Tuesday , 31 January 2023


From Igwe Emmanuel Ebonyi State, 0903858794. I thank the Catholics for saving their priest from the hand of the unbelievers . To you Daddy, do not be afraid . We do not know the power of God of Adoration. To me, I keep on going forward ever and backward never. God is with us.

From Nwali Macdonald , 08062371713. Those who were asking “Mbaka why” can now see the reason why. I am much happier than tongue can explain. Some people should be careful on how they go about antagonizing an esteemed man of God like Rev. FR. Ejike Mbaka. Personally, I was deeply touched when I came across a tape raised by one “IDIOT” asking “Mbaka why” in a case of Divine Spirituality. God Almighty may you always protect and defend your devoted servant, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka ”the Joshua of our time”. I pray for more fresh anointing unto him. A prophesy well fulfilled. To God be the Glory.

From 07064791342. Our Beloved Daddy, God has shown the whole world that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is your God. Is 9:6 calls Him Prince of Peace. Zech 9;9 calls him God victor ever glorious. Chiemeria. May God continue to protect, love and bless you. Daddy keep it up. Tem for Jesus.

From Iheanyi Ibe, 07038657488. After 31st night, as we are returning to Nnewi, I was odd in the vehicle as passengers were saying Fr Mbaka’s new year message was supporting Buhari rather than our man Goodluck Jonathan. I told them that what I grabbed from the message is that there is a red traffic symbol of danger and that Goodluck should step up his administration or lose it. They accused me of sleeping while the message was on. Sleeping when crowd filled everywhere with lightening candles and the episode like that of Abrahamic experience when God told him to count the stars on the sky. Now I come to the conclusion that I am the only one awake that very day. Tem Tem tem for Jesus.

From 08144465653. Daddy, you are the microphone in the hands of the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit speaks through you. Exactly three months of your prophesy, it came to fulfillment. It shows the Holy Trinity approved your prophesy. Thanks be to your Bishop who didn’t listen to those people that wanted him sanction you or close down Adoration Ministry. May he be blessed by Jesus the Chief High Priest.

From, Ogbonna IC (kSJI) Emene, 08034720269. On 31st Dec 2014, Fr Mbaka prophesied “Jonathan should handover to Buhari”. On 31st March 2015 (exactly three months later) Jonathan called Buhari and congratulated him for his victory. God indeed speaks through Fr Mbaka. AMEN is indeed real.

From 08166981216. Daddy, swaggering gi na akpuzi na ani. Elijah of our time, people don’t like the truth but the truth must reign. Daddy Speak…again.

From Rosemary Amanchukwu , Anambra, 08033540494 Daddy, heaven is very proud of you. “Great prophet of our time”. Our Blessed mother marry is proud of you “Apple of God’s eyes”. I am proud of you. CARRY GO. you are a special gift to catholic church, to our nation and the entire world. Satan and its agents realized the true power in you and have been attacking to pull you down and close down the adoration but they will never succeed. Daddy, you must end well. It is high time the catholic priest rejected spirit of envy and jealousy and team up and help you in this divine call. Thank God for the victory. Thank God for proving our enemies wrong. Thank God for your wisdom. You will never loose any battle

From IFECHUKWU CHIAGOZIEM ORAGUI. 08063348151. Any man of God that is not on the side of the poor and the oppressed is a pretender. Though I am an Anglican but Rev. Fr. Mbaka remains the man of God after my humble heart. He is the Elijah of our time and the Desmund Tutu of Nigeria. Truly, posterity will surely speak good of him. Many of Fr. Mbaka’s enemies kept stumbling blocks before him thinking he will fall but he used those blocks as stepping stone to his greatness. Certainly he who laughs last, laughs best. Because of this resounding victory, Fr. Mbaka’s destiny is now more beautiful and attractive like a rainbow colour.

Envg Nwopko Moses. 07039623112. My comment on Daddy’s new year message is that the message has been sent to achieve the purpose(s) for which it has been sent and so people should leave the messenger for us because he is only a tool in the hands of the blessed Trinity and let me warn you that agreed to be used by evil people for evil purposes that you are risking your life. As for Daddy, ride on, the sky is not even your limit. Ayeye ooooo.

Patrick Ubi O7064676707. Daddy, very Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka. Daddy as mama Moses take born Moses, mama Elijah take born Elijah, and our mama Jesus take born Jesus without fear, Daddy na so your mama take born you . As person born of a woman no fit kill you because the true God way select you for discipleship no die, so you no go die because of the truth o. Daddy, the tin way dey sweet my bele be say the Mbaka why don com be Mbaka YES. Hahahaha na laugh day my bele.Daddy please no stop, Papa God na your strength, Amen .

08060558309. This should serve as a big lesson to all Nigerians especially our leaders. They should seek for good advice from the man of God and not attack or sanction him.

Simeon Onele 08036370127. At last who won? Halleluiah, our Almighty Jehova has won and Fr Mbakahas been vindicated. Fr. Mbaka was insulted, abused, harassed, and intimidated because of his prophesy that Buhari of APC would win the Presidential Election. Fr. Mbaka is not only the priest of God but also a 21st Century prophet of God . Buhari has been in accordance with divine mandate.

