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Reactions to Clark’s Prediction on Nigeria’s Imminent Breakup

Reactions to Clark’s Prediction on Nigeria’s Imminent Breakup

The recent prediction by Ijaw leader Robert Clarke did not come as a surprise to many Nigerians as according to some respondents who reacted to his statement,the hand writing on the national wall has become so brazenly and alarmingly clear that even the undescerning can decipher it. Some of them feel that the six month period in which he situated the possible breakup may be too far in view of the actions and in-actions of the president and the political situation on the ground.
In the words of the National Publicity Secretary of Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo Worldwide,Chief Chiedozie Alex Ogbonna, “Chief Clarke is not a man of frivolities. He is a true patriot that loves Nigeria. Each time he sounds an alarm, Nigerians should take it seriously.
On security, in the past the civilians were afraid of the army but today, the army and police are afraid of the civilians. On the other hand, the instrument of coercion and violence which should be monopolized by the State is now in the hands of the unknown gun men.This is a sign that the security system has collapsed,” he lamented.
He noted that” A look at the front page of Nigerian dailies indicates that people are killed in hundreds on a daily basis. This is so sad.”
The Ohanaeze spokesman averred that “President Buhari skillfully sidelined the South East of Nigeria in the security architecture of the country, in spite of our complaints. If the selective injustice to the South East by the President had solved the myriads of problems in Nigeria, the South East wouldn’t have bothered; but where has the orchestrated injustice led us? he queried.
According to him “Never in history, science or philosophy has an unjust system ever yielded a positive outcome. So, Chief Clarke predicts six months for the collapse of Nigeria but most unfortunately except if President Buhari takes a bold step to address the insecurity and begins to address some critical issues,the projected six months for the collapse of Nigeria might be too far,” Chief Ogbonna submitted.

However,for university don ,professor of law,millennial Chairman of Nigeria Bar Association,Enugu, social critic and erudite Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Prof R.A.C .E Achara,his response was cynical,terse and blunt;” Is he passively making a prediction or actively invoking a curse on Nigeria? There are far too many irresponsible adults in Nigeria and I feel already too exercised on important issues than to allocate time to commentary on trifles.
That would be my comment, sir.”

Commenting also this, Member emeritus of the Enugu House of Assembly,social commentator,PDP chieftain,and a practicing avant-garde lawyer,the Hon Barr Nwabueze Ugwu,insisted that Clarke restated the obvious; ” I have seen the sembles of Robert Clarke, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, a position he espoused in an interview in Channels Television yesterday in which he held the view that only God can keep Nigeria from disintegration within the next six months.”

He opined that”There is no doubt that all relevant features point to the fact that Nigeria is heading the way of Rwanda in the nearest future, and may end up with the current political fate of Central African Republic – a situation in which the same aggressors, the Fulanis, are bent on replicating the anarchy and chaos they had enacted and instilled in that country. ”
He lamented that “It’s mind-blowing why the political office holders who have been given the nod of the Nigerian people to super-intend the affairs of the masses of this country have instead decided to become an instrument of disintegration and an example of misplaced trust”.
Hon Ugwu pointed out that ” In the 80s and 90s, Nigerians used to joke with the unfortunate events that was happening in some African countries, and likening such countries to Banana republics, today, those things for which we used to deride such countries not only happen in Nigeria, but the events that have gripped Nigeria on the jugular now reduce the mishaps in those countries to nothing more than a child’s play. ”
He contended that “The political mis-governace and state-sponsored terrorism and banditry prevalent in Nigeria today can only be thought to rear up their ugly heads in existential metaphors which only the “land of Uganda” represents”
Barr Ugwu surmised that “The problem that the learned senior counsel may not have grasped very keenly is that these events are sprinting to an earlier emergence of his worst fears. Certainly, the political future of this country is pregnant, but no living person in the world can predict with exactitude what that pregnancy will give birth to. The signs of that pregnancy is so delible that even the foetus will acknowledge its existence. May the day that the bubble will burst never come,” he prayed. patriotically.

For rights activist, Comrade Kindness Jonah, the prediction could not have come at a better time what with all the unbridled killings in the country. Hear him; “Clarke’ s prediction must be taken highly seriously even if you don’t like him. This prediction goes down to the fabrics of Nigerian foundations. He was reacting to the situation in Boko Haram occupation of and forced islamization of Niger state as well as the mayhem in South East secretly Boko Haram were sent to Nsukka for jihad ,as well as Ehamufu.” He disclosed that Clark was reacting also to the killing of 44 Christian senior army officers by Boko Haram in Borno where Colonel ND Okeke was slaughtered by Boko Haram who were invited to the meeting by top rank muslim officers who gave them uniform of major generals and equipped them and allowed them to enter and killed of the all of the Christian gathering for a meeting that was arranged in the first place by chief of army staff. The question why did chief of army staff arrange a meeting of southern christian Senior army officers at Borno? Why southern Christians senior soldiers? Does the army chief want to tell us that Boko Haram were to be conquered by southern christian soldiers? ”
“Again ” he said, ” Clarke was reacting to the killing of more than 20 christian soldiers in Borno by Nigerian air force that claimed that it was in error. How can you bomb your own troops in error? How can? It is only in Nigeria that arum Navy , police and air force are used to fight jihad. Clark was reacting to they bombing of Nigerian soldiers that killed the Lt col Ajah , an Igbo officer who was denied reinforcement by Nigerian military high command Maiduguri to pave way for Boko Haram to lay ambush and now kill them off. ….”.,he moaned.

He stated further that “Clark was reacting to De- radicalization of captured Boko Haram members by Buhari using army . Captured Boko Haram are released, integrated into Nigerian Army, paid money. Clark was reacting to Fulaninization of Nigerian military by Buhari. Clark was reacting to islamization agenda of Buhari. Clark was reacting to technical castration of Igbos in Nigeria. ”
Comrade Jonah affirmed that “Surely, Nigeria will disintegrate shortly if Nigerian Constitution that is presently islamized , is not reversed. Biafra has become inevitable”, he concluded.

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