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Please you all should leave our Daddy Mbaka for us because he is under anointing. Why are you people annoyed as if you are doing the right thing. It is better for you all to repent instead of fighting the Wind. Daddy ride on, the Lord is with you. Long Live Father Mbaka, Long live Adoration Ministry, Tem Tem to Jesus. Amen
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From Juliet Nnona 07011702620

Whether people like it or not, our daddy , father Mbaka will continue saying the truth. God knows what he will do to save lives, that’s why he sent him to the nation to proclaim the goodnews and bless people . Please, people of God, listen to the new year message very well before judging the man of God. Father, may God continue to help you in this world as you help people.

Daniel Ejionye 08063905749

I am a PDP member but if you see the truth you accept it. What Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka is saying is the truth and nothing but the truth . in this country Nigeria, we are hearing democracy in news and papers. Nobody is practicing it, who will talk and die. Everybody is fearing the so called government in power. Most of the Christian church members, pastors, Rev Fathers and men of God that supposed to say the truth are money worshipers. So Good luck and co, the best solution to this message is amend your ways not tacking Fr Mbaka. He is the apple of God’s eyes. So leave him alone to avoid hurting yourself. Long live adoration Ministry, Long Live our Spiritual Director, Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka. Daddy oooooo, I ga adi.

Sister Uchenna Ejiofor 07060608642

Somebody asked me, what will you say about this message Fr. Mbaka gave? I simply told her that I like for what Daddy had said. She said, I know you believe in him because you are one of his strong followers. I told her I believe him because he believes in God whom he serves and professes.

Agbom Jideofor 08170752414 sent on 20/2/15.

The necessary things that people suppose to understand, they will not understand. They will rather like to understand unnecessary things. Good luck knows that he is not ruling us in the way we expected him to rule and he even have the guts to say that he is going to deal with a man of God. In Ex 14:14  says the Lord shall fight for you and you shall hold your peace. In Psalm 91 says he that dwelt in the secret place of most high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty. Psalm 27 says the Lord is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear? The lord is the strength of my life; whom shall I be afraid. Father, don’t be afraid the Lord is with you.

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Please I have a lot to say but I can’t say it all right now  i will leave the rest for God. Where on earth and underneath the earth have someone insulted the Holy Spirit and went free? The most intriguing part is how nobody in this generation can say the truth anymore, then the only person who can, is being attacked from all angles. Before it was 31st night message, now it is Mbaka why? .

From Anthony Mgbemere 07067547272

I can’t doubt your message for many have testified it. Yes the message was a shock to the entire nation. The Bible says “Fear not”. I have heard a lot from the Catholics and others, where are your faith. Criticism, some said Fr Mbaka should leave politics and face prayers with Word of God. A good and spiritual minister should talk about politics and not be a politician/ Partisan. We are in political dispensation; people you are ministering to must express their franchise. I pray God to give Fr Mbaka His spirit to say more for us to change for if we have more ministers of God like Fr Mbaka, things must change in Nigeria. Please don’t mind Mbaka why? For the Church hierarchy, Fr Mbaka has revived many souls in the Catholic milieu, and Christendom at large. Were you not seeing him being used by God? Think of getting more souls for God. If there is something wrong which you find with him, leave it and take the good part of his work. May God inspire the spirit in you to know the way out. Amen.

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My Daddy, in the Lord, (Adoration, Holy Spirit is our power). You are a king, a priest and prophet. No one, I repeat, no one born of a woman can’t take away what God has given to you. Daddy I am always happy when I hear your voice and your message. The evil ones cannot stop the truth. Please daddy, this chapter of the Bible should go to the hearing of enemies of God Jn 4:1-6.

From 08163161171 Chidebere Obetta

I want the man of God to understand that this is just one of the trial moments of his life and be mindful of his life and be mindful that this is also a generation that celebrates evil more than good. A generation where majority including Christians has the form of Godliness but denied the power thereof. My dear Rev, I also like you to know that most time, those we love the most sometime are those that hurt us most. I am one among the million that have an experience of who and what you are. And am proud to know that you are not being attacked for stealing, stinginess, covetousness, greed or diabolic practice as in the case of majority of so called men of God of our time, but for speaking the mind of God. Be rest assured that those with you are more than those against you. We are only watching for now,  just because we know it is not bigger than God that called you for this task. .


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