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Rise Above Your Level

Rise Above Your Level

Many Christians are complacent about their present levels in life, probably because they think they have arrived. But they forget that the society is in a constant state of flux, and so the circumstances of life can bring one down to start from the scratch or rise above one’s level. This awareness should therefore motivate us to work so hard to explore some of the secret tips to maintain our present levels if they are good or better still, to rise above them. In this message, the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria, Fr. Mbaka releases the key secrets to achieve great heights of success to adorers, while still maintaining their spiritual walk with their creator.

Father Lord, we stand in your presence and ask that you please help us to rise up above our present levels in all aspects of our lives. Raise us up O lord, and bless us. Give us the supernatural anointing to rise above our present status.  Lord, we ask for your lifting up, because it is only you that can raise us up.  Let it please you to raise us up o lord above the circumstances of life. We want to fly above the eagles’ level.

It is the will of God that you will be pushed out from your so called comfort zones.  I am sure, you are used to that place, but God wants to take you to a place that you have not being before, a level you have never experienced in your life, a level that is beyond your imaginations and expectations.  God wants to supernaturally catapult you out from where you are now,   to a place where He wants you to be. You are going to rise from ordinary to super ordinary level.  And so, believe that you can rise above and beyond your present level.  Therefore, it is with a tone of joy that I announce to you, that you are moving to another better level, if you can abide by the following rules.  Are you ready?

Steps to take to rise above your level

Hard work; as God is working for you, you too have to be working. Don’t be lazy and watch God to do everything for you. Be uncomfortable in the comfort zone.  Begin to think out of the box. You can start from somewhere, no matter how little it is. You can’t continue to be an employee.  You can be an employer of labor. Job 8; 7 says, ‘’even though your beginning is little, your later days will be great’’.  There is only one thing you cannot go without if you want to succeed in any area of your life, and that is hard work. Success does not happen by chance. It takes strategic actions in the right direction to get there. At the end of the day, it is all about how hard you have worked on the right direction, and then God will complement your effort. Hard work is the price you pay for what you are going to get. When you work hard, you learn; to persevere, to find ways to appreciate all you have but still aiming higher, to be patient, to take actions instead of waiting for something to happen. Hard work gives you a purpose. It helps you to overcome laziness, procrastination, and insecurity.  There is nothing valuable and worthy that is cheap. There is no short cut to greatness. God told Abraham that He would make him great but Abraham had to work for it. Are you ready to work? Start now.

Prayer; Meanwhile, Pray so hard, but at the same time, work. Prayer is the manure that will be poured into the farm of hard work; it will germinate and bear fruits.  Pray as if everything depends on prayer and also work as if everything depends on your effort.  Try to overcome complacency and distractions that can cause you to cut down on how much you pray. Simplify your life as much as possible so you will not be too tired to invest lots of time and energy into prayer. Whenever you encounter challenges, view them as opportunities to pray and discover more about God’s plans for your life.

Many Christians are complacent and comfortable with their present levels. Even though you think you have already made it, don’t be comfortable in your present condition. You can rise above that level if you work towards it. You can live a mega and higher life.  God has something bigger for you than you can ever imagine.  Remember,   in 1Corinthian 2; 9,’’ the eyes have   not seen, the ear has not heard neither has it entered the hearts of men, what God has for those who love Him’’. The devil wants you to remain in that low level or even go beyond that. But God’s plan is to raise you above that level. The gate of Hades cannot stop you from going higher. All aspects of your life will move forward speedily in Jesus name, Amen.

Be a healthy risk-taker;   the power that will enable you to take a healthy risk that can catapult you to the next level will be upon you.  Great, unforeseen opportunities often come from risk-taking. Taking risk shows confidence and help you stand out. You learn from risk and those lessons may lead you to an important, new path.  You don’t achieve your dreams by playing it safe. The world outside your comfort zone can be huge and scary. Until you are willing to put yourself out there and take risk, you will never be able to achieve success and realize your potentials. It is time to leave our comfort zone, a time to go after what you are passionate about,   and a time to rise above your level.

Perseverance is another step to rise above your level. Perseverance is steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty, obstacles, discouragement or delay in achieving success. Perseverance is an essential element when you need to rise above your level. It is a great tool to use and it does not require any training or education. It comes naturally and requires a strong will. It does not matter what your goal is or how long it takes you to reach that goal. The chance of your success depends largely on your willingness to persist and persevere. Because perseverance breeds success, without it, you cannot possible reach the sky.

Have you ever wondered how some prominent personalities achieved great heights of success? What did those individual do that set them apart from you? How did they stay positive when faced with failure? Undoubtedly, they must have some secret ingredients that helped them through out their journey.  Begin to study and do   what great people did, that made them to be where they are today,   for your level to rise up. Therefore, be steadfast and persevere, because it might just require a little more effort to get there, and you are giving up.  And then another person will come and put a little effort and get the diamond that you have labored for many years.

A change of attitude; make good decision today to change your character, attitude and behavioral pattern. You must change your attitude, for your latitude to change. Can you keep a positive attitude even when faced with bad situation or do you let anger, disappointment or complaint take over you? When you are faced with adversity, you can let your mood change for the worse or you can choose to look on the positive side of the situation. As much as hard work, your attitude will determine your productivity. Avoid wasting time complaining; instead put your energy into the action of doing something to improve the situation. Keep your energy level high. A positive attitude can lift you up even in hard time. Boost your energy by looking on the bright side of the situation. Positive attitude helps you make good decision and   turn a bad situation around.

