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Oh this Nepotic Government-The Ekweremadu Saga

Oh this Nepotic Government-The Ekweremadu Saga

While patriots had expressed concern over the candidature of Mohamed Buhari prior to the 2015 General Elections, his cronies, backers and those who felt he was the messiah best suited to deliver on the change agenda thought otherwise and used the change hullah balooh to drown this voice of reason. However of serious concern was the school of thought which nursed the idea of being carpet baggers should the seemingly ailing Buhari kick the bucket before or a short while the election. Interestingly this group which constituted men of very high political pedigree and savvy as well as the Lagos cum Western press which shouted itself hoarse even while attempting to dull their consciences and by extension, those the wider Nigerian press-guided populace .They waved aside and jettisoned the era of the gagging of the press during Buhari’s stint as head of the junta. They equally chose to forget the unpleasant experiences of some media men sent to the gulag  and other Nigerians treated in that  wise under the obnoxious Decrees 2 and 4 of the  Buhari era.

These adventures also chose to wish away that it was Buhari who had incarcerated and imprisoned Afro beat maestro, Olufela Anikulapo Ransome-Kuti and many others for possession of foreign currency while he not only aided and abetted the importation of 53 giant suitcases under the supervision of his then ADC, Mohamed Jokolo even as the customsmen under Atiku Abubakar were barred routine inspection. Indeed this breed of Nigerians chose and sought to make us to forget the chaos that characterized the economy then with the import licence regime favouring his henchmen and impoverishing the entire country. repression of dissent was the order of the day and many citizens were forced out as economic refugees; recall the epic TV jingle of Andrew checking out .All the leading progressive minds were thrown into prison for some spurious charges of corruption .While the politicians were jailed, Shagari who presided over the era under scrutiny was never questioned rather his Vice Ekwueme of blessed memory spent all of 3 years in prison. He was clearly nepotic, selective and repressive in his fight on corruption. Little wonder then when Babangida came calling with pretensions of openness, Nigerians from across all social strata embraced him until he bared his fangs. That is a discussion for another day. So it was wrong to have daydreamed that Buhari has changed or possessed the wherewithal to transform the country.

One may ask what other permutation this people had except that of his demise as a fallback for enthroning a known and elective despot religious bigot as the president of modern day Nigeria. Today all are witnessing the tearing apart of the fabrics and matrices that bound Nigeria together. Human live is being equated to that of cattle of even made to look lower than that of Fulani cows owned by Buhari’s men. The Judiciary has been desecrated and judges cowed to submit to the whims and caprices of Buhari .It is useless suing the FG today for very obvious infraction of the extant laws. The parliament has been turned to a presidential appendage which can no longer provide the needed checks and balances needed to guarantee democratic governance, hence the inability of the Senate in seeking to impeach Buhari for very obvious flouting of the constitution and laws of the land which he swore to protect and uphold .Any attempt by any body will be repressed and such move as anti-messianic one, and contrived and at times laughable charges brought against such persons. And so a culture of silence has ensued and Nigeria has become very fantastically and nepotically corrupt. Today very senior appointees of this government have been fingered in acts of corruption such as a Former SGF, a Chief of Staff and MINISTERS AS well as an army chief said to possess and run a multi star hotel in faraway Dubai which cost was put at whopping 20 million dollars/Nigerians had wanted to know how he had come about such loot but Buhari had deftly shielded him from the national blitzklieg.

While I am not holding brief for the Deputy President OF the Sensate,Ike Ekweremadu or Metuh, Madueke or any other person accused of official wrongdoing, my position remains that all law breakers should be subjected to the due processes of the laws of the land including wielders of illegal and unlicensed weapons whether they be Fulani or not because it  is seen to be good for the lizard should not  be seen as good for the partnering gander but a sine qua non in the adjudication of justice. Why then should the FG through its anchor-man, AGF Malami as the Court to seize alleged 22 properties belonging to Ekweremadu in Nigeria while leaving properties of Buhari intact? Indeed why had Malami asked the compromised judiciary to brand IPOB a terrorist group while leaving the cattle breeders and their foot-soldiers to lay waste citizen;;s life unbridled and without the president condemning such barbaric acts. Really, the helmsman of the killer herdsmen may have bespoken Buhari’s mind when he told a national daily; “Buhari has Fulani blood in him. So he must help us…if he does not, God will ask him:” while Dence Chief was more forthright as he chided people to submission to slavery;”You must how to accept strangers in your community…finish!;’

One already can conjecture the trammeled judiciary; deliver judgment as demanded by the FG since all that sentiment of the independence of the three arms of government has been rubbished by Buhari. Indeed a suit by the FG translates to a judgment against the defendant not minding his argument. One wonders where Nigeria will get to governed by such nepotic government.

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