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Rev. Fr  Mbaka is a multi-life saver; pays tuition fees for over 6,000 indigent students, extends charity to others.

Rev. Fr Mbaka is a multi-life saver; pays tuition fees for over 6,000 indigent students, extends charity to others.

That Rev. Ejike C. Mbaka is the voice of the voiceless, an unusual philanthropist, a priest for the poor and the less privileged are not mere words. During the “E no dey again” programme of 13th September, 2017. The man of God announced his willingness to pay tuition fee for the poor and the less privileged. This has been a tradition in the ministry in previous years through the charity arm of the Adoration Ministry Enugu known as Multi-llfe Savers for the Less Privileged People.
On the 14th of September 2017, no fewer than three thousand people gathered at the adoration ground located at Umuchigbo Iji Nike. Parents, students and pupil are among those that have been benefiting from this scheme and many of them came out to share their joy as beneficiaries on that day. Forms were shared to people to fill in their names and areas of needs but the forms, many as they were, were insufficient.

Rev. Fr. Mbaka signing cheques for the payment of school fees

It has been Fr Mbaka’s tradition of assisting indigent students with their tuition fees at begin of every session .
Last Thursday Rev Fr Mbaka started issuing out cheque of various sums of money to the applicants to the Multi-Life savers for the less Privileged. One thing spectacular about this exercise which is still on-going was that in the previous years, Fr Mbaka used to issue out cheques for school fees to students in their personal names. This method had been abused in the past in that while some of the students who had continued to demand for moneys in excess of their tuition fees, some after receiving the charity would hide it from their parents or guardian and will still be pestering them for the same fees they have received from Fr Mbaka and some had continue to receive the tuition fees from Fr Mbaka for years with no sign or evidence that they are actually in school.
To curb these excesses, the Criteria Fr Mbaka set this time for payment of the school fees of the students are 1. they must fill application forms showing the school they are and evidence of their being in school such as production of their past result, identity card etc. 2. They must produce their parents or guardian who should attest to the fact that the student is indigent and need Fr Mbaka’s assistance under Multi Life 3. They must furnish him with the account number of the school to whose favour he would issue the cheque. These measure have to a great extent helped in ensuring that the exercise is not only transparent but also that the real indigent persons who need Fr Mbaka’s assistance are the ones receiving it. Thousands of indigent students who have met these criteria benefited from Fr Mbaka’s charity last week when he issued out cheques to many of them.
The combined team of AMEN Super News and Miraculous Adoration Television were at the Adoration ground to cover the reactions of many of the beneficiaries. AMEN Super News correspondent reported that each of the beneficiaries they interviewed had a pitiable story to tell. While some of them were orphans, some of them had lost either of their parents and for those whose parents were still alive, it was either they were incapacitated or they had one kind of misfortune or the other. Here are some of the stories of the applicant:
One Ifeanyi who is in his early twenties and hails from Nsukka presented a case of a little girl of about three years whose name is Godsent. The child (God sent) was picked from the bush where her mother (who obviously must have conceived her out of wedlock) delivered her and abandoned her in the bush. Ifeanyi took the child to his family where the baby was taken care of until sometimes last years when Ifeanyi lost his father who was the bread winner of their family of nine. The fate of the Godsent d was bleak so was that of Ifeanyi who is still struggling to gain admission into the university. The Little girl’s case was presented and after thorough investigations confirming the story, Fr Mbaka through Multi-life Savers adopted the child under multi –life and issued the cheque for the payment of her school fees. In addition, multi life through their legal unit also undertook to bear the cost of the adoption process of the child to Ifeanyi’s family pending when the girl’s parents own up to claim their responsibility.
There was also the story of a woman who had accident and lost one of her arms. Her husband deserted her and her children in her condition. She was one of those that benefited from Fr Mbaka’s charity last week.
Another woman whose husband had been in prison for two years leaving her to cater for their children all alone was also presented to Fr Mbaka via multi life. She was also a beneficiary to Fr Mbaka’s charity as Fr Mbaka referred her case to the multi -life legal unit for a thorough investigation of the case and to provide the woman’s husband with free legal services.
That was not all, the family of one Mrs Adindu will ever be thankful to Fr Mbaka and Multi life Savers. Their story was that Mr and Mrs Adindu who hail from Mbano , in Imo state but lives in Enugu. They are passing through difficult time. Mrs Adindu who was a mother of six and pregnant with the seventh child could not find the money to go for antenatal and was malnourished throughout her pregnancy until her 9th month of the pregnancy which was last month (September 2017) . She came to Adoration ground to seek Fr Mbaka’s assistance through Multi Life savers and while at the ground, she started having signs of labour. Her husband who has no meaningful job could not even afford to provide her transportation to the hospital let alone the medical bills. Multi Life team took over the woman’s case, she was rushed to Parklane Specialist Hospital where it was confirmed that the baby was already dead in her womb owing to malnutrition and that she needed blood transfusion before she would be taken to the theater for operation. The medical bills for all that was needed to save the woman’s life at such danger were provided by the Multi-Life Savers’ team. As fate would have it the woman eventually delivered the dead baby the following day. Muti Life team also followed up her case to where her family resides at Ogwuago, Abakpa and saw for themselves the other children of the couple non of whom were in school. Super News gathered that Multi Life Savers has issued registration forms to the family to assist in enrolling the children to school.
Super News also witnessed the cases of indigent people who could not pay for their house rent. Among them were two elderly women who received cheques for the payment of their house rent that spoke to our correspondent. There were also many physically challenged people that received financial assistance from Fr Mbaka last week, notable among them was one of them who was in wheel chair and who confirmed that Fr Mbaka gave him a cheque of one hundred and fifty thousand naira. There was also another in clutches who told super news that he received a cheque of over four hundred thousand Naira only. At the time of this report, Super News is still documenting the report of the numerous indigent people whom Fr Mbaka has touched their lives last month and will publish their stories in the next edition.

