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Barley a fortnight ago another prophetic trumpet of a looming danger was declared by Fr Mbaka, the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu, Nigeria.The message which he delivered on 8th July, 2015 and titled Bye-Bye famine was a sister message to the one he delivered early this year, titled “disaster is coming if …” It is a message prophesying the coming of death and famine upon the land and charging the Children of God to pray to avert it. In this tear-shedding message, he addressed a number of issues such as the Boko Haram insurgence, the security of the nation, injustice in Enugu state occasioned by  the Judiciary Strike in Enugu state (before the strike was called off few days after the message) and a message  spurring Gov Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi to take Charge.  Excepts


“Psalm 33:18-19 says “Behold the eyes of the Lord are upon those who fear him who revere and worship him, who wait for him and hope in his mercy and his loving kindness to deliver them from death and keep them alive in the time of famine”

“From the context of this message we go down to Genesis 41: 53-57. “When the seven years of plenty were ended, in the land of Egypt, the seven years of scarcity and famine began to come as Joseph had said they would, the famine was in all (the surrounding) lands, but  in all of Egypt, there was  food. But when all the land of Egypt was weakened with hunger, the people (there) cried to Pharaoh for food and Pharaoh said to (them) all ,  “Go to Joseph, what he says to you, do”. When the famine was over in all the land, Joseph opened all the storehouses and sold to the Egyptians; for the famine grew extremely distressing in the land of Egypt. And all the countries came to Egypt, to Joseph to buy grain because the famine was severe over all (the known) earth”

“There was no more prosperity in the Land when the seven years of plenteousness and prosperity were ended. There was a hunger time, a time of famine as Joseph had said. The famine was in all the lands that surrounded Egypt but not in Egypt.  This was because of the Presence of a Prophetic visionary Child of God by name Joseph.

“Before that famine time came, Joseph prophesied it.  When the land of Egypt became famished as a result of the famine, the people cried out to their King Pharaoh, and Pharaoh told them to go to Joseph and do whatever he told them. When the famine came over all the land, Joseph opened all the warehouses where he had stockpiled different foodstuffs during the plenteous time and sold it to the people for the famine waxed stronger and stronger in the land of Egypt.

“We lift our hands up and say Goodbye famine. Famine Happy to miss you.  All countries came to Egypt to Joseph to buy corn. I pray for a Chyrotical time that when it will  be famine season in other places, your own family will be living in divine abundance. Every good thing others will be lacking in their family will be made available in your own family.  I prophesy that time in the name of Jesus. Please don’t be stingy when that time comes.

The Bible says “They came to Egypt, to Joseph to buy grain”. That is to say any one who came into Egypt would ask of Joseph.  It is the personality in the land that makes the land good or bad. The famine was excruciating over all the whole earth. It was a respecter of nobody, male or female, child or adult.  We have to pray hard, a time of famine is about coming.


“Listen to this message, a time of death and famine is about coming. Listen to this message, a famine time and a time of death is about coming. Death and famine are two horrible marital partners. When death becomes the man and famine becomes the wife and they give birth what will be the name of their child?  I am pleading, anybody is free to attack this message or discredit it, but remember that all I have prophesied none failed to come true.

“I am on my knees  pleading any one listening to this message to start taking care of the much or little you have now. Don’t think that it will continue to be well this way. The night is about to come at noon. Death and hunger is about entering the land. Please whoever will listen to this message I plead that you begin to manage well what you have. Don’t think that this favorable time will continue like this. A season is coming; it will be like darkness in the day time. Death and famine are coming to hit the land. But I cover the children of God with the blood of Jesus.


“Famine time and death time calls for prayers.  With prayers we can avert the death season and the famine season.  I am prophesying protection in this time of death visitation.  I pray for protection upon the Children of God in this season as the death is on the way. I pray that the Holy Spirit will guide me in this prophetic season to deliver without adding or minus whatever the Holy Spirit reveals.  Listen to me my people. We are in a dangerous season. We are like people sitting on a keg of loaded gun powder. Any accidental discharge of fire will result in a horrible explosion and the imaginable situation will be terribly horrific.  All we are praying is that God will guide us with wisdom. Famine is coming. Death is preparing to attack and strike.