Nwokporo Paul Ekene, Ebonyi state 07033172203. Adoration, Holy Spirit is our power. The God of Rev. Fr. Mbaka is unchangeable God and Almighty has shown the people of Ebonyi State and Nigeria at large that real Prophet of God is in the land of Nigeria. Even I Ekene has been under threat because some group of boys has come to my shop telling me that I am one of Mbaka’s candidate and that I should go and bring out the money that Goodluck’s wife has given to us. My word steady was that Fr. Mbaka did not make mistakes. Tem to Jesus.

Ogbu Chidera, 09033980971. Elijah of our time, your God has granted us victory. He gave us a leader from his own heart for if Good luck had listened to Fr. Mbaka things wouldn’t have ended this way. All we pray is that God who gave us Buhari will make him lead us well.

From 07035686764, Joseph Okeh Ebuka from Ukpabi- Nimbo, Uzouwani . Daddy Mbaka, you are a great prophet of our time. Even in the midst of accusations of receiving bribe, attack and blackmail and challenges, many called for your sanction and your sack from priesthood. Others called for the close down of Adoration Ministry. Daddy Mbaka, God has shown to the whole world that you are real priest. Tem tem tem tem tem for Jesus! Amen.

From Odo James-08104433097 First, I will thank God for mercy on Nigeria for his intervention in the democratic process of our country. I also salute Fr. Mbaka for his courage and prayers for the nation. God has done it again. He has once again saved the life of 54 years old woman called Nigeria. With prayers the beautiful woman endowed with everything necessary for greatness survived the once most feared election period in history. Now that Fr Mbaka has been vindicated what are the reactions of those who were calling for his head before the election? May God bless Nigeria.

From Sister Uchenna Ejiofor 07060608642. I am proud to be an Adorer and to be called Nwa-Mbaka. As a result of prophecy fulfilled, some now seek for directives from me on how to get to Adoration while some asked me to buy Adoration items for them. God is on our side.

From 08034011525 Obumneke Muoneke from Onitsha. Daddy you are the prophet of our country Nigeria. The prophetic message was released in order to set the captives free. I am happy that God proved himself real in Adoration Ministry Enugu. Ride on, we are proud of you.

From 08153123341 Prophesy fulfilled, God has given you victory for people to see. Now they will stop doubting the presence of God in Adoration Ministry.

From 08033150859 Anidimma Kingsely C. Daddy Mbaka, I know that I am nothing but can this people take me and leave you alone for the sake of the poor people. What pained me that time was some of our Rev fathers and Bishops who want to follow those Judas that call themselves pastor out of jealousy forgetting that God gave different gifts to different people. Who are you to stop the message of God from heaven? What makes me happy also is our Bishop Onaga. He is a simple man of God. He is always with our Daddy Mbaka.

Daddy, I call you Rev Fr Dr Prof David, Moses Elijah Angel Michael Ejike Anthony Mbaka. Daddy, I don’t know where to start but may Almighty God continue to bless you with mighty divine blessings, favours, breakthroughs, healings miracles, wonders, victory and protection be with you always Amen.

From Chukwuneke Anslem Tochukwu 07068700103. One thing I like to tell people is that whom his God didn’t condemn, let no man condemn him. Read Jere 49. I pray that God will protect your life Rev. Fr. Mbaka. Our Emmanuel has come. You will live more 300 years and continue to be in heathy and strong in Jesus.

From Unadike Chinwendu, eziawa Orlu Imo State. 08069835320. Nothing is missing at all. Daddy, just carry go. We are behind you. No more Mbaka why. It is Jonathan why, Good luck why? Ebele why? Buhari Beware. I rejoice with you. I am glad. Tem Tem Tem. Aye Aye Aye. Yes ooo. Daddy be blessed. You are indeed a man of God to us, AMEN.

From Chinwe Ugwuogwu. 08053915150. Ayeyeyeyeyeyeyeoh. Atakata agboo. Daddy ride on. Nothing do you, the prophet of our time . Remain powered by the Holy Spirit.

From Nworie Nnaemeka from Ebonyi State- 08143757484 Chukwu Adoration, Aye ye ye ooooooo! It is very obvious that our daddy Fr. Mbaka is truly a God- sent. Who are you to harm or fight the anointed man of God? So anybody who tries to fight you is taking a peril and wasting his energy, time and call. Please daddy forgive them because they are blind that is why they are opposing what the Holy Spirit has revealed . So long live Dady, Long live umu adoration. God is with us especially daddy. We are solidly behind you. Bravo Daddy! Bravo Adoration Ministry!! Bravo Buhari!!!

Nwopko Moses 07039623112. It is not a new thing that attacks, assassination plots blackmail and all that should come to every real man of God. It is not also surprising that all these and kisses of betrayal would come from those we think were with us. The season has come and gone but the message is still going on . Long live Adoration Ministry . Long live daddy our great prophet a voice to the voiceless. Tem tem tem for Jesus.

Onyeze Chuks Mgbidi , Awgu. 08161159125. Fr Mbaka remember that the Saints and martyrs we celebrate today went through persecution but they did not give up so don’t mind them, continue with the good work. You are the Elijah of our time

From Gloria Okorie 08035739191, Ezigbo Okwu onye amuma ha n’ emezu. Daddy ride on

From Ada Nwaikuku. Daddy ooo. Ride on, don’t mind them, they cannot do anything because whether they like it or not, they must be told the truth. For jn 8:32 says you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. My prayer for you is that God of adoration will continue to use you to speak for the speechless and always protect you. Daddy I di okay, hakuna matata, live long our Daddy.

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