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The caption of one of the editions of our publication early last year was “Nigeria is under a Siege”. It stemmed out of the prophetic declaration of the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu, Nigeria, Rev Fr. Ejike Mbaka at that times of the socio- political history of the nation when things were in a state of topsy-turvy. That was under the last political dispensation. This prophetic message was delivered by Fr.Mbaka long before the 31st December night bombshell that decimated the administration and consigned it to the dustbins of history.

As the nation marks its 55 years of Independence this month of October, AMEN SuperNews was curious to ascertain the state of the nation from the spiritual radar of our beloved priest. Our curiosity was doused when Fr. Mbaka addressed the state of the nation under the current leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari whose historic emergence as the God chosen President for the Federal Republic of Nigeria was prophesied by him months before the President clinched to power.Has this President betrayed the expectations of Nigeria on him?  Was Fr. Mbaka right in all he told Nigerians and adorers about the visions and capabilities of the Presidentbefore his election? What is the state of the Nigerian nation under President Buhari? All these and more are questions that agitate the minds of Nigerians at this point of Nigeria’s nationhood anniversary.

It is good news to any curious mind that was bordered by the above questions to hear Fr. Mbaka declare the end of the siege of the nation by the past leaders.   In his exegesis from the book of Exodus 3, Fr. Mbaka likened the state of Nigerian nation to that of the Israelites whose years of servitude came to an end with God’s involvement in their situation when God vowed to hear their cry and deliver them from the Egyptian bondage.


In assessing the state of the Nigerian nation, Fr. Mbaka said: “When the money looted by our corrupt politicians is recovered; there will be no poor man in Nigeria.  Politicians under Jonathan’s regime looted our treasure. That is the regime where one man will be building twenty houses at a time.  It was a regime where one man will swindle the constituency allowances and call himself a rich man, a rich governor, a rich senator, a reach House member, a rich this and a rich that. It was a regime of hooligans that held the nation under a siege.

At this point in time, “Wahala dey for them”. They are going to face their fate and nemesis will soon catch up with them. All the money they laundered will begin to call on God to come and fight for them.  Because they seized the money the poor should have used for their medical expenses and the poor had to die as a result, death is going to visit these rich men this time.   A lot of Nigerian families are suffering today because one rich man has taken what belongs to these poor people. The day of slaughter is coming to the homes of these dubious rich men. They laundered the money from excess crude oil that was supposed to be used to develop Nigeria.

Go to Dubai today. Nigeria was far better than Dubai but if you go to Dubai today, you will see how they developed their country with their own crude oil money.  Ours was a tradition of thieves in political power who after stealing what belongs to the poor, compensated  them with peanuts.

Unless our corrupt leaders repent and bring out the money they have stolen and share it equitably, they will not be alive to finish the money all alone.

The Spirit of God is telling me that calamity is going to happen to those that held the nation spell bound. How it will happen I don’t know. The prison doors are waiting for most of those people you adore for their wealth today. They may be thinking that when they are jailed, the poor people will come and fight for them. Are they not the people who made you poor? Are they not the people who reduced you to the level of unemployment? Are they not the people who reduced you to become beggars? By now, you should have been greater than you are now if not for them. Their children are not more intelligent than you are.

They swindled the money that would have been used to develop Nigeria’s hospitals and when they fall ill, they will fly abroad for medical treatment. All our hospitals are in comatose. All our hospitals are now mortuary centers. They have zero diagnostic facilities. Our doctors are not even well paid, all because of hooligans in political power. James 5 says to this caliber of men that ‘wahala dey for them’.

A situation where one man would swindle the money meant to build bridge for his people and use it to buy houses here and there. They have bank accounts in foreign banks where they launder our money, whereas their next door neighbor is a poor widow. They would use the children of the poor as house helps. When someone dies in the village, it is these poor people that go to the villages to dig graves for them. They would be rewarded thereafter with one stick of cigarette and some shots of local dry gin.

The anger of the Lord is upon the rich men in this county. They have stolen enough. Today we are telling them that enough is enough. How can someone pack up generational wealth of this land and lock it up in their foreign accounts? The soil in the land of Nigeria shall arise against them. They shall not know rest. In Rev. 12:16, when the dragon wanted to kill the woman and her child, the earth soil rose to fight the dragon and its poison.