“In this special country that is in the hand of God, we are praying that the same God who saved us in the past will save us again and again. Salvation belongs to God. I pray for Divine salvation from death and famine. We are lifting our hands up as we say, ‘bye-bye famine, and bye-bye death’. Our God is a Champion; there is nothing he cannot do.


“Heavenly father, we pray for Divine solution. Once more during the visitation of the Ebola Epidemic, you gave us the Divine Solution. You attacked Ebola by yourself. The hour has come again. There is another horrible vision of mass death, death in quantum with horrible famine.  We stand in the power of your word in Psalm 33:18-19, father, your Word says that your eyes are upon your children who put their trust in you for you will keep them alive from death and famine. You will deliver us because you are merciful. We pray for our deliverance from death and famine. May God deliver our families from death and famine.

May God deliver you from death and famine. Let this family of God be delivered from death and famine. Your family is of the Joseph specie. It is the family that bypasses different trials and persecutions. Here in this ministry we fight against injustice, those that are being maltreated are here, those that are despised are here, those that are being pursued by the spirit of death come here.  This is a place that life is protected. We stand in this palace of life and lift our hands up against this death that is being revealed and this famine that is on the way coming.

“Those who are weak in prayers should strengthen themselves now. If you don’t want to be worshiping God before start now to worship him. Begin to be prayerful now. What is coming is a respecter of nobody. It is going to attack A and B.  It will try to reach the’ Z’ but I know that God will not allow it to destroy all. There must be a remnant. There must be a surviving Joseph. There must be a dreamer, Joseph. There must be visional Joseph. There must be a dream interpreter, Joseph.  There must be a prophetic Joseph. Father, give us Josephs in this time. May all the churches in this country have courageous Josephs who will be able to announce, interpret, proclaim and be able to carry about the supernatural charisma and prophetic interpretation of whatever the Holy Spirit reveals.  May God do this for us and take the glory.

“We courageously reject every plan against us, every pit from the infernal kingdom, and anything from the gate of hell. In Matthew 16:19, the Bible says that the gate of hell shall not prevail. Father any prevailing power of any gate of hell be annulled, invalidated and rendered null and void now in Jesus name.

“We need to pray hard, such a pray that those who do not worship God would start to worship him. Voice of prayers should be everywhere. Everybody must be a gap personality. Ezekiel 22:30 says ‘I looked for who will be standing on the gap and I found nobody. May God raise for us at this time people that will stand in the gap for us at this time. Because at that season, hunger will hit the church and places of worship. People will be looking for where to hear the word of God


“When this season we are prophesying would come, many are going to be beggars in families that are doing well.  Many that were lenders are going to be borrowers. Something is going to happen in the land, many people are going to cry. There are tears here and there in the Spiritual. We are praying for God to intervene. Father please intervene, Jesus intervene, Holy Spirit intervene. The land is getting hotter and hotter. All over the land, the North, South, East and West will hear the sound. There will be wailing and tears all over the land. Death and famine everywhere. Holy Adonai, appear and save us. Only Jesus can save us at this time.

“Father we believe in the authority of your Holy Word in Psalm 33:9 ‘As you have spoken, so it shall come to pass’. Father we believe in the power of your spoken word because in John 1:14, your word said “And the Word took flesh and dwelt among us’. Father let your word begin to take flesh. In the authority of your word we pray in Amos 8 where your prophesy says “ a time is coming, a time of famine , not of food and drink but of the Word of God’. The famine for the Word of God is coming.

“ At that season that is revealed, people will be afraid to go to church. People will be looking for pastors and priests to preach to them. A horrible time is coming. I am praying with the might that is prophetic under spiritual humility . As a priest of God, I am standing here at the gap for my people. Father at this season, the Priests shall become sacrificial elements. Many priests at this season may become martyrs. It is a time of bloodshed. Please Holy God, in your holiness and righteousness avert this danger. There will be hunger in the farm, hunger in the Banks, hunger in families and hunger in the church , but the gate of hell shall not Prevail.

