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Sunday Simeon Ogunyemi Blessed

“My take on Rev Father Mbaka’s x-ray of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan administration : Now, I know God has left a remnant among his servants that is fearless and bold like Elijah. I will rather prefer to nickname him Rev Father Elijah. He is the type of man of God we need in Nigeria for now. He should be praised for delivering God’s mind not like the chop chop Pastors, Reverends, General overseers, sub-overseers, laity and the rest that parade themselves at the corridors of power just to take a bite from the ill-gotten national cake. I congratulate the congregation of Rev Father Elijah for he must have been feeding them the truth of the word of God before this national outing. Such Rev Fathers must be held in high esteem. God can’t do without reserving some servants for himself when majority of his servants are turning their back to the truth. Ride on Rev. More anointing on you in Jesus name”.


God bless you Sunday, that’s all I can say as my eyes are filled with tears for our beloved country.


Nigerians know that Mbaka spoke the truth about this Incompetent GEJ government. I personally have even called on Nigerians not to vote for Badluck again. Nigerian state is sinking under the leadership of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. He is a good man but not a competent Commander in Chief. This is the honest truth, no tribal or religious sentiments attached.


Jonathanians try another rubbish propaganda because this one is not selling ……Buhari shall win 2015 elections whether you like it or not

jimin Alfred

I am not a catholic but do know that the Catholic Church CANNOT WHATSOEVER begrudge any one for not patronizing them. They are solid/focused with or without a president. Find out its workings and you will know it won’t be using Fr. Mbaka please. Just junk journalism

Odion (East Europe)

We can not allow those God forsaken bastard of Jonathan and his cronies loot the economy for another four years. This is the beauty of democracy, the Hausa/Fulani that ruled for 40 years is mostly military rule and truth is they owe you nothing really.

Sadiq Danfulani

If Buhari wants The Catholic Leadership to support him, he will go to their National leadership not to Mbaka. Mbaka only delivered the message of God and the minds of millions of people. When Mbaka earlier said there will be no vacancy in Aso Rock and that Patience will continue as first lady in 2015 he was not fighting Goodluck. Now he stated otherwise he is fighting Goodluck because Buhari sent him a powerful delegate. Thank the man God who received the delegates and say the truth, which means the dollars of the PDP means nothing to him.


“without being told, we all know PDP will come out with fake story to cover their shame. They thrive in propaganda. The most important thing is that he has said it. Jonathan has failed us.”

David tumba

“This is the kind of message pastors and Rev. fathers are supposed to be preaching, no matter how bitter it is. Like John the Baptist, Elijah, Nathaniel. Fr Ejike Mbaka has preached the truth. God bless him, and save our country Nigeria, for the sake of our children.”

Onyebuchi Ikekamma

“May the writer of this article own up. You are part of the system of hawkers around the presidency. Nigeria needs redemption but in whose hands. Neither Goodluck nor Buhari are competent materials. All Fr. Mbaka said is true without endorsement. How can Nigeria be saved? Pray for the country for all is not well. There is power failure in Nigeria’s management circuit. Bravo to Fr. Mbaka for your courage.”


“Let’s wait and see. But honestly, Nigeria is in need of a change. The bloodletting is too much and government. seem to be confused on the solutions to the present problems in the country. Mbaka had spoken the minds of many Nigerians dissatisfied with the situation in the country whether he praised Goodluck Ebele Jonathan months ago or not. We should not throw away the message because of the messenger. We are all praying for divine intervention in our situation. May God hear our prayers, amen”.



“Father Mbaka has rendered PDP speechless. Our people say that a good word or speech does not deserve to be pinched. The highly venerated and courageous man of God stated the truth in black and white. … Positive change is on the way.”
“As to the insinuation of “fighting” it is unnecessary , the Rev. Fr. said what all Nigerians know already. Goodluck is badluck to Nigerians and some would even go as far as saying evil-luck if you are at the receiving end of his Boko Haram militia, you’d say that. And we also know that he is King Nebuchadnezzer, recall that too? So we know Jonathan by his public actions. He needs no introduction by anyone, what is shocking is his denial that he is not badluck to Nigerians. Every discerning adult should be able to take stock and if Jonathan were to be able to take stock, he would not need a Rev. Fr Mbaka or anyone else to let him know that he needs to gracefully sunset from office in 2015. As Nigerians we would God willing tell him with our votes. Let everyone everywhere ensure that they vote and that they vote massively so that Jonathan scores zero votes everywhere and then let us see how they would rig that!”


“Journalists and analysts should use their common senses in making conclusions on whatever information their so-called RELIABLE SOURCES gather on any issue (expensive ones). How could a reasonable person say

that Roman Catholic Church in Nigeria nudged the Rev. Priest to stand on a pulpit to speak against or for anybody; or that one political party POWERFUL DELEGATES visited the priest in Enugu to probably confuse him

to speak in their favour all to topple Jonathan’s ambition for second term? There are no insinuations in Rev. Fr. Mbaka’s message on national politics. He speaks for the favor of the entire people of the Nation. If not for TRUTH, it is very costly for Rev. Fr. Mbaka to stand on the pulpit facing hundreds of thousands of Nigerians to deliver such message. Let’s think about this, and pray for better democratic dispensation in Nigeria for next four years. May God strengthen, protect and guide this bold and courageous Catholic Priest, Rev. Fr. Mbaka. AMEN. Meanwhile, vote with your conscience”


“Truth is usually very disturbing to the minds that believe in falsehood. When truth is told it is like a sword that pierces the heart. the gentleman Rev. Mbaka is the prophet of our time. and I add my own that a word is enough for the wise. Otherwise God himself will spell doom for this country”

Tuned mash

“Millions of Nigerians also loved Jonathan yesterday (2011) and are regretting it now. Are those millions also of unstable character? Reality would soon overtake your fantasy; keep wallowing in ignorance!”

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