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Rev Fr Mbaka is Not Our Problem: Enugu Youths

Rev Fr Mbaka is Not Our Problem: Enugu Youths

We the concerned Youths of Enugu State were disturbed by the viral video claiming that Fr Mbaka Adoration Ground was burnt down. We mobilized to the Adoration ground where we confirmed the video to be fake.

We wonder why anyone should ever imagine of fabricating such a video just to cause panic in the city. Fr Mbaka and Adoration ministry is not in the list of our problems. Fr Mbaka is only a prophet obeying the command of God.

Much as he prophesied the victory of Mohammadu Buhari at the polls he had also prophesied the uprising of the youth as we are seeing today in many of his viral messages where he had kept forewarning the politicians to address the problems of youth unemployment and neglect.

He has been vocal in commending the #EndSars protest at the wake of the protest reiterating that besides the SARS saga, there is also a problem of endemic injustice in the land. He marches his words by action in engaging over 15,000 youths of this country in his firms, provides scholarships to many us and has been so charitable to us without minding where we come from. He goes as far as taking bank loans for our sake to secure a better future for us.

We seek and find Succor in Adoration ministry where we constitute over 80% of its membership. We therefore condemn the devilish intent of the originator of such fake news. We dissociate ourselves from the said fake video or any such intent of attacking the ministry. The Ministry ground is a House of God and we are not known for sacrilege. We wish to encourage Fr Mbaka to continue his good works for the less privilege, the poor and the youths. Long live Adoration Ministry.

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