“At the end of the drama, God will evolve a supernatural solution. I pray that we shall be alive to experience the end of the story because the season is bad, the season is satanic, the hour is satanic. Jesus says that the whole world is under the handoff the evil one. Oh Lord save us. In  Matthew 1:21, your name is Jesus because you will save your people. Save us O Lord Jesus. Please deliver us, in your name, may we hear good bye to famine and to this death.

“Dynamic Holy Spirit. Holy Ghost that influenced that voice of the Prophets of the old, the Holy Ghost that prophesied through Isaiah and Jeremiah, Holy Spirit that used Ezekiel, Othnail and Shamggar . Holy Spirit that used Habakkuk, Elijah and Elisha. The Holy Spirit that functions in Joseph, please function in your church. Many cannot see what we are seeing now, it is a horrible time that is coming. What is coming may defy every human solution, every political solution, every military solution. America cannot find solution over it.  Many will cry, many will run from North to the South, man will run helter-skelter to where? Where is the place of rest and safety?


“Do charity, do charity fast. Go to the sanctuary, remain in the Blessed Sacrament in the Chapels, pray and pray and pray. Only God can avert this disaster that is coming. The tide is about to happen, many blood are about to be wasted; only Jesus can save us.  What has never happened wants to start happening, there are tears in the whole land only Jesus can save us. The land is filled with tears and misery in the families, there are deaths left and right, only Jesus can save us.

Father we lift up our hands and pray. In Habakkuk 1:12 your word says “we shall not die” if sin will be the cause of such famine;  such questionable death in incalculable numbers, father in Proverbs 1:12, your word said that Charity, almsgiving delivers from multitude of sins.  Father, fill your people with the hunger to do charity. May we begin to do charity.  We should be our neighbours’ keepers. As we do this, this terrible season may not come the way it plans to come.

“If you shall help those that you are better than, if the rich should remember the poor it will save us. If this is not done the rats and lizards will be on the run.  That person that is thinking that he is rich today is not sure if he would be alive to enjoy that wealth. People will run from different places. God deliver us. There will be chaos from the places of Leadership, Churches and market places. Hunger is coming. If you have no time for the word of God, begin to have it now. If you have no time for Holiness of life, begin to have it now.   It will come like a thief; many who are laughing now are going to cry. It is a dangerous time. It is a cancerous seasons. Heavenly father we lift our hands and pray, since your word says in Psalm 33:19 that you will deliver your people from death and famine, father, please deliver us. May your word come to pass. We know the vision is real. We know then prophesy is real but we are praying for mercy.


“God of mercy and compassion, please have mercy on us. Jesus, we have come to your presence asking for mercy.  Jesus, I ask for mercy please Lord grant us your mercy; let your mercy come upon us. My people begin to pray, fast and run to the Blessed Sacraments in the Chapels and pray.  Have mercy on us Lord, your ways lead to life. There are hard times everywhere, our Lord please remember us. Have mercy on us, have mercy on Nigeria, have mercy on our families, have mercy on your church , have mercy on our office, have mercy in our trading  and business places, have mercy upon us on our ways, have mercy on our going and coming in.

“Only God can save us. In Isaiah 52:10, He says that all the ends of the earth shall see the salvation of the Lord. In Joel 2:22, those who call on the name of the Lord shall be saved. Save us O Lord and be glorified. Please Lord may this disaster not happen, father avert the disaster for us. Please Holy God, aver the disaster for the country, avert the disaster for the church, and avert the disaster for your people. All the religious in this country are crying for your salvation in Acts 4: 12, your word says that there is no name by which we shall be saved.  It is only this name Jesus, the man of Calvary, born not made, one with the father and the Holy Spirit, the second person of the Holy Trinity, Jesus, save us O Lord.  I ask for your mercy for the whole country, the whole world and the whole family. In Psalm 2:11 your word says “Ask me even of the whole universe, I will give it to you”. I am asking for salvation for the whole of the universe, the entire country and for our families. Delivers us O Lord from this imminent danger that may stop your people from going to church.

