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Why Obiano won anambra guber election

Why Obiano won anambra guber election

As the incumbent Governor of Anambar State, Willy Obiano and his supports continue to bask in the euphoria of their victory at the Nov 18  2017 polls of the Gubernatorial  election in the state,  AMEN Super news in earnest quest for the factors that contributed to the success story of the said Governor emerged with the following answers


On Friday night of 10th Feb 2017 at the hour of 13:39hr, Fr Mbaka prayed for Obiano when he came for prayers at the Adoration Ground with his entourage.  The prayers was done right in front of the altar with Obiano knelling before the altar while Fr Mbaka and other priest stretched forth their hands in prayers for him.  The prayers were so spectacular in that Obiano’s victory was a confirmation of the answers to what Fr Mbaka asked God concerning him. Below is an excerpt of the very words Fr Mbaka used during the prayers

“In Jesus name. Jesus we hand over your son Willy and Anambra into your hand, we hand over his administration to you. We hand over his health and situation into your hand. Might God in 1st Sam 1 when your daughter Hanna went to the temple in Shiloh and cried to you, your son Eli told her, ‘may the God of Israel answer you’. And she went within joy, by that time the following years, she delivered Samuel.  Your Excellency, Governor Wiily, may the God of Israel, God of the Adoration Ministry answer you.

“We pray you into the power of God working through this altar. Father glorify your name in this your son. Thank you for the good works you have used him to do in Anambra that had impacted in other states positively, security wise, agriculture wise, economic improvement, supporting of the church, live saving by salary payment, massive employment and other assignments that he performed that cannot be enumerated here. In any way he had fallen short of your glory, forgive him, Lord, for he is a human being. We therefore stand in His words of Heb 8:12, In Zech 3:9, In Luke 23:34 and pray that God will grant you pardon in Jesus name. As you requested, we pray for health and longevity, Father be with him. Grant Him super abundant Solomon-like wisdom.

“Even as he is putting his hands on this your altar asking for your favour to break through in the next electoral moments, father, may such prayers be granted him in Jesus name. In Zech 4:6, it’s not by power; it’s not by might but by the spirit of God. We pray that God will be with you.  May the Lord be with you? Father I commend him into your hand. In Psalm 31:5 into your hand o Lord I commend him. In Luke 23:46 into your hand O lord I Commend his spirit. In Psalm 98:1and Isaiah 66:14, I commend him into your and o Lord. We stand in the power of Psalm 31; 15 and commend him into the power of your protective hand and decree and declare in Isaiah 11: 11 and Psalm 118:16 that your right hand o Lord will uphold him.

“As he is leaving from this place, in 1st Sam 17:47 may his battle be your own battle o God. In Deut 1:30 fight for him o Lord in the midst of his foes that as he is leaving this sanctuary of praise, as he is leaving this altar, the power inherent on this altar will enable him to succeed. Therefore in 1st Samuel 18: 14 because God was with David, he was successful in every he did, thus we pray that the Lord will be with such that success that will be amazing, Success that is awesome, success that is miraculous, success that is unprecedented, heavenly success wills your portion. We cover you with the blood of Jesus and call on the Angels of Psalm 34:7 and Rev 10:6, AND Rev 12:7 and Acts 12:7, the Angels John 1:51, and of Mathew 28:1-2, that these Angels mentioned in Genesis 28:12 with those Cherubic powers and forces of Genesis 3:24 will come and take you home and see you breaking through. May the Lord be with you and may our mother Mary intercede for you and we covenant you to the God of the Adoration Ministry the God of all victories WILL FIGHT FOR YOU go and conquer. In the name of the father, son and the Holy Spirit. Arise and shine.”

This prayer was the first and foremost thing that made Obiano successful in the election. Having been declared victorious spiritually other things began to work to his favour which led to his victory. Our guest writer, Francis Okoye writes on those other things that played out to Obiano’s favour:

Prof. Zana Akpau, Vice Chancellor of University of Calabar, who was in charge of the Nov. 18th 2017 Governorship elections in Anambra State, recently announced Chief Dr. Willie Obiano, of APGA and the incumbent Governor as the winner. He got 234,071 votes, to best the nearest rival, Dr. Tony Nwoye of APC who got 98.752 votes, with PDP’s Oseoloka Obaze coming third with 70,293 votes.

Many people and political analyst had speculated that Dr. Tony Nwoye of APC or Oseloka Obaze of PDP would win the election, but they got the shock and surprise of their lives, with the victory of Obiano at the polls. Here we examine the factors that led to the victory of Chief Dr. Willie Obiano at the election.


For one reason or the other, Anambra State Traders led by Chief Dr. Okwudili Nwankwo, fully supported and campaigned among themselves for votes for Obiano. Okwudili under the plat form of AMATAS, even in their Newspaper, sensitized traders in all markets in the state on the need to vote for APGA. As you know, in Anambra politics, whoever the traders support, normally wins the elections in a free and fair election.


Anambra State Civil Servants came out en mass to ensure that Obiano returns to power. According to some of them, while other states were owning workers 12 months arrears of salary, Obiano was paying them promptly and even increased their salary. They said he had promised to increase their salary by 15% in January 2018, if he wins. Pensioners were not left out in their support for Obiano. The Governor normally gives them bags of rice every Christmas. The case of the state media outfit, Anambra Broad Cashing Services says it all, as Obiano was the first to pay all back log of gratuities and start paying pensions.


