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Resounding Adoration Testimonies

Resounding Adoration Testimonies

My name is Chibuoke Nkemdilim Salome. I am from Amokwe in Udi L.G.A: I studied psychology in Enugu State Science and Technology (ESUT). I am using this medium to testify to what the God of adoration did for me last year lent March 2016 through our spiritual director Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka (On Holy Saturday night). This March is exactly one year God delivered me from sorrows, pains, disappointment, promise and fail, bad luck, hatred from all kinds. I want to mention it all here; no friends, brothers and sisters to help me and my younger ones, no job, no husband; even my family members were having so many problems then. The worst of it all is that I used to have (One thousand naira only in my bank account for 5 years) N1, 000. At the Holy Saturday night Mass in 2016, God delivered me during the blessing of Wood. The Spirit of God told me to take home some ash and use it to take my bath morning & night for 3 days with faith that I will be healed. I took the ash home as I was instructed. The following day being Easter Sunday I was inspired by some prayer topics. During the prayers, I mean blessing wood and the spirit of God tells me to take some (ash) that comes out from the wood our daddy has blessed to take home and use it to take my (bath) 3 times, morning and night for 3 days with (faith) that I will be healed. And in the morning being Easter Sunday 2016 I took the (ash) home and do what our lord tells me to do and he gave me some prayer topics.  That my God should break all the curses, deliver me and my younger ones from all the Evil things that is following us in our lives and our family too, that God should please set us all free. After that I should start to bless myself and my younger ones any where they are. Finally my God did all that for me & my younger ones too. Children of God, do you know what happened after the prayers? On the first of April 2016 someone called me and asked me to send my account number and gave me (N50, 000.00) I hope you still remembered that I had only (N1,000.000) in my bank Acct. for 5 years, from that April, may and June I had close to ( N250, 000.00) naira. Up till now I am still counting in hundreds of thousands in my account.  I use to beg people for money but I am giving out and can even lend money to people (hahahahaha). My younger ones are giving their testimony too. I am really giving all the glory and praise to God of Fr. Mbaka that He who has started this wonderful work in our lives should continue doing it forever and ever Amen!!!

Finally, 7th March 2017 is my birthday I also thank God for the good things he has been doing in my life and that of my family too. I also pray that God will bless us this year with federal jobs and best husband in Jesus name Amen!!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus 08032578618

My name is Chinwe Osunwa Ajoku from Isu-Njaba in Imo State. My husband and I reside in Senegal. I was looking for the fruit of the womb for over four years now. Along the line, I started developing fibroid, so I went to the hospital. The doctor said that I must go for surgery. On the process of the surgery, one of my Fallopian tubes was cut-off after the surgery and the doctor confirmed that I cannot take-in again.

One day the doctor called me and said that there is still hope for my chances of getting pregnant again but I have to deposit eight hundred thousand naira for him to correct that which has been damaged in my womb.

Meanwhile, I had nothing I was doing in Senegal because of my inability to communicate with people over there because they speak French language. So I decided to come back to Nigeria and search for job. In December 2016 there was crusade programme here in adoration ground with daddy Mbaka. I came to the crusade. During ministration time, daddy said, “Ask God whatever you want Him to do for you.” I told God if He can heal me from this ailment and give me child, I will give Him that eight hundred thousand naira which the doctor asked me to deposit before the second surgery. I attended all the days of the crusade and after that God of adoration answered me. I am now pregnant. For this reason I will complete the money one million naira. I thank the God of adoration ministry. 08039619194

On the 10th January 2016, I saw Rev. Fr. Mbaka in my dream, where he was ministering. When he reached where I was praying, he said, “woman what did you want from God”? I answered, “I want a baby boy.” He laid his hand on my stomach and said receive triplet of boys & triplet of girls. As I woke up my daughter who is 5 years old said to me “mummy” you will born a boy and a girl”. I just looked at her and said Amen. To crown it all on the 17th of November, 2016 God blessed us with twins a boy & a girl. Join us to thank the good Lord praise the Lord!! Ude Calista .O. 08030712082

Eneh Chumuanya (Ugbakwu). It has been long I noticed a lump on my left breast but during prayers it disappeared. 08066705126

Chukwuma Mauitus (Nsukka): About 7 years now I have been experiencing chest pain but God just healed me now and I can see them no more. 08035575669

Ekuma Gloria (Ebonyi): Since 3 years now I have been passing through chronic stomach ache but during prayers it disappeared. 07064626207

Uchenna Nnouke (Ezeagu): I have been noticing a moving object in my body. We have gone to so many places and they said is a spiritual sickness but during prayers it seems something left my body. 09065381096

Eze Louisa (Akwuke): It was 2009 I went for fibroid operation and later it started growing again but the lab test said it was still small. I came down from Lagos to adoration until today I noticed the stone under my stomach disappeared to the glory of God. 08091953058

Nnamani Ada (Amaechi Idodo): For a year now I have been suffering from purs (Abu) and it has been a very big problem to me and family but during prayers today God healed me.

Ebuka Okoro (Ebe): 2 weeks ago I was in the shop and suddenly I had noticed I gone insane. My friends started calling my family they came to Lagos and brought me to adoration last night during prayers. I noticed something left me immediately. 08183525186

Nwonta Ebere (Anambra): Last year September, my BP rose to 240/150 when they referred me to Parklane hospital. They said I had kidney failure that affected my right eye and they said the BP can cause blindness, but to the glory of God during prayers I noticed the pains on my eyes disappeared instantly. 08063383328

Ajibo Chinenye (Nkanu): I have been suffering from sore throat that no doctor can cure, nor any herbalist. I have been coming to adoration but to the glory of God I didn’t see it again because it normally comes early every month. God also healed me of shortsightedness. I can now see a far object. 08142299899

Chinwe Eze (Ebonyi state): I was having ear problem since I was small but today I can hear I can hear very well. 08101213385

Okonkwo Adora (Anambra State): God of adoration healed me from bronchitis. 09038382895

Mba Euphemia Uba (Oba Nsukka): My ear was blocked for over 6 years but after Fr. Mbaka’s prayers I was healed I can now hear very well.

Eze Maria (Isi Uzo Nsukka): I was suffering from heart pain and secondly tumor around my armpit. After Fr. Mbaka’s healing prayers the tumor disappeared and the chest pain varnished. 08130135767

Uchechukwu Ezeakwo (Anambra State): I was having waist pain and Nemophia, I went to the hospital doctor said my treatment is N28, 000. I heard of adoration ministry and ran to this ground. When Fr. Mbaka asked us to stand I managed and stood behold the pains stopped. 08033977548

Jude Kelechukwu (Obollo Affor): Early February, I developed eye problem. Every morning, I normally feel like sand is poured into my eyes. But now I am healed. I can see clearly now. 07064606772

Peace Omeh (Ebonyi State): I had Spiritual attack I don’t normally breathe very well but after today’s prayers I was healed. Now I can breathe very well. 07067027667

My name is Eze Adaora I am from Nike Enugu State. It’s about my little daughter “Gift” by name, who has been suffering from chronic fever for over 3 weeks now. We have gone for test but nothing was found. Today, I decided to come to adoration. When daddy was ministering, my child, Gift, fell off from my hand and started shaking. I started shouting, Jesus, Jesus I summed up courage and lifted her up from the ground; that is when I discovered that the fever had stopped and her temperature came back to normal. Praise God. 09061637126

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