The ongoing exercise is not the first time that Fr Mbaka is demonstrating his love and charity for the poor. AMEN Super News recalls that on Saturday 24th January 2015, some of the Students who are beneficiaries of Rev FR Mbaka’s charity embarked on desert Prayers for God to save their benefactor Fr Mbaka from the wale that is out to destroy his vocation, that was during the era of the attack on him that trailed his 2015 prophesy of President Buhari’s victory. During the prayer which was covered by AMEN Super News and published in page 7 of the February Edition vol 2 no 3 here is what the students had to say : Odo Cythia an SS111 Student of Holy Rosary College Enugu said “ I have checked it all round and see nothing wrong in what Fr Mbaka is doing. If they sanction him, today, the catholic church is going to lose a lot. Take for instance; if they sanction him and he starts another church believe me, many people will join that Church including me because no doubt, I am beneficiary to his charity. If he is not there, I don’t think I will be in school today even our parents couldn’t have done anything for us and we wouldn’t have been in such good schools like HRC. This is just a little of what he has done” others who shared their taught and made a clarion call to leave Fr Mbaka alone were Mgbodile Loretta, a Sophomore of Political Science at Coal City University , Chiamaka Mmadu, a final year student of Computer Sciences University of Nigeria Nsukka. Some others who spoke to AMEN Super News were Mrs Chidimma Chimezie who said that the call to sanction Fr Mbaka is occultic urging the Catholic Bishop of Enugu Onaga not to listen to such calls as those behind it are jealous of his diocese and do not mean well for his diocese.. Hillary Ugochukwu Ugwuoke in his reaction regretted “We Catholics do not appreciate God’s gift in Fr Mbaka. The Pentecostal world seems to be better in terms of appreciating someone’s gift than we Catholics. President Jonathans Government will come and go but Fr Mbaka’s legacy and Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN) will ever remain. I know that God cannot allow them to close down the Ministry, but if the Cardinals have their way and close Fr Mbaka’s Adoration Prpgrammes as Cardinal Okogies said or sanction Fr Mbaka as Cardinal Onaiykan orated because of the 31st Night message, they should be ready to fill the vacuum that will be created and become the symbol of what Fr Mbaka is to the poor, the sick, the voiceless or be prepared as I see revolution coming”

Fr Mbaka is charity epitomized. He had a vow that any money that would ever come to him would be used for charity and for God’s work. He had had once described himself as the treasurer of the poor, and post master whose job is to find whose name is written on anything that comes to him and he would deliver it to the person. The story of Fr Mbaka and his charity will be a story for another day. Suffice to say that the main source of Fr Mbaka’s wealth today is his musical albums as he continued to churn out inspirational gospel musical tracks that have today dominated most of the songs sang in almost all places of worship across the nation and beyond.

Fr Mbaka is generous to the church according to the measures of the blessings of God on him. For instance, every year, during the annual cathedraticum of the diocese, he donates generously to the diocese to such a measure that no other parish in the Diocese could out give him. When he was at Christ the Parish GRA Enugu, the parish maintained the position of highest donor in every financial demanding situations among all the parishes in the dioceses. He supplies free water to some seminary schools.

A Source once said this about Fr Mbaka“Fr Mbaka does not place unnecessary condition is burying the dead in his Parish as we witness in most parishes, he conducts funerals for them without charges and even add his own money. Whenever he attended the burial of any of his parishioners, he would request to see the family of the deceased in privacy to find out the areas they need help and would adopt the less privilege among them in his scholarship scheme his Charity foundation, Multi- Life savers for the less privileged. He means Nehemiah which means God Comfort to us”.

The Media Chief of AMEN Super News, Barr Ugwuoke once noted this about Fr Mbaka “Few years ago, following the request of Annunciation Hospital from Fr Mbaka to pay the Bill of millions of naira that accrued from the medical bills of the less privilege that were treated under his Charity foundation by the Hospital, Fr Mbaka sent me to meet the Hospital management for the account reconciliation. The visit was an eye opener for me as it afforded me the opportunity of seeing the long list of patients whose medical bills made up the figures. I couldn’t help asking myself, if this bill of such magnitude of millions was what Fr Mbaka was yet to pay the Hospital, how much of such millions could he have spent over the years for these indigent patients. Again another thought that struck me while I looked at the long list of names of the patients and their folders was that those lists were nothing but the roll call of lives that would have perhaps been lost if not for Fr Mbaka’s charity and life-saving mission.

