you see today, you shall see no more in Jesus name, Amen. The economic recession in Nigeria cannot defeat you. In your marital crises, sick bed, confusion, hopelessness, do not accept defeat. Instead of accepting defeat, stand your ground and  continue to pray and fast harder , live a holy life,  be charitable  and you will see wonders in your life.

Even if  what you are passing through has  defeated your forefathers, or that other members of your family are going through that same problem, am urging you not to accept defeat.  What use to defeat others will not defeat you.  They will not come near you, you will win the battle. Your own case will  be different. Devil cannot defeat you again, because Jesus had defeated all your problems on the Cross of Calvary through the shedding of his blood. Because you are hidden in Christ and Christ in God, You are indefatigable. Since Noah survived the flood, you too will survive it. It is not going to destroy you. The Holy Spirit will lift up a standard against them. Even if you are appointed to die, God will fight for you , to grant you life in abundance.

O lord, I can never accept defeat, because you are alive, I can not be defeated. I must win them because I believe you can fight for me, in Jesus mighty name Amen

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