“O Lord, please don’t allow this evil to come true. It has been revealed where the night came in the day, there was no one to run to for refuge because no one is safe. Fight for your people Lord and by yourself say good bye to death and famine. It is not by Power, it is not by might says Zachariah 4:6. It is only by Your Holy Spirit. In Isaiah 59:19, father, your word says “when the enemy comes against you like the flood fear not, for my Holy Spirit will lift a standard against it”. Father may your Holy Spirit begin to lift the standard. The Hour has come. Holy Spirit please lift the standard, standard of protection, standard of salvation, standard of deliverance, standard of freedom, standard that is super natural.  Holy Spirit we need you at this hour. Please destroy all these ugly serpents and kill this cobra of death that is about to destroy the life of your people.


“Nursing mothers would says had I known I would not have delivered at this season, pregnant mother would say had I known I would not have been pregnant at this season. People would say if I had known I would not have gone to the market that day, some would say had I known I would not  have gone to the  church that day. Deliver us O Lord from the day of had I known, in Jesus name.

“Let the priests of God go to the sanctuary for aggressive prayer campaign. Jesus in the tabernacle is waiting to see us praying.  For in Isaiah 30:18, he will grant us his mercy and He will be gracious to us when we cry to Him. In Isaiah 69:9,  He will cry with us and send His Angel of Deliverance. In the book of Jeremiah 39:18 He promised us deliverance. In Psalm 68:20 your word says that you will deliver us from death. Deliver us from this imminent death, O God of Host.

“Are they about killing the President? Horrible. Jesus, in Act 2:24, You said that death cannot hold you captive; you have the power over death.  In 1st Corinthians 15:54 your word says death where is your power, death where is your sting? You have been swallowed in victory. We lift our hands in intercession in 1st Cor 15:57 your word says thanks be to God who has given us victory in Christ Jesus. Jesus, your father has given us victory in you; victory over death, victory over famine.


“I stand in Rev 5:9 and seal you with the Blood of Jesus. In Rev 1: 5. I cover you with the Blood of Jesus. In Exodus 12:13, He says “When I see this blood, I will pass over you’”. Father I cover the whole Nigeria with the blood of Jesus. I cover Aso Rock with the blood of Jesus. I cover our families with the blood of Jesus. I cover all the places where people worship God in this country with the blood of Jesus. I cover all our Markets with the blood of Jesus. I cover all our schools and institutions with the blood of Jesus. I cover all our vehicles with the blood of Jesus. In Col 1:20, it is called the Blood of the Cross. In Heb 12:24, this Blood of Jesus Cries and speaks more than the blood of Abel. May this blood cry for us, may it cry for your family, let this disaster not happen.

“In John 1:29, we pray for ransoming. In  Mark 10:45, Jesus has paid the ransom for this country. O you demons demanding the blood of fellow Nigerians, we are not owing you we have paid the price of whatever on Mt Calvary with the blood of Jesus Christ.   This county is ransomed. We claim the authority with power in the blood of Jesus Christ and we declare and decree that you demons shall not continue to threaten us, intimidate us or humiliate us. Jesus has died and paid a price once and for all. Stop demanding anything again from us, we do not owe you.

“Spirit of death or whatever be their name. They may be answering Boko Haram to confuse us but their real name may not be Boko Haram. They are the Spirit of death, it is not Boko Haram, and they are deceiving us so that we shall be praying with a wrong name. May the Lord reveal your identity spiritually.

“When they want to attack like this, they will use a deceptive nomenclature. The word Boko Haram, does it not mean “No to Modern Civilization. No to anything that is modern, Education and Technology. No to Western Civilization, No to anything that is western?” But watch them now, if they are against western civilization  as we were falsely made to believe that it is an Islamic Religious agenda against Christianity in Nigeria, are they now not attacking the Moslems too? Are they not bombing mosques. It is not Boko Haram that is in Nigeria, it is a Spirit of death with false nomenclature. Somebody that will load a bomb and enter the market and blast it, is market among western civilization? .  People that would load themselves with bomb and enter into a bus and blow it, what is happening inside that bus?  It is as dangerous as anything you can imagine. They would drive their own vehicle and load it with bomb. If they are against western provisions, why are they using vehicles?

