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From 08061167151. My name is Oge Kamma. Daddy ride on, they don’t like true prophesies. They are like Ahab in 2nd Chr 18:7. Ahab said to Jehoshaphat, ‘I hate Micaiah because he never prophesied anything good for me, it is always something bad’. Keep speaking, God will keep you for us. Long live Rev Fr Ejike C. Mbaka . God loves you.

From Nkechi Nwaikuku, 09095588509 . Who won? Our party won. And we are Adoration family party. We prayed that God will put His fingers in the hand of Gen Muhammadu Buhari. He will lead our country well in Jesus name. God’s anointed finger is with us. When Jesus says yes, nobody can say no. God of all possibilities has done it well today, everywhere is shaking because of the man, Buhari’s victory. Fr Mbaka’s prophesy has come to pass. To God be the Glory.

From Ifeoma 08036725059. Elijah of our time, God has granted us victory. You are really a prophet of God. Who can thwart God’s plan? Nobody. My prayer for you is that God in his infinite mercy will continue to use you to speak for the speechless and may he never cease to protect you.

From Blessed Ugochukwu 08033328833. Who said that Fr Mbaka is not a real man of God. Those who are against his message should repent and support him for God has proved that he is not an ordinary man of God. Anybody who is against any message preached by the anointed man of God will regret later. This is just the beginning. My own prophesy is that one day adoration ground will not contain people that will be coming there because it will be like a pilgrimage ground for the world. Our Daddy, carry go. May the Lord who sent you to speak for the poor continue to protect you. Hakuna Matata.
From 08114105529. Prophesy fulfilled, TO God be the Glory

From 08061641285. Okwudilichukwu. Daddy, I will continue to pray for you. In Psalm 35:6, the Bible says ‘let the way of your enemies be dark and let the angels, the Holy Spirit and the power of God fight for you and pursue them. You shall always be a winner. Tem Tem Tem.

From Uche Ikemelu, Eziowelle -08086250222. The Holy Spirit has vindicated His word through Fr Mbaka. Maybe, if President Jonathan had listened to Fr Mbaka and asked for a way out, who knows, the story might have ended in his favour. At least we know God did it for King Hezekiah in 2nd Kings 20.

From 08172953765. The prophetic message released by Fr Mbaka on 31st Dec 2014 created a great impact on me. Every reasonable human being should know that Fr Mbaka is a prophet from God. He does not fear any human being irrespective of that person’s position. I am 100% convinced that Fr Mbaka is a man of God. He speaks from the oracle of the Holy Spirit.

From Ebere Offorkogu- 08137830692. May the Lord announce your ministry in Jesus name, Amen. Your testimony shall spread forth like the sweet odour of forest wind in Jesus name. Amen. Your enemies shall fight and make a war against themselves just like the Moabites and children of Ammon when they wanted to fight Jehoshaphat and his men, confusion was put in their midst by God and they fought and slayed themselves in 2nd Chronicles 20:14-24. The same will happen to your enemies in Jesus name amen. Don’t panic Daddy Mbaka, the Battle is not yours but Gods.

From 08137830692. Storm of life shall not hinder your growth, when your enemies shall come like a flood, your lord God shall raise a standard against them in Jesus name. Amen. Carry Go, Fr Mbaka.

From John Paul Obetta 08091023221. Oh! inspite worldwide blackmails, accusations, false evidence and clamour for sanctions, Daddy you have finally won the battle. Now I know that there is a prophet among us. There is always joy each time God proves Himself True. Long live Daddy Mbaka. Long live Adoration Ministry. Ride on, the great prophet of our time for the Holy Spirit is with you and will always be with you. Glory be to God almighty Amen

From 07036962594. People fail to understand that Daddy doesn’t talk anyhow. I am so happy as all who talked, thought and acted badly against our Daddy are being put to shame by the Holy Spirit.

From Chinenye Ezeji 08112516301. My Daddy in the Lord please ride on. I have never heard that God has abandoned his very own. And you are God’s own special child even our Blessed Mother is always interceding for you

From 07011080658. You are serving a living God. He will never fail you, He will not allow you to be put to shame. God will continue to throw down the accusers in your life, my life, Adoration family and in this country. The world has known today that when Jesus says yes, nobody can say no. God, may your name be honoured forever. Amen.

07011080658…, Praise, be to God, the I am that I am, the first and the last, for what he has done for Rev. Fr. Mbaka, all adoration family, and all Nigeria people who understand that truth is life and in truth we find life. I advise Nigerians to say the truth because by saying the truth we shall be set free from Bondage we are in today.

From – 08180724845. The so called Reverend fathers who stood to pull Fr Mbaka down because of jealousy should ask God for forgiveness because he is the Isaiah of Africa.

From Theophilus Okwesili, Iva valley Enugu 08060339064. Fr Mbaka, truly you are a priest, pastor and a prophet. Now that the presidential election has come and gone and the prophesy of 31st Dec 2014 fulfilled, what next? Please help me tell the whole world that our Lord advised that his real Igbo name is CHI-UKWU, Supreme God.

From 07063035682. Daddy, it’s me, Ada Ikuku Amaka. We have conquered them. Daddy ride on, Ka odiba na adoration, maka na ebule nwe ude ooo!

From Mr Raphael Emeka Anambara- 08060650680. Good luck, Jonathan, come to adoration ministry and beg Fr Mbaka to forgive you so that the Holy Spirit will forgive you. Failing to do so, your name will be sorry because you have offended Fr. Mbaka and the Holy Spirit.

From Ogechukwu, Emene -08138043280. Daddy Mbaka, You are a great and mighty man of God. My God has shown you victory over your enemies. Baby Jesus, I di okay!

From Eleazar Ilomunanya, Sacred Parish Okunu Ozubulu 08105092117- More blessings on the AMEN Family and the prophet founder, Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka.

From Azona Amadi – 09099226183. To critics, God has proven himself through fulfillment of the prophet’s messages. He is indeed God’s spokesman / David of this generation. Nigerians should be proud of you, Fr Mbaka is not a man influenced by people. Can you replace your name with his? Will you be able to do the works God assigned to him? No one can stop God’s assignment. People should beware, keep quite especially in things they don’t understand or know well and can’t do. If you are against his ministry, freely open your mouth and start preaching let God prove you. There are still spaces for that. Thank God for His promises that those who trust in him will “never” be put to shame.

From Emmanuel Anayo – 08133073505. Am Emmanuel Anayo Ezeokafor. I sell care tyres in Nkpor Onitsha. Rev FR Ejike Mbaka is God sent. He is Elijah of our time. Chimaroke tried all he could to assassinate him but no way. Those after his life are chasing wind. Fr Mbaka ride on.

From 08034793108. My name is Chukwu Ebuka Enemmo from Onitsha, Anambara. Aye Aye Aye ooooooooo. The Lord God of Ejike Mbaka has done it. I am happy I don’t even know what to say but only thing I have to say is to thank you Jesus God of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria, AMEN for all his love to all the Adorers and for you our beloved Daddy. I will always speak on your behalf. May God of Daniel see you through. Amen and Amen.

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