Friday , 25 November 2022


From Barr. Adaeze 08035495029. “Praise God! Daddy, ride on for Jesus, He will never fail you. My right thumb is up for Jesus in your life. I know Jesus as a fearless man, I know Prophet Elijah as a fearless man. Father Mbaka, you are a fearless man (your root is from Jesus)”. To your attackers I must issue this warning from bible injunction “Touch not my Anointed and do my prophet no harm” Chineke bukwa Ogbara Nkiti okwu juru na onu.”

From 08168417842 “Daddy continue, don’t mind them, am very sorry for those insulting and misunderstanding your prophesy, God will always put new words in you… I BU NWA IKUKU, Ride on…

From 07034577806. BBC opened his mouth and said that Fr. Mbaka never preached on repentance, such fallacy shocked me but thank God our daddy thrives better during crisis. Fr. Mbaka ride on! Ayeeoo!
From 07085949878, I am Ozor Oforbuike Anthony. My dear Fr. Ejike Mbaka about the message you gave us for change during New Year, I know God is still talking to his people. But I am adding that Jonathan should withdraw his attack and embrace change. My fellow Nigerians we should change also for we can’t kill the truth, it must live. Fr Mbaka, remember Jeremiah, Daniel, Shadrack, Meshach and Abednego, how they were tried and God delivered them. So shall he do to you because you are now in God’s hand. Don’t fear. Long live Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria. AMEN.

From 08169068315. Fr, you are a priest anointed by God. I heard the rumour going around but I didn’t put my mind into it because it is useless. I can remember what the bible said in the book of Psalm 2:1-5. I just want to tell you father to keep up the good work you are doing. You are the John the Baptist of our time. I pray that God continues to inspire you, bless you and grant you the spirit of boldness just like he did to Peter. May he give you the grace to remain steadfast to him. Long live Fr. Mbaka, and God bless.

From 08074082966- Celestine Ameze on 8/3/15. I am happy for Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, he is God sent, so whether you like it or not the truth will prevail, Mbaka is an anointed man of God, and holy spirit direct him on what to say or do, no two ways about it. God Please give Fr Mbaka long life because he is the mouth piece of the poor and the oppressed.

From 08136375259, Ugwu Nzube Chukwu sent on 8/3/15. Daddy, I just want to tell you that this is one of the greatest trials of life though not the first time you are experiencing such. I am an Altar Server at St Charles Borromeo Parish Onitsha. I was greatly angered when I heard this track Mbaka why? Though I am not one of those that have experienced testimonies through you but I believe in the catholic doctrine and faith. I know that the evil ones cannot stop the truth from prevailing and no one can kill you as God said in Psalm 105:5.

From 09099221419 sent on. I am Peace Nwaoga. Please I am here to ask kill who? Sanction who? Did you listen to the 31st night message very well? The message itself is from the Oracle of the Holy Spirit . So whatever you want to do, look for the Holy Spirit . Now those that are attacking this message both the politicians, rich, poors, Bishops, Rev. Fathers, Pastors, etc, should bear in mind that if the prophesy didn’t come to pass today it will probably come to pass tomorrow, Stupid man that is asking Mbaka why? I know you are an agent but you are too small to handle Daddy, Onye Amuma ride on, the Holy Spirit and 24 elders in heaven are with you. They are digging their grave.

From 08036165681- Clifford Okechukwu sent on. Daddy Mbaka, as long as one cannot keep away a lion from its devoured prey, so it is that no one can put you away from God’s holy will. Your message was wake up call to all born Nigeria citizens, the situation at hand would call for reaping off the excesses of the rich and powerful to enrich and empower the poor as such . Everyone would become equal, for time has come when one man will have one house and one car, no excesses. I want to say congratulations to the poor and the needy for the appointed time of the Lord’s favour is now.

From 08034247703 Ejike Eze C sent on. This New Year message made me to understand the people around me but I am praying for them to repent and to know the truth because only truth can set us free in this country Nigeria. I also pray God to continue to bless and protect our big Dady, Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka C. from this evil and wicked generation for more tasks ahead. Tem tem tem for Jesus. Long live adoration Ministry Enugu, Long live Ebube umu Chigbo. I normally call it a land of freedom; Long live my big daddy in the Lord. May the good Lord bless us all, Amen.

From 08036025281, Onugwu Stanley Onyebuchi sent on, My people, I wish to bring it to our knowledge that the great Prophet Ejike Mbaka on his 2015 new year message was neither to make the clergy/Christians nor Imam/muslims happy, rather he obediently passed on the message as given to fulfil the will of he who sent him (his father in heaven) who never let him down. Meanwhile I want to plead with people who can write foreign languages to help us translate the message to other 200 languages.

From 08036115412 Augustine Madueke sent on. God will continue to bless Fr Mbaka, God will protect him. Whether people like it or not, the New Year message, what Fr Ejike Mbaka is saying is the truth and nothing but the truth. The necessary things that people suppose to understand, they will not understand. The so called Christian church members and men of God that supposed to say the truth are money worshipers or everybody is fearing the so called government in power, who will talk and die. Daddy Fr Mbaka , ride on, the Lord is with you and God will continue to bless you.
From 08039353443, Iloka Ernest Chukwudubem from Ozobulu in Ekwusigo LGA,Anambra State sent on. Fr please ride on; the truth is that I was present that night. Infact, it was my second time since my life but I have a testimony. I was healed of over 25years of diabolic sickness that have defied all medical and traditional medicine 5 days after that night while I was saying my rosary. Please Father, don’t mind your critics for the battle is of the Lord, 2nd Chr 20:15 and Neh 4:20. God bless you, Big Daddy.

From 09032034404 sent on, My name is Nwafor Friday Jacob from Port Harcourt. Evil men in the society today are against the truth and light. Fr Mbaka is the truth and Light but people want to kill him even in his state, his LGA and the community he came from. Fr. Mbaka knows more than I but for me I love him. I love his message and all he does because he serves the living God. All I have to say is Mbaka, please continue tell to them again since no other man of God can join you instead they became money server.

From 08061641285 sent on. My name is Eze Okwudilichukwu Jude, the friend of Jesus. I want to throw the question to the people that challenge man of God because he said the truth. Are you not ruling me? Why should the God of gods not rule you? Fr Mbaka I pray for you now: Isaiah 54:17 no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper and every tongue that rise against you in judgment shall be condemned, Amen.

From 08033656980, Bro Dan PCI sent on. Fr EC Mbaka is the Elijah and John the Baptist of our time. And he is the beloved Apostle John who will not die according to the plan of our enemies. You so called BBC, will never escape punishment from God until 1. From that your stupid stinking ugly mouth you confess your foolish mistake of speaking against God’s fearless anointed prophet, Fr Mbaka put it in VCD plates so that those you have deceived will see your true identity. 2. Again you must swallow your pride and go to AMEN Adoration Ground on Friday night programme and make a regretting public confession to your shame. Fr Mbaka , march on, God is with you. Long! Long!! Long!!! Live Rev Fr Mbaka. Long! Long!! Long!!! Live AMEN Family oooooo! We love you, I cherish you and God is with you

From 08164290900 sent on. My name is Iloka Arinze chukwu. My contribution to this message is that Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka is a heavenly sent prophet. He should keep up his good work; this is not man calling him but God himself. For these politicians instead of taking correction, they are criticizing him and threatening to harm themselves, not him. Let them wait, their doom is here. Daddy ride on and talk more, we support you. Tem! Tem! Tem!

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