“There is nothing these people are doing that has anything to do with their name.  When the real people of God want to war against any demonic power, we must know the identity. But when you do not know the identity, you call on God who knows the name of everything to reveal their identity. We better even stop calling them Boko Haram. They are not Boko Haram. People, who would enter the Church and kill people in hundreds, enter the Mosque and kill  them in thousands and go where poor masses just gather to talk about their welfare and they will blow bomb there. What is their agenda? Who are they? What do they want? You cannot negotiate with them.  This may be part of what the Lord may be revealing.

“Right now if you go to Zaria, Kaduna (Sabongari where the Igbos are living) and so on people are wailing. Sometimes ago, I was begging people in that Sabongari to come home, but now the matter is beyond “Come home” because if we do not pray hard, the home may not even be safe. If they will begin to drop bombs in the schools, churches, markets and banks, where do we now run to? It will be tantamount to hunger and famine.

Sometimes last year there was a revelation like this “Disaster is coming” I am praying that God will intervene.

“Now the vision is coming, they are about to hit, we lift our hands of prayer. Don’t tell me you don’t know how to pray. O lord come and hear our cry for there is never time human power will be greater than God’s power. I stand in Joshua 10 and pray for supernatural bombardment as of the days of Joshua when God was rolling down stone from heaven to kill the opponents. May the lord himself who knows their proper names and who knows their agenda especially to attack the Church and those who worship him, roll down stone from heaven and do supernatural crushing. May the lord fight for us. May the Lord fight our battles as in Deut 1:30 where God said ‘I will fight for you’.  I stand in Psalm 7:15 to pray that God will fight those who are plotting death against us.

“All that was revealed to me was that death and famine are coming, pray harder and ask your people to pray harder. Hunger and famine are coming, death is looming. That is the summary of the message.  I am trying to give an interpretation of this only God know the true interpretation. Imagine if the Farms are bombed, schools are bombed and markets are bombed, people will not go to the farms and markets again, what it will translate to is famine and hunger.

“If they find it easy, they will kill even the present President, and as I am speaking with you now there is a serious plan to kill him.  So Mr President Buhari, be very very careful. Watch your back. Aisha Buhari, watch the front of your husband. Watch! Watch! Be fast. If you don’t act fast, they will act faster. Don’t delay, no more delay, act faster. Take the bull by the horn, strike. This satanic and demonic agents wants to destrioy the future of this country, what do they want to achieve?

“We are spiritually warning those who are sponsoring what is happening, you have no right because God has given you money and you would hide one place and sponsor bloodshed in incalculable number. People are dying here and there. Blood are being shed inside the Church and Mosque. What a sacrilege, how can these blood be appeased.  What do you want to achieve, the anger of the Lord of Host is upon you.

“Listen, Mohammed was not a Christian, Mohammed was a human being like us but was a Prophet, Prophet Mohammed. He believes in Allah, the Most High God.  He Believes in the Almighty God, the Supreme God. Anybody masterminding bombing in Mosques, you are calling upon yourself the anger of the God of Mohammed, and Allah will not forgive you, even if Jesus will forgive you. Those who are funding this bloodshed here and there with the wealth of Nigerians, we prophesy that their purses will be dried up. We prophesy that hunger and famine will hit their families.  We pray that God will expose them and put them to shame.  May the Lord Himself deliver us from death and famine as we say goodbye to famine, goodbye to death and bye-bye to Boko Haram. I cover you with the blood of Jesus.


“Look at what is happening in our Judiciary, Enugu as a case study, no state courts are functional. The flag of the state courts are pulled down and there is a barbaric perpetuation of anachronism of injustice on this land. No Court is functional apart from one quasi Magistrate court at the police headquarters. Suspects are arraigned there and sent to the prison immediately.  Why? It is because the Judiciary is talking about their autonomy, and it should be so. There are three arms of  Government, the Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary. Why should the executive be controlling the Judiciary?

Even though the judges are being paid while they are not working, our lawyers for many months have not been going to Court. They have their families to feed and they are living in rented houses where they pay house rents and their children must go to school. A country where the whole Judiciary is being joked with and people are calm. Are you waiting who? What about people who have serious cases in the Court? Who will bail them out? No justice in Enugu Land anymore. Policemen would come to the bar where people are watching the match between Argentina and Chile and round up everybody there to SARS and before you know it, they are sent to the prison.   No Proper trial. Wickedness is on the land. The Prison is filled with our Children.

