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Chief, Dr. Nnubia Ignatius Ihechukwudere, the group managing Director / CEO Nowas group of companies  spoke with AMEN Super News Editor-in-Chief,  Barr Ike Maximus Ugwuoke, in an exclusive interview over the case.  In the interview he congratulated the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu, Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka on his victory over the Union Bank. He said that what the bank did to Fr Mbaka was a replica of the false accusation against him. Here is the excerpt of what he said:

“I am not only a member of the Adoration Ministry but one of the pioneer members and one of the pillars. We are fully in support of all the activities going on in Adoration Ministry Enugu where our spiritual Director Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka is at the helm of the affairs.

“The judgment is a well-deserved one. Once the Holy Spirit is at work no human being can stop the Holy Spirit. The bible also says touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm. When it all started about nine years ago, union bank knew quite well that they were looking for our trouble. I say ‘our trouble’ because it is not only Fr Mbaka that is affected. The entire members of the Adoration family are affected.  Union Bank was advised to drop the case but few individuals being led by Satan stirred it on. When it all started, they thought they were using it as a way to get father and insult him and push him to the mud, but once God is with you, you are more than the majority. The bible also says that he that is in us is more than he that is in the world.

“Union bank and the people behind the whole saga felt they could succeed in turning what is not real to be a reality. It will never happen. God has taken over and used it to prove to people that justice can only be delayed but it can’t be denied. That is why everybody is rejoicing.

“As it stands now my family, myself and my company want to use this opportunity to congratulate Fr Mbaka and also give praise to the Holy Trinity, the father, son and the Holy Spirit.  Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria is the empire of the Holy Spirit and whoever is fighting the Holy Spirit should be careful. We are happy with what God is doing. Any right thinking human being should be grateful to God. The truth is clear as it is pronounced by the Court in spite of everything.

“Initially some people were trying to give the impression that Fr Mbaka was looking for the trouble of union bank. Some of them even told me personally, why can’t you talk to him to pay?  I asked them in turn, do you pay for what you don’t know? What was not given to you, where do you expect him to pay from? Is it from the little thing he is using for charity?

“The replica of what Union Bank did to Adoration Ministry is what the Government of Enugu state and former minister for information and former O/c SARS did to me. The way they packaged lies against me and my staff is exactly the same thing that happened here because they believe that they can turn the truth upside down so that an individual who did not do anything should be jailed. Today we have attended their funerals remaining some of them which we are praying God to forgive.

‘The same thing is what I am telling the union Bank, whether they go to Court of Appeal or not, the truth is obvious. And their going on appeal in my humble view will not save them. The major thing is that justice has been delivered. They must pay for the damages and compensate us. They are not fighting Fr Mbaka alone, whichever way they want to go about it, we are there.

“My advice to Union Bank is that they should be careful. I say it again that they should be careful and for the third time, I say, they should be careful. Send the message across to them. Let them be careful. I also want to advise the leaders of the Church that they should not be shying away from issues that affect the church. They shouldn’t think it is for an individual. This matter is not for Fr Mbaka alone. The church should stand out at all time to condemn evil. If it is in my hands, I will pronounce that nobody should patronize Union Bank again…

“Our prayer is that God will keep our spiritual director, Rev Fr Mbaka and give him the wisdom to steer the affairs of the ministry till the end of his life.

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