At first, Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah of Capital Oil and Gas Ltd. an Nnewi Billionaire contested the primaries in PDP and lost. He went to court against PDP. Instead of PDP to settle the matter amicably, he was suspended from the party. He simply left the party and joined APGA with his influence and money, he delivered his teaming supporters to APGA, especially in Nnewi North and Nnewi south.


Amb. Bianca Ojukwu also put her weight behind the candidate of Willie Obiano and joined the campaign train to campaign for APGA.
The name and picture of her late husband, Ezeigbo gburugburu Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu was also used to successfully deliver Obiano to the electorate. APGA was projected as Igbo people”s own party.


The zoning policy of the office of Governor to each of the three zones for a maximum of 8years also played a role. Anambra South and Anambra central wanted Anambra North to complete the remaining terms and the office shifts to Anambra South.a Tony Nwoye victory could mean Anambra North spending 12years before it reaches another zone, although PDP’s Oseloka was aware of this and promised to serve only one tenure of 4years if he wins, but it seems he could not convince the other zones.


APGA appears to have come tops in voter mobilization using all available means and this led to their success.


Many rumors were used to fight in this election. Dr. Tony Nwoye was labeled a cultist, it was said that he was the one who kidnapped Dr. Chris Ngige, when Ngige was Governor among other crimes. Although Rev. F. Ejike Mbaka informed all that all those accusations against Nwoye were false, it came too late and not many heard it, hence Nwoye lost important votes.

The PDP candidate also had several damaging Rumors against him, which they did nothing to counter; this may have robbed them of vital votes and support.The opposition spread rumors that Gov Willie Obiano was a drunkard and always drinking and partying. The Obiano groups choose to ignore the rumors and match on.


The IPOB sit at home order, also helped APGA to win, many IPOB members who would have voted against Willie Obiano, did not come out to vote. IPOB claims that Obiano was responsible for the killings by soldiers of their members in the East , allegations Obiano has denied several times.


INEC,led by Prof. Zana Akagu, Vice Chancellor Uni Calabar did a good job. They was zero tolerance for rigging, however they were cases of non functioning of the card readers and use of manual accreditation which also led to cancellation of votes .In cases of where they was over voting, as the card reader record of accredited voters was different form the number that voted. Such were also cancelled.

In Ekwusigo, 4 wards, Agbakwa, Ihetuoha, Ozubulu, Eche were cancelled as a result of this. The same in Aguata in Ekwuluobia, Igboukwu ,Uga and Umuchu, in Onitsha North, 17 polling units results were cancelled. In Akwa South Amawbia 3 was cancelled due to over voting. In Ayamelum, Omor and Umeje were cancelled. In Aniocha, Agulu unit 2 was cancelled. In Orumba South, in umeaku, Umueze I & II, Akpu were cancelled for over voting. In Ogbaru almost all Okpoko were cancelled for over voting and election did not take place at Attani 2.

In Idemili North 7 polling units results were cancelled, in Oyi, Akwuzu 2. Nteje , Nkwelle 1had some polling units cancelled. They was shooting at Ufuma 2, Ufuma 1, Ndukwuenyi/Okpne, Nnaka 1, Awa, Ajali 1 were all cancelled in Orumba Norh. In Onitsha North, Fegge 4, 5 and Odakpu 6 recorded over voting and were cancelled and so many other areas.

In some areas, polling officers made away with result sheets, ballot box or were forced to record figures in Nnewi North/South but were cancelled. All areas were manual was used instead of card readers were cancelled.

Three quarters of the collation officers, were Professors from the University of Calabar, as follows Prof. Mrs. Savior Bassey Umouto (Nnewi South), Prof. Chris Chukwurah (Anambra West), Prof. James Efoke (Idemili North), Prof. Emeka Okwueze (Anambra West), Prof. John Onjeh (Ogbaru), Prof. Asira Asira (Idemili South), Prof. Alphosus Mbonu OkpalaEke (Orumba North), Prof. Emma Idoko Ena (Akwa North), Prof. Olfiong (Ihiala), Prof. Godwin Agogo Ugalu (Onitsha South), Prof Steven Otang (Aguata), Prof. David Ogah (Orumba South), Prof. Maurice Asuguo (Ayamelum), Prof. Anim Ajake (Ekwusigo).

INEC needs to do more home work with card readers and voter mobilization I subsequent elections.


Dr. Toney Nwoye of APC had a God Father in the person of Billionaire Price Engr. Arthur Eze, where Oseloka Obaze had Mr. Peter Obi, a former Governor of the state as his God father-This it seems may have affected the votes in one way or the other.


President Mohammadu Buhari, the Presidency and INEC did not interfere in the election, hence it was a success. The security forces tried, but they were areas not adequately covered, the Elites who thanked Gov. Obiano for providing security in the state turned out en mass to support him, even using their own money. The Town Unions who got N20m each for projects also voted him in and campaigned for him. The low turnout also helped, and so Obinano won in all 21 L.G.A of the state-The first in History of the state.

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