“Within the context of this message, I am telling Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, Gburu gburu , you are going to be scored well in your government henceforth based on justice. Don’t say that Sullivan has done it therefore you will perpetuate it otherwise shame will visit you. You have to visit the case of Judiciary in the land of Enugu; Enugu is a hospitable land, a land of peace, a place where you can breed your child with love. It is a place where there is brotherhood and love.  It is a place where there is no cultural and religious discrimination. It is a home for all. Why should this land be suffering from such pragmatic and questionable injustice in the camp of Judiciary? Live and let live. Let the Legislators be. Let the Executives be, let the Judiciary be.

“Some people now may begin to grumble,’ Is he the cause?’ Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is not the cause but he should be the solution. Ifeanyi, Enugu people love you and respect you. In this church people pray for you fervently, people fasted for you and from the same church we are pleading, asking you now please give the Judiciary in Enugu autonomy.  The Judiciary, Legislature and the Executives need to be independent for there to be authentic democracy otherwise what we have in Enugu is autocracy. Sullivan started this and it is continuing now, Gburu gburu, don’t waste time so that the God of Justice will not strike you.  Sorry,  don’t say that I should have come to tell you, when I am on the pulpit ministering, I don’t control myself. The spirit controls me. Work hard before the God of Justice will strike you. All these people who are telling you don’t mind him, they will be there laughing at you when you will be disgraced.

“Gburu gburu, wake up. Visit the case of lawyers in Enugu. If they don’t come to you, go to them. If mountain refuses to come to Mahomet, let Mahomet go to the mountain. And Lawyers go to him if he cannot come to you. Save the poor masses.  They are dying as a result of injustice.  If you are told the number of people that die because there is no one to speak for them you will cry endlessly. When they die in detentions at night, their corpse would be sent out as cadavers. The mortuaries are filled and medical students now have enough cadavers to do their practical. Prison cells meant for ten people now have ninety-nine people. There they would be urinating and defecating.  Let the leaders of the Church Speak. And if you don’t want to speak, don’t attack this message because I will not be silent over this one.  You will looking for your son who said he would be going to the church and wouldnt  see him because police had arrested him alongside others.  Before you know he is the police cell, he would be charged to the quasi court and sent to prison before you know it.

The Enugu prisons are filled up. What about those who are being denied their rights? There is no Court to try their cases. Those who are being forcefully evicted from their residents has no court to complain to.  Some bad tenants continue to occupy people’s houses refusing to pack out or pay the landlord. Landlords cannot go to Court in Enugu Land. People in the executive have enough and are feeding well, what is happening to the people of the judiciary. These are people who are speaking for us; these are people who will not sleep day and night preparing cases to speak for the speechless.  Hunger is about killing some of them now for months.

“When I begin to speak, they will say, “Leave the politician and face your priestly work”. What is the priestly work? The Priests of Jesus Christ must be able to speak against injustice otherwise that person is not a priest of Jesus Christ.  Please I am begging now, let the Governor listen to this Judiciary people otherwise when the disaster will strike let him not start looking for solution. The solution is now, give them autonomy.  You are not slave to Sullivan. You are not a puppet to Sullivan; You are not Sullivan’s slippers. You are a full fledged Governor. Enugu people has only one Governor now. His name is His Excellency Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi. from Udenu in Nsukka. Enugu has no two Governors. So Gburu ghuru, stand up! Wake up! Else this Judiciary people will be ‘E nelie nwa ite, o gbanyo oku.’

“Is it because most the cases of those in the prisons are from poor masses. One benefit that we are driving from the fact that Enugu prison is filled up is that  if there are space there, they would have deployed some Boko Haaram inmates there like the one in Ekwulobia. Please let those who are bringing Boko Haram detainees not bring them to Enugu because Enugu Prison is filled up. But that is not to say that we should allow our children to remain there. The captives have to be set free.  Put yourself in their shoes. Many innocent people are there in the prison. They were just sent there to remain in Awaiting Trial until the Court resumes. When will the Courts resume?

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