Something is happening in this country now.The siege time is over and we are getting to a time when,if you tell one to come and be a senator, one would tell you: God forbid. When you tell another to come and become a governor, he would reply you: “do you want to imprison me?”If you have been their slaves or have been under the yoke of their cage that you have been answering them “Sir”, get ready to take over because the table is about to turn around.  My prayer is that the time has come for you to be answered “Sir”

A popular Igbo adage says that why the dog follows a man with big tummy is because it is either he vomits or he defecates what the dog will eat. Nigerian Big tummy politicians defy this adage. They neither vomit nor defecate.  I don’t know if they either have kidney failure or liver failure. It means that soon their tummy will soon burst tube and tyre.

We invite our swindled and stolen wealth back and pray for their restoration. Let the ones abroad come back and let those hidden in Nigeria be revealed. A wail is going to be heard in the camp of those that have stolen our wealth. Let the wealth of the poor which they locked up begin to come back in Jesus name.


“We thank God for our President Muhammadu Buhari. We thank God for his vision and agenda for Nigeria. What people don’t know is where Buhari comes from.  Even Buhari himself cannot tell where came from, He was divinely sent at this point of the nation’s political mess to rescue the nation. President Buhari is not an Islamic agenda; he is indeed for everybody and for no body. Go to Niger-Delta today. He is cleansing the city. This was something their own son couldn’t do for them for years. Just in three months of his administration, the nation has begun to generate unprecedented megawatts of electricity. Power supply in Nigeria has become steady like never before. Just in three months of his administration the refineries that have not worked in Nigeria for several years began to work. Just in three months of his administration, the looters of the nation’s treasury are running helter-skelter.    May God bless him for us. God shall protect him from enemies that may want to harm him. Buhari is a president with a divine agenda for the nation.


Fr. Mbaka said: “We bless this moment with Exodus 3:7-9 .The Lord said: I have indeed seen the mystery of my people in Egypt. I have heard them cry out because of their slave drivers and I am concerned about their suffering. So I have come down to rescue them from the hand of Egyptians , and to bring them up out of that land into a good and spacious land, a land flowing with milk and honey ,  the home of the Canaanites, Hittites, Amorites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites. And now, the cry of the Israelites has reached me and I have seen the way the Egyptians are oppressingthem”. Continuing in verse 12, God says:“CertainlyI will be with you”.

Continuing, he said: “As we are flowing in the rhema of this meditation, the Bible says in Exo 3:21: “And I will make the Egyptians favourably disposed towards this people, so that when you will leave, you will not go empty handed” .Three things are involved in this verse .They are: Favour, Going out and zero empty handedness. Teaching on this line, I implore you in Exodus 3:21 to lift up   your hands and pray for favour. When the Bible says in Ex 3:21 “I will make the Egyptians favourably disposed…” It implies that the Egyptians are not just going to be disposed but their disposition has an adjective- “Favourably. “. It is not just going to be an ordinary disposition. Somebody that is going to handle your case is going to be disposed favourably.  Amplified version puts it this way in Exo 3:21: “And I will give this people favour and respect in the sight of the Egyptians and it shall be that when you go, you will not go empty handed.”


Listen to me, my People: ‘You will go.’ I don’t know where you are leaving now, that place might be too hazardous for your health and inimical to your destiny growth. But it has become your comfort zone and you have accepted it as an abode of zero resignation. But I am challenging your destiny now to get ready to go out of that Egypt. You are good to go. At that time when you are good to go, nothing can hinder you from going.  We will place you in the supernatural jargon of Omnia parata. At that point, nothing can hinder you: nothing can impede you, and nothing can thwart, stop or obstruct you.   I pity the hand that would attempt to hold you back when the Lord wants you to go forward, at that time you are good to go, that hand shall break.

In Ex 14:13&14, when the Israelites were panicking and agitated because of the fear of the pursuing Egyptians, the Bibles said that Moses told them, “Fear not; Stand your ground, for the Egyptians you see today, you shall see no more”. God will fight for you. You are to experience a mighty favour in such a manner that you will just stand your ground and you will still notice that the Egyptians you see today, you will see no more; the sickness you see today, you will see no more; the barrenness you see today, you shall see no more; the sorrow and backwardness you see today, you shall see no more. The failures you are experiencing today, you shall experience no more.The wretchedness you see today, you shall see no more. The bondage you experience today, you shall experience no more. I am telling you my people, that any moment from now, you will be good to go.

