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Prophecy is not a Common Gift-Fr Mbaka

Prophecy is not a Common Gift-Fr Mbaka

The Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria on Sunday gave an elaborate teaching  on the gift of prophecy  during his Sunday homily at the Umichigbo Adoration ground, dwelling in the first reading of the day taken from  Deuteronomy  18:18 where God told the Israelites ‘I will send a prophet like Moses from among you. Listen to him when he speaks to you’

This is coming at a time when many false prophets had risen in the city deceiving people with what Fr Mbaka referred to as ‘ballistic syncretism’ in the name of prophecy.

Speaking during the homily which lasted for about three hours, he said “There are varieties of gift but prophecy is a very delicate gift. And if you are not gifted with such don’t mimic it, don’t fake it. It is not a matter of saying ‘I like prophesy’. Because when it will come like fire it may burn you down. Prophecy can put you in trouble which no human being can deliver you from.  Because when majority is at one side, God may be at the other side alone. And He will tell you ‘say what is not normal’. Majority would want to kill you, but before they could that, the prophecy will come true and the majority will see themselves as false”

Admonishing the Congregation against faking the gift of prophecy he said. “If you do not have the gifts of prophecy leave it. There are other gifts. There are millions and billions of gifts, if you have the gift of administration follow it. It might be that you have a gift of teaching, if you are a medical doctor be an expert in the medical field. If you are a driver be a good driver, if you are a cook, be a good cook. Don’t be in a workshop and criticizing or attacking a true prophet.  The gift of prophecy is not a common gift”

Fr Mbaka went ahead to recount how his prophetic gifts had led him into many prophecies in the past and the attacks that followed it but at the end, the prophecy would come true and his attackers will be shamed. He recounted what happened during the 1992 Election between Abiola and Tofa, when he was still in the Seminary school. “When people were saying that  either Abiola or Tofa will win the election and become the President, I told them that God said that neither Abiola nor Tofa will be President. That prophecy put me into trouble in the seminary;   at the end of the election, they announced Abiola. But in the end neither Abiola nor Tofa became the President”.

Recounting another experience he narrated what happened during the time of Col Mike Torey as the Military Governor of Enugu state. He said, “I was in Holy Ghost Cathedral the day Mike Tory was building the bridge at Akwata and the prophecy came that the bridge was going to fall, I gave the date and time it will fall. The military people were told to go and arrest me, I was almost arrested that day. On the eve of that day appointed by God, the bridge had a crack and it was announced on radio that no one should pass beside the bridge. On the appointed day that the Lord said the bridge must fall, it fall”.

He went on to recount his prophecy about the death of Abacha when the Holy Spirit told him, he was going to die, he came to the church and declared the prophecy but instead of people listening to him, they started attacking him. And on the day as God had prophesied through him Abacha died. He also narrated how Jim Nwobodo brought the name of Chimaorke Nnamani to him even before   Chimaroke became the Governor and the prophesy came which he told Jim that he was seeing bloodshed if that man will become the Governor. “By that time, I don’t know whom Chimaroke was, I told Jim that I  will shed tears and even he, Jim, shall shed tears as the man will stifle the heart of his business enterprise.  Jim ignored me and in the end, Chimaroke was made the Governor; it didn’t take long and I shed tears when he spilled the blood of innocent Adorers at the Adoration ground, it didn’t take long and Savanah Bank which was Jim’s business bedrock was closed up, and Jim shed tears”.

Speaking on the multi dimensional nature of Prophecy, he said “prophecy is able to penetrate into every area of life. Don’t tell me it is just for the church or spiritual issue. Prophecy can go geographical, prophecy can enter into the medical unit and tell them something there. Prophecy can go archeological, prophecy can go geological, prophecy can go even economical, and it penetrates into all area of life because it comes from He who is the author of everything. Prophecy is when God himself is speaking directly. It is the voice of the divine to humanity. It is a matter of who can hear that voice and interpret it without any adulteration. If you don’t have it, you don’t have it.” He said

“Prophecy is not a gift to be bragging about with, because the prophet is not the owner of the gift. The prophet is just an unworthy instrument and it doesn’t come to you because you are too perfect. When God decides to use you, the perfection there is divine.

“In the Nigerian situation of Today, I pity the Church because the priests who have such gifts are always intimidated and cowed down. Even if any Bishop should rise to say ‘thus says the Lord’ his fellow bishops will attack him. I can’t even understand it, talk more of when a priest says, ‘thus says the Lord’. The Church of today does not want to hear ‘thus says the lord’. When the church stop hearing the voice of God, the church is gone.  But the Bile says in Matthew 16:16-19 that the gate of hell shall not prevail against the church. In Matthew 28:20 He says, I will be with you always to the end of Time”, he said.

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