An act of charity; those who want to rise above their level must learn how to give. Pray for the spirit of giving. There is somebody you are better than no matter how poor you are. If you don’t have money, you will definitely have other resources to give. When you are raised up, don’t forget other people. If you want your own candle to keep burning, put light in other peoples’ candle, so that when the wind blows your own off, you can get from them. What am I talking about?  An act of charity!  Charity behavior creates feeling, which leads one to act voluntarily with kindness or goodwill towards another. There can be giving of one’s time, knowledge, skill or money.  You are taking some form of action to support those who are in need.  Not only are you being helpful to those in need, you are developing positive character and behavior in your self. Charity work allows you to see life from someone else’s perspective- their struggles and hardship, and then you gain appreciation and gratitude for yourself.

With   a constant practice and training, you can rise above your level. Encourage your children to work harder, and to know that they can be somebody great despite their family background. Train and nurture them to be who you want them to be. Help them to start from their childhood to practice being like their role model.

With the above tips, you are going to rise above your level. It is just a matter of time and your effort. If it delays in coming, just wait on the lord, it will surely come. The book of Isaiah 40; 31 says, ‘’them that wait on the lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount on eagles wings, they will walk and run but will never be tired’’. Also, Ecclesiastic 3; 11 says, ‘’ God beautifies all things in His own time’’.

You can rise above your family level. If your father was a beggar, you can be a lender. If your parents were tenants, you can be a landlord/ landlady.  God wants you to be somebody great.  Deuteronomy 28; 13 says,   ‘’you shall be the head and not the tail’’. The gold in you will begin to shine very soon.  You are going to rise above the level of every unhealthy yoke that does not want your brighter future. The power to push you out from that environmental bondage is here, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

Learn to keep secret;   in the book of Mathew 16; 20, Jesus warned the apostles not to tell anyone that He was the Messiah, after Simon Peter declared that He was the Christ, the son of the living God, at the region of Caesarea Philippi.  A certain time in your life you need secrecy. You don’t tell people everything, even your best friend. You must learn to keep secret, if you must rise above your level. This is because , your  plans and  line of actions can mistakenly be revealed to  people who do not want to see you progress and then they can go to places and do all sorts of things  to stop you from moving forward. But God will not let that to happen.

Sometimes, to rise above ones level may entail passing through an ugly condition for a little while.

In verse 21 of Mathew 16, Jesus told His apostles   that at the appointed time, He must go to the Jerusalem, and suffer many things from the hands of the elders, chief priest and scribes, be killed and   raised again on the third day. The apostles were not happy to hear that Jesus was going to die.  That was why Peter refused to accept it but then Jesus rebuked him. In the same vein, am telling you now that many of you may not be happy over what I am going to say now.  It is worthy to note that;   Some times, rising above ones level entails passing through ugly situations for a while. Many of you are going to suffer many things. You might be accused and rejected but it is for good. God has  a better plan for you.  In Jeremiah 29; 11, He said He has plans for you, to give you a future and hope, not of a disaster.  Something bad may happen that will help you to rise above your level. If these things do not happen, you may not be able to rise above your present level.  For Jesus Christ to be the Risen Lord, He must be killed and buried but remember, on the third day, He was   raised from the dead.   Sometimes, your relationship may have to get broken up, for a healthier one that will take you to the next level to come. Some of your friends may hate and abandon you,  but you may not know that it is God’s making, so that when you are out of that yoke , your own real friend and husband will come. Thus, you will stop leaving in bondage in the so called relationship. You may be wounded and feel hurt, but it is for good. There are people here who might be sacked from their place of work, so that they can rise above that level, because if they continue to stay there, they might not get a bigger opportunity. Some maids will be accused and sent home, for them to move forward. Some people might even experience terrible hardship to the extent that they might not be able to pay their house rent and they will be sent parking, for a bigger one to surface. It is like a beautiful thing that is coming to you but coming through an ugly way. When God wants to come straight most times, He begins to go round.

No great man enjoys a comfort zone. You must suffer for a while.   If you are not ready to suffer, you are not ready to be great.  After all those suffering, the time of the rising will be coming. You can rise above this level. You have not yet reached to the conclusion of your existence. Believe you can be greater and better than you are now. In Philippians 4; 13, Paul says, you  can do all things through Him who strengthens you. That is why Joel 3; 10 says,’’ Let the weak say, I am strong’’.  You are not weak; the weakness is in your mind. Conquer that ugly believe in your sub consciousness. Don’t limit yourself to the level of your father.  You can rise above him. Your father is the starter of the relay race of your life. Take the baton from him and continue, and hand over successfully and be a winner.

You can rise above life’s circumstances

I pray for the resurrection power upon you, such that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead can also raise you up higher, above the principalities and powers of darkness, wretchedness, sin, disappointment, failure, sorrow, sicknesses, and satanic attack.  You cannot continue to be in the nest like a little eagle.  You are moving to the level of miracles, signs and wonders. No weapon that is fashioned against you shall prosper.

God who took Abraham to another level can also take you to a higher level. God who made Isaac and Jacob to rise to another level will make you to rise. Joseph rose to another level despite what he went through.  You too will rise up no matter what you are passing through. 1 Peter 5;10 says, ‘’ after you have suffered  for a little while, the lord Most High God will establish you, He will make you whom He wants you to be, He will complete what is lacking in you, and He will settle you”.  You must have suffered and so,   this is the blessing that comes with it.

Finally, the bible says in Isaiah 60; 1, ’’arise and shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you’’.   Therefore,   I say to you, arise!  Shine!  and be blessed in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit , Amen.

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