Today it is pretty difficult to successfully count the number of people under his charity- the students, the sick and discharged, the homeless, the widows and orphans, the jobless and many more. He can sit down clear a cheque book of more than tens of millions of naira at a seating. In fact people close to him jealously think that Fr. Mbaka is generous to a fault. He even extends his kindness and generosity to his fellow priests.

Fr Mbaka’s act of charity knows no bounds as he has not less the 5,000 students under his scholarship at various levels of education system in Nigeria and overseas. Uncountable patients were being treated in the various hospitals in Nigeria and overseas under his bills. He provides jobs and food on the tables of not less than 10, 000 Nigeria who work directly or indirectly in various establishments that were his brain child. His Aqua Rapha sachet water production which he had refused to hike the price despite its high sanitary purification process and quality is today the cheapest selling commodity in Nigeria which has help to cushion the effect of inflation especially in the south East in area of water needs. Through this, he had stepped down the use of sterilized water from the table of the bourgeoisies to that of the commoners and saved the lives of Millions of poor Nigerian that would have been wasted in epidemic of water borne diseases especially in the South East. This is the Fr Mbaka, now penciled down for persecution.

During the days of the battle for the soul of Adoration Ministry precipitated by Fr Mbaka’s 2014 December 31st night message , Fr Mbaka, sent as a trailer Load of material reliefs, comprising of clothes, shoes, yam, bags of rice and so on was to one of the refugee camps in the North, precisely in Jos, as relief materials for the suffering citizens of this country in the camp.

AMEN Super News was at the CKC Parish compound where members of the stewards of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria gathered in large numbers to arrange the items in bags for ease of convenience of delivery to the North. The items which were fully stock-packed inside one of the rooms in the parish house from where the members of the steward ministry transfer them to the parish compound where they were arranged and loaded inside the trailer truck.

Interviewing the female leaders of the Ministry Miss Udoka, she expressed her appreciation to the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry on behalf of the stewards for his magnanimity towards the victim of the troubled North part of the country.

In the same vein, some of the Hausa People that came to carry the relief items spoke to AMEN Super News. One of them Abubakar who happened to be the Lorry Driver’s assistant stated that Fr Mbaka is one priest who is more popular in the north than here in the East. He stated that although he is a Muslim, Fr Mbaka’s charity and care for the poor are great virtues that he and his brother Muslims admire as he doesn’t draw discriminate against people based on their origin, and religion when he embarks on his charity works. He stated that the conditions of the Nigerians in the refugee camps in the North are pitiable and that they will be greatly relieved when they receive the gifts. He expressed hope that one day, FR Mbaka would visit them in the North where many people are desirous of seeing him stressing that the Easterners do not value him as they do in the North.

Again, on the 26th March 2015, over 1,000 South East returnees from Northern State converged at Christ the King Parish, GRA Enugu following Fr Mbaka’s invitation to them to share their plight. The invitation which the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry thought will have very few people in attendance turned out to witness a mammoth crowd of returnees that filled the parish church compound as at 10 am. At the gathering, some of the returnees from Maiduguri, Kaduna, Jos, Abuja, Kano, etc shared their ordeals. Mrs Florence Ede a mother of five recounted how he relocated to Enugu from Kaduna State with no body caring whether she and her children are dead or alive, she said that she made attempts to seek the help of the government put was chased out from the government house with a gun. Ozo Helen, whose husband was as successful patent medical dealer in Zaria, recounted how her husband became a truck pusher upon their return after the burning of their shop in Zaria. The most pathetic was that of Juliana Igwe who lost his husband and child in the last year’s Jos bomb explosion. Martin Ozo who returned from Kaduna after recounting his story regretted the systematic disenfranchisement meted out to them as internally displaced persons. According to him, they collected their Permanent Voter’s Registration in the North but there is no arrangement by the government or INEC to ensure that they cast their votes now that they had to run to the East for their lives. Others who shared their ordeals at the event included Rosemary Elobike, Christian Chime, Chinenye Ugwu, and Rebecca Okaria among others.

Rev Fr Mbaka later addressed a crowd of the returnees. He used the occasion to announce that his accounts that were earlier frozen by the EFCC has been unblocked and that he could now make withdraws. However the commission still directed the banks to track his accounts and furnished it with his transactions in for the last six months.It was as result of this that he was able to make the provisions of the material reliefs he gave to the returnees.

He told them that the essence of his invitation to them was first to welcome them back home, secondly to find out how they are faring and lastly to console them in their conditions by letting them know that their situations shall end in testimony. In his address that lasted for about an hour he gave them psychological succor and comfort in their situation. Each of the returnees went home with bags of rice and clothes and some other food and gift items some of which were contributed by members of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria, Following Fr Mbaka’s appeal to them.

Indeed, Fr. Mbaka has made enormous impacts in the lives of many people. He gives abundantly to his flock, he clearly has no use for earthly gains and acquisitions. He should be deeply respected for his life of immeasurable charity.

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