The Bible did not stop at saying you will go. God went further to say that He will give you favour and respect so that you will not go empty handed. Listen, Child of God, you will not go empty handed. Your family will not go empty handed. God forbid that you will go empty handed after all your suffering and effort to attain His kingdom. God forbid that after all your charity, you will go empty handed. You will not go empty handed.

In Exodus 3:22, the Bible says: ‘Every woman is to ask her neighbor and any woman living in her house for articles of silver and gold. This time around, there is anointing for mighty favour that whatever you ask, you will receive. Even when you ask for silver, silver will be given to you. When you key into the prayer for gold, gold will be given to you. This is in accordance with Psalm 2:8 where Jesus says: “Ask me of the whole universe and I will give it to you as your portion and your inheritance”. At that hour in Obadiah verse 17, you will possess your possessions, for you are a child of Mt Zion where there will be deliverance and holiness. You will possess your possession as a Zionite.   In Psalm 102:13, the Bible says it is time for God to have mercy on Mt. Zion. Your own time has come. Key into this mightyfavouable time. In Luke 4:18-19, when Jesus was reading his magna chata, he read Isaiah 61:1-3 “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me. He has anointed me to bring good news to the poor … and to declare a year of God’s favour”.


Something is about to happen; I saw good thing coming from afar. In the vision, I saw a trance of a mighty favour inundating upon the children of God and some children of God keyed into that mighty favour, jubilating that conditions have changed. I bless the time of fulfillments of this vision in Psalm 119:126.“It is now time for God to act. 2ndCor 6:2 says: this is the favouarble time, this is the acceptable time. This is the time. I can see that your time has come. In Ecc 3:11, my Bible says: God beautifies all things in its time. There is a time hanging upon you. You are entering into a year of favour.

I am blessing you now with my hand lifted unto God that at this good time, you shall move to a promised land. Are you a tenant? You are leaving your tenancy to be a landlord. Slavery time is over. I don’t know what enslaved you in the past. Are you in any cocoon where you are enslaved? This word of knowledge is against every chain that is an obstacle to your life. In Psalm 107:4-5, I bless your lives and the Word of God says “Some wandered in wilderness, in a solitary desert track. They found no city for habitation”. You may have lived from one ghetto to another.You may not have had any address since you came to live in the township? God is going to make you have address. God said that He has heard your cries. Did you cry to have a child? God has heard it. Did you cry because of your joblessness? God has heard it. Did you cry because of sickness? God has heardit. Did you cry because of poverty? God said he has heard your cry. In Isaiah 62, His word says, “You, who remind the Lord, do not be silent, do not allow the Lord to rest until He revives, renews and reconstructs Jerusalem and makes it a home for habitation.”

In Psalm 107:5, the bible says that they were wandering, were hungry and thirsty. They fainted and their lives were near to be extinguished. In verse 6 of Ps. 107“then they cried to the Lord in their trouble and the Lord delivered them out of their distresses ‘.As you cried to God, God answered you. There was a prayer you made and you don’t know it is in the bank. Prayers are never wasted. Any prayer you make is put in the Spiritual Prayer Bank; it is in the Central Prayer Bank of Heaven acquiring interest for you.

In Psalm 46:1, God is the present helper in the time of trouble.  In Psalm 50:15, He says “call me in the days of your trouble, I will answer you and deliver you from all your troubles”. In Psalm 91:15 He said: “You called me and I answered you”. In Joel 2:32, the Bible says that those that shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved. Be saved from any bad condition you find yourself in Jesus name.

I am blessing you in Psalm 107:8-16. You are going to establish your home. I lift up my hand and bless this beautiful home that Heaven built for you. Take the key now for this one is your own. You are the landlord; the garage is yoursand the cars are yours. You will even begin to habour tenants that shall give you something every month. Because you will be so rich, you can even allow them to go without paying anything.  This will be fulfilled in your life. Let this closed bank of wealth in your life open now in Jesus name.

After your examinations, you will not go empty handed. You will go with a result of success. After you have served your master, you will not be disgraced out of his home and be sent out empty handed. You will go with reward.

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